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If You Sing You Lose - Pentatonix

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Who's ready for a challenge? You're not allowed to sing or you lose!
1. Gold
2. Cheerleader
3. Can't Sleep Love
4. Na Na Na
5. La La Latch
6. Rather Be
7. Sing
8. Lean On
9. Where Are U Now
10. Papaoutai
11. Perfume Medley
12. Ref
13. Love Again
14. Daft Punk
15. If I Ever Fall In Love Again
16. First Things First
17. Up On The Housetop
18. Coldest Winter
19. Hallelujah
20. Water




8 sty 2017



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Komentarze 5 865
PTX Videos
PTX Videos Rok temu
Share this with other pentaholics and tag your favorite pentaholic reactors in this! I would love to see reactors do this challenge.
cassyluv Sanchez
cassyluv Sanchez 11 miesięcy temu
You guys are awesome
Vanessa Smith - The Ultimate Fangirl
PLvid Queens It's kirstin.
Fairy Monkey
Fairy Monkey Rok temu
PLvid Queens z
Youtube Queens
5:28 turn kristen into purple and you have inside out
Julie Swenson
Julie Swenson Rok temu
PTX Videos I actually sang the second verse of hallelujah for my solo at school IT IS MY DAVORITE
Madison Wade
Madison Wade 3 dni temu
Luna Bernhardt
Luna Bernhardt 12 dni temu
Rosa Pasma
Rosa Pasma 18 dni temu
This is killing me🤯 I need to sing! 😥
Madison Robinson
Madison Robinson 26 dni temu
I lost so early like where Mitch started singing gold I started singing so loud
Kat The Gamer
Kat The Gamer Miesiąc temu
Completely lost
Loralei Weber
Loralei Weber Miesiąc temu
I was hoping for them to talk to songs or something and wait till someone sang. I am sad
Adnan Alamoudi
Adnan Alamoudi Miesiąc temu
I lost on lean on. 😖😖😖😖
Kayleigh Householder
Kayleigh Householder Miesiąc temu
This is actually the hardest thing I have ever done
Faith Anderson
Faith Anderson 2 miesięcy temu
I already lost
Mega Maurizka
Mega Maurizka 2 miesięcy temu
i sing it in my head hahahaa
Whoopie Axele
Whoopie Axele 2 miesięcy temu
Easy. Because i dont kniw the song. Hauhaua. So i passed
Binju George
Binju George 3 miesięcy temu
Lost at the second, fourth ,fifth and the rest (why is my life so addicted to singing with ptx)
HeroX 3 miesięcy temu
I lost on gold
RockAnRollinRodney 3 miesięcy temu
I MADE IT!! This was the hardest task to accomplish, but I did it!! YES.
Brooke Fogt
Brooke Fogt 3 miesięcy temu
I lost after the first clip.....Not ashamed
Paper Inspiration
Paper Inspiration 3 miesięcy temu
I can’t. I just cant.
Ava Doyle
Ava Doyle 3 miesięcy temu
I didn’t want to lose so I literally got ducktape from my shed, and put it on my mouth, I haven’t took it off yet, I don’t want to, cause it will hurt! >_>
Аревик Горгинян
I lose😅
SAMANTHA C.C 3 miesięcy temu
I lost when they sang hallelujah
Sierra Crum
Sierra Crum 4 miesięcy temu
I couldn't help myself I told myself I was not going to sing at all in this challenge and started singing at cheerleader. And then all the way through.
amelrard evelia
amelrard evelia 4 miesięcy temu
Does dancing count? Or is it just singing along?
K M - M
K M - M 4 miesięcy temu
Lol i lost straight away
Emily LaPlant
Emily LaPlant 4 miesięcy temu
I lost it on Sing!!! It’s my favorite song
joEdz bramos
joEdz bramos 4 miesięcy temu
I lost at Can’t Sleep Love
Joanna Dunda
Joanna Dunda 4 miesięcy temu
I'm on vocal rest so I'm almost guaranteed to win this challenge. 😂
Maja SCIOCH 4 miesięcy temu
I'm traing every day, every day lose...😐😐
Connor RK800 Gab Garcia
Connor RK800 Gab Garcia 4 miesięcy temu
I passed it was easy heheheheh seriously just kept my mouth shut. So whos warching 2018
Emily Kalunga
Emily Kalunga 4 miesięcy temu
3:38 why was this so funny to me 😂
Cheetahlovr1 4 miesięcy temu
I lost at 0:09
mini cooper
mini cooper 5 miesięcy temu
at hallelujah song I loose danm.
Pentaholic from Norway
Pentaholic from Norway 5 miesięcy temu
This could be one second long and I would still lose
destiny huerta
destiny huerta 5 miesięcy temu
I love them so much like u don even know I wish I need them I'm sad avi left
Besty1201 Videos
Besty1201 Videos 5 miesięcy temu
I lost on the 1st one lol
sun 5 miesięcy temu
why are my favorite songs coming up
sun 5 miesięcy temu
this is so hard i cant breathe
Khai Zhar
Khai Zhar 5 miesięcy temu
yeah i tried to sing avi part but i cant so thats meant i didnt lose , not to mention beatbox isnt singing so u wont lose too
Lindsay Dennison
Lindsay Dennison 5 miesięcy temu
Need to know who's really good at singing like " OMG THIS IS MY FAV SONG'' like a million times?
The Whovian
The Whovian 6 miesięcy temu
First I thought it would be easy. Then I thought it would be hard but I would make it. Then there was Love Again. Let's just say I totally lost.
yo !1!
yo !1! 6 miesięcy temu
i was doing well until La La Latch came and i lost my shit smhhh well played.
Luciano Pugliese
Luciano Pugliese 6 miesięcy temu
i won nope i lost
Alina Ledneva
Alina Ledneva 6 miesięcy temu
I automatically lost on Daft Punk without hesitation but I say I did good. ILYSM AND PTX TOO!
Abi Alston
Abi Alston 7 miesięcy temu
If this were a try not to dance challenge I would’ve lost immediately
Little Ryu
Little Ryu 7 miesięcy temu
Omg good thing you didn't include the main chorus for the Latch song.. EDIT: Nevermind I lost at my own favorite music.. hallelujah 😭
Lady Marrry
Lady Marrry 7 miesięcy temu
Ian Erickson
Ian Erickson 7 miesięcy temu
I failed once La La Latch and Rather be came on
CynthiaSquash 8 miesięcy temu
Lol I lost at Sing
Bass 8 miesięcy temu
I failed when "love again" start
Jack Star
Jack Star 8 miesięcy temu
I lost so many times 😂
little funny kid and friends
its impossible not to sing I lv them
ViridiFlower 8 miesięcy temu
0:00 is where i lost
kkoolers2002 8 miesięcy temu
Does playing ur guitar 🎸 count?
Sal Garrett
Sal Garrett 8 miesięcy temu
10 seconds in and they already lost
Andrew White
Andrew White 8 miesięcy temu
kati zamora
kati zamora 9 miesięcy temu
Ok i lose... I can't stop singing
Luna Lovegood142
Luna Lovegood142 9 miesięcy temu
I won but I was shaking the whole time and clenching my jaw to keep from singing bc it played some of my favorites by them
Emma 9 miesięcy temu
Tenni only way I would sing is if you didn't play the songs with kirstin being the lead singer lol
Kevin Yao
Kevin Yao 9 miesięcy temu
No~~~~~ I lost the game, a million times
Victoria Stilinski
Victoria Stilinski 9 miesięcy temu
5:00 ... There i lost xD
Lily Wilmoth
Lily Wilmoth 9 miesięcy temu
I almost lost on the "sing" song but I felt it against everything not to do the "SAAAAAY" in ref at 4:24. I practically sing screamed that.
Samuel Yang
Samuel Yang 9 miesięcy temu
makes a don't sing along challenge.... puts on perfume medley... the one song that's probably korean
ThatRandom Djooo
ThatRandom Djooo 5 miesięcy temu
Samuel Yang it's Japanese
Cedrick Viernes
Cedrick Viernes 9 miesięcy temu
I sang at papaoutaie (or how ever u spell it) lova again, daft punk. (Idk the last word)
mascmitchell l
mascmitchell l 9 miesięcy temu
This was so difficult considering I knew all the words to all these songs
nattie b20
nattie b20 9 miesięcy temu
I lost.
OkayAki 9 miesięcy temu
Warriors Fan
Warriors Fan 10 miesięcy temu
Radioactive should've been here
Naomi Gallic
Naomi Gallic 10 miesięcy temu
im literly crying
Naomi Gallic
Naomi Gallic 10 miesięcy temu
soooooooooooooo hard
Naomi Gallic
Naomi Gallic 10 miesięcy temu
lost at the first song
Taeaea Haeaea
Taeaea Haeaea 10 miesięcy temu
Whats the first song?😍
Kasia S.
Kasia S. 9 miesięcy temu
Taeaea Haeaea. You have in describe of film
Carolina Sherman
Carolina Sherman 10 miesięcy temu
i failed miserably
Victoria Vandesteeg
Victoria Vandesteeg 10 miesięcy temu
ok so far so good la la lach dam
Jay TheArtist
Jay TheArtist 10 miesięcy temu
Lalisa Love
Lalisa Love 10 miesięcy temu
I lost when Ref came up since it's my fav song of them xD
MADELINE GOSSOM 10 miesięcy temu
6:32 done lost
Sarah Franco
Sarah Franco 10 miesięcy temu
There should be an "I survived the try not to sing Pentatonix" book
OfzoIets 11 miesięcy temu
This was soooo hard!!!!! But I did it!!!!
pentaholic 4 life
pentaholic 4 life 11 miesięcy temu
Me: dances during try not to sing vids....Sings during try not to dance vids
g5edison _YT
g5edison _YT Rok temu
I lose the song are catchy!!!
Aria Rok temu
First things first will be the death of me
Aria Rok temu
I almost lost on "Ref" its playing as I'm typing and I really don't want to sing it cuz I'm trying to win
Lori Ann Bishop
Massive Awesome!
Yasmin Tuin
Yasmin Tuin Rok temu
As long as there isn’t natural disaster, I’m good. Edit: okay I lost at na na na lol cx
Yasmin Tuin
Yasmin Tuin 4 miesięcy temu
Please stop. You’re so cringy oml.
Lizzybeth Clearwater
I won!!!!! Now I'm gonna go jam out to Love Again.
Sierra McAllister
Does lipsyncing count????
Queen Ari
Queen Ari Rok temu
Hardest challenge ever I lost it when hallelujah came on
Goldendoes Animations
Peace it's Regan
When Na Na Na came on I held my breath and didn't dare move 😂
DAB freaking SHEEP
sonnenschein regenbogen
"Love again" makes me loose every time
Alexa Taylor
Alexa Taylor Rok temu
Can I just say if I was Kevin I would be spitting everywhere when I was beat boxing
SerialKiller Rok temu
i am big pentaholic but i didin t know most of the words in those songs and when i know the words i just put a finger in my mouth so i made it to the end without singing :) (bad english yeah, yeah i know :( )
Funny 0494
Funny 0494 Rok temu
I was expecting to get rick rolled ._.
Tessa Flynn
Tessa Flynn Rok temu
Vitu N
Vitu N Rok temu
Humming doesn't count, they didn't say anything about that 😂
FluffyUnicorn Kleo
Aaliyah Rahman
this isn't fair... :(
Emillee - Vlogs
Watches to sing*
Obnoxious Dudebro
The people there in the town their filming in are like, "What the hell is going on?"
Kayla Troutman
it was hard not to sing but I didn't. the hardest one for me not to sing was halliuija (sry if I spelled that wrong)