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Continues the adventure of Hiccup and his dragon Toothless.
Director: Dean DeBlois
Writers: Cressida Cowell (based upon the "How to Train Your Dragon" book series by), Dean DeBlois (screenplay)
Stars: Cate Blanchett, T.J. Miller, Kristen Wiig #ScreenMaster #trailer #FamilyMovie



12 cze 2018

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Komentarze 398
Brickmaker Lego Master
this is sad how to train your dragon3 i wish its till 4 or 5
Mahaella Mannette
Mahaella Mannette 12 godzin temu
OMGeeeeeeeeeeeee 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 i can't wait . I am a total fan of dragons . Eeeeeeee I am soooooo happy but now conclusion . Anwhooose can't wait
Ciara Mcgrath
Ciara Mcgrath 16 godzin temu
I can’t wait any more I’m like when’s it gonna be 2019!
CennaPlayz 16 godzin temu
what's the music?
Soneel Ram
Soneel Ram Dzień temu
Who's excited to watch it ? Cause I am.
Matthew Anibal
Matthew Anibal 2 dni temu
Piano at the beginning legitimatly got a tear outta me
vijay ramaraju
vijay ramaraju 2 dni temu
Please can any one tell me the release date of httyd,😖😖😖😖😖IAM eagerly waiting brothers
Alexander Manno
Alexander Manno 2 dni temu
I’m confused is it coming out in 2018 or 2019?
Nagarani Nagarani
I luv this movie
Аделя 0308
Аделя 0308 3 dni temu
как приучить дракона 3 на моем канале
Аделя 0308
Аделя 0308 3 dni temu
как приучить дракона 3 на моем канале
Levi The Gamer
Levi The Gamer 3 dni temu
Will the baby be a light or night fury or maybe something else but I doubt that
MysticGamer YT
MysticGamer YT 3 dni temu
For those who say toothless will leave hiccup,then I think your wrong, if you saw at the beginning of the trailer,toothless was with bearded hiccup,I’m not saying your bad at guessing or something
Lifcoc 100 dream
Lifcoc 100 dream 4 dni temu
music in 7 sacend?
Virginia Cappello
So sad that Jonsi didn’t make the “main song” in the soundtrack...I mean, “Stick&Stones” and “Where no one goes” were just perfect for httyd...hope he will make a song in the movie!
Hannah Horne
Hannah Horne 5 dni temu
I'm so excited for HTTYD 3 but sad that this is the last movie 😢💔
Flipping Skillz
Flipping Skillz 5 dni temu
This is based on the this guys fan made version can’t believe he got it to the makers
FroZem Gaming
FroZem Gaming 5 dni temu
That quiver at the second scene
Not that Noodle
Not that Noodle 5 dni temu
This trailer almost made me cry
Jenny Vy
Jenny Vy 6 dni temu
I wonder is Valka going to be in this movie ?
ShadowWarrior Games
Noooooooo the final movie
Joshua T
Joshua T 7 dni temu
Tsunami Wolf
Tsunami Wolf 7 dni temu
Im not are
Shadow_101 _Legend
Where’s hiccups mom in this
The Ebek
The Ebek 8 dni temu
Does anyone know the title of the song during which the hiccups speak "there were dragons, when I was a boy"? Sorry for my English, I'm from Poland
Josh Sean Kervin Sevilla
The Ebek theme of httyd its a piano version of test drive
Insaf nassoufa
Insaf nassoufa 8 dni temu
The friend of vlog Awesomeness
Wait a minute that Hindi world is toothless born
Drawing_is_life :3
Oh my Lord his dancing at the end I'm dying
ore lord!
ore lord! 10 dni temu
it said that people knows where the dragons go but who are those people
Zachary Carpenter
Zachary Carpenter 10 dni temu
You should watch how to train your dragons race to the edge before actually seeing this movie
Tt99Caden909 10 dni temu
It’s weird that the scene when hiccup had a beard was different in other countries, he had no beard and different cloth in other countries.
A VR 10 dni temu
The music on the back ground is stupid
Porfi Asuno
Porfi Asuno 10 dni temu
Drago will meet his fate next year. So that, Drago Bludvist's life will be ended for good.
xyizitxy uxktzktzit
It's so funny how toothless is dancing
Ralph carlos
Ralph carlos 11 dni temu
I don't want the how to train your dragon franchise to end
i love puppies!!! 221
Think valka will be in this?
LAWLIET. L 13 dni temu
toothless got a toothpaste
Manton Du
Manton Du 14 dni temu
Wait epic conclusion? So it’s the last movie? :(
Mr attitude Status
Mr attitude Status 15 dni temu
What is this movie name please reply me
Angelica Angel
Angelica Angel 16 dni temu
2019...???? whaattt
Funworks 163
Funworks 163 16 dni temu
I love that Hiccup is toothless' funny wingman. Toothless: *Doing some stupid dance* Hiccup: Yeah, you totally got this dude!
RobloxGamer300 Roblox
😭😭😭😭😭 I wish dragons existed
Steven Eggert
Steven Eggert 19 dni temu
Im probably gonna be the teen in the theaters
Venus Lee
Venus Lee 20 dni temu
can't wait for this😭😭 I miss toothlesssssss😭💙
ken kaneki
ken kaneki 20 dni temu
remove all accessories
Mac Kang
Mac Kang 21 dzień temu
MinSugasmom 21 dzień temu
I can’t believe we’re already at the end😢😢 httyd has been a part of me ever since the first movie came out and now I’m crying over the fact that this is the last movie, and probably the last time we’re going to see Hiccup and Toothless and the Dragon Riders. Httyd has made me fallen deeper in love with dragons than I already am and I’m just sad to see it come to an end😢😢😭😭
Lori 21 dzień temu
When hiccup said “where they went, only a few know.” It sounded like his voice was really emotional, like he was crying...
Isabella Lps
Isabella Lps 22 dni temu
I can wait for 2019. WHYYYYY😭😭😭😭😭 thats forever
Bieti 22 dni temu
For those who don't feel good about the Light Fury's design: I used to agree.... but then I realized something. You see, I'm in the animation industry, and thinking about how I’d design these creatures myself, has given me…. one hell of a perspective on the Light Fury’s design. Because on one hand, I agree that on first impression she just looks like a stereotypically “feminine” version of Toothless, like even doing that Male=Dark and Female=White thing, which is super cliche and done to death. The lighter colour + blue eyes is also a gendered trope, and made me raise a brow…. which is nothing compared to the fact that she’s super smooth and freaking sparkly, lol But on the other hand…. it’s seeming more and more likely that they… actually may have ACCIDENTALLY made the Light Fury tropey? Because, as someone just pointed out to me, making her black would make it HELL to tell them apart form a distance, not just for kids but for anyone in the audience, given how many flying and distance shots there are in these movies. And making her a mid-tone colour (anywhere between black and white) would blend her into the background too much, and would make lighting a scene with her and Toothless in it an absolute nightmare. If shes anywhere from grey to black you aren’t going to be able to tell them apart easily enough, and since the movie has a lot of underground, dark shots with medium tone backgrounds, making her a medium tone would sacrifice clarity too. Either her anatomy was going to have to be so drastically different, that she didn’t even look like a night fury from 100 yards away, (because every other important dragon has an extremely distinct silhouette…) or they were going to have to make her some weird bright color for the sake of easy identification. Personally I was wishing for the females to just be way bigger than the males, because this is a thing that happens in nature A LOT, and kids need to see that nature doesn’t often fit under the rigid stereotypes we obsess over! But then I realized a bigger model would require making the eyes smaller compared to the head, and that would kill the big-eyed expressiveness that makes the Night Fury design work so well…. I’m honestly struggling to think what I would have done different, at this point. On top of this, the smoothness makes sense if shes aquatic, and given that she’s confirmed to be a sub-species instead of just “the female of the species”, I’m a lot more optimistic than I was before. This means there will likely be MALE Light Furies as well! And I only really have problems with the fact that she’s sparkly, and that the “light-coloured female with blue eyes” had to be an aspect of her design. I think she’ll grow on me as long as she acts like an animal (like the other dragons do) and not some smooth seductress or something…. that’s the main thing.
song bird
song bird 23 dni temu
Don't mind me in the corner crying because I don't know how else to react
Ava Taylor
Ava Taylor 23 dni temu
reeeeeeee i neeed to seee thissssssss ahhhhhhh as soob as it come out im watching it asap
Ayman Kallouz
Ayman Kallouz 23 dni temu
what is the piano music in the beginning of the trailer?
Eldritcch 24 dni temu
I hope they kill snotlout
Therandomapple 24 dni temu
Anyone from castle of the hill comment section?
Mitsuki The Sage
Mitsuki The Sage 25 dni temu
There Were Dragons When i Was A Boy THERE WERE GREAT GRIM SKY DRAGONS THAT nested on the cliff tops like gigantic scary birds. Little, Brown, scuttly dragons that hunted down the mice and rats in well organized packs. Preposterously huge Sea Dragons That were twenty times as big as the Big Blue Whale and who killed for the fun of it. YOU'LL HAVE TO TAKE MY WORD FOR IT THE DRAGONS ARE DISAPPEARING SO FAST THEY SOON MAYBE EXTINCT Their crawling back into the sea from once they came Leaving not a Bone not a Fang On the Earth For the men of the future to remember them by So, In order that these amazing creatures should not been forgotten i will tell this true story from my childhood i was not sort of boy who could train a dragon with the mer lifting of an eyebrow I was not a natural at the heroism business i had to work at it This is the Story of Becoming a hero The Hard Way There we dragons when i was a Boy
Thunderstar_ Warrior
wow is this true i would want to watch it
CuztomCastum77 27 dni temu
Welp, soon no more dragons Apparently how to train you're dragon rise to the edge still has them... Mmmmmmmmmmm
Httyd Lover
Httyd Lover 28 dni temu
Why dreamworks why would you make me wait so long you guys said it was coming out in 2016 then 2017, 2018 now 2019
Help im Dead Inside
Kid Nation kids x3 ikr I've been waiting since 2016 and I'm just there like 'wait what were they lying where is the movie I've been waiting so long'
Saman Smith
Saman Smith 28 dni temu
their trying too hard
Maddy Friend
Maddy Friend 28 dni temu
It's Sun and moon or dark and light omg tho toothless x ermmm I'm just gonna name her moonlight
The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf 29 dni temu
After watching this,I really want Dreamworks to make a movie about Donkey from Shrek. I mean,wouldn’t it be cool to see what happened to Donkey before he met Shrek?
Kinda_ Sh‡t
Kinda_ Sh‡t Miesiąc temu
I want it
Chesire Cat
Chesire Cat Miesiąc temu
As long as They won’t have to part im in
Pita Tidmarsh
Pita Tidmarsh Miesiąc temu
I am going to cry hen this is all over
Pita Tidmarsh
Pita Tidmarsh 5 dni temu
It is coming out in 2019 but it is going to be the last of the one
Zizo Channel
Zizo Channel 7 dni temu
Pita Tidmarsh so when is it comming
Allyiah Klika
Allyiah Klika Miesiąc temu
Now toothless is thunder god well hi toothless thore
Allyiah Klika
Allyiah Klika Miesiąc temu
Emmanuel Ivey
Emmanuel Ivey Miesiąc temu
Yay another night fury and a cool new power up for toothless this is going to be the best dragon movie ever😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Moronical Sneeze
Moronical Sneeze Miesiąc temu
im gonna cry TT
for fox sake, ripping off Godzilla...
hashtagcookiejar Miesiąc temu
I got a feeling that this movie will make me cry HARD.
Dominic Khan Repvblik
Dominic Khan Repvblik Miesiąc temu
Now Toothless has a girlfriend And I still have none.
ore lord!
ore lord! Miesiąc temu
The light fury is the only one in the world
pau pau
pau pau Miesiąc temu
why!!!!! hiccup has grown his beard so that httyd will end noooooo
A random bird on Youtube
Sad that this is the final part of HTTYD series
shazza Miesiąc temu
man i cant wait
adrian singson
adrian singson Miesiąc temu
Toothless the alpha
adrian singson
adrian singson Miesiąc temu
Hiccup the dragon master💪💪
Jangminlun Jangminlun
Jangminlun Jangminlun Miesiąc temu
Give me full movies...
wolf games
wolf games Miesiąc temu
Како иждерстати смажа ахахххах
william Alcalay
william Alcalay Miesiąc temu
i hope tothles and hicup dont stop becoming freinds
Rasindu Meththika
Rasindu Meththika Miesiąc temu
Rasindu Meththika
Rasindu Meththika Miesiąc temu
Did any one see what i just saw toothless had his tail take a look at 46 thats when i saw toothless's tale is back
Jarrod Gaskin
Jarrod Gaskin Miesiąc temu
I will miss the franchise. I remember when I was a boy and I saw the first one. It re ignited my love for dragons. I was over joyed when the series came out. It is going to be a very tear jerking ending. But this franchise lasted longer and did more than any other I know of. But every story has an ending. And this one couldn't be better.
I'm a CAAAKKKEEE Miesiąc temu
I don't want this to fucking end 😢
Ari Carou
Ari Carou Miesiąc temu
Anybody know the music at the beginning of the trailer? Not Ed Sheeran's castle on the hill, the piano melody pleeease
Md Mahmudul Hasan
Md Mahmudul Hasan Miesiąc temu
Am I the only one that can't wait, just finished my Netflix series....
Help im Dead Inside
Md Mahmudul Hasan I finished watching RTTE yesterday and I was sad. And I can't wait for next year
meraaj ahmed
meraaj ahmed Miesiąc temu
In the past 2 films the villains have shown ideals of strength over smarts. Hiccup was always a representation of smarts over strength. Its interesting to see a villain which reflects hiccups own character
Hanan Issa
Hanan Issa Miesiąc temu
wait how is toothless flying without hiccup? Is it the tail he created in the gift of a night furry back? And what do they mean were? And how will they disappear completely off the map? Is that were all the dragons went? Because they wern't safe here so Hiccup had to make the light furry make them disapperar? so what will happen to totthless?
Afiq LOCO29
Afiq LOCO29 11 dni temu
My theory for how the light fury disappeared in the night is she spit fireballs than fly through it so that the smoke/dust will cover her then turn her black so that she can't be seen in the darkness of the night. I don't have a theory how she disappear in the day
SLIMY XD Miesiąc temu
I ceel to cry
pippa mc
pippa mc Miesiąc temu
Oh that dance though
Fast Pigeon
Fast Pigeon Miesiąc temu
Hiccup: *does a bird motion* Toothless: *jump* *jump* bleheh *jump* *jump bleheh
Martyn McMurray
Martyn McMurray 2 dni temu
Hiccup: *give a thumbs up* Toothless: *nerdy gummy grin* eeee
Fast Pigeon
Fast Pigeon Miesiąc temu
lol i love the end to this trailer
*"There were dragons when I was a boy.* *There were great, grim sky dragons that nested upon cliftops like gigantic scary birds. Little brown skuttly dragons that hunted down the mice and rats in well organized packs. Proposterly huge sea dragons that were 20 times as big as the big blue whale, and who killed for the fun of it!* *But you have to take my word for it. For the dragons are disappearing so fast, they may soon become extinct.* *Nobody knows what happening. Their crawling back into the seas, the ways they came. Leaving not a bone, not a fang in the Earth for the men of the future to remember them by.* *Where they went, only a few know.* *So, In order for these amazing creatures should not be forgotten, I will tell this TRUE story of my childhood...* *I was not a sort of boy who could train a dragon with the mere lifting of an eyebrow..* *I was not a natural at the heroism business...I had to work at it...* *This, is the story of becoming a hero...The hard way."*
RILEY HUSKEY Miesiąc temu
Toothless, your not the only jason borne
mehdi alger2003
mehdi alger2003 Miesiąc temu
azad Khan
azad Khan Miesiąc temu
Delhi Sheikh wife video
XAXA INFERNO Miesiąc temu
Oh my God I just realized something what if Toothless is part skrill!
Help im Dead Inside
TOOTHLESS is Lightning and deeeeeaaaaatthhh. I think that's why. And I will be crying during the movie and I would feel dead inside after watching it.
Lisaaa 27 dni temu
He isn’t remember the first movie? “Lighting and dead” (the scene when Gobbers give them a book)
Brandon Luker
Brandon Luker Miesiąc temu
That would be cool
jered Clark
jered Clark Miesiąc temu
It’s you and me bud always
Indominus Rex
Indominus Rex Miesiąc temu
seesh...i felt cringy enough
Hiccstrid - Speechless
2 miesięcy temu