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The Mind of Jake Paul is an in depth look at one of the fasted growing PLvidr’s of all time. From his childhood, to his teenage years, to his days of jumping on top of news vans and lighting empty swimming pools on fire; everything will be explored to find out what makes Jake Paul who he is.
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18 paź 2018

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Komentarze 76 420
Stephh Burgess
Stephh Burgess Godzinę temu
SOMEONE GIVE SHANE HIS OWN TV SHOW!!! these series are literally the best. i have never sat down and watched something on youtube that goes for more that 10 minutes. LOL but these are great! i enjoyed every single one. shane you are such and iconic person
Fiona Herzog
Fiona Herzog Godzinę temu
this is probs the earliest ill ever be to something this popular
Aiden Riley
Aiden Riley Godzinę temu
“You capitalized on assault.... ANYWAY THIS VIDEO IS SPONSORED BY BETTER HELP”
The Shaneil
The Shaneil Godzinę temu
Loved this entire series. Huge Shane supporter. I Disagree about the merch thing though and it being manipulation for kids. It is not. It’s simply an ad. Just like this video has an ad every 7 minutes. That ad pays the creator of the entertainment (Shane in this case), just like the merch pays the creator (Jake) for his entertainment. No spongebob didn’t promote the merch but the ads in between clips of spongebob is actually what PAYS the producers (creators of the entertainment) of spongebob so the show can stay on the air. If there were no ads, the producers of spongebob wouldn’t have a job. Merch for Jake = Ads. I know Jake will probably never see this comment but just in case, keep selling your merch if that’s what pays the bills and allows you to continue creating entertaining content for your specific audience. Also kids who ask their parents to buy the merch, it’s the parents responsibility to decide what they buy and do not buy. We all have to take responsibility for our own actions. Kids watching Jake’s shenanigans, sure we can be mad at the old naive Jake but Parents also need to take responsibility for what their kids are doing and consuming. When I was growing up I wasn’t allowed to watch certain things cuz I had parents that monitored us. Nowadays parents themselves are buried in their phones scrolling away on social media, expecting the school to raise their kids. Rant over And again love the series, can’t wait to see what’s next Shane
B Godzinę temu
Fucking bravo Shane!!!!!
Jane Doe
Jane Doe Godzinę temu
What is the ending song you used? I'm obsessed and don't know what it is 😭
Miranda Robinson
Miranda Robinson Godzinę temu
Now I need to know who the pregnant lady was
Laura Gass
Laura Gass Godzinę temu
What about his mom and why she has a PLvid account ?
Tuck Brown
Tuck Brown Godzinę temu
Em J.
Em J. Godzinę temu
louise mcneely
louise mcneely Godzinę temu
feel sorry for jake here. omg did i say that lol
Faith Riggs
Faith Riggs Godzinę temu
Shane. You’re a legend. Wow. In my head I was like how could he top the Jeffree star series. But this? This is another level. This was like life changing.
Izis Rivera
Izis Rivera Godzinę temu
Just got off from work and now I come home to relax and watch this 😍
Danielle Ruiz
Danielle Ruiz Godzinę temu
seramasaga Godzinę temu
But a Jake Paul/Nick Crompton reunion? My heart would MELT
Cameron Taylor
Cameron Taylor Godzinę temu
The tea is strong!
Dani Escobar
Dani Escobar Godzinę temu
I just wish Alissa had been taken as seriously as Jake was...
Nicole C
Nicole C Godzinę temu
Kai Yanga
Kai Yanga Godzinę temu
I think Jake is product of poor parenting (specifically relating to his seemingly emotionless, reckless, and asshole of a Dad) and an overly toxic/competitive relationship with his possibly sociopathic brother. Like yeah, this kid is still fucking stupid in some ways and I don't think his content his funny or entertaining, but I feel for him on a personal level. Specifically with the Alissa/Jake/Logan situation. While Alissa and Jake shared very different stories (which can likely just be due to them being different people experiencing things differently; they obviously won't have the same exact story), I think both of them are hurt and resentful of Logan to an extent. I think Logan is a fucking asshole. LOL. Sorry not sorry. From what both Alissa and Jake said, it sounds like Logan feels absolutely no remorse for what happened.
H G Godzinę temu
Dino Nuggets
Dino Nuggets Godzinę temu
God damnit Shane I really don't dislike Jake anymore
Maddies Peeps
Maddies Peeps Godzinę temu
I have alot more respect for him now that you have done this and I think you should do alot more of this ps I'll love u Shane😍😊❤️
Ingrid Roth
Ingrid Roth Godzinę temu
So does this mean that Shane is going a completely different direction after this? I'm really curious to see what's going to happen next... I mean I really love the old funny side of Shane, as well as this serious interrogative one. Maybe he can use both in the future, who knows... Great series though, thanks for all the effort that was put in, it was worth the wait!
Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch Godzinę temu
This is one of the best series that I've watched on PLvid. Wow.
Beth Boyle
Beth Boyle Godzinę temu
The Unusual Cow
The Unusual Cow Godzinę temu
33:33 there is fire and is it a coincidence that it’s close to 333 hmmmmmmmmmmm Just kidding for meme purposes
The Oreo Ninja
The Oreo Ninja Godzinę temu
My perspective has completely changed. Thank you Shane for making amazing content that inspires me every day. Thank you Jake, for having the courage to finally open up, show your feelings, and finally tell your side. Jake, be the good man you have showed us you truly are.
Kristina Wheeler
Kristina Wheeler Godzinę temu
This gave me so many feels from start to finish. It really made me think about some of the things going on in my family, and how much different things could be. Thank you so much for this video, Shane. This was an incredible journey
Godly. Godzinę temu
Like for a david dobrik documentary
Kristypettis Jackson
Kristypettis Jackson Godzinę temu
Why oh Why didnt Shane say or show him the part where she said she didnt want him to know and that his brother wanted him to find out. Why Shane you were on a roll.
Laura Ardis
Laura Ardis Godzinę temu
Shane, congrats on a fantastic series. You are and always have been an amazing creator and person and I'm so proud of you. lots of love! xoxoxoxox
Leah Kozoidek
Leah Kozoidek Godzinę temu
What's next
mutantdog Godzinę temu
Some thoughts on Alissa. I only really know what I've seen in this series but it seems obvious that she was genuinely confused by their "relationship" just as Jake was somewhat confused by everything going on in his life. Sure he treated her shitty, I believe Alissa's claims about finding him sleeping with other girls and the rejection she must have felt by Jake treating her as a part of his brand but not as a part of his life in the way she wanted. As for how the hook up with Logan came about, I'm not sure i really buy into the innocent victim narrative Alissa portrayed, at least not entirely. She's clearly a hot girl, in the video clips she seemed the resident model full of confidence, always looking good on cue. She could have got with most men she wanted, that fact that she went with someone so close is not without some form of malicious intent. No-one in Team 10 would have gone there, not least for fear of Jake firing them. But the one person who ain't scared of Jake is his big brother. As much as she might claim that it was just something that happened, it was undoubtedly something she was playing at happening. Maybe it was more about her own ego, getting with someone bigger (and thus better) than Jake she could feel better about herself, i doubt it was pure revenge but more a complex reaction to a complex emotional state. As for Logan, well without hearing his story it's difficult to judge. But fact is he's Jake's brother, his big fucking brother and he should have been a better person than that. Whatever his motivations were - and he had no problem exploiting it for views and drama - the sheer lack of respect he showed for Jake makes him a pretty shitty person by any reasonable standard. "Sociopathic tendencies" or not, that's some grade A wanker behaviour.
Alyssa Manzanales
Alyssa Manzanales Godzinę temu
Shane this was amazing, you are amazing!! I loved every second of this and I hope you do more and bigger but also make sure to keep yourself mentally healthy and just keep creating content that you love and are proud of!!
Omar Reyes
Omar Reyes Godzinę temu
Greatest vid of all time Shane
Ciara Ortiz
Ciara Ortiz Godzinę temu
me: ok he uploads soon it’s gonna be like 50 mins im good *sees 1 hr 45 mins* me: well... let me go grab my cereal she’s long today
honey babe
honey babe Godzinę temu
why am i actually starting to stan jake paul
Kirsten Lynn
Kirsten Lynn Godzinę temu
This is a damn movie 💗
Life of Fox
Life of Fox Godzinę temu
Anyone else can’t load the comments?
MayaPapaya Godzinę temu
Can you PLEASE make a series about Jojo Siwa!!!!
Alexis Garcia
Alexis Garcia Godzinę temu
Just WOW
Stephanie Schmitt
Stephanie Schmitt Godzinę temu
This is the kind of content I signed up for💕💕
WildGoosini Godzinę temu
I mean I see people saying Logan is a cunt and all and I know he is retarded, but we haven't heard his side of the story like we heard jake's
Ellasha Cruikshank
Ellasha Cruikshank Godzinę temu
That ending gave me shivers. Literal goosebumps. Shane. I am so incredibly impressed with your ability to not make a "here's why Jake Paul is perfect" video. But a. "Here's why Jake Paul is a real person" video. Yes. Jake is obnoxious, yes, he did a bunch of stupid things, yes people hate him. But you gave that little spark of hope. That maybe, just maybe. He can grow from this experience. Maybe, now that everyone has had a say, things can move in a better direction. And Jake can heal from the awful things that have happened to him, as well as learn from his own mistakes. I'm not a fan of Jake Paul, but maybe in a few years I will be. Kudos to you for taking such a controversial person, and such a delicate situation, and doing your best to make things just a little bit better.
Cailey Godzinę temu
Why is the background music literally from Minecraft 😂.
demon1damon Godzinę temu
Some say he's still an idiot "till this day"
Trash Bag
Trash Bag Godzinę temu
shane and andrew's editing skills are fucking p0ppin
Molly Barber
Molly Barber Godzinę temu
Full credits to shane, this series is amazing.
wethehiddles Godzinę temu
This series was so interesting. It didn't make me like Jake Paul, but I might try out the next video he puts out after his vacation to see if anything has changed. I'd like to see if he flourishes after this series.
millie hair & beauty
millie hair & beauty Godzinę temu
Holy shit. I just realised Shane has more followers then Jake! Btw I love u shane and Jake
EXO'S mark
EXO'S mark Godzinę temu
haven't watched it yet but stan a king who posts 2h long videos . iconic .
Audrey L.
Audrey L. Godzinę temu
TheGamingStar Godzinę temu
Oké... The series was good . But of You left the sociopath thing out , then it was mutch better .
Nikkie Poe
Nikkie Poe Godzinę temu
OMG SHANE. You are so amazing to watch. Your progression and how you've brought light to the shadows of PLvid is awe inspiring. The end of each docuseries leaves me speechless. What you are doing is amazing, please never stop. ❤❤❤
Ella B
Ella B Godzinę temu
I feel like this really gave a more accurate representation of jake. a loving person, that forgives even when horrible stuff happens to him, all things you may not see from his videos. this is so well made shane!
Flower Child
Flower Child Godzinę temu
Well, now I have nothing to watch after this 😟
Gabrielle P
Gabrielle P Godzinę temu
Love this video! It change the opinion that we has about Jake! Thanks Shane et Andrew too for filming it!
Jenn Terry
Jenn Terry Godzinę temu
Commercials that run during cartoons are the same as a youtuber selling merch to kids. There's no difference.
ritika thakur
ritika thakur Godzinę temu
"Ok... i am crying... wait why i feel bad..." this is what actually happened with all of us. We were told by media and everyone to hate jake. That was why we just didn't wanted to even give a second thought about it. And shane you told everyone what his side was. Which i guess he couldn't because he was too scared to hurt everyone. I dont want to judge anyone but i appreciate Jake's honesty and I will look forward him changing. Good job shane
Sylvie Shrum
Sylvie Shrum Godzinę temu
so well done. congrats Shane, we all love you.
Vassetti Godzinę temu
I’m a Jake Pauler now
Dasha Padilla
Dasha Padilla Godzinę temu
Me: *sees he vid is 1h long Me: MOM CAN YOU MAKE ME SOME POPCORN 🍿 Mom: WHY Me: BECAUSE ITS A SHANE DAWSON VIDEO AND ITS 1H LONG Mom: oh ok of course
Jaylie Boudreaux
Jaylie Boudreaux Godzinę temu
Who else is waiting for one on Jojo 🤣🤣🤣
Brookxgallo Godzinę temu
ElSeco Godzinę temu
Gg likes plz...
Nico Ni
Nico Ni Godzinę temu
But like, why was he smashing other girls when he had Alissa? Was it one of the competitions between the Pauls? Who knows.
Alex Gallo
Alex Gallo Godzinę temu
Shane the therapist
Sarah-Jayne Mcdonald
Sarah-Jayne Mcdonald Godzinę temu
I guarantee Logan has did this to him before.
Michelle Karanja
Michelle Karanja Godzinę temu
Ok so I don't even know how to feel anymore So I first hated Alissa when they were "dating" then I loved her when they broke up and hated Jake Then I hated Erika but now see her less annoying personality I slightly like her now I still hate her but not as much 😂 As I said before I hated Jake but now I kinda feel bad for him I didn't like logan but I found his less annoying then Jake so I liked him a bit more than Jake After the incident I hated him but I still found more likable than Jake So like idek?!?
roweeeeek Godzinę temu
Take a shot every time Jake Paul says LIKE
Daelia Marrufo
Daelia Marrufo Godzinę temu
FaZe Dawson??? 😂
Kacie Dee Art
Kacie Dee Art Godzinę temu
this series really humanized Jake for me
Mireya Ledesma
Mireya Ledesma Godzinę temu
Beautifully done 💛 never doubted for a second.
Kaylanator Godzinę temu
Oooooo Shane should do a series on Eugenia Cooney!
hannah elizabeth
hannah elizabeth Godzinę temu
this -series- movie is incredible wow
22.08 😂
Diana Dunseph
Diana Dunseph Godzinę temu
I definitely have a soft spot for jake now.
Altaidox Godzinę temu
You see, I like Jake when he's being genuine. He should make videos and talk about this stuff, it's shows he's a human being with emotions and problems. I thought he was just some stuck up little rich kid but honestly, thanks to Shane I would reconsider subbing if he did more genuine and down to earth shit. Show us your off roading, the music you love and the shit you like to do. I loved seeing his genuine enjoyment of that stuff.
Life of Fox
Life of Fox Godzinę temu
Shane made another movie!!!
Potato Juice
Potato Juice Godzinę temu
am i the only one legitimately crying knowing they'll never get to talk to shane dawson... i'm literally gonna become famous JUST to fuckingggg meet himmmm
Caroline Crowder
Caroline Crowder Godzinę temu
You should do a series with Laura Lee
Evelyn Juarez
Evelyn Juarez Godzinę temu
Finally a hour long video 🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏
Edgar Olivas
Edgar Olivas Godzinę temu
Fuck everyone who doubted Shane this is such a good series
Vanilla Gorilla
Vanilla Gorilla Godzinę temu
I thought I would never like Jake Paul again
.&_ Godzinę temu
The Dolan Twins
The Dolan Twins Godzinę temu
What’s the song at the end anyone know?
Gabrielle Walker
Gabrielle Walker Godzinę temu
I just need a documentary series on fouseytube, rice gum, Liza koshy, pewdiepie, mylifeaseva, and Faze Banks. But literally all I need to survive is a documentary series on Keemstar or Alex Wasabi cuz they both are lowkey mysterious
Strawberry Leche
Strawberry Leche Godzinę temu
A lot of jakes answers are like he's trying to answer without really answering or giving an elaborate answer idk if that makes sense......but its very that.
StellarBagel 0
StellarBagel 0 Godzinę temu
Again Shane with that stock music box song I legitimately have that downloaded in my unused sound effects pile
Artemis selling
Artemis selling Godzinę temu
Can there be a series about Logan and how he’s the psychopath out of the brothers
doob Godzinę temu
If you want to talk about manipulating children, why don't you talk about twitch streamers who are constantly getting donations from children, just so they can hear their name shouted out. At least Jake is selling a product, he just has the right platform to market it. Twitch streamers (fortnite) are more guilty of that than Jake is
Jessica Kell
Jessica Kell Godzinę temu
Why am I wanting dr phil to discuss this and interview shane 🙏
Kaytlyn Carter
Kaytlyn Carter Godzinę temu
Holy fucking shit, Shane 😅 this was SO good.
Hillary DeLoge
Hillary DeLoge Godzinę temu
Shane is a genius making grade A content! He will be known from our generation. Making not only good content but putting good into the world and shedding a positive light on things that people could only see as dark. He is a gem of a human being!
Vinícius Henrique
Vinícius Henrique Godzinę temu
Ugh, I like him now. thanks a lot Shane. (Erika's amazing btw, "you told me not to...").
April Cuellar
April Cuellar Godzinę temu
This was amazing! :)
Anonoymous Addict
Anonoymous Addict Godzinę temu
Shane, you're the only person I know who can make a 1 hour and 45 minute video and make it feel like only 15 minutes. Amazing series, it's so riveting. I'm really proud of you.
Joanna Villalobos
Joanna Villalobos Godzinę temu
I want to know what things had to be cut from the series. This was already so intense, so I can only imagine what was cut out.
LivLoo:) Godzinę temu
Hats off to shane for making this. I would like to see a changed Jake. I would like to see all this youtube controversy go away and to fall back to its old roots. Only time will tell. Thoroughly enjoyed this series. Well done Shane.
maya vidal
maya vidal Godzinę temu
Omg who next?! For Shane Dawson’s series???!!
7 miesięcy temu