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In this episode of On Location, Mark and the crew go scuba diving off the coast of the Florida Keys for Mario’s final open water dive certification. If he passes the test he will officially become a full time member of the BW dive crew…and not just any member either, Mario is about to have a brand new role!
Make sure to stick around until the end of the video for some BIG BLUE NEWS! Seriously, you won’t want to miss this!
*Blue Wilderness coming August 2018; stay tuned for updates!

HUGE THANKS to Islamorada Dive Center for helping out with this video and getting Mario certified! If you’re ever looking for a great dive boat in the Florida Keys make sure to check them out -

Thank you for joining us On Location! In these segments you will get a behind the scenes look at all of the fun and exciting things Coyote and team experience on their adventures when they’re NOT encountering wildlife…or at least not by choice!
The Brave Wilderness Channel is your one stop connection to a wild world of adventure and amazing up close animal encounters!
Follow along with adventurer and animal expert Coyote Peterson and his crew as they lead you on six exciting series - Emmy Award Winning Breaking Trail, Beyond the Tide, Dragon Tails, On Location, Base Camp and Coyote’s Backyard - featuring everything from Grizzly Bears and Crocodiles to Rattlesnakes and Tarantulas…each episode offers an opportunity to learn something new.

So SUBSCRIBE NOW and join the adventure that brings you closer to the most beloved, bizarre and misunderstood creatures known to man!
GET READY...things are about to get WILD!

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22 lip 2018

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Komentarze 4 397
Brave Wilderness
Brave Wilderness 2 miesięcy temu
Thanks to everyone for all the support and excitement for Blue Wilderness! Series launches mid August...find Mark on Instagram if you have any questions! (search Mark Vins, and follow)
Adrienne Agius
Adrienne Agius 2 miesięcy temu
I just liked every single comment on this list!
Adrienne Agius
Adrienne Agius 2 miesięcy temu
Roland Vermiglio me to
Adrienne Agius
Adrienne Agius 2 miesięcy temu
Eduardo HowCome Damiano Franco I seriously don’t know because I find spiders pretty terrifying!
Adrienne Agius
Adrienne Agius 2 miesięcy temu
Oh yeah has he
Adrienne Agius
Adrienne Agius 2 miesięcy temu
Typical Drew I agree
Ya _GurlAnica
Ya _GurlAnica 15 dni temu
Wowie! ^-^
Joshua Edwards
Joshua Edwards 17 dni temu
well done Mario
nagwagi2000 17 dni temu
AWESOME job, Mark! Congrats, Mario, on your dive certification!
Tules G
Tules G 20 dni temu
3:38 Coyote EXPLAIN why he doesn't host the show. ..
Sarah Raih
Sarah Raih 24 dni temu
Is it just me or did i just see a shark at: 0:41 little bit on the top?
Pengu Luu
Pengu Luu 28 dni temu
I though it you said it was coming out in early July in the live show
Fgygcfhhvggh Hfhxyfdhyxchxjd
Will you guys go to the Philippines in the future?
leeleechristmaslover Miesiąc temu
Can you guys please center an episode around all of the plastic that's polluting our oceans.
Caynuh Miesiąc temu
0:42 is that a shark?
Brohan 23
Brohan 23 Miesiąc temu
cousin vs cousin
cousin vs cousin Miesiąc temu
We miss Coyote! Good work Mark but it's not the same.... : (
Donut The Siamese Cat
Donut The Siamese Cat Miesiąc temu
Two words... *O C E A N M A N*
Wissam Khayyal
Wissam Khayyal Miesiąc temu
It’s big it’s blue it’s new
Blue Tie
Blue Tie Miesiąc temu
Did u ever has cancer?
Skye Walker
Skye Walker Miesiąc temu
I hope we get to see you with some dolphins and whale sharks
Sarah Nguyen
Sarah Nguyen Miesiąc temu
What an awesome job
Voltage BG
Voltage BG Miesiąc temu
So excited for blue wilderness! Love you guys!
Dakota Barnes
Dakota Barnes Miesiąc temu
There is a dog food brand called blue wilderness lol
Ed Kiessel
Ed Kiessel Miesiąc temu
I’ve been subbed since 10k subs
Range Harsh The Fire Dragon Gamer
Nooo whay catote gone
Tricking Travis
Tricking Travis Miesiąc temu
I am a certified diver too I would love to dive in a tropical area like that I have o my been divin in bulscholes lake
Pascack Valley Line Railfan
I am going to love this series! Keep it up!
maritza alvarez
maritza alvarez Miesiąc temu
Looks exciting it so beautiful under there with all those different fish and coral 😁💚😁❤
Reili Lopez
Reili Lopez Miesiąc temu
I like this epesod
AG Miesiąc temu
Tom Edwards
Tom Edwards Miesiąc temu
Where’s coyote
Connor Williams
Connor Williams Miesiąc temu
Hey bring me back a burger from crusty crabs would ya? I’ve wanted to try one forever!
Jorge Montoto
Jorge Montoto Miesiąc temu
Next: air wilderness....
Mira Mirai
Mira Mirai Miesiąc temu
The pretty Lily
The pretty Lily Miesiąc temu
Where is coyote
lordkenkaih Miesiąc temu
Where is coyote peterson? But meg who cares Just anzwe pls
lordkenkaih Miesiąc temu
Raymundo Cura
Raymundo Cura Miesiąc temu
What happen to coyote
Audrie Flack
Audrie Flack Miesiąc temu
I just want to say you inspire me
Yukiko Sakuraya
Yukiko Sakuraya Miesiąc temu
What happen to Cayote?
muhammad ikhsan
muhammad ikhsan Miesiąc temu
Ohh im waiting for this. Good luck Blue wilderness
Grace Ken Rose Fuentes
Where’s coyote though or something XD
Braedon Cole Bell Cartajena
Is cyote still making vids
Eduardo Cerna
Eduardo Cerna Miesiąc temu
Lol poor Coyote
burning Godzilla with indorator
I love what you guys do on Brave wilderness
XxItz_PVxX Studio
XxItz_PVxX Studio Miesiąc temu
OMG GOODLUCK! be safe on every journey you do love your content
Syam Dhali
Syam Dhali Miesiąc temu
well done
Travis Schmidt
Travis Schmidt Miesiąc temu
This would be amazing on acid but very dangerous ☻
Abbie Mcnally
Abbie Mcnally Miesiąc temu
Coyote ☹️
Hamsterghini Miesiąc temu
Mark will u still be the director for bravo wilderness
DrSharkBoy Miesiąc temu
Where’s the collab with Johnathan Bird?
Blaze Asher
Blaze Asher 2 miesięcy temu
Oh Coyote, so brave and fearless... yet a weak stomach
Britney Ball
Britney Ball 2 miesięcy temu
Ice Runner
Ice Runner 2 miesięcy temu
Ice Runner
Ice Runner 2 miesięcy temu
Savitar 2 miesięcy temu
Jonathan Blue World
Malena Giacoy
Malena Giacoy 2 miesięcy temu
Evan O'Neill
Evan O'Neill 2 miesięcy temu
And sometimes coyote?
Steve EGRnative616
Steve EGRnative616 2 miesięcy temu
Equiinox62 2 miesięcy temu
Man this is going to be so great
Shadden Kagamine
Shadden Kagamine 2 miesięcy temu
I could've sworn you guys saw your first shark in that one tide pool, the one after the octopus. If I remember correctly, it was a spotted shark?
Jennifer Churella
Jennifer Churella 2 miesięcy temu
0:43 shark!!!! bottom
REALLY!!! 2 miesięcy temu
That's a team😃😃
Angela 2 miesięcy temu
dragonlover7196 2 miesięcy temu
Rational America
Rational America 2 miesięcy temu
I mean cool
Rational America
Rational America 2 miesięcy temu
TheoJmX 2 miesięcy temu
4:09, is that a very big Shark in the background
Matthew C
Matthew C 2 miesięcy temu
hi coyote hi mark hi mario my name is matthew can i ask you guys a qustine which day will the executioner wasp come out i am so excited for it
ArainaAngryBear 2 miesięcy temu
I'm so excited!
Landon Chase Elliott fan
Landon Chase Elliott fan 2 miesięcy temu
Yes blue wilderness
sami nouh
sami nouh 2 miesięcy temu
Congratulations mario!.
Juelson XXGamer
Juelson XXGamer 2 miesięcy temu
I bet it’s a big whale
Supra Starzzz
Supra Starzzz 2 miesięcy temu
noizyme 2 miesięcy temu
Future titles: Disemboweled by a GOBLIN SHARK! Face to Face with the Nothern STARGAZER! Sunset with a Mola Mola Sunfish! Nature's Pokemon: the Blue Dragon sea slug. Having a laugh with the Sarcastic Fringehead!
Bradin Pitts
Bradin Pitts 2 miesięcy temu
So hyped for the new show
Ngoc Nguyen
Ngoc Nguyen 2 miesięcy temu
Isaak Krecu
Isaak Krecu 2 miesięcy temu
Tell coyote about these patches that you put behind your ear and it keeps you from getting sea sick I use these all the time when I go fishing
Sexy Sloth
Sexy Sloth 2 miesięcy temu
I’m 14 and for my 15th birthday I want to get my Advanced Open water diving licence! I love the ocean!🖤
Gamer XD
Gamer XD 2 miesięcy temu
Can't wait
William Stobbart
William Stobbart 2 miesięcy temu
hubba hubba
hubba hubba 2 miesięcy temu
Did anyone else see that shark in those first phew shots at 0:40?
Jeff O
Jeff O 2 miesięcy temu
I didn't catch that shark, but at 1:40 they pass right over a pretty big one.
Niraj Electrical and Hardware Rajendra Shinde
My birthday is on 17 August thats mid August
Khalis Napier
Khalis Napier 2 miesięcy temu
Oo I live in florida
April Brower
April Brower 2 miesięcy temu
Love when Mark and Mario do voice overs!
Da Thunder Boi
Da Thunder Boi 2 miesięcy temu
Is it me? Or im populating in the brave wilderness channel 😶
Gabriela Hernandez
Gabriela Hernandez 2 miesięcy temu
That not ur first shark it’s ur second
Peyton TheOneNerd
Peyton TheOneNerd 2 miesięcy temu
So when does he get bit
Dilo12d 2 miesięcy temu
I like when Mario and mark are in the video with coyote and not just behind the camera
1000 subscribers with no videos Challenge
Delete my comment
Monster Tooth
Monster Tooth 2 miesięcy temu
Camera crew is taking over
Calmminded94 2 miesięcy temu
Good luck you guys :D Looking forward to the new series. Keep up the good work :D
A K 2 miesięcy temu
The new series sounds absolutely incredible. The three of you are the best team and make top notch content; the best nature series to grace the planet for probably a long time. You guys are the professionals here and I know little about the ocean in comparison to those who have studied it (so my input means little), but you need to be extremely cautious. You should consider only locations with minimal risk, or rather, locations that you're familiar with the wildlife that lives there. I know you guys already are cautious, I watch all of your videos. No one wants to see the crew be injured for entertainment. One more suggestion: I'm not sure if the crew has seen it before, but Crazy Russian Hacker did a review on a snorkeling mask on his channel that seemed to be a very nice refinement of an original. Covers the entire face, nothing that you have to retain in your mouth to breathe, has the pipe in a convenient location, and a mechanism to prevent water from flooding the mask upon exhaling. It looked like an amazing product but when would I ever use it? Perhaps you three might find it useful. His video is titled "Full Face Snorkel Mask."
Adventures 2 Gaming
Adventures 2 Gaming 2 miesięcy temu
were is coyote
fizpop01 2 miesięcy temu
You guys should do a video(s) exploring the Great Lakes if you haven't yet.
windex man1
windex man1 2 miesięcy temu
Will you be doing shark cage diving?
agustin davila
agustin davila 2 miesięcy temu
Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов 2 miesięcy temu
So... Great white shark bite video will coming soon?
dreamland 2 miesięcy temu
Do you use dramamine before getting on a boat?
T Sizzle
T Sizzle 2 miesięcy temu
Nice riddle. It’s a whale
clashingwith ryza
clashingwith ryza 2 miesięcy temu
You guys should get your own tv show
Gavin Jones
Gavin Jones 2 miesięcy temu
you should do an episode were you look for big pearls from clams.
ScattyCreeps 2 miesięcy temu
this ocean gave me a sense of accomplishment and pride.
ant mayorga
ant mayorga 2 miesięcy temu
So excited for you guys!
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