How to Train Your Dragon 2: Toothless vs Bewilderbeast - ENDING SCENE (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Camilla Stiles
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How to Train Your Dragon 2, Toothless fights the Alpha



8 gru 2014

How To Train Your Dragon (Award-Winning Work)how to train your dragon 2toothlessbewilder beastending scenefightblue toothlessstormflycami stiles



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Komentarze 4 923
Ghostly Spirit
Ghostly Spirit 19 godzin temu
Dank Link
Dank Link Dzień temu
5:23 Toothless' roar gave me chills
Tristan Armstrong
Tristan Armstrong Dzień temu
5:26 Toothles: I AM THE ALPHA! Bewilderbeast: Ok, Ok. Your the Alpha.
GarchompandGibleandgabite Bite Garchomp
Drago:how are you doing that? Hiccup:I bond with dragons idiot are you shit or what?
Game Husky!
Game Husky! 2 dni temu
3.33 when I stand up to a bully alot bigger than me
MAN MAN 2 dni temu
Harmony Pemberton
You should never piss toothless off x
Liang Yu
Liang Yu 3 dni temu
PhantommPlayz 4 dni temu
Why does the red thing from the flag little triangle it just dissapears
CoolMidnight Blue
The first dragon manual clearly states: NEVER engage this dragon! you only chance hide a pray it does not find you. Now bewilderbeast lost one of his tusks and Drago lost his arm again🤦
BaseDestroyer245 4 dni temu
Super saiyan blue toothless
descendant of seth
3:17-5:31 *TOOTHLESS IS A FUCKING BADASS* 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
C Drawz
C Drawz 5 dni temu
How come I never realized that Astrid yelled “take em down babe!” 😂 1:23
Ryleigh Sparks
Ryleigh Sparks 5 dni temu
Where can I watch the httyd movies?
randy orton
randy orton 6 dni temu
What happened to six shot limit
Tobi 6 dni temu
Hey, Drago laughs then just as he is about to put the staff down on *gasp*
L.J. Kommer
L.J. Kommer 7 dni temu
Shit, I forgot how good these movies are.
adrian singson
adrian singson 7 dni temu
Toothless becomes the alpha💪
Matthew Amade
Matthew Amade 8 dni temu
Harmony Pemberton
I love all the dragon riders and I hate Drago bloodvist I really hate his voice xxx
Jose Perez
Jose Perez 9 dni temu
2:21 if toothless knew that in the first movie hiccup might not have lost his leg
NicoTheBeast200 9 dni temu
The alpha is the king of Dragons
Lizbeth Portillo
Lizbeth Portillo 11 dni temu
This part always gives me the chills and makes me cry!!
jonathan Oakleaf
jonathan Oakleaf 12 dni temu
Shahd Saad
Shahd Saad 12 dni temu
0:20 OH MY GOD the way toothless look at hiccup 😍 💘
pedro fernandes
pedro fernandes 13 dni temu
Go toothless!
Raptor and T-rex 101
"The alpha protects them all" does that mean Toothless became THE ALPHA!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS
Ainso 》
Ainso 》 14 dni temu
5:12 Ok fck dis shxt im out...
SIR_OOFALOT 14 dni temu
that last toothless roar is my fav
Kookie Stole My Heartu
1:25 “hiccup go bae”! Did she just…or am I just going crazy?
Chantelle Hard
Chantelle Hard 9 dni temu
Kookie Stole My Heartu "TAKE 'EM DOWN, BABE!!"
Ella Fawn
Ella Fawn 13 dni temu
Kookie Stole My Heartu no im pretty sure she said that XD
Clancy Bailey
Clancy Bailey 14 dni temu
This video is so epic I'm going to subscribe and ring the bell
•:Shatter me:•
•:Shatter me:• 15 dni temu
just realized Drago and bewilderbeast are now equal
Marinette Agreste
Marinette Agreste 17 dni temu
Music ?
Gerly Cruz
Gerly Cruz 18 dni temu
*The Alpha. Protects them all* -Hiccup Horrendous Hadock III ❤
Backinlol 18 dni temu
Toothless Went Full on Super Saiyan Blue.
Eevee Squad
Eevee Squad 18 dni temu
Did Astrid say " Take It/Him Down, Babe "
Scarlett Terry
Scarlett Terry 19 dni temu
I can't help but feel extremely sad for that Alpha dragon
Yago Gonzalez Carmona
I love this film , the music , the characters and this is my favourite scene. Everytime i see It , It cause lots of diferents positives emotions . I'm excited about the third part too because i love DreamWorks movies 😍😍😍
The Variety Nerd
The Variety Nerd 19 dni temu
4:24 this scene gave Me extreme chills😱😱😄😢
raven dark heart
raven dark heart 20 dni temu
I love the bond between toothless and hiccup
MCDZ 0082
MCDZ 0082 20 dni temu
Does anyone know the song used at 3:15?
MyOat Ch
MyOat Ch 21 dzień temu
Alpha Mode
KOI FEVER 21 dzień temu
sly boothy95
sly boothy95 21 dzień temu
theautodrone 22 dni temu
Song at 3:15 is “two new alphas” by John Powell, for anyone else who loved that section
saeed khan
saeed khan 22 dni temu
i hate this cartoon
niko angeles
niko angeles 22 dni temu
niko angeles
niko angeles 22 dni temu
in 3:49 it sound like godzilla
Peter Senior
Peter Senior 22 dni temu
"WHATS THE MATTER WITH YOU" Dude, you got a big ass dragon that can't fly and is stuck like a beached whale. They have a million tiny ass dragons that are not stuck, actually quite free flying around that are now resisting your big ass dragon's powers
GroxPL 22 dni temu
1:51 Quite a clever attack
RandomGuyOn Youtube
3:48 dragos bewilderbeast sounds like Godzilla
AlmaDiaoh946 23 dni temu
5:25 the wilderbeast's face. "Dude, dude, NEVERMIND!"
isaac1230i 23 dni temu
Ola os gringo
Sakbev 23 dni temu
toothless you are so cute and don't ever lose Hiccup
Cam2Cat 23 dni temu
I'm a how to train your dragon wiz
Heart Butterfly
Heart Butterfly 23 dni temu
What is that sound toothless is doing at 1:37
ViVi Birdie
ViVi Birdie 23 dni temu
Awwwww friendship between Man (and in this case) dragon
Lavell Jones
Lavell Jones 24 dni temu
Toothless is one badass dragon but his roar needs a lot of work because it's hideous but he just needs to get older but how to train your Dragon been out for a while now and he still didn't grow an inch or two what does he have a disease that he will never grow again like off fairy tale the first guild master couldn't grow anymore because she had some type of disease or sickness idk wait she didn't have a disease or sickness she just couldn't grow anymore because she used that fairy light to save her friend
Janwah Caban
Janwah Caban 24 dni temu
Proof that its not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog...or in this case, dragon!
Ty Edmund
Ty Edmund 24 dni temu
I love dragons
Ty Edmund
Ty Edmund 24 dni temu
Chas The Ender
Chas The Ender 24 dni temu
_JV_ 19
_JV_ 19 24 dni temu
I love how Astrid just confidently shouts ‘TAKE EM DOWN BABE!!!!’
vincent rafael
vincent rafael 24 dni temu
5:01 did he just say "FFFFFUUUUUCCCKKKKK"
Seto Kaiba
Seto Kaiba 24 dni temu
The last air bender
David C.
David C. 25 dni temu
Just Peachy
Just Peachy 24 dni temu
David C. Actually, that's a plasma blast
John mark Mutuc
John mark Mutuc 25 dni temu
5:05 that’s your fault hahaha XD
Sleeping Soul
Sleeping Soul 25 dni temu
I come here to hear Toothless' roar. It just gives me chills for some reason. (The last roar)
Nathaniel Sparrow
Nathaniel Sparrow 25 dni temu
Did toothless just go supersaine
Layla Fitzallen
Layla Fitzallen 25 dni temu
Astrid: way to go babe Me: meh ship it's coming true Ahhhhhhhhhhhh 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Just Peachy
Just Peachy 24 dni temu
Layla Fitzallen I think she said "take em down Babe!"
Grace Royal
Grace Royal 25 dni temu
Baggy vs Noey
Rachael Tough
Rachael Tough 25 dni temu
Camilla Stiles
TheUnderKane 25 dni temu
HTTYD 1 Astrid : Go. HTTYD 2 : TAKE EM' DOWN BABE! Me : Smh...
King Of Asgard
King Of Asgard 26 dni temu
Did valka know about alpha toothless she seemed to know when she saw the glow
King Of Asgard
King Of Asgard 24 dni temu
Just Peachy cool
Just Peachy
Just Peachy 24 dni temu
King Of Asgard she know about alpha phases
loc cong huynh
loc cong huynh 26 dni temu
Is that why he is best?
bilal x box gaming weth ice fox and route master
ma gad you do not want to mess toothless
Neha Kumaran
Neha Kumaran 26 dni temu
Who's rewatching this while waiting for the third movie, in 2019??? HTTYD FOREVER!
Neha Kumaran
Neha Kumaran 26 dni temu
Do you trust me? - Aladdin Take em down babe! - Astrid
Mr Dweet-Dweet
Mr Dweet-Dweet 26 dni temu
No joke, the entirety of this sequence brings tears to my eyes each time
Elena Yean
Elena Yean 26 dni temu
Night Fury or Light Fury me I think Night fury and my favorite color is blue so when toothless saves hiccup from the Ice and there’s blue glowing honestly he looks really good to me tho
Just Peachy
Just Peachy 24 dni temu
Elena Yean what the fuck are you trying to say
Little Gia Minecraft GORDO
Hey This Is My Own Movie!!
African5wag13 26 dni temu
I wanna see an alpha fight the red death from the first movie
Just Peachy
Just Peachy 24 dni temu
African5wag13 oOf, Red Death would be frozen in seconds
African5wag13 24 dni temu
Just Peachy bewilder
Just Peachy
Just Peachy 24 dni temu
African5wag13 which Alpha, the Bewilder Beast or Toothless?
harbin pulido
harbin pulido 26 dni temu
the way toothless roars
Moist Turtle
Moist Turtle 27 dni temu
This nigga became a titan wing
Just Peachy
Just Peachy 24 dni temu
Gary Winthorpe nope, just Alpha
Ah Chea taa
Ah Chea taa 27 dni temu
Good movie it
William Frederick iversen
You can't make a dragon look cool and then be cute in a split second Dreamworks: Hold my beer. 3:19
William Frederick iversen
Toothless is shooting beyond his shot limit
I love this movie very much 😍
Yannah and twinkle,s video Bumagat
When he defeated the alpha his roar sounds like a dinosaur 😂
gidhdndh fhdhxmc
gidhdndh fhdhxmc 27 dni temu
ycaru só de zoas
ycaru só de zoas 27 dni temu
Super Cannon💪❤
Lakisha Ware
Lakisha Ware 27 dni temu
ondra cihelka
ondra cihelka 27 dni temu
bezubka je nejlepší alfa drak na světě
Lashingtarsier5 1
Lashingtarsier5 1 27 dni temu
Dragons in this franchise are like a mix of cats and bats. Cats purr and their eyes narrow at will . Bats are the only animals in nature that can achieve true flight. (birds glide)
Naveen RN 9886669757
Super sense .
The#1Marvel AnimePlayer
4:38 so cool so epic it even made me tear up
Beybladewinner 1
Beybladewinner 1 28 dni temu
You suck
Fetal Mistaken Mouse
The way he looks at :20 is so fucking adorable 😩😩😩😭
Gamer Jay
Gamer Jay 28 dni temu
There's a how to train your dragon 3 now and a light furry SO AMAZING AND AWESOME
Rene EE
Rene EE 29 dni temu
Drago deserves to die