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Julia Michaels, Trippie Redd - Jump (Lyric Video) ft. Trippie Redd

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Jump ft. Trippie Redd (Official Lyric Video)
Song available here:
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Lyric Video Directed & Created by: Katia Temkin @katiatemkin
Music video by Julia Michaels performing Jump. © 2017 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.




4 maj 2018




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Girl Friend
Girl Friend 14 dni temu
Loshing myshelf to you
Dina Rosetti
Dina Rosetti 17 dni temu
Ellie Styles
Ellie Styles 26 dni temu
Everybody talking about the pad, and I just want to point out that writing something on knife also isn't... you know, common.
Jason Garfield
Jason Garfield Miesiąc temu
Dee Mish
Dee Mish Miesiąc temu
the video is so satisfying. And the writing is so on point.
Aura icy
Aura icy Miesiąc temu
Yo check out my edit,it only has trippie red part🔥 so go check it out!
zeromi 2 miesięcy temu
I wonder how much time and money this took to make.
Aniya Norton
Aniya Norton 2 miesięcy temu
I saw a tampon and a pad...anyone else???
abi Xo
abi Xo 2 miesięcy temu
Most understand song
Ahmed Adel
Ahmed Adel 2 miesięcy temu
Am I the only one who is hearing that she says (( hurry to your arms )) instead of ((right to your arms )) as mentioned in lyrics
Gary Gesell
Gary Gesell 2 miesięcy temu
Always good vibes from Julia
Rafael Sandoval
Rafael Sandoval 3 miesięcy temu
soy gay
Janet Bee
Janet Bee 3 miesięcy temu
so no one's talking about the tampon at 0:55 ??? okay then
Angeline Bena
Angeline Bena 3 miesięcy temu
Where’s the music video???
Letizia Ingrao
Letizia Ingrao 3 miesięcy temu
1:18 haha
Junio Campos
Junio Campos 3 miesięcy temu
Melanie_k 3 miesięcy temu
I thought the thumbnail said Trump 😂😂
Julie Enright
Julie Enright 3 miesięcy temu
This is lit!
Aishwarya Shrestha
Aishwarya Shrestha 3 miesięcy temu
Like a earthquake ?
Jøshua Gentry ||-//
Jøshua Gentry ||-// 4 miesięcy temu
tbh Redd ruins this song for me, just from Julia's hypnotic relaxing voice to him, it just doesn't fit
Arfyplays 4 miesięcy temu
so satisfying
Reece Manners
Reece Manners 4 miesięcy temu
When was this mad this song
Nutalli 4 miesięcy temu
This music video reminds me of when youtubers used to make music lyric videos of their favorite songs. Like Andrea Russet.
Alex Grover
Alex Grover 4 miesięcy temu
Getting* (: there. Split second typos. I gotchu.
Michael Tran
Michael Tran 4 miesięcy temu
Dammit why trippie Redd pistol whip a girl he would of made it all the way #FreeTrippie
Eevah T
Eevah T 4 miesięcy temu
I loveeee the way she pronounces the "s". She's like: "Look at me being shoft Cut it all, my mind is getting losht From your touch, I can't afford the cosht Of me losing myshelf to you"
PingBongChingYT 4 miesięcy temu
1:51 trippie redd
XxAllisonxX 5 miesięcy temu
[Julia Michaels:] Mmm, yeah... Stay right there, get away I need space, I told you yesterday Slow the pace down But then I see your face Can we do that tomorrow? (Can we do that tomorrow?) 'Cause now you're moving in On my skin I move back with my lips It goes against my better judgement 'Cause I, 'cause I want it, yeah And I'm gonna be cliché here for a minute And tell you that I've been hurt before (hurt before) So I think I'm gonna need another minute To not hurt no more (no more) 'Cause all I do is jump right into your arms Every time I see you, I just wrap myself around you Yeah, jump into something real Even though I'm cautious, I just like the way it feels When it's us, baby, when it's us You make me forget that I'm not ready for love I jump, oh, I jump Look at me, being soft Cut it all, my mind is getting lost From your touch, I can't afford the cost Only losing myself to you (losing myself to you) And I didn't want these feelings, but I brought 'em But I know that you know exactly when I caught 'em And I'm trying not to think about it often but, ooh 'Cause all I do is jump right into your arms Every time I see you, I just wrap myself around you Yeah, jump into something real Even though I'm cautious, I just like the way it feels When it's us, baby, when it's us You make me forget that I'm not ready for love I jump, oh, I jump [Trippie Redd:] Jump, jump up in his foreign Used to sleep on couches now the boys really tore If they sleep on me I tell 'em haters gonna sleep it away, yeah Fell in love, but it ain't no trust If it ain't no trust then that girl can't be my love 'posed to put my love above But instead you gon' sleep it away, yeah Like a earthquake, yeah I'm dealing with another lil' heartbreak Man I wish I'd never met you in the first place And that karma's gonna get you in the worst way Don't throw your love away Don't throw your trust away You always run away I wish you would fucking stay But I guess we need another break [Julia Michaels:] 'Cause all I do is jump right into your arms Every time I see you, I just wrap myself around you Yeah, jump into something real Even though I'm cautious, I just like the way it feels When it's us, baby, when it's us You make me forget that I'm not ready for love I jump, oh, I jump Mmm, yeah... 'Cause all I do is... Jump... Mmm, yeah... 'Cause all I do is... Mmm, yeah... Jump... 'Cause all I do is... Jump... 'Cause all I do is... Jump...
ashley c
ashley c 5 miesięcy temu
I always listen to this song! It has been in my favorites for two months now and usually I get boted of the song when I play it more than necessary but not with this 😥😍
owl 501
owl 501 5 miesięcy temu
I love trippie 😍🤤
Intan Nur Aini
Intan Nur Aini 5 miesięcy temu
Anna Kislukhina
Anna Kislukhina 5 miesięcy temu
sempre comentando
sempre comentando 5 miesięcy temu
Por que essa música é tão perfeita
Zutidia Atovia
Zutidia Atovia 5 miesięcy temu
Why deleted the vídeo? They don't like it? problems with the other artist?
nicole smith
nicole smith 5 miesięcy temu
2018hell yeah!!
Windex Original
Windex Original 5 miesięcy temu
Trippie’s part needed to be bigger
Ria Kolarić
Ria Kolarić 5 miesięcy temu
trippies verse is so fucking bomb
Connor Trebbien
Connor Trebbien 5 miesięcy temu
Does anyone else get bugged when she says shoft instead of soft?
King Siya
King Siya 5 miesięcy temu
I came for trippie and found another artist I’m about to start listening to 💪
Kirsten Alyssa
Kirsten Alyssa 6 miesięcy temu
Omg that tampon 😂
JustLuvMe 6 miesięcy temu
I know her from Britney's masterpiece Glory... and now this! I LOVE HER
aditi anurag
aditi anurag 6 miesięcy temu
Simply 6 miesięcy temu
Epilepsy warning ⚠️
halex 6 miesięcy temu
i made a remix!
Brian Osorio
Brian Osorio 6 miesięcy temu
Trippie might’ve carried
Bella Sativa
Bella Sativa 6 miesięcy temu
Is that a sanitary pad
Honey Puffs
Honey Puffs 6 miesięcy temu
1:18ish. .. the pad on the bathroom floor that says "feelings"..... 😝. LOVE IT! Julia, Lady, YOU ROCK!!
Jared Gines
Jared Gines 6 miesięcy temu
“I just like the way it feels” @ 0:55 definitely a tampon in the garbage........
WirelessSW ID
WirelessSW ID 6 miesięcy temu
1:10 spelled getting wrong, lol
Jai 6 miesięcy temu
Minha música preferida kkkkkk😍❤
sayan ray
sayan ray 6 miesięcy temu
This music is addictive...
Muhammad Nabeel
Muhammad Nabeel 6 miesięcy temu
why so underrated ?
Yung Chlamydia
Yung Chlamydia 6 miesięcy temu
Trippie sounds like he can genuinely sing on this song
Kiayra Scott
Kiayra Scott 6 miesięcy temu
Such a good writer great song
gabby AtYourService
gabby AtYourService 6 miesięcy temu
SelenaCavinVEVO 6 miesięcy temu
Hey guys 2018 anyone ? I am damn sure many singers are using *Authentic views d o t c o m* to get views
dearlydiego 6 miesięcy temu
dearlydiego 6 miesięcy temu
I would of never expected this collab but I’m SHOOK😍🤯♥️
dearlydiego 6 miesięcy temu
mendes time
mendes time 6 miesięcy temu
I hate the amount of people only here for trippie. He isn’t even that good and this is Julia’s song, made with Julia’s crazy talent. She is a seriously amazing songwriter and singer and yall should Appreciate that. If you want trippie go listen to his own crap music instead of shitting on julia saying “it would’ve been better if it was just trippie” smh
DieValie! 6 miesięcy temu
Oh my, what a pleasant surprise
Mai Mohamed
Mai Mohamed 6 miesięcy temu
Radaaa M.
Radaaa M. 6 miesięcy temu
Speed 1.25x
V Sœur
V Sœur 5 miesięcy temu
Thank you, #Moonman !
Auliadinda Harsono
Auliadinda Harsono 6 miesięcy temu
she's so pretty i'm jealous
its_elena 101
its_elena 101 6 miesięcy temu
di lan
di lan 6 miesięcy temu
This has a post malone kinda vibe🎶
Cheska 6 miesięcy temu
I did a cover of this, please give it a minute 😁
Funny_idiots 6 miesięcy temu
Anyone notice that any song that features trippie reds is automatically a banger?
mistah dan
mistah dan 7 miesięcy temu
why has this been published. awful
amanda vasconcelos
amanda vasconcelos 7 miesięcy temu
PotatoFridges 7 miesięcy temu
1:09 anyone else notice it's spelled wrong
ツDavid 7 miesięcy temu
Carrine QueenSquad
Carrine QueenSquad 7 miesięcy temu
Im only here cause of trippie redd
Anthony Wright
Anthony Wright 7 miesięcy temu
So is it only me or did nobody notice the lyrics painted red on a tampon in the trash 😂
Heny Agustien
Heny Agustien 7 miesięcy temu
Omg is that a Pad? I saw it
Meli Marti
Meli Marti 7 miesięcy temu
Shaom .R
Shaom .R 7 miesięcy temu
Jumping on the beat
Shaom .R
Shaom .R 7 miesięcy temu
Niall brought me here
Igor Esteves
Igor Esteves 7 miesięcy temu
Trippie red, always surprise me.
MadRae 7 miesięcy temu
was the tampon really neccessary? lmao
Shawn Mendes Is my husband
Inndy Peace
Inndy Peace 7 miesięcy temu
Mesmerisee 7 miesięcy temu
Any other songs with this type of vibe???
Laura Amador
Laura Amador 7 miesięcy temu
I saw u at the concert when u itrouduce maroon 5 u music is amazing I love it and u make me smile🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😀😀😀😀😀
Anuar Da Luz
Anuar Da Luz 7 miesięcy temu
I'm impressed that there's less than 4mi 1 month after
Lyrics And more
Lyrics And more 7 miesięcy temu
I love Julia Micheals music! All of her songs are amazing! 😍❤️
Fluffy Octopus
Fluffy Octopus 7 miesięcy temu
You make me forget that I'm not ready for L❤VE.
Angel Carr
Angel Carr 7 miesięcy temu
issa hit
Evelyn 7 miesięcy temu
Kentashxn Anima
Kentashxn Anima 7 miesięcy temu
#jump 🔥🔥🔥
Wabby Louis
Wabby Louis 7 miesięcy temu
Trippie's verse goes hard🔥🔥
Uttam Singh
Uttam Singh 7 miesięcy temu
Shie La
Shie La 7 miesięcy temu
*Niall Horan* Brought me here *tyyy* Niall❤
kill 3v3ryb0dy
kill 3v3ryb0dy 7 miesięcy temu
shuch,spashe,shkin lmaoo XD.
stick Slick
stick Slick 7 miesięcy temu
Fuck you his sucks I am looking for Van Halen jump, not your shitty bull crap
C.V .A.C
C.V .A.C 7 miesięcy temu
C.V .A.C
C.V .A.C 7 miesięcy temu
My favorite 2 parts are when she says jump and Trippie Red’s part 😍
xAllor3c 7 miesięcy temu
When you jump to that loop button
julia fuertes
julia fuertes 7 miesięcy temu
can stop listen it
thank u, next
thank u, next 7 miesięcy temu
omg the way she says the letter s is so cute
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