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HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3 Extended Trailer (2018)

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Here is an extended Trailer for Hotel Transylvania 3
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21 mar 2018

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Komentarze 5 058
FilmSelect Trailer
FilmSelect Trailer 7 miesięcy temu
Enjoy this extended Trailer for Hotel Transylvania 3
Vimla Tekchandani
Vimla Tekchandani 13 dni temu
nice trailer 🙂
Klemen Mozina
Klemen Mozina Miesiąc temu
FilmSelect Trailer and the u
FilmSelect Trailer n
Hloniphile Sibandze
Hloniphile Sibandze Miesiąc temu
FilmSelect Trailer gjxb😈💀💀👅👅💀👀💪👀👺💂👱😡😢😴😠😠😠😉😯😉😉😉😉😉
Alvino Antunez
Alvino Antunez Miesiąc temu
FilmSelect Trailer 😟😍p
Marisol Mora
Marisol Mora 11 godzin temu
Serbian Traveler
Serbian Traveler 12 godzin temu
3:32 was that you? Hahahhahahahhaha I am dead hahahhaha :D
Shentia . . .
Shentia . . . Dzień temu
Good :'|
paulo alexandre
paulo alexandre Dzień temu
Uauuuuu. Worst movie ever. What a waste of time and money
just stop
just stop 2 dni temu
the fuck happened to the Mummy's voice??
This is the first time I saw Bigfoots face
Francesco Ramicani
thx for that extended version. Must see this ! With boxxy software I can add subtitles and audio in my language
bore son
bore son 4 dni temu
I can't wait until we're alone, I've got a special surprise for you! > *Freedaypdf*com* 8825
phatbastard100 5 dni temu
After the "as above so below" "pyramid-hole" in The ocean i stopped watching.
Luna Volva Forest Witch
itsallgoodman 8 dni temu
everything was running smoothly until they mADE THE FART JOKE. DEAR _GOD_
Yen Lin
Yen Lin 8 dni temu
why do you calll my
4K Movie
4K Movie 10 dni temu
4k movie
Angel's crazy world!
Lol 😂
FeaR NoLifeZ
FeaR NoLifeZ 12 dni temu
3:36 and turn on captions
FeaR NoLifeZ
FeaR NoLifeZ 12 dni temu
Go to 0:32 and turn on captions
Sridevi Loganathan
Sridevi Loganathan 13 dni temu
2:42 I think it means um I laughed so I didn't know Xd
E & M's Playtime/Toy Reviews
This movie looks AWESOME!! I can't wait to see it!!
E & M's Playtime/Toy Reviews
JP Gonzales
JP Gonzales 14 dni temu
A sony phone huh?
Ngaudaile Iralu
Ngaudaile Iralu 14 dni temu
3:47 papa! Awwhhh
Eminem Covers
Eminem Covers 14 dni temu
Pause the vid at 0:06 and you'll see the date is July Friday the is a old horror movie with around 8 movies in its trilogy about a kid who drowned in a camp called crystal lake Later coming back to life as a deformed murderer to kill all the kids that bullied him and to avenge his mother
Rayane Silva
Rayane Silva 16 dni temu
tayammum miki
tayammum miki 17 dni temu
Viggo Winston
Viggo Winston 17 dni temu
jaay loreno
jaay loreno 17 dni temu
Cake by the ocean💕
mark petate
mark petate 18 dni temu
To watch full movie click here
vMMe 18 dni temu
I ain't gonna lie chief Mavis thicc af
Mr. HESH HESH 32 19 dni temu
Ericka meets Martha
Watchmojo Movies
Watchmojo Movies 20 dni temu
Hotel transylvania 3 final battle in HD
Jhonny Lame
Jhonny Lame 21 dzień temu
dany akbar
dany akbar 22 dni temu
Jiren The Gray
Jiren The Gray 22 dni temu
The more movies that come out the more cringe it is.
Aashish Karki
Aashish Karki 23 dni temu
Watch full final fight here
Alisha rai
Alisha rai 23 dni temu
my primary prom nigth was on friday the 13th
Felix Jhon Bacolinao
I didnt Even Hear The song Cake On the Ocean In that Movie :(
K C 25 dni temu
If had opportunity would pound a stake thru Annoying as f Mavis heart
So many lenny faces ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
fatir riskilah
fatir riskilah 26 dni temu
hei macarena macarena macarena hei macerana
Ôxygen õ2
Ôxygen õ2 26 dni temu الفيلم كامل ومترجم للعربيه
Shirkeria Alleyne
Shirkeria Alleyne 26 dni temu
1:25 when my alarm rings on a school morning
marky ramos
marky ramos 27 dni temu
I love hotel transelvena
Lunala Moon
Lunala Moon 27 dni temu
1:58-2:04 - The Cringe Button Also if this makes you cringe I am giving out a free cup of Bleach! The bleach costs 1 like 1 like = 1 cup of bleach
klint lirio
klint lirio 27 dni temu
This movie is weird
miss.nevaeh b
miss.nevaeh b 27 dni temu
This is the 2nd one
NikoCat Supreme
NikoCat Supreme 29 dni temu
Wow the animation just got worse
Supersonic Saint
Supersonic Saint Miesiąc temu
"Bot into Tentacles". Yh I just needed confirmation the setting isn't Japan.
Mynamebezozzle Miesiąc temu
Drac said you only zing once. He zinged twice.
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande Miesiąc temu
Awesome cant wait
Aileena Linlollipop
Aileena Linlollipop Miesiąc temu
Hotel Transylvania logic : you only zing once Dracula : zinged twice First : Mavis’s mother Second : killer captain
Ginny Whitt
Ginny Whitt 5 dni temu
Edna Miesiąc temu
very nice movie
Unknown Spamer
Unknown Spamer Miesiąc temu
I love this movie🙂🙂🙂🙂
The Legend Darkness
The Legend Darkness Miesiąc temu
I love it how they add titanic omg
Sean Galvin
Sean Galvin Miesiąc temu
HT 2 was shiit so I’m not watching this one
The ultimate berserk protecter of the Great mavis
the only shit here is you
Dilip Jayasundera
Dilip Jayasundera Miesiąc temu
love it funny
Corrine Chong
Corrine Chong Miesiąc temu
Ending! Awwwwwwwwwww! 😊😊😊😊😆😆😆😆😆🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶
Guy who loves puns
Guy who loves puns Miesiąc temu
Dracula: I'm looking for a date. Siri: The date is Friday, July 13th. Dracula: No, no... I want to meet someone Siri: Understood, you want to eat dim sum Dracula: DON'T YOU GET IT?! I WANT TO GO ON A DATE... I'm lonely... :c Siri: I understand, you want to eat baloney Dracula: UGH..
Winona Daphne
Winona Daphne Miesiąc temu
the jelly baby HAHAHAH the super big puppy is ADORABLE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ambercat_ _
Ambercat_ _ Miesiąc temu
They completely fucked up with the "twist villain".
Ambercat_ _
Ambercat_ _ Miesiąc temu
I really, really hate her tiny face...
KirstyCookie Miesiąc temu
Tbh I really don’t like how Drac has zinged twice... like, it’s fine that he’s moving on and stuff but I feel as if the fact he was a widower added to his character in some way. I feel as if Drac and Erica just... don’t go together, if that makes sense. Martha was part of his character, and it’s like this movie has trashed that and killed the first movie. It’s kinda ruined any possible future hotel Transylvania movies for me if I’m totally honest.
Wavel 13 dni temu
I agree
Simbarashe Chipendo
Simbarashe Chipendo Miesiąc temu
DragonGirl TheBoss
DragonGirl TheBoss Miesiąc temu
You have to admit, she has a cute smile.
Justsayit Ok
Justsayit Ok Miesiąc temu
awesome bay haha
jun tabada
jun tabada Miesiąc temu
cruise looks like the titanic
Erra Mystique Rosette
Erra Mystique Rosette Miesiąc temu
This movie literally is the worst out of this series. The reason why Drac built a hotel was for his daughter, Mavis and his Wife, Martha. And this movie is just screwing it up. If there is a 4th movie of this series then I wouldn't even bother to watch it. The freaking you only have one zing in your life is literally portrayed in the first movie. What the heck would Martha feel when she's actually alive? Heartbroken that is.
David V
David V Miesiąc temu
For the third VeggieTales Pirate Broadway Musical film, Dreamworks Animation, Universal Pictures and Big Idea will distribute this film.
David V
David V Miesiąc temu
I wish that after VeggieTales In The City, the series will revert back to their original designs and not let Big Idea headquarters close.
Sans sK3LeBro
Sans sK3LeBro Miesiąc temu
He turn into a bat in here but not in the actual movie when he says" no no no no no"
Darah Sam Vlog
Darah Sam Vlog Miesiąc temu
I watch that full movie!! the last is music fight and makarena wins:)😂😂
Costastud Miesiąc temu
His face at 2:45 LMAOOOOO
illa zainal
illa zainal Miesiąc temu
I like hotel seavenia 3
якия пич
якия пич Miesiąc temu
ITS ME FLOWER Miesiąc temu
Its so funny when she talking with siri
LittleChloe Gacha
LittleChloe Gacha Miesiąc temu
did anyone notice that they used the titanic but they puted another tube thing
Brian plays Nintendo
Brian plays Nintendo Miesiąc temu
I saw this and it was better then the other ones
lyhthegreat Miesiąc temu
some of the clips are from trans 2..
Movie Trailers
Movie Trailers Miesiąc temu
Hotel Transilvania 3 comeback my favourite animation movie !😎
russiana ouano
russiana ouano Miesiąc temu
Omg Dracula and captain Erica
Serena Jones
Serena Jones Miesiąc temu
im going bto see that today
Jaizanny Domingo
Jaizanny Domingo Miesiąc temu
how much is the ticket fee in the Philippines
Nenin Faith
Nenin Faith Miesiąc temu
yay July 13 is my birthday I'll watch that movi
PinkGamingHD - Growtopia & Roblox
Reaction Game
Reaction Game Miesiąc temu
I already watch this on cinemo
Ksyden Lagumbayan
Ksyden Lagumbayan Miesiąc temu
I need to watch this...yiiih :)
Isabella Valdivia
Isabella Valdivia Miesiąc temu
2:42 Me and my boyfriend when we first met XD
celso wagas
celso wagas Miesiąc temu
where is denis mavis son?
Isabella Valdivia
Isabella Valdivia Miesiąc temu
I already saw this movie who else did?
The ultimate berserk protecter of the Great mavis
i did and it was awsome but therrs only one scene that i hate ( can you ask me about it?)
farah qadir
farah qadir Miesiąc temu
Who is Hyderabad
Keba Miesiąc temu
Hotel transylvania is BEST 4 EVER!!!
The ultimate berserk protecter of the Great mavis
Al4xan7ru Animation
Al4xan7ru Animation Miesiąc temu
astept filmul cu nerabdare
Hiba's Unicorn
Hiba's Unicorn Miesiąc temu
I watch it in the cinema
Derpy Animations
Derpy Animations Miesiąc temu
Turn captions on. It’s amazing lol
Kenzie Sladden
Kenzie Sladden Miesiąc temu
I Watched this at the cinema yesterday with my friends its really nice and good, you should watch it
Yahya Al Omari
Yahya Al Omari Miesiąc temu
i know im late but im gonna watch the movie TODAY in the cinema weeeeeeeee! so HAPPPPYYY!!!!!!!
Kalani Jayasekara
Kalani Jayasekara Miesiąc temu
yo cool
Mariah o_O
Mariah o_O Miesiąc temu
Le fart *_Wuz dat u?_*
3 Puzzles For Kids
9 miesięcy temu