How to Train Your Dragon 2: Toothless vs Bewilderbeast - ENDING SCENE (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Camilla Stiles
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How to Train Your Dragon 2, Toothless fights the Alpha



8 gru 2014

How To Train Your Dragon (Award-Winning Work)how to train your dragon 2toothlessbewilder beastending scenefightblue toothlessstormflycami stiles



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Komentarze 6 380
kazuto kall3n
kazuto kall3n 7 godzin temu
Drago doesn't understand the power of friendship
Charlie Collis
Charlie Collis 8 godzin temu
Bird box 2014
yveltal lover
yveltal lover 16 godzin temu
Toothless is like don't fuck with me bitch 😂
علي. الشبلي
علي. الشبلي 16 godzin temu
;디지몬친구들; 19 godzin temu
Fran Gorno
Fran Gorno 20 godzin temu
5:04 I think the shot that blows up Drago's metal arm is fired by that one dragon. It's a split-second, but why would they focus on one of Drago's own of not to convey that feeling?
Fuzzcopter I like tigers
5:32 Fine… you win…
Dragon Boss9808
Dragon Boss9808 Dzień temu
Toothless must have proven himself and taken the rank of alpha because he was still blasting but then he roared and all the dragons listnes but the bewilderbeast couldnt. so in theory he was always a higher rank but couldnt use it yet because he hadnt proven himself.
Kierre Armond
Kierre Armond Dzień temu
Bird box
Natalie Wentzell
Natalie Wentzell Dzień temu
0:18 That lil smile!,
Cap Kind
Cap Kind Dzień temu
a true leader
Benjy L
Benjy L Dzień temu
The avengers theme would go perfect with this lol
Anne LeClaire
Anne LeClaire Dzień temu
Drago has black nails
Pine Apple
Pine Apple 2 dni temu
1:09 when the monster from bird box comes in how to train a dragon
3:17 is where the fun begins!
iiTocksiK 2 dni temu
I felt kinda bad for the Alpha dragon -3-
Hallow Shadow34
Hallow Shadow34 2 dni temu
5:24 the bewilderbeast is like oh heck
Hey Its Maddie
Hey Its Maddie 2 dni temu
Toothless: Super Saiyan Blue??
Korbes 3 dni temu
God bless y’all! We need to turn to Jesus as Lord and Savior and leave sin behind. Preach the Gospel! John 3:16
DestinyPro123 3 dni temu
wow they brought the animation to another level with this movie.
Blazing Eagle
Blazing Eagle 3 dni temu
When hiccup says not again he's referring to Red Death tail the first time they did that.
Glenn Higgins Reach
That's a lot of damage
Jenniflower 65
Jenniflower 65 3 dni temu
Toothless the first to do the BirdBox challenge
XPERTGAMER599 3 dni temu
The bewilderbeast was like: K I’m kinda free now lemme just go to the hidden world
ChaesMe Xx
ChaesMe Xx 3 dni temu
When i first saw this i fricking cried
Rhine X.
Rhine X. 3 dni temu
Who else have it downloaded 😂 one of my favorite scenes but most scenes seem to be my fav
Doogs Sunday
Doogs Sunday 4 dni temu
What you did was cool but can I ask were did you get that clip from
Gael DE FRANCA 4 dni temu
It's a fucking jhen moran xD
D D 4 dni temu
Omg toothless is so cute
Mikhael Efrayim Malakhi
That night fury kicked that bewildabeasts ass
puppy lover casey
astrid sed " take him down babe"!!!!!!!!!!!! like if you hear that
l'otaku perdu
l'otaku perdu 4 dni temu
That's so epic..
Surreal Reality
Surreal Reality 4 dni temu
4:54 *When the enemy team is cooperative and skilled aswell as in numbers, but your team is trash, unskilled and salty patriotic aswell as outnumbered.*
LivanaFaolan 4 dni temu
3:23 - "Don't worry, Hiccup! I've got this!"
Kirito Mendoza
Kirito Mendoza 4 dni temu
I am crying A little bit
GD Crash Christian
3:32 Now they should show Drago yelling
Survivrs 5 dni temu
ONE MORE WEEK TO GO!!!!!! The only disappointing thing is that the 3rd movie will be the last, or at least that is what they've told us.
DoIWannaKnow 5 dni temu
4:49 toothless: "i'm getting used to this"
black heart caulifla
Anyone else who saw the same alpha with the broken part(i don't know what it's called) in how the train your dragon 3 trailer??
Hieu Ngo
Hieu Ngo 6 dni temu
When they first announced HTTYD 2 trailer, I was afraid that the movie would be a disaster, but now I'm so greatful that they are finishing the franchise with HTTYD 3. Love this movie
alpha wolfury
alpha wolfury 6 dni temu
I feel bad for bewilder though like he was also under drago’s control and cause of this he loses his horn
NJ _Nora
NJ _Nora 6 dni temu
What the song's name when toothless challenge alpha
뿌잉 6 dni temu
5:14 카아아앜!!!툿
r/ breadstapledtobark
Why is toothless blue?
Silver Studios - Nyssa Ng -
Because he became a Titan. So, his plasma blasts are more powerful.
the fluffy cat
the fluffy cat 7 dni temu
Domo Domo
Domo Domo 7 dni temu
Me after watching the second film: Happy but also sad. Me after watching the third film: *Absolute tears.*
#녤름 7 dni temu
I love Toothless❤️
Super Funtime Foxy
You know, every time Toothless gets the final blow, I always imagine him yelling, "OFFSPRING OF LIGHTING AND DEATH, MOTHAF$@KA!!!" Like you agree. Can't wait for hidden world.
Dakota Stein
Dakota Stein 8 dni temu
i wonder if other dragons can go super sayin or if its just a nightfury thing
Shadow King
Shadow King 8 dni temu
Dinosaur Studio
Dinosaur Studio 8 dni temu
if you dont like how to train your dragon i will never respect you
Alquen playz wolf singer!
Toothless is the son of Godzilla 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮wtf!!!!!!!!!!!
vernonlol lim
vernonlol lim 8 dni temu
Bird box 1:09
anony mous
anony mous 8 dni temu
Give a like for the black dragon
Ella N
Ella N 9 dni temu
Take him down babe
Ambrosia Canelo
Ambrosia Canelo 9 dni temu
I feel bad for the bewilderbest though tbh. He's just doing what his master told him
Ethan Barkaway
Ethan Barkaway 9 dni temu
When hiccup says “not again” it gives me a flashback to the first movie when he defeats that REALLY REALLY big dragon
toothless and toothpaste
Hiccup and Toothless would do anything for one another
Julian Estrada
Julian Estrada 10 dni temu
1:10 . . . . BiRd BoX ChAllEnGe
Noah Shanahan-Jewett
Can dreamworks do more stuff like this and less meme babies in suits
MrFury 10 dni temu
Who Doesnt Love this Scene 3:03
Chetopimpz Almacen
Chetopimpz Almacen 10 dni temu
In 5:27 toothless sound like a man shouting on funny video
- Ben
- Ben 10 dni temu
I fucking love this movie
Fire Tinys
Fire Tinys 11 dni temu
At 0:04 the bad guy was like “how are u doing that” and I was like bcs no one can ever separate Hiccup and Toothless!!
Kampf Kanickle
Kampf Kanickle 10 dni temu
Light Fury
Jason 3.3.6
Jason 3.3.6 11 dni temu
1:12 even toothless is doing the bird box challenge
Dragon Warhammer
Dragon Warhammer 9 dni temu
He invented it
Chinonso Orjioke
Chinonso Orjioke 11 dni temu
Toothless vs Muddy
VideoMask93 11 dni temu
#No truth
#No truth 11 dni temu
Wait...what did Astrid say in 1:24...dude, I am taking a bath
#No truth
#No truth 10 dni temu
+Kampf Kanickle wow she does really like her boyfriend...dude...where is the old Astrid?
Kampf Kanickle
Kampf Kanickle 10 dni temu
Take him down babe
Zachary Eslick
Zachary Eslick 12 dni temu
This is probably by favourite of the three
ugandan god
ugandan god 12 dni temu
Toothless: reeeeeeeeeeeeeee Wilderbeast: normie
Mistrex 12 dni temu
1:11 birdbox
Silver Studios - Nyssa Ng -
4:03 The Alpha is saying “NO!!”
Harrison Sims
Harrison Sims 12 dni temu
Hiccup makes a wing for toothless at the end of the third movie so toothless can fly by himself and toothless and the light fury have 3 kids and hiccup has a son and daughter
Dragon Warhammer
Dragon Warhammer 9 dni temu
A tail wing that toothless doesn't need hiccup for yeah. Although he still has to do maintainance every few years.
Single Corruption
Single Corruption 13 dni temu
Toothless goes sicko mode
mickyjoe97 13 dni temu
Who else felt bad for the Bewilderbeast after it had it's tusk blown off tho? :'(
Silver Studios - Nyssa Ng -
I did feel bad. But now the Bewilderbeast knows that’s Toothless’ territory.
Steve King
Steve King 13 dni temu
Omg Astrid saying "Take em down babe" thats so cute😍
Magnus Hamers
Magnus Hamers 14 dni temu
Pranay gupta
Pranay gupta 14 dni temu
Need to find something to blind the eye Has a cloth in the pocket just for this Movie logic 😂
Dragon Warhammer
Dragon Warhammer 9 dni temu
He tears it off of a flag
David Ngo
David Ngo 15 dni temu
Is that an air bender reference?
Blen dy's Studio
Blen dy's Studio 15 dni temu
1:06 Bird Box reference.
Carla Díaz
Carla Díaz 15 dni temu
Toothless and Hiccup's friendship... I mean, I cry when he says "You are muy bestfriend, bud" and "You never cease to amaze me, bud"
Carla Díaz
Carla Díaz 15 dni temu
I don't know how, but I always end up crying
Amit Dhenwal
Amit Dhenwal 15 dni temu
Matmat Manaois
Matmat Manaois 15 dni temu
And i wish toothless protecting from bad guys
Matmat Manaois
Matmat Manaois 15 dni temu
I wish i have a dragon like toothless a real friend not like my friends they put me in trouble
Chris Cook
Chris Cook 15 dni temu
Anyone seen, or, made ugly cry faces at, the third one yet? Its awesome!
Rohini Alagrisamy
Rohini Alagrisamy 15 dni temu
Area-51 15 dni temu
His alpha mode looks badass
Deuce Burleson
Deuce Burleson 16 dni temu
ibet astred and hecup are oin to get mered
Silver Studios - Nyssa Ng -
They will.
Im Straight
Im Straight 16 dni temu
Lol hiccup has an idea of birdbox before birdbox has their idea
Meh Mans
Meh Mans 16 dni temu
Bird box mode 1:10
Toxic Rex
Toxic Rex 17 dni temu
1:33 go get him Hiccup is killed Oh anyone else 🤣
fz gz
fz gz 18 dni temu
Drago's logic: Too amazed to do anything and watch hiccup do his "you are my best friend" thing. He said "how did you do that" instead😂😂😂
Macey Jo Ledson
Macey Jo Ledson 18 dni temu
1:12 bird box don’t take your blind fold off
Thomas Breen
Thomas Breen 19 dni temu
Michael Mell
Michael Mell 19 dni temu
I thought Toothless had shot limits?
Sakaowduean Manapakdee
5.31 why I feel sad for the Bewilderbeast
mrniceguy 23
mrniceguy 23 20 dni temu
Who came here after the third movie? Tbh, when i compare it, the 3rd movie was a disapointment
Cant wait for the 3rd movie
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