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HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3 The Hidden World Official Trailer REACTION

Ray & Danii
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How To Train Your Dragon 3 The Hidden World Reaction Hiccup Astrid Night Fury Toothless Light Fury Girlfriend Official Trailer Review. Full Trailer Footage owned by Dreamworks Animation
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How To Train Your Dragon 3 The Hidden World is an upcoming 3D computer-animated action fantasy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Universal Pictures, loosely based on the book series of the same name by Cressida Cowel.Trailer footage is owned by Dreamworks Animation and Universal Pictures. All credit and rights for How To Train Your Dragon 3 goes to the rightful owners.
The members of Ray and Danii are not affiliated with these companies.
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8 cze 2018

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Komentarze 105
FireStar Animation
FireStar Animation 10 dni temu
They should really Watch this Version
Michael Maxie
Michael Maxie 26 dni temu
I feel the HTTYD3 begins with showing Hiccup as a muvh older adult remembering when he helped the dragons disappear for their own safety. But he is one of few, who knows where they are and how to find them.
Lps Fun strawberry
Lps Fun strawberry 29 dni temu
They gonna have some oreo babies 😂😂😂
Xander Mitchell
Xander Mitchell Miesiąc temu
I wish it was dayfurry and not lightfurry because what do you get when you breed a dayfurry and a nightfurry a duskfurry
Luna Maxis
Luna Maxis Miesiąc temu
The Light Fury is a subspecies of the Night Fury. She is not an Albino or anything like that. Dean Deblois stated that unlike Toothless the Light Fury is not the last of her kind.
BeebaLazyVlogs Miesiąc temu
"I don't know how he got Astrid in the first place" watch the tv/Netflix series, you see their relationship progress.
Jerry Clark
Jerry Clark Miesiąc temu
The light fury is actually a subspecies of the night fury so the light fury isn’t a night fury
Httyd Fangirl
Httyd Fangirl Miesiąc temu
Steven Ardon
Steven Ardon Miesiąc temu
It's night fury not light fury
ღWave Da Swallowღ
Steven Ardon Light Fury bro.
Ferrarri Goma
Ferrarri Goma Miesiąc temu
R u guys filipino
Nicklas Jensen
Nicklas Jensen Miesiąc temu
flip screen art
flip screen art Miesiąc temu
Your filipinos :)
mira leoparddawn dawn stone
#FilipinoHere Aay i never knew that
mira leoparddawn dawn stone
Im a filipina.
Jysear Jones
Jysear Jones Miesiąc temu
Watch race to dragons edge on Netflix
sarian the indo raptor
Well drag all the dragon
ravencassidy Miesiąc temu
Wyatt Vang
Wyatt Vang Miesiąc temu
Where is the dad and mom?
Brendan Parker
Brendan Parker Miesiąc temu
If you were wondering what the weird bit at the end was, it's known as peacocking, birds do it, specifically peacocks when they try to show off their colours and wings and stuff in order for them to mate
Jerry Beck
Jerry Beck Miesiąc temu
Dragon Ball super ep 66 came out
Tobe Jaison
Tobe Jaison Miesiąc temu
Yo guys can you please react to db super episode 66 englsh dub today? It is a very good episode
Christian Galvan
Christian Galvan Miesiąc temu
Can you react to the new Halloween trailer
Shawn Dean
Shawn Dean Miesiąc temu
Hey you should watch the new dragon ball super episode in English it is good and saw it in Japanese a long time ago and now I'm watching it in English it is so good
Khairul Islam Nayeem
Khairul Islam Nayeem Miesiąc temu
I need link this movie (1/2)
Dragon King
Dragon King Miesiąc temu
Emely V.
Emely V. Miesiąc temu
THRVEN Miesiąc temu
I'm not ready for this series to end :C
Fire Palm
Fire Palm Miesiąc temu
Toothless ya have a girlfriend now make a family!
Fire Palm
Fire Palm Miesiąc temu
I want to see baby night furies....
James Banks
James Banks Miesiąc temu
Fire Palm. we all do
ravencassidy Miesiąc temu
Fire Palm Reylo babies
Phan Tom
Phan Tom Miesiąc temu
I swear to God. If I don't see a Half-n-Half Night/Light Fury like a cat
TATUM MARTIN Miesiąc temu
I feel the same
ƒαιтн αят
ƒαιтн αят Miesiąc temu
I got the entire trailer for this movie as an ad when I clicked on this.
Geovany-Gloria Aleman
Geovany-Gloria Aleman Miesiąc temu
3:33 the flip is toothless doing copeing a bird wtf!
Nathanael Meikle
Nathanael Meikle Miesiąc temu
Hey my boy hiccup Got Game alright to get Astrid so don't judge
Nathanael Meikle
Nathanael Meikle Miesiąc temu
are you guys going to react to spider-man into the spiderverse
Hana Palani
Hana Palani Miesiąc temu
My number 1 favourite Dragon is The Light Fury 💙💙
Ren Amamiya
Ren Amamiya Miesiąc temu
Thorthless toothless is Thor confirmed
FrumiousReads Miesiąc temu
Okay the light fury is a gorgeous unicorn and nobody can tell me otherwise. If she and hiccup have babies will they be like dusk furies? What would that even be called?
krieger maria
krieger maria Miesiąc temu
you mean toothless hiccup is astrids man xd
Owlish DIY'er
Owlish DIY'er Miesiąc temu
Light Fury: Toothpaste Night Fury: Toothless Eclipse Fury: Toothbrush
Rookie 14 dni temu
Owlish DIY'er
Owlish DIY'er Miesiąc temu
J_Playz _J Thanks mate
J_Playz _J
J_Playz _J Miesiąc temu
Owlish DIY'er Omg this is genius 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Owlish DIY'er
Owlish DIY'er Miesiąc temu
oh a filipinoooo
Nick Fletcher.
Nick Fletcher. Miesiąc temu
dragons are leaving :(
Ricardio Miesiąc temu
Just by looking at the trailer the plot is LITERALLY the SAME as kung fu panda 3. REASONS 1. Toothless finds out he’s not the only night fury. (Po finds out he’s not the only panda) 2. Hiccup discovers that the white night fury has magic capabilities. (Po finds out that pandas can use Chi (Magic capabilities)) 3. Some random “powerful” enemy comes out of nowhere and tries to destroy the dragons and the land. (Some random “powerful” enemy comes out of nowhere tries to destroy po’s village)
MendesFangirl 212
MendesFangirl 212 Miesiąc temu
Ricardio I see where ur coming from but for number one, it's been a long awaited thing for most of the viewers to see another night fury/ for them to introduce a new dragon. 2, all dragons in the movies had some power, weather it be fire breathing like most, or like toothless where he has that weird thing. For number 3, all 3 movies had something that hiccup, toothless, and the rest of the gang had to defeat/overcome. It's just a plot.
YassAMVs Miesiąc temu
1:52 that kind of sounds like master roshi (eng dub)
YassAMVs Miesiąc temu
Get ready for episode 66 of DBS! It's going to be AMAZING
ORION SQUAD Miesiąc temu
Am I the only person there realize toothless didn’t have hook up on his back when the lightning struck him he was flying by hisself!!!!!!!
Photonnixx :D
Photonnixx :D Miesiąc temu
Filipinos? YAY
Tim Raven
Tim Raven Miesiąc temu
React Spider-Man into the spider verse
Mr Goat
Mr Goat Miesiąc temu
Cringe but great video pilipino d2 sanay ba a kau magtagalog?
GamingFanactic911 Miesiąc temu
I really wish March 1st 2019 would come already; I can tell I'm going to be bawling my eyes out after this movie is over. This movie better win the Oscar for best animated feature; it's lost twice and it deserves to win one. One way or another, this movie is going to be an emotional roller coaster for both the loyal fans and the new fans.
•0Doodles0• ;3
•0Doodles0• ;3 Miesiąc temu
If the lightfury has a name and I got to name it, it would be mystery.....I don’t know if that’s a bad name or not but I thought it was cool XD
•0Doodles0• ;3
•0Doodles0• ;3 Miesiąc temu
marlane perkins lol I remember that episode now that you’ve mentioned it, and thanks
marlane perkins
marlane perkins Miesiąc temu
Maybe, but I think mystery is a good name, I just couldn't help but to make a SpongeBob reference because I read your comment and it reminded me of the episode with the seahorse where SpongeBob names it mystery.
•0Doodles0• ;3
•0Doodles0• ;3 Miesiąc temu
marlane perkins that’s cool to, I wonder if she even is gunna get a name... Idk...
marlane perkins
marlane perkins Miesiąc temu
•0Doodles0• ;3 or Debbie
shir gaming20
shir gaming20 Miesiąc temu
BobaTheSavage 107
BobaTheSavage 107 Miesiąc temu
Wait. You're Filipino, nani?
mr. mcjetski
mr. mcjetski Miesiąc temu
you need to watch the tv series and the Netflix series
Pek Boon Seng
Pek Boon Seng Miesiąc temu
White and black is grey?
Httyd Fangirl
Httyd Fangirl Miesiąc temu
Pek Boon Seng No its blue
Tyler Wells
Tyler Wells Miesiąc temu
TFW the piano theme at the beginning is what my wife walked down the aisle too. These movies mean a lot to us
super saiyan god
super saiyan god Miesiąc temu
that toothless dance at the end is hilarious
Kid Gotenks
Kid Gotenks Miesiąc temu
Which How to train your Dragon movie is your favorite?
Ben_C Miesiąc temu
I love 2
Owlish DIY'er
Owlish DIY'er Miesiąc temu
Kid Gotenks 1
Kid Gotenks
Kid Gotenks Miesiąc temu
I agree I think that the 2nd one is my favorite too because we got to meet hiccups mom and new dragons.
Ray & Danii
Ray & Danii Miesiąc temu
2 for sure. We still feel it’s impact.
Chopsticks Ryan
Chopsticks Ryan Miesiąc temu
Love your guys videos
Ray & Danii
Ray & Danii Miesiąc temu
Thanks Ryan!
01Danni10 Miesiąc temu
That Philippine Shirt though! 😮😀 I knew it! Filipino kayo dahil sa Balat nyo! 😀 #FilipinoHere!
mira leoparddawn dawn stone
Yayyyaya #filipino'sarethelife
Thoronoa Zoro Talisman
she's a filipino? Cool
Jp De Aquino
Jp De Aquino Miesiąc temu
01Danni10 Miesiąc temu
Jp De Aquino That's a Filipino Surname? 😮
Jp De Aquino
Jp De Aquino Miesiąc temu
And the fact that Ray's Surname is Galeon
Josiah Portalatin
Josiah Portalatin Miesiąc temu
It's been so long since the 1st and 2nd one came out everyone should of seen it already
Shandim Harwell
Shandim Harwell Miesiąc temu
So if they breed does that make an eclipse fury?????
cocoamelon Videos
cocoamelon Videos Miesiąc temu
01Danni10 maybe both
Reiuuna •
Reiuuna • Miesiąc temu
It would become a Nick Fury
babygirl blue
babygirl blue Miesiąc temu
They should be called night light fury like a nightlight
Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson Miesiąc temu
Shandim Harwell Dean Deblois said there could be spinoffs, maybe one about Toothless' children.
01Danni10 Miesiąc temu
Shandim Harwell They could show his Children in the Movie though even if this is the Last one! 😄😭
Metyus_Overlord Miesiąc temu
And Really AMAZING!
Metyus_Overlord Miesiąc temu
This is going to be awesome!!
D-Money Miesiąc temu
Hiccup is a dragon prodigy and he caught one of the rarest Dragons to find and his popularity made Astrid jealous but curious and after she watched his courage and bravery and heart she fell in love with him. and then there you have it mate. :3
D-Money 26 dni temu
thanks mate c;
mr. mcjetski
mr. mcjetski Miesiąc temu
that is a great description
DragonGod Aaron
DragonGod Aaron Miesiąc temu
Drago Bludvist is suppose to be in this movie
NightPhoenixOwl Miesiąc temu
I can't wait to see it!!
NightPhoenixOwl Miesiąc temu
Ray & Danii Definitely!
Ray & Danii
Ray & Danii Miesiąc temu
We need it asap!!
skinny slim
skinny slim Miesiąc temu
amponda al zufi
amponda al zufi Miesiąc temu
dragon ball please