How to Train Your Dragon 2: Toothless vs Bewilderbeast - ENDING SCENE (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Camilla Stiles
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How to Train Your Dragon 2, Toothless fights the Alpha



8 gru 2014

How To Train Your Dragon (Award-Winning Work)how to train your dragon 2toothlessbewilder beastending scenefightblue toothlessstormflycami stiles



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Komentarze 5 286
GABRIEL Noyes Godzinę temu
I am
one man army
one man army 10 godzin temu
full movie
nesiclor 15 godzin temu
oh i get it now! i have to beat a giant sea moster from the depths of hell in order to train my pet dragon! so thats where i went wrong...
Evan 068
Evan 068 22 godzin temu
Race to edge:hiccup never hurt the single tails because they were forced by flyers Httyd 2:guns down the enemy king of dragons but is controlled by Drago
Galaxy Fox-BatGaming
Ellen Sia
Ellen Sia Dzień temu
Like Owen and blue in Jurassic world
Jessica Nguyen
Jessica Nguyen Dzień temu
Is toothless a titan wing now? :)
Steve Moreno
Steve Moreno 2 dni temu
Ryan Khoo
Ryan Khoo 2 dni temu
I just realised that when toothless hits its form it looks like a tiny Godzilla with wings
Alexey Kluzner
Alexey Kluzner 3 dni temu
Did toothless become a titan wing already? 3:06
Alexey Kluzner
Alexey Kluzner 3 dni temu
That made me cry a little 0:00 ;)
John Levan
John Levan 3 dni temu
Was amazon I wish for a nightfury
Ahmad Khan
Ahmad Khan 3 dni temu
I can watch all day
Reptillan Gaming
Reptillan Gaming 4 dni temu
Cyool Dog
Cyool Dog 4 dni temu
Where's my dragonator?
Nena dela Cruz
Nena dela Cruz 4 dni temu
3:48 Bewilderbeast The Godzilla 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Miguel Guadalupe
Miguel Guadalupe 4 dni temu
That was amazing
Our Frisky Coons
Our Frisky Coons 4 dni temu
Go toothless
I am a happy bird 101
5:31 when my brother and I fight a and he wins And I'm like I'm sorry and back away
jorge lopez
jorge lopez 6 dni temu
Eve Prime
Eve Prime 6 dni temu
Eve Prime
Eve Prime 6 dni temu
omg astrid make babe to hiccup omg
Eve Prime
Eve Prime 6 dni temu
thoothless thoothless ohh yeah ohh and thoothless is very very mad at that thing omg and he is prottecting hiccup wow
Dee Dee Murphy
Dee Dee Murphy 7 dni temu
Go toothless blast that bewilderbeast in the face o and drago you suck
Shocking Bunny
Shocking Bunny 8 dni temu
3:31 when you finally had enough of your brother getting the remote
Itz NicoleGoodrich
1:24 take em down babe
Emma Noble
Emma Noble 9 dni temu
What happens to drago as the alpha dove into the water with him
EzioAuditore117 Ridiculousness
3:20 *thor's arrival in wakanda theme plays*
Destiney rose mills vlogs
There a How to train your dragon 3
My Life Is A Lie
My Life Is A Lie 9 dni temu
I would love to see if the bewilder beast get up after get rekt by alpha bewilder beast
kay sarmiento
kay sarmiento 10 dni temu
When toothless defeated the bewilder the bewilder was like "Fuck this shit im out Night fury is too OP for me"
Horse Gamer
Horse Gamer 10 dni temu
1:24 i like when Astrid says "Take him down babe!"
Eric Robertson
Eric Robertson 10 dni temu
Also, at 1:48 it looked like Toothless was smirking.
MSDKZfan 12345
MSDKZfan 12345 10 dni temu
5:16, The Night Fury goes for the typical death blow, blasting off the alpha’s tusk, he only stops when the old leader submits to his rule, allowing him to roar in a show of dominance. It’s the ultimate defeat. The old alpha has lost his tusk and his leadership. The dragons surround and kneel down to the new king of the dragons.
denita afianti
denita afianti 10 dni temu
why toothless so adorableeeee
Cyber Crate
Cyber Crate 10 dni temu
Fucking wish the 3rd movie would just get here already
thang GM
thang GM 10 dni temu
I can’t with for the third one
Lord of Mark’s
Lord of Mark’s 11 dni temu
I think toothless is the strongest dragon. Like if you agree
sindhu krishnamurthy
Very good good good good film
Gigi Pancia
Gigi Pancia 11 dni temu
So amazing and I love the parts that he said not again and toothless became a titn wing
Feraligatr 21
Feraligatr 21 12 dni temu
When Hiccup saw Bewilderbeasts tail and said ,, Not again. ", it was callback to first movie. It took me a moment to realise.
la nena fina
la nena fina 12 dni temu
Ir súper 😎
Savannah Beaton
Savannah Beaton 13 dni temu
He's like at 3:20, hey you wanna piece of me bring it on me and my dragons we'll defeat you😡😡😡!!! And at 5:30 he's like come in my territory again we'll get you again only worse got it😡😡😡!!!
Wesley Isidoro
Wesley Isidoro 13 dni temu
5:25 ghast
Channing Regan
Channing Regan 13 dni temu
Who else agrees that toothless is the OG of all dragons?
Alayna Jones
Alayna Jones 14 dni temu
it looks like Astrid Is wearing ugs
Katrina Lockett
Katrina Lockett 14 dni temu
Matthew Mendoza
Matthew Mendoza 14 dni temu
Night fury Toothless
1/18 views its from me xD
maximum melody
maximum melody 14 dni temu
This franchise will never not be my favorite Httyd will always be my favorite movie
Elanor Allmann
Elanor Allmann 15 dni temu
I love how Toothless keeps saving Hiccup and how Hiccup is like peaking out from under his wing "i'm still alive!"
Landon D.
Landon D. 16 dni temu
They should make toothless turn blue like that more often.
Zulu Romeo
Zulu Romeo 16 dni temu
4:49 "I'm the daddy now, BOIIIII"
Its Ok
Its Ok 16 dni temu
4:51 "so concerned doe"
Dark Reaper Fan
Dark Reaper Fan 16 dni temu
did tne whatever just roar like a t-rex???!?!!!!!!!?!!
Magnum 17 dni temu
Marshmallo pops
Marshmallo pops 17 dni temu
the animation difference between the movies and the series of How To Train Your Dragon is phenomenal
Gabe 18 dni temu
um did you just ask who is hyped for the third movie because i know i am
Httdy Fan
Httdy Fan 18 dni temu
What does he mean by “not again”
Owen Raymond
Owen Raymond 15 dni temu
He mean about crashing
Night fury Toothless
Yuri Gagarin
Yuri Gagarin 18 dni temu
Where can I watch the second movie?
Darky_Fox Z
Darky_Fox Z 18 dni temu
Its not bewilderbeast its Alpha BeWilderBeast
Mario Ellis
Mario Ellis 18 dni temu
Nothing can break the unbreakable friendship between hiccup and toothless. Eager to see the next film that will ounce again test there friendship for the final time
Jason Trason
Jason Trason 18 dni temu
nightfury or godzilla??? xd
PetaMYTE 19 dni temu
this Bewilderbeast lost it's perks
kilroy8989 19 dni temu
"He's challenging the Alfa" "To protect you" Gets me every single time
Ktulharius 19 dni temu
what the heck with Toothless at the end?? why he became blue?? because he challenged Alpha or what?? i don`t get it yet
Ahmed Abdalla
Ahmed Abdalla 19 dni temu
Das isn't so kras100👍
Kawaii Pikachu
Kawaii Pikachu 20 dni temu
4:49 "Who the fuck farted?" 5:25 "It was YOU!"
Aney Sinolungan
Aney Sinolungan 20 dni temu
Wait so this whole entire time toothless was the alpha!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
RJ 25
RJ 25 21 dzień temu
I like Big Hero 6, but it was not Oscar great. This had better animation, a better story, and a way better voice cast. Big Hero 6 just won because Disney probably bribes the academy. In my honest opinion, this was the real winner!!!
Rajat Gupta
Rajat Gupta 21 dzień temu
Who is stronger the dragon in 1st part or 2nd part
Aney Sinolungan
Aney Sinolungan 21 dzień temu
Phew good thing toothless was healed i was releived
Ma7moud 3isa
Ma7moud 3isa 21 dzień temu
كيف هزم تنين الالفا
Laura Strong
Laura Strong 22 dni temu
❤️❤️❤️❤️ Navy knight rider last of its kind!!!
Karishma Rambhujun
Karishma Rambhujun 22 dni temu
siete bravi a fare i video
Dragrawr 23 dni temu
3:30 back arch = confirmed cat, then wumbo combo at 5:50
Dragrawr 23 dni temu
whoops I mean 3:50 not 5,50
Isaac Vela
Isaac Vela 23 dni temu
5:25 thootless:DONT MESS WITH ME NOW WHOS ALPHA NOW B!+#" bow to me -_-
Isaac Vela
Isaac Vela 23 dni temu
Terelle Hunt
Terelle Hunt 23 dni temu
Toothless looking at him like you know I'm boutta fall but you over here cheering come get MEEEEEEEEeeeeeeee
Nikisha Hazel
Nikisha Hazel 23 dni temu
Toothless is a beast
Kyra De Regt
Kyra De Regt 24 dni temu
"How are you doing that?" ( Hiccup probably thought something like he's my bud and my best friend, or love. Then you've got me) What Hiccup thougt "You stole him, he's my property, so you'll never get to keep him. MY-PROPERTY😠
Black Lugia
Black Lugia 24 dni temu
Meeeee meeeeee
Fox Jerome
Fox Jerome 24 dni temu
He copied Vigos idea
Pandora 25 dni temu
Stormfly is so cute!
Maryu Daiku
Maryu Daiku 25 dni temu
This Part was So Cool people. So Excellent. Thanks.
DragonLover 223
DragonLover 223 25 dni temu
Who noticed the evil guy loses his arm from the blasts
BRO CAMBODIA 25 dni temu
Thunder Bulls
Thunder Bulls 25 dni temu
Toothless like Godzilla the reflection of scales
Mamah Dera
Mamah Dera 25 dni temu
Aku suka banget filem nya
Eric Robertson
Eric Robertson 25 dni temu
3:10 you just pissed Toothless off... Wise choice.
Gage Wileman
Gage Wileman 25 dni temu
Jhen Mohran?
Shane Te Huia
Shane Te Huia 26 dni temu
Love the movies!!!
shadoa the cool hedgehog
Tooth in alpha mode he look like godzilla it s epic And i like the eyes of toothless at the beginning he is so cute ^^
Mathis Menard
Mathis Menard 27 dni temu
Valhalla 676
Valhalla 676 27 dni temu
Toothless vs that giant dragon was cringy
Taylor Gibson
Taylor Gibson 27 dni temu
I've never understood, what happened to the villain there? Did he drown? Please tell me he drowned. And why on earth didn't they show that either way?
Akio Caldino
Akio Caldino 27 dni temu
Wait what how can tooth les fly while is tail is gone?
이하늘 28 dni temu
I cried when toothless was back...
Toothless vs Drogon
3 miesięcy temu