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Hotel Transylvania 3 "Young Love" Trailer (2018) Animated Movie HD
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Hotel Transylvania 3 "Young Love" Trailer (2018) Animated Movie HD
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28 maj 2018




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Komentarze 2 223
Nightfury Girl
Nightfury Girl Dzień temu
MJ Smith
MJ Smith Dzień temu
Cant wait to watch! 😍😍😍😍
Sarah Wilkinson
Sarah Wilkinson Dzień temu
Drac: I'm lonely 😭 Siri: I understand Drac: 😊 Siri: ur invisible that's why ur lonely 😎😎😎😎 Drac: 😡 *smashes phone on floor*
las locuras de Jocy e Itzel
Is beautifull , awesome omgg
Kick X Weeb
Kick X Weeb 3 dni temu
0:10 baby at the bottom i guess winnie isn't the only girl in her family now
Long Vũ
Long Vũ 3 dni temu
What song 2.18 plz
Jonah Everhart
Jonah Everhart 3 dni temu
0:16 Say Hi BOB
Cooper’s Yt
Cooper’s Yt 4 dni temu
Say hi bob. HI BOB Wow you scrolled this far? ._. To far bob
Brenda Samkl
Brenda Samkl 4 dni temu
This is the best animated movie I have ever watched Just love it can't stop laughing loud😂😂😂😂😂
Brenda Samkl
Brenda Samkl 4 dni temu
Love drac's smile so hilarious 😂😂😂
Arty Lil Foxy
Arty Lil Foxy 4 dni temu
Ummmmmm can someone tell me why is drac looking for a date when he’s already married ooooo but the mum died soooo I guess I have my answer
caroline sastradinata
The movie was amazing
Hossain Mafzal
Hossain Mafzal 5 dni temu
Is it released
Simon and Maddie Hoff.
We didn't need another one of these. Maybe something new?
Angelina101 _
Angelina101 _ 5 dni temu
Jonathan Kroener
Jonathan Kroener 5 dni temu
I saw movie it was good
DanTDM twin
DanTDM twin 5 dni temu
At 2:15 reminds me of that old movie gremlin
Lego StickbotAnimatorFan
Say I bob 😂
Lego StickbotAnimatorFan
0:14 I can’t stop laughing I’m dieing in my bed 😂
Cory Thompson
Cory Thompson 5 dni temu
winnie: I'm soooo much in love with Dennis, my one and only zing.
play with music
play with music 5 dni temu
D r a c zinged two times he must of real wanted a 2nd lovebird lol look like you zinger to much lol
yoise reyes cañate
Bailey Henderson
Bailey Henderson 6 dni temu
Buy JCP frsh shld instead
Kyliegirlgamer 0119
Did anyone notice that drac made a Charlie Brown face?
Ben MonaLisa Simmons
Dennis and Wenny are too good
Hyram De Jesus
Hyram De Jesus 6 dni temu
rip fish taking care of the wolf pups
Riley Devoss
Riley Devoss 6 dni temu
This is gay
Grayson is Trash
Grayson is Trash 6 dni temu
Im gonna kill myself
Hannah reil
Hannah reil 6 dni temu
If it Friday the 13th were is Jason💀
Myrtle Jones
Myrtle Jones 7 dni temu
To Hope Tv Go suck on horse dick!
Super Sans
Super Sans 7 dni temu
It goes to show she’s the real monster
Ben Russell-Gough
0:15 - A dhampir and a lycan? Yeah, getting Underworld flashbacks here! ;-)
Leah Beas Perezi
Leah Beas Perezi 7 dni temu
Y yutuutut
Sarah M
Sarah M 7 dni temu
At least Sony is trying this time
Heather Frazier
Heather Frazier 8 dni temu
0:16 Hi Bob! That was my favorite part when I saw it a couple weeks ago
Precious Zelaya
Precious Zelaya 8 dni temu
Today is July 13 Lol and I watched it yesterday 😂
Ejojo Ali
Ejojo Ali 8 dni temu
🎵🎵zinging in the rain now i am feeling no pain 🎵🎵
Meenu Bhatia
Meenu Bhatia 8 dni temu
i like blobby
Serena Pizano 1.0
James Freed
James Freed 8 dni temu
Is that Adam Sandler
Spidermanhomecoming Parker
Cake by the ocean
Brian plays Nintendo
Drac is an old ass man who got swag
MexicanOtaku 15 dni temu
Guess Dracula isn't into hentai
Genesekt 66
Genesekt 66 15 dni temu
Genesekt 66
Genesekt 66 7 dni temu
Myrtle Jones Furry
Myrtle Jones
Myrtle Jones 7 dni temu
Genesekt 66 Say furry one more time and I find you and come to your house and kill your entire family I swear to god!
Akame Dragoneel
Akame Dragoneel 16 dni temu
july 13 is my prom night
Sweet Becca
Sweet Becca 16 dni temu
Omg I saw THE Death Star from Star Wars
Toy factory by yesha pink is life
Dimsum? Does monsters eat dimsume? And why is dracula saying eskebe mes lebe am bebe and monto isno ehmama
AlienShirtz 16 dni temu
death is a preferable option
Miles Away
Miles Away 17 dni temu
Remus and tonks who?
aideth vazquez
aideth vazquez 17 dni temu
Zoofila jaja with the kid and the wolf girl lol
Cynthia Yu
Cynthia Yu 19 dni temu
1:46. Charlie brown falls in love!!!l 😂😂😂
The PuppyBoiAj
The PuppyBoiAj 19 dni temu
Drakula cheated he had a old wife go back to movie 1
Yuvraj Dhaliwal - Hewson PS (1488)
1:08 a cruse missal
Sir meows a Lot
Sir meows a Lot 19 dni temu
Lisa Marrow
Lisa Marrow 20 dni temu
1:17-1:18 Oh my goodness it runs in the family
Antokin Gamer
Antokin Gamer 20 dni temu
Nadin Molina
Nadin Molina 20 dni temu
I dint watch this beacause theres no full movie
The Unicorn Prince
The Unicorn Prince 20 dni temu
When drac said he wanted a date it said Friday July 13 And he said that on Friday the 13th
Horror Movie Kid
Horror Movie Kid 21 dzień temu
lol fiday the 13th reference
Yellogre 21 dzień temu
I'm not gettin mad 'cause looks like a furry relationship but beacuse are FUCKING SMALL CHILDREN! What the hell they know about relationship?!
ToffeeNicky 21 dzień temu
in Russia this cartoon film is called "Monsters on vacation" I'm from Russia and only now I've learned the original name wow..
Bat Wolf
Bat Wolf 21 dzień temu
But...........his Zing was Mavis' mum...............
Gabrielle Gansoen
Gabrielle Gansoen 21 dzień temu
Thanks for letting me use his phone number and address and phone number for you to do anything you love you too and
Gabrielle Gansoen
Gabrielle Gansoen 21 dzień temu
Thanks for your email but I don't know how long
Dirleno Does Gacha
Dirleno Does Gacha 21 dzień temu
Ohhhhh no...
Yessenia Ramirez
Yessenia Ramirez 22 dni temu
Dracula is going crazy to find his love
martijn de koningh
martijn de koningh 22 dni temu
such nervous egg hypothesis truck watch candidate silent
Cát Hạ Thiên An
Coolgirl Princess123
Drac, This Is Why You Can *NEVER* Trust Siri!! She’s Dumb
Vic Tay
Vic Tay 23 dni temu
1:47 me talking to my crush
Carmen M.D.
Carmen M.D. 23 dni temu
Hotel Transilvania 3, still a better story than Twilight 😅😂.
Carmen M.D.
Carmen M.D. 23 dni temu
Oh, Dennis the vampire menace. 😂
Valeria Inerio
Valeria Inerio 24 dni temu
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landx •
landx • 24 dni temu
Jauhar Kader
Jauhar Kader 25 dni temu
This is an incredible trailer
Khajung Sangtam
Khajung Sangtam 25 dni temu
AcexSpyder 25 dni temu
Why is he not into tentac... Oh wait, I get it.
iiSupreme Chick
iiSupreme Chick 25 dni temu
Lol the movie comes out on my birthday 😂😂😂
Sandeep 25 dni temu
It's time to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sandeep 7 dni temu
It's time to stoppppppp!!!!!!!
Myrtle Jones
Myrtle Jones 7 dni temu
Sandeep Shut up Sandeep or I will slit your throat!
Da Real K
Da Real K 25 dni temu
It's ironic how the movie comes out on Friday July 13th and in the movie it says the date is Friday July 13th
PALOMA JURADO 25 dni temu
Alguien me puede decir como se llama la música de fondo por favor
SmartieS 26 dni temu
All these new movies are mad I’m gonna spend about a thousand pound on going to see them all.
Wonder Z
Wonder Z 24 dni temu
SmartieS, try boxxy software and watch all the movies for free))
Rebecca And evie YouTube channel
Hahaha 😂 a baby puke lol
cartoons life
cartoons life 26 dni temu
Moonlight Quartz
Moonlight Quartz 26 dni temu
We dont have time for zingers
Vu Nguyen
Vu Nguyen 26 dni temu
nhìn vui ghê
naza flavi
naza flavi 27 dni temu
А Х 27 dni temu
Super !!!!!
ngan bui
ngan bui 27 dni temu
Drac will get his zing soon. But, Hope She will change Her mind and fall in love with Drac
Granny Gamerz05
Granny Gamerz05 27 dni temu
Otaku Freak
Otaku Freak 27 dni temu
So we saw Blobby give birth ? ( I think I spelled the name incorrectly ._.)
SPR Winchester
SPR Winchester 28 dni temu
Woof Woof
Woof Woof 28 dni temu
Im watching this for my birthday. Nothing stopping me now
Adyanabanana Baker
Adyanabanana Baker 29 dni temu
Drac:-I’m in love-helper of ship😘😘
Adyanabanana Baker
Adyanabanana Baker 29 dni temu
Yoomchi 29 dni temu
Literally shows the whole movie
The_Silver_Wolf 29 dni temu
Blooby has a child..? Soooo cute...
Inkan1969 28 dni temu
He already has a child in the TV show.
jamesroad316 29 dni temu
a better love story than... you know what I'll let you finish it
Jomar Panganiban
Jomar Panganiban 29 dni temu
Childhood strikes again!