Honest Trailers - Doctor Who (Modern)

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From fancy PBS comes a show where anything can happen and none of the continuity matters- it's Honest Trailers for Doctor Who! (Modern Version)
Watch the Honest Trailer for Classic Doctor Who at the link below!
Watch the Honest Trailers Commentary to see an inside look from the writer's perspective!
Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Joe Starr, Lon Harris & Riley Silverman
Produced by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Joe Starr & Max Dionne
Edited by Kevin Williamsen and TJ Nordaker
Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand
Honest Trailers - Doctor Who

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9 paź 2018

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Screen Junkies
Screen Junkies 2 miesięcy temu
But which Doctor, is YOUR Doctor? One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate. Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated. Three: “Be nice.” - Dalton from Roadhouse
Liza Huffman
Liza Huffman 2 dni temu
11 is the best.
I'm Craving Sushi
I'm Craving Sushi Miesiąc temu
Matt Smith
Lucretia Mott
Lucretia Mott Miesiąc temu
David Tennant is my all-time favorite Doctor 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Kronos Gaming
Kronos Gaming Miesiąc temu
Jodie is my favorite definitely
gamer v
gamer v 2 miesięcy temu
David Tennant is my doctor
Emmerson Nicholls
Emmerson Nicholls 6 godzin temu
This video triggered me
lcyw20 10 godzin temu
The Kind-of-There-a? Are you trying to bring out the Dalek in me, Screen Junkies? I am still mourning her! :_( (Long vigils)
lcyw20 10 godzin temu
Clara... :_(
Master Yoda
Master Yoda 19 godzin temu
This was brilliant
Cheyne Pella
Cheyne Pella 21 godzinę temu
New timeline New timeline!
Cheyne Pella
Cheyne Pella 21 godzinę temu
Do Mortal Engines! Cause you know it’s going to be a Flop!
coulsonskids Dzień temu
okay you can make fun of doctor who being Really british but don't pretend any american sci fi/fantasy thing doesn't do Exactly the same thing for america lmao. are there any non american avengers? i mean... im sorry black widow doesnt count shes Barely russian- no accent, no history. and thor is an alien.
Isabelle K
Isabelle K 2 dni temu
8:39 WHO is that!!
HellMinion88 2 dni temu
still waiting for Ace (or a descendant) to make a reappearance D:
Gogeta 2 dni temu
Forget to show missy saying doctor who
awesome one
awesome one 2 dni temu
Jodie doctor is aweful.. season 11 is bad..
LadySif1999 FanAccount
David Tennant!!!!
Hafsa Rasheed
Hafsa Rasheed 3 dni temu
this didn't make my day. it made my life.
Sydney MacDonald
Sydney MacDonald 4 dni temu
11 is my favourite with 10 as second. I love how quirky 11 was. Cried when he regenerated
IceVeins 4 dni temu
"i think you need a doctor" " you recommend"
mfwebb AJ
mfwebb AJ 4 dni temu
This is great
Matteo Rizvi
Matteo Rizvi 5 dni temu
Do Daredevil plz
Vitória Rodrigues
Oh my god. This is amazing.
Luke Wines
Luke Wines 5 dni temu
Staring the guy who will never be ginger
dozierc 5 dni temu
Doctor Who indeed.
cat 6 dni temu
series 4 is the best series so jot that down.
cat 6 dni temu
british television peaked with 2005-2010 doctor who
Ryan Rooney
Ryan Rooney 6 dni temu
*It can be anywhere in the universe but is usually in London*
Mike T West
Mike T West 6 dni temu
Kylie Minogue isn't British ;)
Fra Alberigo
Fra Alberigo 6 dni temu
Just to clarify, Kylie Minogue is Australian, not British. We just ended up stuck with her.
Fire Breathing Bitch Queen Lilith
Scary Poppins... 😂😂😂 I’m d y i n g
Istvan Palanki
Istvan Palanki 6 dni temu
This show was so awesome wheni watched it but now it looks so lame
Crazycatgirl 99
Crazycatgirl 99 7 dni temu
Oh god an American with the most British show 😂
Opgamer 23974
Opgamer 23974 7 dni temu
why is this so accurate
Chris Williams
Chris Williams 7 dni temu
"So internet commenters?" Hahaahahahaha.... Hey wait a minute.........
Maarek Steele
Maarek Steele 7 dni temu
Sooooooooooooooooo..............hes basically a serial killer of young women?
Autobot Productions
Doctor Who? That's what I wanna know!
Venazone 8 dni temu
Christopher Sage
Christopher Sage 8 dni temu
i was waiting for BoJack Horseman’s Doctor Hu to pop up 😂
magicalmerlin5 8 dni temu
SCARY POPPINS!! Nothing could be a more apt description of missy Also: CASSANDRA IS HOOCH?!?!?!?! WHAAAAA
what is this
what is this 8 dni temu
Wait but to fans he's actually a funny man with a timemachine who takes ladies on adventures
Mark Shortirdge
Mark Shortirdge 8 dni temu
8:40 - Jonathon Pryce / Jim Broadbent / Jim Broadbent
you wut m8t
you wut m8t 8 dni temu
Doctor who
Aiden macritchie
Aiden macritchie 9 dni temu
Do miracle
Sparrow 9 dni temu
I stopped watching when they got that peter guy, i really dislike him. and i don't know why.
Trish Young
Trish Young 10 dni temu
Honestly one of my favorite episodes to date :)
Adriaan Sluijs
Adriaan Sluijs 10 dni temu
funny how you showed only 3 seconds of the last doctor. Seems like you want people to get hype for everyone up until doctor 13 and she's just an afterthought. I approve.
Muhammad al-Khwarizmi
High-quality roast
Fanofmanythings 10 dni temu
Every British Actor... Dang u ain't lying. There's like 40 British actors? lol
Alana Perry
Alana Perry 10 dni temu
"David Tennant: The unquestioned master of staring sadly into the middle distance"
Adeline Purdy
Adeline Purdy 10 dni temu
Enjoyed this video, but kinda sad you only gave Jodie ten seconds...
Adrian Mango
Adrian Mango 11 dni temu
he is a doctor, just not a practicing doctor
Lubble-1397 11 dni temu
The show died after Tennant left
Iiris Toivokainen
Iiris Toivokainen 11 dni temu
My doctor is Jodie Whittaker, even though the writing is terrible, her acting is great. I hope that Chibnall will leave and Jodie will stay so we'll finally get some quality content.
Donna Jones
Donna Jones 11 dni temu
John Cleese and Billy Connelly were never in Doctor who lol
Bruce 12 dni temu
Say it with me. Season 11 and 12 DID NOT HAPPEN!
WankersCramp69 12 dni temu
Do the Super Mario Bros Super Show! And the other Mario cartoons.
Sunday Cat
Sunday Cat 12 dni temu
"every other british actor", shows Nicole Kidman...
Epic Nerd
Epic Nerd 12 dni temu
david tenant reigns supreme. all others are inferior. and also they shouldn't have continued the show after season 5
Julia Mel
Julia Mel 13 dni temu
8:40 you couldve done every actor from Eastenders too that would be funny
Kristian Orellana
Kristian Orellana 13 dni temu
Alice Kidd
Alice Kidd 13 dni temu
Cyber men-my life.
PinkPerfectPeach 13 dni temu
Omg a LOT of people on Doctor Who were on Merlin first!
Jessica Caron
Jessica Caron 14 dni temu
Ku Chan
Ku Chan 14 dni temu
I think, "Dalek" to you is like "Penguin" to Benedict Cumberbatch :3 Please say Dalek again
Jesse Grant
Jesse Grant 14 dni temu
9 AND 10 😊
vcrbetamax 15 dni temu
I believe you mean “whom”.
Jurassic Productions SFM
smalltime0 15 dni temu
In fairness, a few of the clips you showed was the Doctor lying. Cause he/she actually lies a lot.
•Φ• 15 dni temu
Just because the Doctor is a Female now is not a free pass to be extra racist or sexist. What the F is the BBC doing now? This is worse than a Dalek invasion. EXTERMINATE
Camille Creations
Camille Creations 15 dni temu
It would have been funny if he mentioned the fact the sonic screwdriver doesn't work on wood lol
Butterslingshot 15 dni temu
PLvid: *Sees Swastika in background* You: I can explain! PLvid : *BAN*
Butterslingshot 15 dni temu
eitanoid os
eitanoid os 16 dni temu
Bri Goose
Bri Goose 16 dni temu
British drama what do you expect,
Bri Goose
Bri Goose 16 dni temu
Doctor who made pc by the woman doctor and the doc before her......shey ruined doctor who. Now apparently she's leaving ..let's see if it improves
The Bubonic Plague
The Bubonic Plague 16 dni temu
I choked
The PotFather
The PotFather 16 dni temu
now do it again but with how the show went this season
Dead pool
Dead pool 16 dni temu
The doctors greatest rival... Chriiiiissstmas
Jurassic Productions SFM
+Dead pool XD
Dead pool
Dead pool 6 dni temu
+Jurassic Productions SFM 😂😂
Jurassic Productions SFM
Jack Fletcher
Jack Fletcher 16 dni temu
Matt Smith is the best
Lilith V.
Lilith V. 16 dni temu
I've never watched any Doctor Who, but man that shit is more British than Blackadder
Silver Anna
Silver Anna 17 dni temu
"Basically dating with out the sex" lmao
Mika Williams
Mika Williams 17 dni temu
he a sad boi, that david
Kristy Spy
Kristy Spy 17 dni temu
Michal Dvorak
Michal Dvorak 17 dni temu
Stull kind of waiting for twist in form of: I am doctor!!! Doctor of what?
Israel out of Palestine
Doctorette whoette
hello99127 17 dni temu
Also every British Actor: Merlin Edition (Colin Morgan, Angel Coulby, Richard Wilson, Anthony Head, Tom Hopper, Adetomiwa Edun, Joe Dempsie, Michelle Claire Ryan, Georgia Tennant, Sarah Pairish, Eve Myles, Pauline Collins, and John Hurt)
Scott Stalcup
Scott Stalcup 17 dni temu
Sums up why I really don't like the series since its revival.
Yes it is I, Satan
Yes it is I, Satan 17 dni temu
I love Matt and David but Jodie actually really good too! She's adorable and reminds me of Matt
Crepitus 18 dni temu
doctor who is as good as the writer makes them to be. latest series is trash.
lord darkmoon
lord darkmoon 18 dni temu
Chibnal has most likely fatally wounded the doctor.
Jurassic Productions SFM
sadly i don't think it will ever recover...
rachelcb123 18 dni temu
Do Crazy Rich Asians!
Goabnb94 18 dni temu
"None of the continuity matters" "Well at first, Rory wasn't on the TARDIS, then he was, then he died, then he never existed, then he was made of plastic and then I rebooted the universe"
aqdrobert 18 dni temu
The Doctor is a pair of ducks...
Florence Knarr
Florence Knarr 18 dni temu
I died when you said Oods
Electro Man
Electro Man 18 dni temu
Lady Who is nothing but Poo !!!
Songbird 18 dni temu
Christopher Eccleston being the "Leptover", nice joke nice reference
Wonderful Times
Wonderful Times 19 dni temu
Ten will always be my doctor season 2 is my life
CLooLoo 19 dni temu
Well done! 😂
Michael_Liddle 19 dni temu
Kylie Minogue is Australian...
Gaynor 19 dni temu
@Screen Junkies - You mean *Who* is your Doctor. Btw, you used a photograph of Kylie Minogue and referred to her as "British". She's Australian!
Wannabe_Baby 20 dni temu
This just reminded me of how horrible the RTD era was.
Katie Kate
Katie Kate 20 dni temu
David Tennant is my doctor.
CoderMonkey Nathan
CoderMonkey Nathan 20 dni temu
Love the comparison of Internet commentators = Darleks