I'm Still in Swimming Lessons? | Hannah Stocking

Hannah Stocking
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19 lip 2018

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Komentarze 10 403
Hannah Stocking
Hannah Stocking 26 dni temu
THANKS FOR WATCHING!! Who loves swimming?
The Cheap Gamer
The Cheap Gamer 5 dni temu
Hannah Stocking how is this funny
Paige Gerring
Paige Gerring 8 dni temu
Hannah Stocking me
Reyna Botello
Reyna Botello 20 dni temu
priyani wonder world
Hannah Stocking Me :-D
Abyan & Kaysan Ullah
Not me
olman palomo
olman palomo 2 godzin temu
I saw hannah nipples
FluffyUnicorns dancingOn rainbows
4:08 yo tits hanging xD
Purple Turtle
Purple Turtle 4 godzin temu
Omg Jonah 😂😂💓💓💓
Seraphina Gacha fan superstar
I love swimming!!! :):)
Roy Bravo
Roy Bravo 5 godzin temu
You re a
Puppetboy Ounil
Puppetboy Ounil 5 godzin temu
Hannah Shocking, you are welcome!!
Rami Motab
Rami Motab 6 godzin temu
روحك زي العسل. 😂😂😂
Rami Motab
Rami Motab 6 godzin temu
BB Bunny
BB Bunny 6 godzin temu
Sarah Fina
Sarah Fina 8 godzin temu
Hannah, I don't think you even truly believe your skits are funny... it's alright to have your audience grow with you, and to also build a new audience. Slapstick still has it's place in comedy but when it's a whole skit... it just isn't clever. Throughout time I've watched you do the same bits and it doesn't even look like you're having fun anymore.
NEHİR TEKİN 8 godzin temu
3:29 OMG whf😂
Plus five
Plus five 9 godzin temu
This is kinda of bad but I still love watching Hannah’s vides keep ur the good work
Bismah Suhail
Bismah Suhail 9 godzin temu
At 3:54 she has a tattoo on her arm in hindi -the language of india 💞
britishcarenza 9 godzin temu
this was just not funny like at all
Anoog Jullia
Anoog Jullia 11 godzin temu
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Liva and Lisa
Liva and Lisa 12 godzin temu
I don't like Hannah. I hate you Hannah. You are so wierd. Your face is ugly. I am a hater. Her face is like 💩. I feel angry after seeing her. She is a Psycho. Just look at her.
Karishma Randhawa
Karishma Randhawa 12 godzin temu
you know , not everyone's face is as pretty as yours. (sarcastic tone)
Emilija Cibesku
Emilija Cibesku 13 godzin temu
Hannah I love
Rajwinder Kaur
Rajwinder Kaur 13 godzin temu
I love swimming but not in deep pools
Liva and Lisa
Liva and Lisa 13 godzin temu
Squishy Squad Besties
Squishy Squad Besties 14 godzin temu
I love swimming I'm in stage 6
M Z.14
M Z.14 14 godzin temu
I swear PLvid should make a compilation of the worst videos every year. Hannah would dominate them but still...
lizzy playz
lizzy playz 16 godzin temu
Grace Cusack
Grace Cusack 17 godzin temu
*phone rings* Assistant: she’s busy 😂
Alee 998
Alee 998 18 godzin temu
Y always ur videos are not funny at all 🤔
Ms. Snidget 052928
Ms. Snidget 052928 23 godzin temu
The only real stroke in this video was backstroke and it was so sloooooow like wth
TheMemeUnicorn 21
TheMemeUnicorn 21 Dzień temu
Make up to the pool XD
Trenton Brown
Trenton Brown Dzień temu
Jonah funny af
That Weird Kid
That Weird Kid Dzień temu
I almost died I did drown swimming ;-; I can swim now :3
Rachel Cho
Rachel Cho Dzień temu
She’s so funny!
Tete Grannell
Tete Grannell Dzień temu
anyone realize the girls in the thumbnail are different than the ones in the video?
Siwanator Forever
Siwanator Forever Dzień temu
4:08 there is a problem
Ana Babe
Ana Babe Dzień temu
Her nipples hard💀
Elka Dzień temu
At 4:50 i dont understand, why didnt the girls just get her up.... i mean the water can barely even reach their chests. or was that supposed to be the joke idk man
Lps Honey
Lps Honey Dzień temu
He is so fat
Samiya Sakenuddin
Samiya Sakenuddin Dzień temu
Liliana Gomez
Liliana Gomez Dzień temu
At 3:14 it’s funny
Collin Jackson
Collin Jackson Dzień temu
New York Bo
New York Bo Dzień temu
Derek Ebanks
Derek Ebanks Dzień temu
Check out and follow us @timeslotpro for Bookings
Averie Joy Uballe
Averie Joy Uballe Dzień temu
Can you mace a vidoe with lele❤💋👅
Farida Ebrahim
Farida Ebrahim Dzień temu
When she went in she wasn't wearing goggles and in the water she was
123cal38 Entertainer
Lol the intense music
123cal38 Entertainer
None of them were dives, they were all jumps and flips
A.Şâlvâtőre Dzień temu
1:32 she pulled a keira Knightley
2018 Editz
2018 Editz Dzień temu
Lol I do swimming
Mario Cala
Mario Cala Dzień temu
Lina Qehaja
Lina Qehaja Dzień temu
I love you hannah
Crazy Girl
Crazy Girl Dzień temu
outchhhhh her first jump😂😂😬
Cameron Hartnady
Cameron Hartnady Dzień temu
I set u up 4:09
Shontelle Atkins
Shontelle Atkins Dzień temu
I love your vidios
ThomasPlays Dzień temu
I like swimming
teap sophai
teap sophai Dzień temu
Ben / Rene Horn
Ben / Rene Horn Dzień temu
Can you maybe make a part 2 of this video
XxJadaxX World
XxJadaxX World Dzień temu
Did u notice that Hannah isn't wearing any bra in her swimming suit??
Harnoor Harnoor
Harnoor Harnoor Dzień temu
Hannah are you Indian Coz the tattoo or did you just like it 🧐🇮🇳
Lisa Stenton
Lisa Stenton Dzień temu
GiftedGamer0531 Dzień temu
I always look at comments first and I saw that people hated this wtf I have never seen this in my life
Gaby Gomez
Gaby Gomez Dzień temu
I love swimming! Im good at swimming.
Katherine's world
Katherine's world Dzień temu
Make a nother one again
Katherine's world
Katherine's world Dzień temu
I love swimming but buz bun tosent talk😖
Irvin .Arenas
Irvin .Arenas Dzień temu
I only watched this video cuz it showed Kathrine in it! But she didn’t even came out, I wish I could take back those 6mins of my life back! #YourWackAf
mica onnyze mercado
Me with Goggles!!!!!
EverythingCiana Unicorn
I love this vid
light bulb
light bulb 2 dni temu
I do hannahbut I also failed swimming lessons I never made it past level 2
Linda Martinez
Linda Martinez 2 dni temu
Love Your Videos Hannah ❤❤😊😊💛💛👼👼
Vanessa McCann
Vanessa McCann 2 dni temu
Amanuel Ghebremariam
1:48 I thought somone was calling me (づ。◕ ‿‿ ◕。)づ
Elizabeth Rys
Elizabeth Rys 2 dni temu
Did u notice that at 4:09 u can see her nips on her boobs
Rafiah Rajwani
Rafiah Rajwani 2 dni temu
Hannah starts drowning and suddenly the other girls don't know how to save her
Lukas Semper
Lukas Semper 2 dni temu
how is this funny
Bilbo Baggins
Bilbo Baggins 2 dni temu
Hannah got that fat fat
Joey Librea
Joey Librea 2 dni temu
For those fans that saying if u dont like Hanna then don't watch her! I mean how can we say we don't like the video if we never watched it??? I actually like her, it's just that it is really getting old and silly.
Johanna Castillo
Johanna Castillo 2 dni temu
Johanna Castillo
Johanna Castillo 2 dni temu
Remon Vals
Remon Vals 2 dni temu
LOL what the fuck i watched
Vania Aleks
Vania Aleks 2 dni temu
is your dad really michael phelps
Abd El Ilah Fatmi
this channel has been terminated.
I think the title didn't quite fit
AVII blur
AVII blur 2 dni temu
4:17 thats when you ram her from behind
Saber 2 dni temu
Where’s the joke?
Ania Kicińska
Ania Kicińska 2 dni temu
This movie is cool but I think Micheal Phelps is the best swimmer . ❤❤❤ you are as good as him but in second place . 💕😂🏊🏊🏊
Maya Iman
Maya Iman 2 dni temu
Alex H
Alex H 2 dni temu
Haha 10:10
Emilee Edgar
Emilee Edgar 2 dni temu
Michael Phelps is my mum's friend and me my brother and him see each other on the weekends. ITS TRUE 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
SHYLA HANNAH 2 dni temu
Does anyone else notice that most of the time they make Hannah look so dumb?
Erick MPH
Erick MPH 2 dni temu
3:00 when all of their tricks are in gymnastics/cheer
Hailey Atkins
Hailey Atkins 2 dni temu
4:07 her nipples were showing
attiya anees
attiya anees 2 dni temu
Love you guys
Ricky Bajade
Ricky Bajade 2 dni temu
4:07 you could see his nipple
Yamachi Unicorns
Yamachi Unicorns 2 dni temu
Like and subscribe...OKAY!
cutie bell
cutie bell 2 dni temu
Hannah was crazy when 10:30
Tiffany Chavez
Tiffany Chavez 2 dni temu
Random Games
Random Games 2 dni temu
6:30 is the best part 😂
Random Games
Random Games 8 godzin temu
Daniii Urie am I not allowed to speak my opinion now?
Daniii Urie
Daniii Urie 11 godzin temu
Well if you’re gonna hate on my girl Hannah. Leave.
Random Games
Random Games 2 dni temu
Daniii Urie is rather not but thanks for the offer 😁
Daniii Urie
Daniii Urie 2 dni temu
Random Games stfu bitch
Allison Hwang
Allison Hwang 2 dni temu
Genevieve W
Genevieve W 3 dni temu
That intro😂 Jonah
Harpz 3 dni temu
The girls in the thumbnail arnt even the people she swam with
iiCasey-ROBLOX :3
Curling my hair while watch with at pencil