Kevin Durant on J.R. Smith Blunder, LeBron James & Partying After Finals Win

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Kevin talks about winning the NBA Finals two years in a row, JR Smith's infamous mistake, the possibility of LeBron James going to Golden State, re-watching his great plays after games, and he reveals who on the team partied the most after they won.
Cousin Sal Pranks Golden State Warriors Fans

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Kevin Durant on JR Smith Blunder, LeBron James & Partying After Finals Win




12 cze 2018

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Komentarze 8 713
Sidharth D
Sidharth D 35 minut temu
“Made Cleveland cavaliers look like Cleveland Browns” PRICELESS! I love kimmel.
Eli Brafman
Eli Brafman 2 godzin temu
"Is it still fun winning the title?" "Um no it's getting a little boring honestly" WHAT A LOSER!!! CAN'T WAIT FOR A NEW TEAM TO WIN!!!
Vito 2 godzin temu
Not funny, not clever. Hell of a player though.
Almighty Will
Almighty Will 3 godzin temu
Had to get 4 stars to beat LeBron
Jauhar 3 godzin temu
What you "can't" get with Russell Westbrook, you CAN get with Steve Kerr. Keep packin it in Jimmy. That nigga Durant is FUNNY AS HELL with an MVP.
xXAjaxXx 3 godzin temu
KD lookin like he's ready to start a family with those trophies xD
MP software tech
MP software tech 5 godzin temu
Arnold  Asare
Arnold Asare 6 godzin temu
tehranboy021 6 godzin temu
why he wearing a pink hoodie and not a suit looking straight like a bum
Phi🐝 7 godzin temu
KD jumped to a team that can win without him. That's the easy way to win a championship.
Hurry up and buy
Hurry up and buy 7 godzin temu
Snake 🐍
Darrell Morris
Darrell Morris 10 godzin temu
Stacked. Kd you should've said, u already cane and stacked on the warriors, but lebron is trying to actually be great.
ABRAM GAEBELEIN 10 godzin temu
Kd says he will stay at golden state for the rest of his career. He also said that about okc. I bet he will leave again
Paul Jason
Paul Jason 10 godzin temu
cupcake in pink..I still think it's the softest move of any NBA superstar to win a championship..easiest route though.
LIRON50 14 godzin temu
JR event wouldn't really change too much. Even if JR would score it, there were about 4s to play, and even if Cavs would win game 1, still GS would win the series, because they have much more quality then the rest of the league. Lebren did amazing game 1, but could he repeat it 4 times? Probably not
Joey Ouyang
Joey Ouyang 14 godzin temu
0:52 that's fine, I'm pretty sure most ppl aren't here for Kimmel anyways
Sact0wnbidness 15 godzin temu
Kd cant do what lebron done. He needs like 40 pounds of added pure muscle to contend with James
9walker 17 godzin temu
Told you not to smoke that joint before the game man.
mumbus 27
mumbus 27 17 godzin temu
Kd looking Sharp brotha...Daly City CA appreciate kd...
dan dean
dan dean 18 godzin temu
U trash u joined a championship team. Must be such an accomplishment. Challenges every night. Yea ok. U will never know the feeling of really winning it.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 19 godzin temu
Jimmy Kimmel was basically saying that the Warriors are stacked to the gills and no one can compete....bah haa ha. Cheaters
Aalpha Savage
Aalpha Savage 19 godzin temu
I'd has brutal honesty
stapes 19 godzin temu
Samson Le'mar
Samson Le'mar 20 godzin temu
KD not happy! He couldve won in OKC or with the Wizards
Danny Meer
Danny Meer 20 godzin temu
Chinemere Ahanotu
Chinemere Ahanotu 22 godzin temu
KD is 0-0 when brushing his hair before games
Carol D
Carol D 22 godzin temu
What’s going on? I’m not getting alerts 🚨 from your PLvid channel. Thx to my fam, received a text you were on Jimmy Kimmel... really proud and miss you in Oklahoma. You don’t need anyone fighting your battles Kevin but I can’t keep quiet if I hear one freakin negative comment. I mean really? everything you done for OKC? Got your back👍🏼🤬🤬
Benjamin Dail
Benjamin Dail 23 godzin temu
Grandpa One Taps
Grandpa One Taps Dzień temu
Jody Linville
Jody Linville Dzień temu
Jimmy is lying, he plays games with Matt Damon.
Jsun Dzień temu
Jk is such a dbag its not even funny.. KD is such a boss and its not even funny
Alpha 7
Alpha 7 Dzień temu
Anthoy Davis to the warriors
Doctavion Bennett
Doctavion Bennett Dzień temu
ha ha ha ha Durant!!! is a beast ha h a.. way too funny lol
Cody Wynne
Cody Wynne Dzień temu
Good lord... KD has no personality. This was so boring.
Elliot K7
Elliot K7 Dzień temu
I still don't knoe why everyone is putting the blame solely on smith, the coaching staff should have called a timeout as soon as they saw he didn't put up another shot
Mohamed Kaba
Mohamed Kaba Dzień temu
Kd is the first okc mvp
D Dzień temu
boring guy
Realthinx Dzień temu
2:44 "i just dont think that..." telling us by himself in a nutshell why LeBron >>>>>>> KD. facts.
Off Rip Podcast
Off Rip Podcast Dzień temu
He really brought the trophy on the show... Going to the team that already had trophies before he arrived.. Come on kd..
hood rich
hood rich Dzień temu
No respect or credit for the rings he joined a 73-9 team that kicked him out the semi finals Kevin dickeater 🖕🖕🖕🖕
Eugene Craig
Eugene Craig Dzień temu
KD is trash bro ugh piggy back. Lebron didn't join a champion ship team that beat him
Kevin Vagg
Kevin Vagg Dzień temu
pink hoodie sexual baller
Do You Know De Way
Do You Know De Way Dzień temu
Rumor has it that Jr Smith is in the Henny store celebrating the 3-1 comeback from golden state warriors
SA AK Dzień temu
Forever a 🐍
מיכאל אסקירה
Why the heck does kd sounds like russ
Victor Money
Victor Money Dzień temu
The nappy slithering snake 😂 but everyone hates lebron so the snake is praised. Nba is dead
john esteyo
john esteyo Dzień temu
KD the snake, how come he join to the team who beat them lol! 3-1 then they lost hahaha never forgotten the SNAKE
Activity Sausage Squad
Did you really have to come out with 2 trophy’s ?
Nathan Clack
Nathan Clack Dzień temu
Should be Steph on the show
Iam Yuson
Iam Yuson Dzień temu
He'll stayin' because he will collect more rings than the Kong that's for sure 👏👏👏🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆💍💍💍💍💍he's such a humble guy and a great team player to Warriors... unlike that muscular guy when he went back everyone is leaving 😁😁😁
Tommy Chen
Tommy Chen Dzień temu
The weakest NBA superstar in history.
Preying Mantis
Preying Mantis Dzień temu
The Warriors didn't break the Cavs, JR broke the Cavs.
Louisselarraine Ramirez
back to back? you snake! there's no honor than that!
Gee Badd
Gee Badd Dzień temu
Bro! Relax u nervous and uptight.A mix of T. Duncan and C. Bosh. Goofy serious snneaky lame azz kat. On court beast off court duck!
Sal Garcia
Sal Garcia Dzień temu
Snake flavored cupcakes for everyone!
JMDee Dzień temu
JR can win 3 mvp’s 6 rings and HOF and his dumb decision will be remembered over everything else
Wong Angus
Wong Angus Dzień temu
Jimmy should invite LBJ to the show
Mark  A. Smith
Mark A. Smith Dzień temu
Jr Smith had a Chris Weber moment that will go down in NBA infamy.
lajeteefan Dzień temu
Before Warriors' fans get too comfortable and pat themselves on the back, NBA teams have been swept before in the Finals. That's nothing new. What IS new is that in 2016, the Cavs came from behind a 3-to-1 deficit and beat the Warriors to win the NBA Championship, which had NEVER been done before. So, Warriors (and your fans), enjoy your Championships and this year's sweep. The Cavs 2016 come-from-behind victory is in the sports history books.
Maestro Team
Maestro Team Dzień temu
Everybody jumping on Jr Smith, y’all should blame that nigga that miss the free throw foh.
LeGOAT Dzień temu
Durant a.k.a The Snake he let warriors blow OKC 3-1 lead in wcf 2016 to join warriors. The Real 🐐 ooopss soryy my fault The Real 🐍
godsoul sukmadewa
godsoul sukmadewa Dzień temu
Now go back to OKC and win it there. If you brave enough.
Skinnylongjon Dzień temu
Richard Dzień temu
Just like the fools who go to them gym and stack their team instead of balancing it out against lower competition because they don't have the confidence in themselves to play with just anybody. Just flat out weak.
The Prophet
The Prophet Dzień temu
KD seems like a down to earth kind of guy but he still made probably the weakest moves in sports history.
Cody Dzień temu
knight defender03
knight defender03 Dzień temu
I hate the snake so much
random gaming videos
Kevin Durant, the player that took his name out of being one of the greatest players in the league when he went to one of the greatest teams ever in the league.
Eduardo Snow
Eduardo Snow Dzień temu
King Piccolo
King Piccolo Dzień temu
Durant is a snake
Komal Hans
Komal Hans Dzień temu
Arrogance is trashy --> the whole GSW team is trashy
Joan K Cruz
Joan K Cruz Dzień temu
No competitive spirit, never respecting this man.
Duben De Fresh DJ
Duben De Fresh DJ Dzień temu
KD i’m a fan but dude do some with that beard my broda. LOL
Edward Pacheco
Edward Pacheco Dzień temu
JP Dzień temu
Mirsad Durakovic
Mirsad Durakovic Dzień temu
I like how kimmel didnt take his arm off that trophy this whole interview
Golden State doesn't even need KD...
LeBron James
LeBron James Dzień temu
the only reason they won was because of the refs.
jiggy Dzień temu
Yes they do u know damn well if kd was not here they would have lost to houston
LeBron James
LeBron James Dzień temu
Ronald Baker
Ronald Baker Dzień temu
Durant is the biggest bandwagon jumper in sports history!
Patrick Slate
Patrick Slate Dzień temu
NBA has become Golden State Vs Lebron Basketball is no longer anything special
Hal 9000
Hal 9000 Dzień temu
How many dicks you have to suck to get that trophy tho
AL RANZ Dzień temu
You're definitely ruining the slim reaper nick name wearing pink
Blanco Dzień temu
jimbo deserves that trophie more than KD
Rhapbus1 2 dni temu
Wow, you didn't say anything about him being your first openly reptilian guest
Mitch Herode
Mitch Herode 2 dni temu
Casey Colucci
Casey Colucci 2 dni temu
Snake. Loser. Weak. Pathetic.
norlee ebonite
norlee ebonite 2 dni temu
You should get a tattoo 73-9, lol. Not earned,but givin. #forevercupcake
Max 117
Max 117 2 dni temu
I think this year KD proved himself more than last year. Last year, the Warriors were full strength. This year, they probably wouldn't have made it past the Pelicans without KD. Curry was injured and AD was playing out of his mind. Houston would've surely had them without KD. So I mean, people can keep hating but the guy did what he was supposed to do. He went to stack a team, and has won 2 straight. LeBron did the same thing, except his success took a year extra in Miami. I can't say I blame KD. OKC basically gave Harden away, they lost Ibaka, and have a coach who lets Westbrook do whatever he wants. I love Westbrook, but now and then he needs to be reigned in a bit. KD did what was right for him and he looks happy. In the end, he's earned the right to take his career wherever he wants.
andrew long
andrew long 2 dni temu
If I've ever seen a display of pride, arrogance, self-righteousness, and lack of humbleness rolled into's Kevin Durant walking onto stage with his trophies for all to see.
Keith Herrmann
Keith Herrmann 2 dni temu
He said they'd be like the globe troters lol as if they aren't already? 😂 2 mvps 4 all stars 1 defensive player of the year and 2 or 3 hall of fame shooters in their starting 5. Lol that's about as globetrotting as it gets in the nba
MoneyMaker 2 dni temu
The snake if you can't win join the best team NBA
MoneyMaker Godzinę temu
Samuel Barela dumb LeBron join 8 seed heat with 1 superstar DWade TF are you talking about ? The rest of the team was full Rockies dumb
MoneyMaker Godzinę temu
Samuel Barela that's the most retard comment ever , Lear some basketball plz
Samuel Barela
Samuel Barela Godzinę temu
MoneyMaker that's what lebron did going to the heat
Jerry Beloin
Jerry Beloin 2 dni temu
No real man wears pink men wear black
Demetrius DaMonstar
His championship doesn't even matter...he's a bandwagon...hes a sucker for love kinda guy
timothy232365 2 dni temu
He nothing but a ring chaser he was with how many teams and could not get it done Any player can look like a MVP when they are on a good team
Jim De tomas
Jim De tomas 2 dni temu
2 rings 0 respect for this pussy superstar.. acting like a tough guy now after joining a historic team lol they can win wihout you but you can't win without them pussy
Faries Simpson III
Damn I wonder why he couldn't have had those 2 trophies in Okc smh
doeleroy2123 2 dni temu
Kds a coward
FranksTube86 2 dni temu
Kevin Durant literally shoots fish in a barrel.
FranksTube86 2 dni temu
Kevin Durant the type of dude that uses every cheat code 5 minutes into playing Grand Theft Auto.
Adarsh Verma
Adarsh Verma 2 dni temu
He looks high, sounds like Snoop Dogg 😀
Eddie 2 dni temu
Jr Smith > swaggy p