How to Train Your Dragon 2: Toothless vs Bewilderbeast - ENDING SCENE (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Camilla Stiles
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How to Train Your Dragon 2, Toothless fights the Alpha



8 gru 2014

How To Train Your Dragon (Award-Winning Work)how to train your dragon 2toothlessbewilder beastending scenefightblue toothlessstormflycami stiles



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Komentarze 5 755
12 godzin temu
Hiccup cute\handsome/hot
Darrien Evans
Darrien Evans 16 godzin temu
WildDoge77 18 godzin temu
Ragetastic211 19 godzin temu
4:44 All the dragons: Piss off dickhead
almazidi المزيدي
Most buteful girl in the world
Litrick_p2 3
Litrick_p2 3 Dzień temu
3:32 toothless looks like a badass
Courtney Kwong
Courtney Kwong 2 dni temu
That tusk would be worth a lot of money 💰 why is no one saying this
Okaeri Tr
Okaeri Tr 3 dni temu
I feel sorry tbh 5:31
Retro stallion
Retro stallion 3 dni temu
Tell me what's more terrifying a giant ass mind controlling dragon with oversized horns, Or a dragon that can blend in with the night sky, glowing blue and shooting plasma blasts
Erin 3 dni temu
How/why did Toothless become blue?
Manny Marotta
Manny Marotta 4 dni temu
That one shot at 0:33 would have made a great poster for the movie
Luke Misaalefua
Luke Misaalefua 5 dni temu
YXY 6 dni temu
and that's why they're called NightFURI becuase they can get furious.
Prof. Gondola
Prof. Gondola 6 dni temu
3:06 oh my god it's the avatar he's here to defeat the Draco nation
Jessi B
Jessi B 6 dni temu
toothless is like a cat dog and iguana he is so cute I love them 😍😍😍
Jonathan Yung
Jonathan Yung 6 dni temu
I didn't know there was a 2nd movie
Chatea Fanai
Chatea Fanai 6 dni temu
Avahmuh nawm ve
ACIDIC PRONE 6 dni temu
We all know he shit his pants
satya ghilman
satya ghilman 6 dni temu
Toothless cute moment at 0:17
Jake Peters
Jake Peters 6 dni temu
5:25 when you take your brothers phone, and he yells at you. Then you say " I didn't know".
Woody, Jessie and hector Awesome
3:30 you piss off him so you have to DIE
NiGhTcOrE LoVeR 7 dni temu
I just realised that Astrid said "take him down 'babe'." I think hahhaha
Teodulo Andres Parraga Mendoza
Julia_Lol 8 dni temu
Hiccup:not again...:/ Me:Lol Edit:the ends
Đan Quỳnh Nguyễn
Friendship never change !
Mabelle Ashley Oquendo
i just heard somethin " TAKE THEM DOWN, BABE" DID U HEAR DAT TOO?!?!?!?
Hello There
Hello There 9 dni temu
That evil guy’s arm is convieniently cut off and cauterised at the same time just to keep the movie PG
King Of Asgard
King Of Asgard 8 dni temu
Hello There his arm was cut off long ago in the movie it’s just a metal prosthetic
my favorite part is when toothless and hiccup fly over the berwierderbaerst s tail
Littlehoss 8
Littlehoss 8 9 dni temu
Alpha used control It's innifective Toothless used plot It's super effective
SUNIL PADHER 10 dni temu
Ye movie hindi me hoti to asha hota bhai...........
Wolf Blake
Wolf Blake 10 dni temu
Toothless is the new alpha yup yup
ViLed Clan
ViLed Clan 10 dni temu
Me fighting bullies 😂✊🏽
Kanoa Gaming YT
Kanoa Gaming YT 10 dni temu
5:40 DRAGO BEWILDERBEAST: Bye I’m going to the hidden world.
Eugenio Galindo
Eugenio Galindo 11 dni temu
Oh and also play the game called how to train your dragon rise of the berk It's a awesome game have fun playing it then you will be a pro at it
Eugenio Galindo
Eugenio Galindo 11 dni temu
Say "toothless" in the comments and the new movie is coming in February 2019 have fun watching how to train your dragon
Eugenio Galindo
Eugenio Galindo 11 dni temu
I'm pumped that toothless gets a girlfriend! !!!!!!!
Miguel Gomez
Miguel Gomez 11 dni temu
3:16 Toothless: listen up you may have controled me as your puppet and made me killed my friend's father. But whoever dares to try to kill my best friend, I WON'T FORGIVE!!!
Simple Sydney
Simple Sydney 11 dni temu
Who's in the #httyd3squad
The Glitched W—-w-what
When a dragon smaller by 40x it’s size it kicked its ass with just a buncha dragons and one SINGLE Nightfury alpha
mah channel
mah channel 11 dni temu
I honestly think storm fly has a crush on toothless
Jazmin Okamura
Jazmin Okamura 11 dni temu
3:00 my fav part
Frog Whisperer
Frog Whisperer 12 dni temu
I love the fact that it was the shot of the armoured dragon that exposed Drago’s arm
Alexander Gertz
Alexander Gertz 12 dni temu
Man, it must suck to be a lefty in this world. First Toothless lost his left tail fin, followed by Hiccup losing his left foot. Then Drago lost his left arm and finally with the "Muddy" Bewilderbeast lost his left tusk. Actually its pretty ironic seeing as how originally Hiccup was left handed.
XxGCCCxX GC 12 dni temu
Anyone exited for the 2019 how to train your dragon?
Ninjakenth Kun
Ninjakenth Kun 12 dni temu
Mohren vs Nargacuga😂
松野kirari 12 dni temu
5:20「いたーい!なにするんじゃ!」 トゥース「てめぇーがわりーんだろーーーがこの野郎!」ふん! 「あ、えっとごめんよ、」
Emilia Lastname
Emilia Lastname 13 dni temu
I’m so hyped for the 3rd movieeeeeee
Katty Awesome16
Katty Awesome16 13 dni temu
That is why I frickin love toothless
Otto Günsche
Otto Günsche 13 dni temu
5:26 dat roar tho
John 117
John 117 13 dni temu
Hracek 13 dni temu
Toothless is just a medieval A-10
Rubén Fernandez Bergua
5:17 Bewilderbeast: Parts broken (only monster hunter world fans will understand it)
aliens guy 42
aliens guy 42 13 dni temu
how to train your dragon put the dream in dreamworks
Dim4ik _77
Dim4ik _77 14 dni temu
Toothless happy 0:17
//FRANCIS\\ GotClampz
3:200s best photo
Akash Singh
Akash Singh 14 dni temu
Toothless is cute and strong at the same time.
Cynthia Morris
Cynthia Morris 14 dni temu
I can see now how toothless is like a black cat
a super fan of dragons and I AM HERE
4:44 oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof mega ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooof
Dragoncraft13 Dragoncraft13
More like toothless alpha
Edmur Júlio
Edmur Júlio 15 dni temu
Muito da hora.
Jonathan Keeler
Jonathan Keeler 15 dni temu
3:20 Godzilla... is that you?
Ang Li
Ang Li 15 dni temu
Imagine if toothless had sharp teeth 😲
Ang Li
Ang Li 15 dni temu
This was like that time when Red’s charizard mega evolved
claire umadhay
claire umadhay 15 dni temu
Take 'em down babe 😍😍😍sweeet
John 117
John 117 15 dni temu
5:05 this is a reference to the evil Alpha losing its left horn
Daryl Goh
Daryl Goh 16 dni temu
So is toothless the alpha now?
Saddy Daddy
Saddy Daddy 16 dni temu
I find it kinda heartbreaking that Hiccup would go so far to protect Toothless, but all Drago or Dargo or whatever the hell his name is only wanted power and didn’t care the damage he’d do to his dragon just to get his power back.
martin .a
martin .a 16 dni temu
Midnight 16 dni temu
The way Astrid cheers Hiccup always makes me giddy By the way, I get reminded of Godzilla when Toothless gets all powered up
Alik Sargsyan
Alik Sargsyan 16 dni temu
This is very good multfilm
Blank D
Blank D 16 dni temu
Shit toothless made the dragon his bitch
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 16 dni temu
Wait hiccup is left handed because he threw his fire sword with his left hand With amazing accuracy
Kuroyukihimee 16 dni temu
Drago's scream at 2:29 was like AAAAAH-- btch u dare?
Darrell Lembcke
Darrell Lembcke 16 dni temu
Yeah it’s Oh most 2019 and in the first movie he got saved by toothless getting hit by that red deaths tail now the bewildabeast
Evelyne 17 dni temu
Don't get me wrong, I love this movie, but idk the first seems better to me for some reason
Christina Chhum
Christina Chhum 17 dni temu
Can we appreciate the little wiggle Toothless made when he broke out of the control??
Maddie Says Moo
Maddie Says Moo 17 dni temu
Big ass dragon vs Valka’s bewilderbeast: Bewilderbeast loses. Big ass dragon vs tiny ass dragon: Big ass dragon loses. What?!?!😐
NecroPhilia 17 dni temu
0:19 I dare you not to pause.
Broccoli Friend
Broccoli Friend 17 dni temu
At 4:03 you can hear the alpha say no
Jewosaurus Rex
Jewosaurus Rex 17 dni temu
4:48 I love when all the other dragons are just shooting fireballs Cloudjumper’s just projectile vomiting out a stream of fire
Cade Saylor
Cade Saylor 17 dni temu
Congratulations. You just pissed off the most dangerous dragon ever to exist. Have fun.
Badpete Chacon
Badpete Chacon 17 dni temu
Dianne Rose
Dianne Rose 18 dni temu
After Toothless shakes Drago off, he's like: "Look what I did!" It's so cute! But it's also sort of an apologetic and hopeful look, if you think about it. He's like, "Look what I did! I'm sorry about your dad. Are we friends again?"
Navy SEALs
Navy SEALs 18 dni temu
Its a shame, maybe if the Godzilla was the enemy dragon, this alpha thingy will not be effective
Harris Adli
Harris Adli 18 dni temu
Why toothless cant fly without a rider?
The SleepingMoose
The SleepingMoose 13 dni temu
Did u watch the first film.
Niamhy Noo
Niamhy Noo 18 dni temu
0:29 I love how toothless is just like “yep, I just did that” 😂😂 he is so cute ❤️
Jade Dash
Jade Dash 18 dni temu
3:20 Is this Godzilla Dragon!?!
Soma Azerag
Soma Azerag 18 dni temu
Hiccup went full Daenerys Targaryen mode there
Ice Axl
Ice Axl 18 dni temu
And I remember the iconic line of hiccup saying "thank you for nothing you useless reptile" when they're flying with astrid 😂😂😂😂😂
Edith Ortencio
Edith Ortencio 18 dni temu
I love this part 😀😁😎
Braden Wolf
Braden Wolf 18 dni temu
An artillery barrage that the US military would be proud of (4:50).
Klonoa1211 19 dni temu
0:23 I swear I heard him say "Hiccup"!
Gérson Davi Costa Tavares
Toothless=the king he defeat red dead and the bewilderbeast. RESPECT. The next movie will be epic!!! #DRAGONS!
Gérson Davi Costa Tavares
Dragons 3 will be epic
Zaire Yap
Zaire Yap 19 dni temu
Toothless is when i'm angry
Phương Trần Thanh
0:18 after about 3 or 4 years,my heart and probably everyone else's gonna be melted
AndreLikesLemon1 19 dni temu
They have Chinese eyes when they are controlled by Drago.
The son of big foot
7 miesięcy temu