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Lady Gaga - Million Reasons

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Music video by Lady Gaga performing Million Reasons. (C) 2016 Interscope Records




14 gru 2016




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Komentarze 59 620
Matheus Silva
Matheus Silva 3 godzin temu
Se éééééééé amoooooooor não seeeeeeiii
etttish 6 godzin temu
I need more Gaga like this. Absolutely in love!
kitti bella
kitti bella 6 godzin temu
Totally autentik ;)
Vee Garcia
Vee Garcia 10 godzin temu
its nice you have all those friends to pick you up....some of those dont have that support.
GAMER_DOGE 10 godzin temu
What happened to her old puffy hair and stuff? Jeez peaple become Pop and Futuristic easily by time....
Marcel Andrade
Marcel Andrade 12 godzin temu
Ester borges
Ester borges 13 godzin temu
Shaolyne Renata
Shaolyne Renata 13 godzin temu
Amo essa música
Candace Johnson
Candace Johnson 13 godzin temu
I just heard this song for the first time today, I have listen to it on repeat since 5:30 central time!! Beautiful Lady Gaga!!! This song fits my situation right now perfectly!!!
Julo cesar Ramos mendoza
Me encanta esta cancion
Marta Regina d salles
Marta Regina d salles 14 godzin temu
Maria Rutz Modro
Maria Rutz Modro 17 godzin temu
Só o que posso falar é ❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💖💖
Mitralize 20 godzin temu
December 2018?!!!😍😍😍😍
Dania Rizal
Dania Rizal 22 godzin temu
I think I can get what this song is about
cantonment boy icekid
Steffanye Soares
Steffanye Soares Dzień temu
My favorite Gaga song so far.
Jacob Simpson
Jacob Simpson 20 godzin temu
Steffanye Soares just covered this... would appreciate it if y’all could check it out :)
mimi michel
mimi michel Dzień temu
Sundendly heard this new Lady Gaga songs... Just nice.... To be with you..
mimi michel
mimi michel Dzień temu
Sundendly heard this new lady gaga song.... Just nice....
Azahara Escribano
Azahara Escribano Dzień temu
DECEMBER 2018?💖💖
Noemie Liers
Noemie Liers Dzień temu
SGood Nights ! So Beautyfull Lady Gaga I Love you so stronger
Juan Elias
Juan Elias Dzień temu
Lahis Cordeiro
Lahis Cordeiro Dzień temu
Dezembro 2018
Luciana Santos
Luciana Santos Dzień temu
Eu não admira ela , depois q assistir um documentário virei fã . Ela e muito simples
tracy reed
tracy reed Dzień temu
Honestly I've never listened to lady gaga but after the day I see a woman with a heart who can write from within. Much love @ladygagq
I think is so sad how in the comments no one understood the meaning of 3 of the 4 singles of Joanne. Her last song, Joanne, was a tribute, so, it doesn't have any relationship, but the other 3, we start with *Perfect illusion* she speaks about how the fans of Bad romance, applause, poker face.... Aren't here, they were a lot, but now we are less, the dessert represents that how the crowd disappear and she's alone, the fans were a perfect illusion. *Million reasons* It starts with her alone in the desert, do you remember when the music video of perfect illusion finished? Then, now she's alone, and just a few of the crowd returned, but for her, the number of fans is not important, what she needs, is just a reason to stay singing, nothing more. *John Wayne* she starts in a white screen, like in Million reasons, she starts to do crazy things, like in the past, but she discovered that doesn't make her happy, she is tired of the "wild men", the false fans, so, she discovers go in that way, will just make her die, be sad and bored, so, she starts to understand that the number is not the most important. I think the Joanne's story between these 3 songs is just amazing, but at the same time underrated
billi hugh
billi hugh Dzień temu
Who came here because song was not being played there ?
Brenda Melany
Brenda Melany 2 dni temu
I need Lady Gaga ft Harry Styles
Magalie Magovsky
Magalie Magovsky 6 godzin temu
Is that for the pink? 😝
Aliah Al-Ghannam
Aliah Al-Ghannam 2 dni temu
wow.. this is what I feel about life... this really spoke to me...
Wawan Wolutelu
Wawan Wolutelu 2 dni temu
Steel mama monsters
Abegail sbse
Abegail sbse 2 dni temu
In the past lady Gaga is a Illuminati I was young when I heard her songs then we stopped but as soon as they said that she changed I quickly searched and everything now she's Catholic and she believed in God😊💕
Abegail sbse
Abegail sbse 2 dni temu
areyanna caceres
areyanna caceres 2 dni temu
I love this song and i love the star is born u are amazing in the movie and in this music video
Cockroach Charlie
Carmen Sandiego accidentally mixed her whites and colors...
Ilyes Hamich
Ilyes Hamich 2 dni temu
December 2018????
Lani Hancock
Lani Hancock 2 dni temu
What was that intro 😭
Eugenio Contreras
My favorite rapper ? Tupac My favorite male vocalist ? Freddie Mercury My favorite female vocalist ? Lady Gaga
Cambria Capps
Cambria Capps 3 dni temu
I’m just trying to find a comment that makes sense
Plz Be unique
Plz Be unique 3 dni temu
I would give a million reasons on how amazing this song is.
Monster 3 dni temu
Who just disliked this video don't know what is real music 🤷‍♀️ 2018?
Joni Standish
Joni Standish 3 dni temu
Lady Gaga I know about the nose I have a Italian nose too.
Joni Standish
Joni Standish 3 dni temu
Lady is a true Artist .she was so beautiful ! in the star was born. She should wear her hair like that she looks beautiful like that. Natural beauty .
Merrie Allen
Merrie Allen 3 dni temu
I would love to see her do a duet with Lauren Daigle. Their voices are very similar and soulful sounding.
nikki shreve
nikki shreve 3 dni temu
I so love this song.
kathe cordoba
kathe cordoba 3 dni temu
Erhan Adali
Erhan Adali 3 dni temu
Silvio Maria
Silvio Maria 3 dni temu
Lady Gaga espetacular !!!!
osmar castro
osmar castro 3 dni temu
December 15 2018♥️Lady Gaga ♥️
Okky Sidharta
Okky Sidharta 4 dni temu
Great Song Lady Gaga 👍
Karolina Nowak
Karolina Nowak 4 dni temu
i love her voice i love her new style
Vikthor 4 dni temu
Onde estão vocês, meus conterrâneos tupiniquins??
erica santos
erica santos 4 dni temu
2050 ?
Maria Di Mascio
Maria Di Mascio 4 dni temu
Powerful Music and powerful voice. Lady Gaga aka Stefani Germanota is the best singer today.
Lucas Santana
Lucas Santana 4 dni temu
hino ❤❤❤
Analía Olivera
Analía Olivera 4 dni temu
Rafael Germanotta
2 Years Queen Of Pop
Jay Squad
Jay Squad 4 dni temu
This would have been perfect for a star is born
Jay Squad
Jay Squad 4 dni temu
This would have been perfect for a star is born
L Demirsoy
L Demirsoy 4 dni temu
14.12.2018 ?
aaxRam 4 dni temu
When I first heard this song, I didn’t know who it was by. As a kid I remember listening to her songs such as, Paparazzi, Born this way, Alejandro, etc. well, once I kept searching for this song and I found it I was shocked. I couldn’t believe this was Lady Gaga. The woman who I used to listen to in the car when I was little. I’m proud of how far she has come.
Agnes Nascimento
Agnes Nascimento 4 dni temu
2 anos
Dave Lister
Dave Lister 4 dni temu
You want to come and see a castle in Scotland ?
It's ok Gaga, you don't have to be something in between Madonna and Manson anymore. More of this please, thank you.
Georgio Sette
Georgio Sette 4 dni temu
Just one big magical important "real" reason......
Clarice Cavalcante
Dezembro 2018?🎅
William Crandell
William Crandell 5 dni temu
her dreams
Ирина Шивалина
это было ровно 2года назад
Anonymous Singer
Anonymous Singer 5 dni temu
MouldyBolog Bolog
I never been a big fan of Lady Gaga but she looks so hot in that tight pink outfit and this song is beautiful
ALLYSON Jose 5 dni temu
Lady Gaga you're the best!
theJOKER isME 5 dni temu
Eventho I missed her so much in the glory old days like the Fame & Monster's album, I totally more accepted & related of what or who she is become now. She's always A Star long-Born in my heart from the moment I watched her in a 2008 music video of JustDance. This is one good reason for her to stay in the industry.
Emilio Walter Martinez
Jason 1lHill
Jason 1lHill 5 dni temu
Ka Nunes
Ka Nunes 5 dni temu
Dezembre 2018??👀
Clearly Wizardry
Clearly Wizardry 3 dni temu
Yup :D
Annie D33
Annie D33 5 dni temu
Why Lady Gaga looks so beautiful and natural here....
Kevin Sheils
Kevin Sheils 5 dni temu
YouTude needs to have a "Love" it button now because of this song. Love you Gaga
Susana Hoyos
Susana Hoyos 5 dni temu
i love this song
Erica Cristina
Erica Cristina 5 dni temu
Lady Gaga, uma artista completa...💓
Kit Liu
Kit Liu 5 dni temu
Jessica Andria
Jessica Andria 5 dni temu
Powerful 😍
Muhammad syahmi Abdul rahim
166,313,669 views👀 1.4 Million likes👍🏻 53k dislikes👎🏻
Seli Matsch
Seli Matsch 5 dni temu
So schöner Song
dee quirke
dee quirke 6 dni temu
great singer
Maria Marlucia
Maria Marlucia 6 dni temu
amo esta musica
valentina Canducci
Già.. Mi trovo nella sua stessa situazione. Mi ha dato milioni di motivi per lasciarlo andare. Anche se lo amo da morire. Credo nn amerò mai più così. Ma nn credo mi darà un motivo per rimanere. Grazie agli amici che mi stanno vicino
陈田敏 6 dni temu
Daniel Olaniyan
Daniel Olaniyan 6 dni temu
Agung Yudi
Agung Yudi 6 dni temu
December 2018
TR5T 6 dni temu
I've learned to appreciate artists for individual songs rather than believing the sales hype from the media, marketing, agents, publicists efforts. This like "Wrecking ball " from the loony Cyrus are fantastic songs.
Lil Monster xx
Lil Monster xx 6 dni temu
This song connects so much to me. Just an hour ago, my best friend from the very beginning said she doesn’t want to be my best friend anymore. Without her, I wouldn’t have been able to fit in into the our new school. I would have never been form representative or school councillor. I wouldn’t have been passing my tests and being as happy as I am now. I couldn’t have possibly been as happy as I was without her. X
Moisés Andrade
Moisés Andrade 6 dni temu
Ava Haghighi
Ava Haghighi 7 dni temu
this is so underrated
CyberMiguel Guarda
I Love You :)
Julian Bintulan
Julian Bintulan 7 dni temu
Lmao look at the bottom of the screen at the start
John Allen Cris T. Delos Reyes
That is a gorgeous guitar.
Regien Mary Abaño
Did anyone notice the first 2seconds? What did you see?
Prince of Snakes Ankush
can ya make any song with Taylor Swift:)
Queen 1
Queen 1 7 dni temu
I’m crying new
Marcio Douglas
Marcio Douglas 7 dni temu
Uma boa cantora nos dias atuais.
Taylor Swift - Delicate
9 miesięcy temu