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Lana Del Rey - Mariners Apartment Complex

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Music video by Lana Del Rey performing Mariners Apartment Complex. © 2018 Interscope Records




12 wrz 2018




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Komentarze 21 446
Sergey Savin
Sergey Savin 13 minut temu
I wish I can sit by the campfire in the woods of Brokeback Mountain and play and sing this song
Hugo Ivan
Hugo Ivan 25 minut temu
This sound perfect but Im still waiting for Cherrys video 🍒🤞
Beautiful Smile
Beautiful Smile 31 minuta temu
Zehra Nur Özdemir
Zehra Nur Özdemir 36 minut temu
Lipe M
Lipe M 42 minut temu
Bom dia Fada!!!!
Stefanie Clara
Stefanie Clara 51 minuta temu
Lisa-Marie Maurice
Lisa-Marie Maurice 54 minut temu
Finallllly. It wasn’t available in Canada for sooooooooooo long. Lawd Cheezus
Thiago Phellips
Thiago Phellips 55 minut temu
This music, leave me sad, but me do sees the world of other mode. I love her.
Ricardo Morais
Ricardo Morais 59 minut temu
Música linda 😍😍👏🏻 como sempre .... Te amo Lana 😍😍
Pilar Mo
Pilar Mo Godzinę temu
2:48 the same as cruel world - ultraviolence album
Lau Pwl
Lau Pwl Godzinę temu
Beautiful sound! 💕
Kalilah Godzinę temu
I don't care if your skin's cleared or whatsoever I just love this song af
Los Mil y Un Originales
¿En serio? Estos video clips son una tomadura de pelo.
hbeezy2598 Godzinę temu
chelsea hotel no. 2 anyone?
Sam Black
Sam Black Godzinę temu
Very Comforting. I am glad I just uploaded a video of me dancing to this beautiful song. I love her so much.
Emanuele Catello Santoro
We need more song like this, not all the trap shit on the radio
Alisson Pepato
Alisson Pepato 2 godzin temu
I can't stop listening to it
Niicole4177 2 godzin temu
This song is been on replay on my mind on my dreams ever since I listened to it
Angelina L. L.
Angelina L. L. 2 godzin temu
the intro music reminds me of harry styles' from the dining table don't know why
Barry Celtic
Barry Celtic 2 godzin temu
Izuaan Abdul salaam
Izuaan Abdul salaam 2 godzin temu
Her voice is so angelic
gabriela praxedes
gabriela praxedes 2 godzin temu
wonderful woman❤🔥
mano ebralidze
mano ebralidze 2 godzin temu
lonliness pill
Malila May
Malila May 2 godzin temu
Wow this is so good I love it!!
Jordan Landreau
Jordan Landreau 2 godzin temu
Such beauty in the music... I released my first EP « A Deal With Myself » recently, thanks a lot to those who will take the time to check it out on my PLvid channel or Spotify or iTunes etc. Please let me know what you think!! 🎶🎙😊😉✌🏻
Kevyn Estrada
Kevyn Estrada 2 godzin temu
Caitlin Drummond
Caitlin Drummond 2 godzin temu
I cry every single time this song comes on. It's too beautiful for this planet.
jenna thesingingdraghagdiva
I can't say it enough, but this woman is a lyrical, vocal genius! With every new song, I receive a sense of personal renewal.
Josue Curruchich
Josue Curruchich 2 godzin temu
In 2060 I'll be like Hey guys who's still listening to LDR in 2060? Love u for ever.
Thuy Nguyen
Thuy Nguyen 2 godzin temu
You took my sadness out of context At the Mariner's apartment complex I ain't no candle in the wind I'm the board, the lightning, the thunder Kind of girl who's gonna make you wonder Who you are and who you been And who I've been is with you on these beaches Your Venice bitch, your die-hard, your weakness Maybe I could save you from your sins So, kiss the sky and whisper to Jesus My, my, my, you found this, you need this Take a deep breath, baby, let me in You lose your way, just take my hand You're lost at sea, then I'll command your boat to me again Don't look too far, right where you are, that's where I am I'm your man I'm your man They mistook my kindness for weakness I fucked up, I know that, but Jesus Can't a girl just do the best she can? Catch a wave and take in the sweetness Think about it, the darkness, the deepness All the things that make me who I am And who I am is a big time believer That people can change, but you don't have to leave her When everyone's talking, you can make a stand 'Cause even in the dark I feel your resistance You can see my heart burning in the distance Baby, baby, baby, I'm your man (yeah) You lose your way, just take my hand You're lost at sea, then I'll command your boat to me again Don't look too far, right where you are, that's where I am I'm your man I'm your man Catch a wave and take in the sweetness Take in the sweetness You want this, you need this Are you ready for it? Are you ready for it? Are you ready for it?
Sparkling Twilight
Sparkling Twilight 3 godzin temu
lana sis release happiness is a butterfly!!
Lana Eilish
Lana Eilish 3 godzin temu
🤗🤗❤❤❤🌷🌷🌷 Lana , I'm a big fan of you 😭😭😭😭
Nour ben amor
Nour ben amor 3 godzin temu
Lana deserves better
Grabska Ewa
Grabska Ewa 3 godzin temu
Karma Police...
mariekt 3 godzin temu
I've been listening to Lana since October '12 and this might be one of my instant favs.. so good. reminds me of the ultraviolence album and I was a big fan of that entire album. although I'm just a huge fan of hers and I basically love all her songs 😂💕💕💕
Acemotherfucker 3 godzin temu
Bizancjum V1
Bizancjum V1 4 godzin temu
Great Job Lana
Lexa Coryes
Lexa Coryes 4 godzin temu
The last time I check the views is already 4m views why it's only 3.9m views..can anyone explain me?
Fat Nalga
Fat Nalga 4 godzin temu
Ella Marie Bagaoisan
Ella Marie Bagaoisan 3 godzin temu
Sarah Schwab
Sarah Schwab 4 godzin temu
Hi lana! I made a cover of this song last week! Hope you'll see it and like it!!
klinsmann Paz
klinsmann Paz 4 godzin temu
I lovee
Nurullah Dikmen
Nurullah Dikmen 5 godzin temu
Brockback Mountain soundtrack
Linda Kardas
Linda Kardas 6 godzin temu
I adore the style! Lana in my fav edition 😍 perfect for the summer ending
victorianna danina
victorianna danina 6 godzin temu
It is Mad world??
Hanna Astrid
Hanna Astrid 6 godzin temu
♡☆○ *-ilovethisSONG-* _-BUT-_ *-iloveLANADELREY-* _-more-_ ♡☆○
Jake Smith
Jake Smith 6 godzin temu
Lana ,wanna Netflix and Chill?
Lannig Stervinou
Lannig Stervinou 6 godzin temu
A masterpiece... Again. 😉
jessfizzy1023 6 godzin temu
my wig will never be found RIP
Ayesha Shafaat
Ayesha Shafaat 7 godzin temu
Matthew Manthey
Matthew Manthey 7 godzin temu
Draven A Wallace
Draven A Wallace 7 godzin temu
Kind of girl that’s gonna make you wonder ...🖤🔮
Summy Maurya
Summy Maurya 7 godzin temu
This song makes me nostalgic.
Kiwi Berry
Kiwi Berry 7 godzin temu
Did she time travelled
syamin 1138
syamin 1138 8 godzin temu
Joan Woods
Joan Woods 8 godzin temu
Steve De Francesco
Steve De Francesco 8 godzin temu
I speak three languages and three days in a row, three of my favourite ladies released a new song each and they go together in such a beautiful melancholy sort of way.
Amanda Tenney
Amanda Tenney 8 godzin temu
Cruel World’s sister
perry 8 godzin temu
so now canada can see it huh wow the oppressionnn i felt that
Isaac M.
Isaac M. 8 godzin temu
RC 8 godzin temu
May H
May H 9 godzin temu
Like this song way better than Venice bitch
Abril Miranda
Abril Miranda 9 godzin temu
This song is life
CKD777 9 godzin temu
love love love loveeee this
Bri Steller
Bri Steller 9 godzin temu
Ayşegül 9 godzin temu
this not lana’s work. it is lizzy grant.
Alex Velez Z.
Alex Velez Z. 9 godzin temu
A alguien le recuerda la pelicula Secreto en la Montaña ??? O solo a mi ???
Ernestine Karmann
Ernestine Karmann 10 godzin temu
. Ein nur sadness
Adla Strejcov
Adla Strejcov 10 godzin temu
Amazing! Czech Republic
Desiree MacDonald Bartel
LOVE 💘💗💓💖
melissa bell
melissa bell 10 godzin temu
leonard cohen vibes
Stu Pedasso
Stu Pedasso 10 godzin temu
What no blazing guitar or double kik beats? What is this shyt? Nughhhh, it's a chik song, I'm out
Rebeca Samayoa
Rebeca Samayoa 10 godzin temu
I have been reborn.
Brody Pereira
Brody Pereira 10 godzin temu
Something so simple turns out to be so beautiful thank you lana for the way you make me feel.
n. wills
n. wills 10 godzin temu
mariners apartment complex. beautiful
В.М. 1980
В.М. 1980 10 godzin temu
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Iceis Phoenix
Iceis Phoenix 10 godzin temu
Thank you Lana for being the light 🕯☀ in my dark 🌑
Jessica gs
Jessica gs 10 godzin temu
Camila Gomez
Camila Gomez 10 godzin temu
I'm ready Lana
Natalialovebeauty 10 godzin temu
KEYRENITY 10 godzin temu
end of song: "Are you ready for it?" me: yes B****, drop the album!
Nathaly Ochoa
Nathaly Ochoa 10 godzin temu
Literally ART PERFECTION ♥️♥️♥️
random child
random child 10 godzin temu
The Queen is back ladies
Itz Claudz
Itz Claudz 10 godzin temu
Itz Claudz
Itz Claudz 10 godzin temu
What the fuck is this, bring more music like this out?? I NEED ANOTHER ALBUM
Pablo Oliver
Pablo Oliver 11 godzin temu
deathtripdolly x
deathtripdolly x 11 godzin temu
One of the few artist who can make music for my soul. I love how she continues to surprise me. Aslo, does this give anyone else mad world feels?
Tuấn Lương Hà
Tuấn Lương Hà 11 godzin temu
Does someone feel this song's beat sound like Brokeback Moutain's theme song?
mbonu chinedu
mbonu chinedu 11 godzin temu
so loving lana
HornOKPlease 11 godzin temu
I wonder why she says "I'm your man"
Phoenix Franks
Phoenix Franks 11 godzin temu
Damn she churns out some great songs.
Artlía Albriño
Artlía Albriño 11 godzin temu
manoela andrade
manoela andrade 11 godzin temu
Deusa, FADA ETERNA!! 😘🎼😍
Baby 11 godzin temu
songzleakz version was better.
Gomme Balloune
Gomme Balloune 11 godzin temu
This sounds like Karma Police
Dakota McCue
Dakota McCue 11 godzin temu
“All the things that make me who I am” Thank you baby Lana you always touch my soul with this gorgeous sound you’ve made 😍
Sandra Santis
Sandra Santis 11 godzin temu
Girl I love you so much
Madeline 11 godzin temu
i guess “venice bitch” is her new thing lol
Die Bart Die
Die Bart Die 11 godzin temu
One song for live forever
Lexi 11 godzin temu
Lana del rey followed me on twitter and i could't be happier!!!!!!!!!!
Cinta Putri
Cinta Putri 12 godzin temu
Awhh come one.. this is very beautiful, it deserves a lot more views. another masterpiece from the queen 💕💕💕
Lana Del Rey - Change
6 miesięcy temu