Kim & Kanye's INCREDIBLE Fast Money! | Celebrity Family Feud

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Kim crushes Fast Money! Can Kanye close it out and win $25,000 for Children's Hospital Los Angeles? This is one Fast Money you won't want to miss! Watch Celebrity Family Feud all summer on ABC, SUNDAYS AT 8|7c, and stay tuned for To Tell The Truth starring Anthony Anderson at 10|9c!
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11 cze 2018

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Komentarze 10 964
Vinny Prada
Vinny Prada 11 godzin temu
Taylor: *grabs the mic from kanye* "Kim had one of the best answers of all time"
boss lady
boss lady 12 godzin temu
7:04 kim looking at kayne with the death look if he doesn't get the answers right.
boss lady
boss lady 12 godzin temu
I love you kim. Your my favorite kardashian. 🎆🎆🎆🎆
Satish Karki
Satish Karki 16 godzin temu
Where is Kylie I don’t like these Mac nuggets
FH Stypayhorlikson
FH Stypayhorlikson 20 godzin temu
Lavetta Thomas
Lavetta Thomas Dzień temu
Steve is that one creepy uncle that you have to keep reiterating that you're not single to. 🙄
Lavetta Thomas
Lavetta Thomas Dzień temu
Khloe's lips look disgusting. Like Daffy duck personified 😭
December Creech
December Creech Dzień temu
These questions are easier than the other questions
Sena Yarbery
Sena Yarbery Dzień temu
I didn't know Kim can actually answer questions without it being written. LMFAO. Go Kim.
Justin Ylonen
Justin Ylonen Dzień temu
Another black dude telling Kim k where to look
ATM Dzień temu
Wrong way:koon yay wust Right way:kayne west Edit-ok no likes ok... 😭 (- -) / \ ________🚃_____🚙_______ On that day she got hit and was still thirsty for like in heaven
ATM Dzień temu
Steve's smile doe lmao
Gypsy Firefly
Gypsy Firefly Dzień temu
I don’t believe in that butt. Its a gel mold strap on! Lol!!!!!
holly bianchi
holly bianchi Dzień temu
KaBoom Dzień temu
They gave them the answers.
Benito 2 dni temu
Kendall was a bit too serious in this video, kind of shady much?
B Cullens
B Cullens 2 dni temu
Kim is so pretty
Cara Trump
Cara Trump 2 dni temu
Fake everything....
mufc187 2 dni temu
I feel my brain cells dissolving with every second I watch these people. Never again...
Maria Pia
Maria Pia 2 dni temu
Lol Kim burned out some brain cells right there
trey Stewart
trey Stewart 2 dni temu
jewelz59 2 dni temu
Kanye looked like he was out of place👀
Jean-Marc Hylton
Jean-Marc Hylton 2 dni temu
Which episode was this
M&K Gang
M&K Gang 2 dni temu
This seem fake but good job I guess lol
NoSpace 2 dni temu
Y’all talking about the Kardashians like they’re total trash
GodofDebate 2 dni temu
25k for charity??? They are all so rich they could just spend it anyways....
2 cute Twinkles
2 cute Twinkles 3 dni temu
Omg ive only been to the australian version of family fued
Irma Diaz
Irma Diaz 3 dni temu
Is it me or does Kendall look like she’s being forced to be there
Chris Tiraada
Chris Tiraada 3 dni temu
Wow, these had to be the dumbest questions i have ever seen on this show..... i guess they make it a bit easier on some ppl😉
Kendra Grove
Kendra Grove 3 dni temu
Kanye LITERALLY just stole his WIFE'S shine cause she did twice as good as he did. He answered A WHOLE 2 QUESTIONS... their cute little babies could have done better!!! Come out acting like the "HERO" for the charity when really THE WEST family lost but the Kardashians let KIM'S team play.... sooooo you sir are selfish.... and the REAL WINNER is KIM and HER generous family!!!! Lame ass Kanye always needing the spotlight over the real ones that deserve it! Selfish ass!!!
stewart little
stewart little 3 dni temu
DIYS AND HACKS 3 dni temu
Kanye was like SLIK
Mathew Stettler
Mathew Stettler 3 dni temu
Kim and Kendall are so fuckin bad
MAV N ME 3 dni temu
Easiest questions asked on the show 🙄
Just Bibi
Just Bibi 3 dni temu
You should see the will claim
Fellas 3 dni temu
When kim said 10 i cringed.. hard
ItzYoGirl Sarah
ItzYoGirl Sarah 3 dni temu
the questions are soooo easy please do this for regular people as well 😂😂
Queen Bee
Queen Bee 3 dni temu
Omg khloe looks just like oj here
Alex Stone
Alex Stone 3 dni temu
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones 3 dni temu
In the uk this is called “ family fortunes”
H. Y.
H. Y. 3 dni temu
3:40 old man in the back is filming her ass lmaooo
Sharay's Corner
Sharay's Corner 4 dni temu
Looks like Kim got fresh booty shots for the occasion! 🎊🎊
Jill Springer Forrest
Easy questions, even idiots can't mess up.
McCoins 4 dni temu
"When we make everything in China and not in America, then we’re cheating on our country, and we’re putting people in positions to have to do illegal things to end up in the cheapest factory ever - the prison system." - Kanye West, Future President (quote from Oval Office meeting with Trump)
Kameron B
Kameron B 4 dni temu
They coulda used their own money but I guess ppl find this entertaining
Terror Knights
Terror Knights 4 dni temu
Was never a fan, but doing anything for charity gets my respect. Well done!
Snappy Chappy
Snappy Chappy 4 dni temu
When Kanye smiles, I smile with joy. He actually have a genuine smile. He is a nice guy. I like his honesty and the fact that he feels the need to express his feelings to feel happy in life.
Eye OfRye
Eye OfRye 4 dni temu
That,is not Kanye "mk".....#ultra# Damn another one bites the dust
Dominique S Shaw
Dominique S Shaw 4 dni temu
Those easy questions 😑
Demetrie Harris
Demetrie Harris 5 dni temu
Steeeevvveee you have a boonneeerrr👀🤦🏽‍♀️😊
Andrea Bryan
Andrea Bryan 5 dni temu
Terrible looking butt
I34anbulunRuhu 5 dni temu
Celebrities alwaysss win I don’t know what they do in thr back but its bc money is going to the charity
Ben S.K
Ben S.K 5 dni temu
Holly shit, Kim's ass gets bigger everytime I see her. Soon there will be no more space on earth for her Titanic ass.😂😂😂😂😂😂 Honey, just because your ass is REALLY REALLY big and you keep knocking things with it, doesn't mean other people do it too.
Shannah Alexander
Why are people so surprised Kanye’s smiling. He doesn’t smile for paps cause he doesn’t like them. He always smiles around friends and loved ones.
oluwadare joshua
oluwadare joshua 5 dni temu
Kardashians aren't this smart
Crystal Morrison
Crystal Morrison 6 dni temu
*Her answers got Steve nervous as hell*
Jadoncé 6 dni temu
Kendall is like get 😨😨me out of here 🙄
Dizzle 865
Dizzle 865 6 dni temu
Dam idc her ass is fat as hell. It's fake we know but would u drive a fake Ferrari if it still drives and rides like one. Dont worry I will wait.......
Jay Here
Jay Here 6 dni temu
6:16 my head lmao
Christina Perez
Christina Perez 6 dni temu
Dumb questions for dumb people.
Jpa5551 6 dni temu
1how sexy are you 2name a body part you are banging 3slice of what 4hamster do all the time 5milkshake ingredients I can ask all these to any one and they are sure to win 😂 They should had gave them regular questions and if they lose they can just pay the 25k out of pocket maybe kanye could had brought 25 signed yeezys and sold them on stage 😂
chellebelle914 6 dni temu
She is such a fucking dummy. They all are such disgusting people and so are their fans! Who supports this trash? Its honestly shameful. Smh
Jess Gomez
Jess Gomez 7 dni temu
Guy looks at his watch like when tf is this sh*t over 4:30
Tasha Forks
Tasha Forks 7 dni temu
These questions were so freaking easy. "What letter is after A?" Kim "B!"
Miss Debbie
Miss Debbie 7 dni temu
Kim is adorable regardless! She is a beautiful lady that played for a great cause. She has a good personality that makes her, not just her looks. I personally know she met Jaclyn Hill in person and she also agreed with this statement. Nothing wrong with showing off what we have. My husband even thinks she is very pretty and that is odd for him! Jealousy is very wrong of anyone no matter who we are. Hugs to both Steve Harvey and Kim
JL cupcake
JL cupcake 7 dni temu
Omg Kanye looks so cute smiling 🤣
Wolf Girl Gamer And More
I'm not hating but Kanye is weird and he's smile is like creepy
Pop Music Fan
Pop Music Fan 7 dni temu
Why is Kanye Always smiling like a clown?
moonlight starboy
Steve Harvey funny asf for his first reaction😂😂😂😂
Barbie Jean
Barbie Jean 7 dni temu
Lexy Tanaya
Lexy Tanaya 7 dni temu
The questions looks like rigged to be easier. The questions are easy and there are 2 tied top surveys. But I didn't really care though because all the money goes to charity. I guess?
Lexy Tanaya
Lexy Tanaya 7 dni temu
Why is everyone in the comment saying yall?? Somthin' is wrong with yall people.
Grace imani Bradley
This is like the only time Kanye was calm and quiet
Michael Tiu
Michael Tiu 7 dni temu
Kim is hot
Mary Graham
Mary Graham 8 dni temu
Never seen Kanye smile SO MUCH. It was great!
Abby O.Y
Abby O.Y 8 dni temu
When the kardashian act like a normal they look good and acceptable to me at least i am not talking about anyone else, but when they act like they were born with a golden spoon in their mouth makes me cringe big time.
Ryan Cole
Ryan Cole 8 dni temu
We surveyed 100 people, "Which number do you like more? One or Two?" How come the rich folks get the easy questions and the poor folks get the hard questions???
Ryan Cole
Ryan Cole 8 dni temu
Kanye is a troll. Can't believe he is in cahoots with Trump. BULL.
Randy Nyberg
Randy Nyberg 8 dni temu
Kim we have a problem her with woman who dont like black men could you in one of your shows tell them its ok and have your family incourouge woman its ok to marry black men. This is one topic never addressed by the star's. So we can end hate. I comments on Taylor swift page also for help they thanks.
ScrappyDappy 8 dni temu
Steve: “name something you need to make a milkshake.” Me: “milk” *buzzer* Steve: “Try again” Me: “Shake”
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 8 dni temu
Questions to easy
_cyber.z !!
_cyber.z !! 8 dni temu
Is it me or did they get the easiest questions in the galaxy. Like wtf
Cassandra Germanlady31
Could the questions get anymore “simple minded”?
Angelique Hogan
Angelique Hogan 8 dni temu
Prime example of y’all constantly letting Kanye have his way even when he loses
YTU1116 9 dni temu
Those questions wad easy
Britney Lam
Britney Lam 9 dni temu
Why didn't Kylie come? I didn't see her at all, why isn't Kylie in any shows I see?!?!
Akhelios J.
Akhelios J. 9 dni temu
When Kanye is happy then he is happy and you cant help but be happy lmao(yes I know that was a mouth full)
Simlindile Nyathi
she was pregnant at the time this was filmed. She didn't want to take part in it
Sassy Hard
Sassy Hard 9 dni temu
Her arms are 👌🏾
Zhwaa 18
Zhwaa 18 9 dni temu
Why kendall looks like she is unhappy 😞،she is so pretty here tho
The Little Beaver
I want to kill myself after seeing this...we are all going to die..people like that multiply like a virus and they will take over the world...we're all screwed...
The Little Beaver
wtf is on her butt? a fucking bean bag chair???
Summer Negin
Summer Negin 9 dni temu
Fill in the blank slice of hwat
Amime Expert
Amime Expert 10 dni temu
It is like two jumbo water melons back there omg
Ethan Torgersen
Ethan Torgersen 10 dni temu
We will never be able to get rid of the Kardashian’s...
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay 11 dni temu
If the asteroid could just kill them all and their fans....
Ms Patterson
Ms Patterson 11 dni temu
Jeff S.
Jeff S. 11 dni temu
she is a sl**
Moist Cornbread
Moist Cornbread 11 dni temu
Lmao they already millionaires why couldn’t they just give their own money to charity
i cant think of a name so ill go with this name
*me and Kanye are the biggest fans of Family Feud*
The 9ine God
The 9ine God 11 dni temu
Idc how fake Kim body is. I'm forever smashing. That ass fatt.
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