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Lady Gaga - Million Reasons

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Music video by Lady Gaga performing Million Reasons. (C) 2016 Interscope Records




14 gru 2016




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Komentarze 60 713
Pierre Brioude
Pierre Brioude Godzinę temu
Je. t'adore
stef eno
stef eno Godzinę temu
Done with it all thank u lord
Whiskey in the jar oh Tokey
I really cannot understand why people call this woman ugly. She really isn't, and good lord is she talented!
Brian Mckinley
Brian Mckinley 7 godzin temu
Everyone has a million reasons, what's urs.....?!?....
Aldo Moisés GERMANOTTA Morales Yerena
A reproducir mostras 😁
Yahir Aguilera
Yahir Aguilera 11 godzin temu
Una de mi Canciones favoritas de lady Gaga la mejor de todas..te quiero....
Ghazi Haziq
Ghazi Haziq 11 godzin temu
mcm bodoh je
Laurinha de Bem Tatech
Laurinha de Bem Tatech 12 godzin temu
Linda 😍
Michael Pacio
Michael Pacio 13 godzin temu
Wow..!!.amazing lady Gaga you gave me one reason to like your songs !...I already listen to your songs everyday since the movie A star is born hit.
Yi Zhang
Yi Zhang 15 godzin temu
Maybe at that time, I really need one reason to let her stay.
æ 16 godzin temu
Мне кажется, 30% людей пришли сюда написать "есть кто-то с 2019"..
GeeKevin 16 godzin temu
Every heartbreak makes it hard to keep the faith. 😭 Gaga 💔 Carino.
Anonymous Poster
Anonymous Poster 18 godzin temu
This album, especially this song, feels like an audition for ‘A Star is Born”!
oo oo
oo oo Dzień temu
VENOMOUZ Dzień temu
Hello Ally..
Ana Maria Grigore
Ana Maria Grigore Dzień temu
Ok, I am here for the first time in my life. She's brilliant!
brandon canizales
brandon canizales 6 godzin temu
Ana Maria Grigore I agree <3
Alex Molla DJ
Alex Molla DJ Dzień temu
Great song! Alex Molla DJ
Lee Kiesser
Lee Kiesser Dzień temu
OhMy Lady Ga Ga I'm so in love with this song !!!
juan sebastian castillo gonzalez
marry me, Hellow from Colombia!
Liyla Cruz
Liyla Cruz Dzień temu
sim,eeeuuuuuuuuuuuuu love sonhs
Moua Xiong
Moua Xiong Dzień temu
Why I feel this is the real lady Gaga and the one who dressed up singing bad romance was an imposter?
JAYZ MATT Dzień temu
She’s the best !!!
1D crazy fan girl
1D crazy fan girl Dzień temu
Lady Gaga is literally my favorite female singer and she will be it 4ever
Janaina Alves Santos
Janaina Alves Santos
Lengua Inglesa
Lengua Inglesa Dzień temu
now we all realize that she is and has been real great and genuine, I have to say the one and only predescessor of madonna
Angela Osiecki
Angela Osiecki Dzień temu
Karen Fenech
Karen Fenech Dzień temu
I can't stop listen it
Alfredo Noro
Alfredo Noro Dzień temu
Questa è la mia canzone preferita ... La ascolto tutte le sere , questa è musica Matilda Noro
Isabelle Yow
Isabelle Yow Dzień temu
Yasss queen!!! C'mon gaga work it
Maliqi Neymer
Maliqi Neymer Dzień temu
I will always be in love with you Lady Gaga ❤❤❤
An underrated masterpiece
YAY SF 2 dni temu
Cassian Requena
Cassian Requena 2 dni temu
velvet paws
velvet paws 2 dni temu
She shines in what she does!!!
Karen Fenech
Karen Fenech 2 dni temu
I love this song I love you lady gaga your the best one I love your songs
Judite Dos Santos
Julo cesar Ramos mendoza
Alguien habla españo
Amy Lee
Amy Lee 2 dni temu
She is quenn 👑😴❤️
J.A. Domínguez Covers
Traté de cantar esta canción, pero tengo millones de razones de que la cante mal
Branka Gasperlin
Branka Gasperlin 2 dni temu
You have a amazing voice
Prhue Ongko
Prhue Ongko 2 dni temu
Whenever I listened to thsi song it always reminds me that God will always forgive no matter how bad I am. Lady Gaga, I'm not your big fan but I totally appreciate this song. I'm crying while listening because God never leave my side and was there always to show me the right way
Asmita Megawati
Asmita Megawati 2 dni temu
I love this song ...😘😘😘😘
Imam Kurniawan Prasetyo
Saya suka lagu2 Lady Gaga😍🥇
Dog Wood
Dog Wood 2 dni temu
We can learn a lot from this woman because she knows how to show us without judgement or hate.
Harry Harris
Harry Harris 2 dni temu
This is so angelic 😭❤️
Fernando Prieto
Fernando Prieto 2 dni temu
Esta mujer cada vez me cae mejor, le pasa lo que al vino, con el tiempo mejora aún más.
erikmusic 3 dni temu
Very beautiful...
mango pie
mango pie 3 dni temu
I love you ladygaga since 2010😍😍😘.. Please notice me pleaaaase just comment I lab you... Pleaaaase
Sauqi Farhani
Sauqi Farhani 3 dni temu
One Good..
Justin Willis
Justin Willis 3 dni temu
I love you Lady Gaga you’re making me strong!
MoonLight ___ Gamer
Give me a million reasons why you took drugs in the first place? Anyways you look beautiful just the way you are don’t hide yourself if you wear makeup then you think your not good enough but you already are good enough even if people don’t think so but you are... Be yourself and don’t give up!
Tiffany Tan
Tiffany Tan 3 dni temu
He didnt give me one reason to stay. I had to go.
Grace Suante
Grace Suante 3 dni temu
Congrats for popular
DAN'S TVLOGS 3 dni temu
Everytime I worship God, I did not forget this song to sing after praying.
Ashleigh Botha
Ashleigh Botha 3 dni temu
The only song that makes me cry every time I listen to it
Ashleigh Botha
Ashleigh Botha 3 dni temu
I hear this song when I feel depressed and feel like a girl and you help me to much
John-boy 3 dni temu
This had a STAR IS BORN vibe to it, with the sound of the song and her simplicity of look. This one got to me
marilia do nascimento silva
Love ❤❤❤
Vivian Oliveira
Vivian Oliveira 3 dni temu
What's your millione reasons?
Nancy Maier
Nancy Maier 3 dni temu
Dankeee baby
Sherri Webb
Sherri Webb 3 dni temu
MarchMonster13th 3 dni temu
just broke up with my gf a while ago..thx for the song for chillin me a lil bit..😭
Ingrid Lima
Ingrid Lima 3 dni temu
Andrés Sánchez Ramos
February 2019?🌾🍃💖
Timmy Barrows
Timmy Barrows 4 dni temu
Gaga, today I listened to your CD’s that I bought in 2009. (I listen to the original soundtracks) I have been a fan, I will always be a fan. You have been there for me 100% of the time. I will continue to love and support you. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. #LittleMonsters #RealLove #MotherMonster
walterules23 4 dni temu
Everytime i hear this song its making me so emotional. The feelings here is real. I did a cover of this dedicating it to my grandma. She is sick now and I’m just trying to release my feelings through this song. If you have spare time check it out. Love you Gaga
Steven Flores
Steven Flores 4 dni temu
I love you Gaga, xoxo Joanne💖💖💖👑
Rengie Manansala
Rengie Manansala 4 dni temu
Feb 2019?? ❤
Savannah Rubenecia
Loved every part, except 4:12
Josie Cameron
Josie Cameron 4 dni temu
This song!!! It's so soulful & true! She is magnificent!!!
Count Knersis
Count Knersis 4 dni temu
Everybody really needs to just be themselves. It brings out the best in all of us.
Count Knersis
Count Knersis 4 dni temu
Who noticed how she has grown and changed in the last couple of years? She is stronger now than the people that used to rule her in a wrong way.
Poofy_ Mayonnaise
You’re givin’ me a million reasons I love this song Edit: what does it mean if you’re highlighted?
Poofy_ Mayonnaise
Poofy_ Mayonnaise 10 godzin temu
Oh thx
Keanan Tan
Keanan Tan 2 dni temu
Your own comment is highlighted only for you to see, so that way you can more easily see which comment is yours.
512 PIxel
512 PIxel 4 dni temu
rock it ga ga
milka chokolata
milka chokolata 4 dni temu
Beat Horst
Beat Horst 4 dni temu
I can't stand her voice. SORRY
Portal Leendas
Portal Leendas 4 dni temu
Kian Keong Tea
Kian Keong Tea 4 dni temu
西田三恵 4 dni temu
RANDY SKOG 4 dni temu
So wonderful. I love her and her music. Keep it going.
Mountainous Port
Mountainous Port 4 dni temu
Whose here after Star is Born soundtrack marathon?
André Jesus
André Jesus 4 dni temu
The beggining of this video is the end of perfect illusion
Music Daily
Music Daily 5 dni temu
she looking bomb af
GeeKevin 5 dni temu
Valentine's vibes 💔
Bronnie M
Bronnie M 5 dni temu
I think this is my favourite gaga song
Adriana Nascimento
amo de +essa música 🎶
Bruno Quiroga
Bruno Quiroga 5 dni temu
Lady gaga 2019
Ayman Ashley
Ayman Ashley 5 dni temu
Still such a beautiful song
KAROLINA_23 11 5 dni temu
Yonathan Argentina
Casi 180 MLL?? wooow!!!
J.A. Domínguez Covers
Million Reasons for #GagaForPresident
El Blog De Vera
El Blog De Vera 5 dni temu
Loved Gaga since the beggining, But now more than ever! She is The greatest EVER!
rocoz99 5 dni temu
Lady Plagios, Lady Copiona, Lady Reductive, Lady Travestí, Lady Pituda
EL BRUXO 6 dni temu
*VEM CA* ✔
James Moore VOCALS
Lady Gaga got REAL!!!
Bettys Eyeson
Bettys Eyeson 6 dni temu
This is when her true art started shining. Gaga you are just pure art.
haruno21 6 dni temu
No matter what style: she is iconic and talented as hell
Rodney Milante
Rodney Milante 6 dni temu
Still this is the best song of 2016.
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