Jordan Schlansky Lectures Conan About Coffee In Naples - CONAN on TBS

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Conan drinks too much coffee and Jordan makes his mustachioed soap opera debut in "Un posto al sole."
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14 kwi 2018



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Komentarze 3 215
Monk Abrahms
Monk Abrahms 6 godzin temu
I believe he is wired
Max Edwards
Max Edwards 6 godzin temu
Jordan Kiedis 😂
Bart 7 godzin temu
Omg Conan I love U so much !!! U ARE AWESOME HOPE TO SEE MORE OF YOUR FILM AND I HOPE You will stay healthly ,successful and happy !!!😘
Web Dev
Web Dev Dzień temu
I would have been so embarrassed to be with him. wow he acted way to weird
Dirty Vino
Dirty Vino 2 dni temu
Espresso although is about the pressure it has a lot to do with the quickness of taking one coffee
shernigz 3 dni temu
Jordan is annoying af
Tampaterry54 3 dni temu
please god or whoever make it so that there is at the very least a pilot for a travel show starring conan and jordan
Mr Twister
Mr Twister 3 dni temu
2:24 I died.
Ritvik Awasthi
Ritvik Awasthi 4 dni temu
Conan should come to India he will really happy!😂
chuck1prillaman 4 dni temu
Conan finds his inner Roberto Benigni.
Darthckrinckles 5 dni temu
Every Italian in the cafè: camera must be important person (after he turns into a lad user) he’s American
Didli Doodles
Didli Doodles 5 dni temu
Jordan is such a snob! I say that in a kind way. Lol
Mr. Wig.
Mr. Wig. 5 dni temu
Awesome video you all just have a look at my videos they are really good Lol..
PanzerSSers 6 dni temu
Pelican74 7 dni temu
Omg. I feel embarrassed for Jordan
Pelican74 7 dni temu
This is cringeworthy
AlphaDraconi Chucky11
No wonder foreigners think Americans are stupid
Gordon Dean
Gordon Dean 9 dni temu
very possibly the most genuine and hilarious human being ever, love you Conan and thank you for being you
mOejOe33 9 dni temu
Conan and Jordan together is incredibly funny. This is better than The Idiot Abroad with Karl Pilkington.
Waker Glass
Waker Glass 9 dni temu
"It's a dance between man and machine" oh god
drew 28
drew 28 10 dni temu
lowkey giving me Logan Paul tiggers...why can't Americans just norm? why?
cc 11 dni temu
the lady behind them at 2:36
Docentino 11 dni temu
0:09 With great poise, self-assurance and without missing a beat, Jordan says: "Good day, sir!" to the lady. :D
Flames1793 12 dni temu
2:27 that noise makes my life 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Scarface 12 dni temu
Who's the chick at 06:11? Asking for a friend..
jack firmin
jack firmin 12 dni temu
Oh hello Ms.Sanchez! Ah I wish I would live in a country where Mexicans are immigrating :-/
car guy
car guy 13 dni temu
He forgot whos show it was.
Waric Momo
Waric Momo 13 dni temu
Me? Stuff my pant? Oooh lol😂😂😂😂
Harrison Maynes
Harrison Maynes 15 dni temu
1:09 - where Javier bardem goes on his holidays
Wartan Ohanean
Wartan Ohanean 15 dni temu
This man has no shame ;)) lol
Frozen Fire
Frozen Fire 16 dni temu
He can really really sing ... didn't know that about him.
Jimmy Rust
Jimmy Rust 18 dni temu
More Sona, Less Jordan please.
90 dagar eru maks
90 dagar eru maks 18 dni temu
I know how you say naples you dont say it like naples you say it like naples
Davy D
Davy D 19 dni temu
i'm from naples you should've tryied the coffee on the corner actually it was better....
dior dèior
dior dèior 19 dni temu
This honestly cured my depression.
Luka Dacic
Luka Dacic 20 dni temu
He called the first woman "sir" lol
Daniel Klebingat
Daniel Klebingat 20 dni temu
That’s why people think American tourists are annoying lol
Ryan Bell
Ryan Bell 20 dni temu
The balcony scene reminded me of Opera Man (SNL - Adam Sandler)...most likely back when Conan was a writer on that show???
Mark B
Mark B 20 dni temu
Actually, un cappuccino for one and due cappuccini for two. Sorry, bigger coffee snob right here lol.
фартима 22 dni temu
It's funny because actually the italian non-young-trendy folks, the regular people, would feel much more at home and have a far greater time with Conan's character than with Jordan's.
ElectricBlueSRT 23 dni temu
So much cringe
Dahye Choi
Dahye Choi 12 dni temu
Then what's not cringe
David Elliott
David Elliott 23 dni temu
Only Conan can pull off acts like these. Bravo
Federico 23 dni temu
actually the guy is right, in Italy espresso means fast, (treno espresso= fast train ) and the espresso machine was created to make coffee quickly
David Mack
David Mack 23 dni temu
These 2 cats are the next martin and Lewis,,,conan is off the hook hilarious
shelly yastagirl
shelly yastagirl 23 dni temu
I just want to hang out with conan and laugh non stop
Pandas are cool
Pandas are cool 24 dni temu
5:45 love the Martin Scorsese name drop.
eggrace 24 dni temu
6:05 who's that girl? she's so pretty
dinesh karthik
dinesh karthik 25 dni temu
That fake is amazing..
Monscent 25 dni temu
Conan really needs these laughtracks.
Matt Nordstrom
Matt Nordstrom 26 dni temu
4:15 that guy was a French marshal between 1805-1815 and was king of Naples when it was a French puppet
cliff 27 dni temu
I love to see how people from different nations react to Conan. I think Italians handled him quite well, I mean in most countries he would have been arrested for what he performed here.
Jennifer 28 dni temu
Him being in the Soap Opera reminds me of when he was in The Office
KennyDaBlack 28 dni temu
All jokes aside the bird call dude was bars
MrJrockallday 29 dni temu
Conan is a fool! But Jordan is a huge douche
Yung Senatra
Yung Senatra 29 dni temu
Conan is so funny. Jordan so weird
Hh Ll
Hh Ll Miesiąc temu
You can tell that Jordan has such love for Conan and vice versa.
Hh Ll
Hh Ll Miesiąc temu
I really want to see Conan on cocaine.
Wazowski Mike
Wazowski Mike Miesiąc temu
Im gonna use “ ignorante” from now on
Bin Lee
Bin Lee Miesiąc temu
Jordan famous with that .5 sec shot
Brett D
Brett D Miesiąc temu
6:21 damnnnnn
channelforwhat Miesiąc temu
twenty years from now, Jordan Schlansky looks back at this moment with Conan in Italy @2:24 and reminisces, 'what all i had to put up with to earn money on the conan show .. geez !!'... while at the same time, standing right behind Jordan, Conan reminiscing , ' did i actually pay this guy for all these years to do all the supposedly "various" tasks he was assigned to'
saemikneu Miesiąc temu
Conan really doesn't care what others think. xD And Jordan doesn't care either.
carolinecristal Miesiąc temu
This is one reason I have so much respect for Conan! He gets out there and does what he wants without worrying about what other people might think of him and people just "run" to him because he's so cool! Being shy is a hard thing.
Guido Polonia
Guido Polonia Miesiąc temu
Actually espresso means "express" like a train. The guy is right. Pressed out in Italian is "pressato".
J Martin
J Martin Miesiąc temu
This is gold!
Zach Miesiąc temu
Lol 3:14, that dude in the background is like what is going on rn
Filipe Cunha
Filipe Cunha Miesiąc temu
Connan was high in coffee.
Edward Escalante
Edward Escalante Miesiąc temu
:) ajjaja this is funny
DAG2003 Miesiąc temu
Sepp Maier
Sepp Maier Miesiąc temu
Those italians know how to shoot. They never were in harms way.
Ethan Opelenia
Ethan Opelenia Miesiąc temu
Ethan Opelenia
Ethan Opelenia Miesiąc temu
jordan schlansky looks like mr bean in side view
Smart Biz Web Media
Smart Biz Web Media Miesiąc temu
Conan has no shame. (LOL)
Love Miesiąc temu
ignorante! 😂
movie123 Miesiąc temu
💖💖I love the💖💖 new trailer to Godzilla ... see it here in full HD and 4k🎬👄🐵 🙈 🙉 🙊
Graphic Modern
Graphic Modern Miesiąc temu
My life was complete when Conan licked Jordan lol!!!!!
Aaron Miesiąc temu
"And I, do not!"
susn1987 Miesiąc temu
Why the hell are they peeping out Italian swear words?
Jessica Vernon
Jessica Vernon Miesiąc temu
Jordan, scares me.
J Dog
J Dog Miesiąc temu
The Statue bulge soo hilarious. 4:15
Pure Hats
Pure Hats Miesiąc temu
Jordan numberwan
J Dog
J Dog Miesiąc temu
Nice pic
Mauricio Freisleben
Mauricio Freisleben Miesiąc temu
Maybe they are shy, they dont need to be on television to self validate.. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWO U KILLED HIM
Daniel Sawyer
Daniel Sawyer Miesiąc temu
now i wanna see conan on cocaine :)
A- DOG Miesiąc temu
Well conan was also in HIMYM.....Guess which episode?
Jasmin Khangura
Jasmin Khangura Miesiąc temu
Looks like Jordan is finally having enough of Conan's insults. It's more entertaining when they mutually insult one another.
Ahmed Ramadan
Ahmed Ramadan Miesiąc temu
Gosh I'm trying to remember what's that famous tune that Conan sings?! Not coming to me at all! Drives me mad :=@
Lycurgus224 Miesiąc temu
"It's a ballet at the's a dance, it's a dance between man and machine..." lmfao, I laughed so hard at how pretentious that was. Granted, I'm sure that Schlansky isn't like that in real life but his deadpan acting and faux-douchiness is amazing.
Gaetano Lidonnici
Gaetano Lidonnici Miesiąc temu
Ok Conan, I'm Italian aaaand i'm Say to Sorry but Jordan Is right, the word "espresso" refer exactly to the speed of the process of making(and drinking) coffee! It's an Italian thing, we also have "espresso train", that Is a very fast train with only few intermediate stops :) Aand another thing, un Posto al sole Is a very common soap opera and maybe the most long-lived but..Is pure trash, made So bad that it's a synonim of poor television for old people and poor-educated house-wives :) And please, next summer come ti Calabria beaches ;)
Elvis Pereira
Elvis Pereira Miesiąc temu
In Jordan's defense, he didnt say in verbatim, that was the translation. He simply said its an express activity.
burteriksson Miesiąc temu
"This will be the last footage ever seen of us alive."
Alex Landherr
Alex Landherr Miesiąc temu
Schlansky’s revenge...
Dark cadence
Dark cadence Miesiąc temu
Jordan is a prentencious sociopath ted bundy..
ArtinArt Miesiąc temu
actually "espresso" means express and IS a term related to speed. (I'm italian).
Do You Wanna Dance?
Do You Wanna Dance? Miesiąc temu
I Like!
Izzy Miesiąc temu
Omg the Korean girl is sooo cute. I’m in love
Giancarlo Maestrini
Giancarlo Maestrini Miesiąc temu
1:08 I'm Italian and what on Earth are you talking about Jordan? the guy is just making coffee 😂😂
CharlieBassMan 22 dni temu
It’s a character that’s not actually how Jordan is
Paul Schmit
Paul Schmit 26 dni temu
Would you be so kind as to write down the sentence in Italian that means "f***ing hot coffee"? Thanks
ludwig amadeus
ludwig amadeus Miesiąc temu
Kek, that guy in the coffee house is awesome! And the birdman too. Italians rock
burteriksson Miesiąc temu
"If I was born in Naples, this is what I would be doing right now." Conan improvising shit=priceless.
kosher Miesiąc temu
Jordan Schlansky's out of focus cameo is gold.
Michael Hello
Michael Hello Miesiąc temu
This made me cringe so hard
Petty Girlfriend
Dzień temu
Apple Be Like
3 dni temu