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Jubel - Dancing In The Moonlight (feat. NEIMY)

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23 cze 2018

MrRevillzDeep HouseTropical HouseMelodic House2016New Musicjubeldancing in the moonlightneimyjubel dancing in the moonlightdancing in the moonlight jubeldance musicpop musichouse musicmusicdancepopmrrevillzjubel - dancing in the moonlight



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Komentarze 595
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson 9 godzin temu
You completely ruined the song and it's original vibe.
MinecraftN0OBzz Godzinę temu
nja det skulle jag väl inte vilja påstå men men
Fab 20 godzin temu
4K video just to stare at a logo.
Raham Setamber
Raham Setamber 23 godzin temu
My sister says dancing in the moonlight is a really good song beacuse she likes moonlight!
MooniFox Dzień temu
can i use it in a video or not?
falhad muradka
falhad muradka Dzień temu
When i childhood i remember this song mood like Dire dawa city night life gojo wooow🔥🙌
GcB HrdcoreRaider
Who listen 2019 like this comment!!??
Ja Weed
Ja Weed 3 dni temu
Мулае сполае
Mish Mosh
Mish Mosh 5 dni temu
Cute and catchy! From 1972 to 2019 ♥️
anvil747 7 dni temu
King Harvest- Dancing in The Moonlight
Roblox and Vlogs
Roblox and Vlogs 9 dni temu
everybody dancing in the sunlight *
Roblox and Vlogs
Roblox and Vlogs 9 dni temu
2019 ??
James Sanchez
James Sanchez 10 dni temu
Karbonkel 10 dni temu
Originaliteit is better
Madi Sophie
Madi Sophie 10 dni temu
Dani Banana
Dani Banana 12 dni temu
early 2000s vibessssss
Gobnait Twomey
Gobnait Twomey 12 dni temu
2019 hit 🙌
Mads Lybech Gram
Mads Lybech Gram 12 dni temu
Best song ever
Ryan AndTiff
Ryan AndTiff 13 dni temu
🤣😂🤣😂🤣 wtf
MCggNicolaTV 13 dni temu
1. Time...Okay... 2.Time...Nice🔥 3.Time MOONLIGHT😍🌕❤️
TOP3Central 14 dni temu
JHEEZE! Slow this to 0.75 and turn that thing up! GODLY!
Frida Hansen Kristensen 5c
OMG i love this song
BhavS Mehta
BhavS Mehta 17 dni temu
7/Jan 019 ... dancin in the moon light 🤩
NightcorePikachu 18 dni temu
LOL good song
Brian K
Brian K 20 dni temu
This has got to be one of the best!
josedcrack 21 dzień temu
Theo Backman Wiström
Theo Backman Wiström 21 dzień temu
2019 Hello! :D
Simon 21 dzień temu
This song makes anxiety disappear
Laurastav 21 dzień temu
wwoooww good music i lovvvee this song
DannyGOaL Channel
DannyGOaL Channel 22 dni temu
Captainz -Yt
Captainz -Yt 22 dni temu
2 januari 2019?
Gacha Jules Life
Gacha Jules Life 22 dni temu
2019 💕😘
Jodie Boafo
Jodie Boafo 22 dni temu
Melissa LaffyTaffy
Melissa LaffyTaffy 22 dni temu
Man Sai Dat
Man Sai Dat 23 dni temu
Mark John
Mark John 23 dni temu
Nothing will ever compare to the original, but this is my second favourite of all time such a chill out song , sit back sip on JD AND JUST CHILL HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE
Frances Mariel Paulin
Nice! Can i use this for my short clip?
valentinas Youtube kanal
I love diss song
Lewis McCombe
Lewis McCombe 25 dni temu
New year 19?
NailaCafé 25 dni temu
❤ it
carolina franco
carolina franco 26 dni temu
Me encanta, I love it😊😊😊
Oliwer Wass
Oliwer Wass 27 dni temu
är det min svensk som gillar låten lika komentare
Cary Adam
Cary Adam 27 dni temu
So good 😊
ShiroTheW0lf 28 dni temu
Reminds of the avocadis vine
horse lover Sweden
horse lover Sweden 28 dni temu
This song is sooo soft to hear on❤❤❤😭😭😭it feels nice
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)❤
Carl Parry
Carl Parry 29 dni temu
Not going to lie but this is what I listen to wired to bits,just connects with you in every way. Bob Marley was a lyrical genius❤ rest in peace bob Marley your music touched the world .
xXIYANGXx 29 dni temu
Oooh damn an actually good remix
алексей заровный
from a recent movie about killers
jorge x
jorge x Miesiąc temu
Love ittt!!!
VortexModz Miesiąc temu
2018 where u guys at
終極小獵狗 Miesiąc temu
好飄~ 這個vocal有夠仙
ItsDarkNiight Miesiąc temu
I just like the music... MAKE AN INSTUMENTAL PLSSSS
Ushan Rukantha
Ushan Rukantha Miesiąc temu
Love this song. Love it love it. From the childhood. Love from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰
FranSeas  Production
FranSeas Production Miesiąc temu
Love this song, going to put it as my background music when i travel to film.
Lia Wilson
Lia Wilson Miesiąc temu
I love Both original and this
YossephD Productions
YossephD Productions Miesiąc temu
i feel emotions when i hear this remix
Pingu Master159
Pingu Master159 Miesiąc temu
Original was better
Sofia Kabulwal
Sofia Kabulwal Miesiąc temu
I love this song
Amelia Ilsley
Amelia Ilsley Miesiąc temu
I love it!!
Nazim Benarfa
Nazim Benarfa Miesiąc temu
2010deew Miesiąc temu
Samuel Svensson
Samuel Svensson Miesiąc temu
Så good!!!!!!!!
*Awwww!!!!! IS VERY NICE!!!!* ~🎧❤💙
Harry Hadjiconstantinou
+1 DECEMBER 2019???????????????????
Harry Hadjiconstantinou
best song in like EVER
Harry Hadjiconstantinou
aistes malakies
Jack xD xD
Jack xD xD Miesiąc temu
i respect and likes
KristofferBuddhist Miesiąc temu
Very nice December song too
Сергей Е
Сергей Е Miesiąc temu
Nice song
Ellie Young
Ellie Young Miesiąc temu
The singer reminds me of Brendan Murray from BGT
Grant Carpenter
Grant Carpenter Miesiąc temu
Let's play a game. Every 5th like on this comment dies. I'll start off
Bl_ OB
Bl_ OB Miesiąc temu
Dancing in the moonlight! 🕺💃
Emily K
Emily K Miesiąc temu
this is far too short
Richard Collmann
Richard Collmann Miesiąc temu
I play it in my old Cessna 210 on interstate trips. Helps me fly right!
Bách Vũ
Bách Vũ Miesiąc temu
love it
Everth Knight
Everth Knight Miesiąc temu
I like it
Lazy Fly
Lazy Fly Miesiąc temu
Hi I am your fans can I use this song do my video?
Lennart Nestler
Lennart Nestler Miesiąc temu
God song
Paolo Avantaggiato
Paolo Avantaggiato Miesiąc temu
@MrRevillz can I use this song for an instagram video? Does it have any copyright?
Aslam Alan
Aslam Alan Miesiąc temu
This song make u feel relax
loki laufeyson
loki laufeyson 2 miesięcy temu
Harry Hadjiconstantinou
Harry Hadjiconstantinou 2 miesięcy temu
i love it
Harry Hadjiconstantinou
Harry Hadjiconstantinou 2 miesięcy temu
realy nice song
Ciwwie 2 miesięcy temu
If you are reading this comment, Then have a great day 💛
Cary Adam
Cary Adam 2 miesięcy temu
Love these plucks 🤭
Doris Karlsdotter
Doris Karlsdotter 2 miesięcy temu
Love the song...
Florin 2 miesięcy temu
So relaxing!
Samip Mehta
Samip Mehta 2 miesięcy temu
Beautiful vocal...
M.Nouval Fauzan
M.Nouval Fauzan 2 miesięcy temu
Kurang baik
NiklasStøterau 2 miesięcy temu
I’m so in love with this version of the song! It just has the perfect mix of actual recorded instruments (guitar percussion and bass although the bass could also be a synth) and electronic production (filter sweeps synths and drums). I just love it. The vocals are of course the cherry on top! Sadly I can only listen to it here or by tuning in to a Swedish radio station (which is where I discovered this version!).
GhosYY 2 miesięcy temu
Carlos Gerardo Martinez Alvarez
I melt of love for this song...
Shoon -
Shoon - 2 miesięcy temu
Maverick C
Maverick C 2 miesięcy temu
Heard this at 6:00am before a 4 hour flight to Turkey. Safe to say I may have slightly disrupted the planes electronics by putting this on repeat on Spotify. Who knew you could get service 6 miles up?
Boii 2 miesięcy temu
2018? :)
tran john
tran john 2 miesięcy temu
11/13/2018 Still listen this :D
Mirryn Munro
Mirryn Munro 2 miesięcy temu
I love this so much 💓✨😊
Ed Salna
Ed Salna 2 miesięcy temu
I was looking for this song for like a month after I heard it at a rave and it just brings me pleasure to listen to it😍😍😘
Orkan Yilmaz
Orkan Yilmaz 2 miesięcy temu
0:04 sounds exactly like here comes the sun
Petty Girlfriend
Dzień temu
Apple Be Like
3 dni temu