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Jason Derulo - Stupid Love (lyrics)

Viktorija Krivoščenkaitė
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Komentarze 152
Hirushi Thilakaratne
my favourite song......!!!! luv it!!!
Maream Yaakob
Maream Yaakob 4 lat temu
Love it
Maream Yaakob
Maream Yaakob 4 lat temu
Love it
sarah iriaz
sarah iriaz 4 lat temu
just adore it
Harry Styless
Harry Styless 4 lat temu
I am crazy for U...333
Abdullah 4 lat temu
zac zoabi
zac zoabi 4 lat temu
great song
ghostfx 4 lat temu
Kinda sound little like mirrors
Ninah Bn
Ninah Bn 4 lat temu
I love rhizome Donc Wow
Klbk 4 lat temu
Taxiarhoula S.
Taxiarhoula S. 4 lat temu
Zumo de Naranja
Zumo de Naranja 4 lat temu
whááá im addicted to this
Zakaria Elbouziri
RedOne + Jason = fucking amazing music
LRS 92
LRS 92 4 lat temu
I love this song❤️
daniesprincess raven
Looooooooooooooooovvvvvvveeeeeee this song I love it sooo much Jason plz come to my school grocery own middle school plllzzz woooooo
teya syr
teya syr 4 lat temu
Love it ♥
Renner E.
Renner E. 4 lat temu
ROmania Loves it
Minox Amine
Minox Amine 4 lat temu
Best song Ever ♥
Vipanjot Boparai
Vipanjot Boparai 4 lat temu
my favt song from deruloooooooo
kevens desroches
kevens desroches 4 lat temu
that's my tween
Nicholas Grcic
Nicholas Grcic 4 lat temu
that guitar strumming has been taking from somewhere idk wer tho
Justin Ferguson
Justin Ferguson 4 lat temu
Love this song best one he has made
Naima Chowdhury
Naima Chowdhury 4 lat temu
Best Song from Jason Derulo
Heather Sudman
Heather Sudman 4 lat temu
proof that jason derulo is whipped by jordan... smh lol
Hailey Snyder
Hailey Snyder 4 lat temu
Love it sooo much
Hadeel Tumia
Hadeel Tumia 4 lat temu
I love this song sooooo much
Ava Sina
Ava Sina 4 lat temu
nancy yeah
nancy yeah 4 lat temu
Robbie Healy
Robbie Healy 4 lat temu
Sacha Anderson
Sacha Anderson 4 lat temu
Does this remind anyone else of (How Could You) Bring Him Home - Eamon ?
madisonLPS mckenzie
WHO knows what ill do!!! ill fall in love with a song about stupid in love xD
Kleopatra Tsiouki
Lovely song!!!:) cool video!:)
Tasnim Arif
Tasnim Arif 4 lat temu
Ich liebe es *----*
Maria Boo
Maria Boo 4 lat temu
I love this song to obsessed can't get it out of my head
thisisamazinxx 4 lat temu
I love the beginning :OO
Smętna Czapeczka
Mahin abdul
Mahin abdul 4 lat temu
song is amazin
Athina Vasiliadou
Sayuri Fujimura
Sayuri Fujimura 4 lat temu
favorite song on his album, love it
hanna liu
hanna liu 4 lat temu
eva vanaria
eva vanaria 4 lat temu
I love this song. It´s my favorite song!!!!!!
Talent Masomo
Talent Masomo 4 lat temu
Love it
για παντα μαζι
i love
macska kis
macska kis 4 lat temu
I l o v e y o u! 3
macska kis
macska kis 4 lat temu
:3 :3
Adelina Spasova
Adelina Spasova 4 lat temu
Im feeling the same damn way now with my stupid..
Cherry Candy
Cherry Candy 4 lat temu
love the song, love the video, love the artist
Top Gamer
Top Gamer 4 lat temu
that s a a bobbin heart .
Athanasia Xarisopoulou
i love you jason derulo
Maryam Hatem
Maryam Hatem 4 lat temu
crazychick96100 4 lat temu
Dayummmmm I broke my replay button. I love Jason Derulo 😘 the passion...I'm stupid in love with this ❤
Jas _
Jas _ 4 lat temu
I love it!
Tamara achternaam
jason derulo love ur sexy voice
Taylor Thomson
Taylor Thomson 4 lat temu
haha chloe lol :):) great song btw love it
Jasmine lott
Jasmine lott 4 lat temu
im crazy for you , whos knows what i'd do , i'd even die for youu..
Lucy Laurean
Lucy Laurean 4 lat temu
Am crazy 4 u hu knows wat I would do
Lucy Laurean
Lucy Laurean 4 lat temu
This song rocks
Arda Acar
Arda Acar 4 lat temu
beautiful song
Lex 4 lat temu
Love this song!! My jam babayyyy !!
Aminah Zubair
Aminah Zubair 4 lat temu
Sadrina Serrano
Sadrina Serrano 4 lat temu
Such a good song
甘い & 明生
甘い & 明生 4 lat temu
Mihis Mihis
Mihis Mihis 4 lat temu
Sylvain Bulenga
Sylvain Bulenga 4 lat temu
He was treated so badly
CoOl GiRl
CoOl GiRl 4 lat temu
It's Remind me Backstreet boys & Nsync Songs but in new style .... like it
Anelia Chavdarova
I love it
Múhsíñá müsí
dam da da rid a dam.. I'm luvin dis song..
katie piece
katie piece 4 lat temu
Walking the dog in my neighborhood
Yusuf johnson
Yusuf johnson 5 lat temu
This is like the one of the best songs i heard
Ale Bear
Ale Bear 5 lat temu
I usually hate Jason DeRulo, but this song is actual so good!
Aminah Zubair
Aminah Zubair 4 lat temu
Same! :D
886Beatz 5 lat temu
sounds like some shit backstreet boys would sing lol just imagine them dancing in the backround like the good old days hahahahaha
Laura Szabó
Laura Szabó 5 lat temu
Talk Dirty and this my best songs
Rainer Shima
Rainer Shima 5 lat temu
Mits Zam Graps
Mits Zam Graps 5 lat temu
I really love dis song..stupid....
SimplyCindy3 5 lat temu
I love how the music style of this song brings back the 90's :) Anyone else notice or just me? okay just me xD
Sanjana Tahar
Sanjana Tahar 5 lat temu
I love his songs
cameron birney
cameron birney 5 lat temu
im in love with this song!
Warren Renecke
Warren Renecke 5 lat temu
Jason garulo do u a stupid love
Msp Cupcakez
Msp Cupcakez 5 lat temu
im stupid in love♥ with this song so nice "n" peace full and reminds me of...........♥LOVE♥
dominik gregor
dominik gregor 5 lat temu
this is klaudia yh i frikkin lovexx this song bares i listen 2 it every day
Angelina Nguyen
Angelina Nguyen 5 lat temu
Omg I love it soooo mush I can't stop listening to it he should make more songs like this love it
Cem Cobanoglu
Cem Cobanoglu 5 lat temu
im stupid fuckin love!!
Nice Music Next Music Like ;)
Marinela Antonova
Stupid in love#
Tor Gregory
Tor Gregory 5 lat temu
has a late 90's early 2000's feel to it
Layla Begum
Layla Begum 5 lat temu
They can all call me crazy but they ain't never seen you naked
Briony Bird
Briony Bird 5 lat temu
omg love this sone
Briony Bird
Briony Bird 5 lat temu
Stop commenting on my stuff
Heart Gold
Heart Gold 5 lat temu
sooo underrated
Myunicaija 5 lat temu
I love Jason! he makes really good songs!
Dan Burcher
Dan Burcher 5 lat temu
cool vid x
Matthijs Ostermeier
great i love itbut this one is wonderful to : Chris brown wihout you
Bristol Sawicki
Bristol Sawicki 5 lat temu
im a jam steeler
Bristol Sawicki
Bristol Sawicki 5 lat temu
hey sister i stole your song
xrisa musica
xrisa musica 5 lat temu
nice song and very nice music! BRAVO!
Natalie Smart
Natalie Smart 5 lat temu
addeche chakib
addeche chakib 5 lat temu
I l❤️ve this song ^^
Nicolas Regan
Nicolas Regan 5 lat temu
great beat, i love the guitar part!
Codrina Cheta
Codrina Cheta 5 lat temu
OMG I actually love this song sooo much. Its so me ! Luv it
ana florentina
ana florentina 5 lat temu
Ronda Pali
Ronda Pali 5 lat temu
Its actually"tattoo of you" and "maxed out all my credit card "
jack charlie
jack charlie 5 lat temu
I l❤️ve this song