Here's Why the Ferrari Portofino Is Worth $250,000

Doug DeMuro
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The Ferrari Portofino is the latest Ferrari -- and it's amazing. Today I'm reviewing the Ferrari Portofino and I'm showing you all the great features -- and I'm also showing you why the Portofino is one of my favorite Ferrari models.
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18 paź 2018

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Komentarze 4 437
A-Vids Car Channel
A-Vids Car Channel 3 godzin temu
buy an 812 and get over it
Jst Drv
Jst Drv Dzień temu
Doug is the type of guy
TheRealSamPreece Dzień temu
gta 5
Pranjal Pathak
Pranjal Pathak Dzień temu
I hate these new keys start stop button shit i would prefer traditional key system in a car like ferrari
austin steuck
austin steuck 2 dni temu
Doug's the type of guy to drink with his pinky up for fun
Boss McSauce
Boss McSauce 2 dni temu
Doug the type of guy to check out a stripper’s quirks and features
Nick Georgoudes
Nick Georgoudes 2 dni temu
Doug doesn't miss any details!
shawn price
shawn price 3 dni temu
Doug is the type of guy that takes multi vitamins before he goes to bed
Tub You
Tub You 3 dni temu
this is you dont know shit about cars!
The Micro-Cultivator
Don't make a calligraphic comment when you know nothing about calligraphy ;)
Michael R
Michael R 4 dni temu
Such a gorgeous car. Ferrari is going to do very well with this
comeberza 4 dni temu
so fucking beautiful and seems useable
TY Adustar
TY Adustar 6 dni temu
Thanks, Doug.
Mythical Vigilante
3:32 Typeface is the word. Fonts only exist in computers.
GTRProDiman 8 dni temu
They copied gta look at the back on the real life vs gta fake Ferrari
Abhay Achal
Abhay Achal 8 dni temu
the finish is very bad
Jean Moins
Jean Moins 8 dni temu
I wonder, how comes we're in 2018, soon in 2019 and even the best cars in the world still have laggy screen ?!! I mean, even my Iphone 4 has less lags than this screen...
Overcast Friday
Overcast Friday 9 dni temu
The California was extremely popular in Beverly Hills back in it's day. As if everyone's accountant said, this is the most Ferrari you can deduct on your taxes.
danielle lee
danielle lee 9 dni temu
Looks like Nissan Silva
Stephen Hunt
Stephen Hunt 9 dni temu
For those criticizing the cloths if you knew any super car owners you would know that’s pretty much the way it is. Who reviews in a suit?
Azmain Zaman
Azmain Zaman 10 dni temu
You didn’t show the front of the car.
schwarzenemes 10 dni temu
Now imagine the deployable roll bars explode... right in to the back of your neck/head? Who ever thought of that thing without any head rests?
Vortex Video Games
Vortex Video Games 11 dni temu
This is my dream car. I'd rather have this than anything else. It's beautiful and does everything you could ever want. Unreal! ...Someday man.
Bimmer man
Bimmer man 11 dni temu
The e39 m5 still looks better and drives better !!!!
chuchu36 11 dni temu
I think the score of practicality can be a bit higher
JC 11 dni temu
I never thought much convertibles or even Ferraris in general, but this thing is absolutely stunning to look at. "Not a real Ferrari" my ass
chaingang76 12 dni temu
funny guy .. who trusts him such a car?
John 12 dni temu
Portofino and Rolex Datejust,both made to force people to splurge on stuff they don`t REALLY want but have to buy to get the more attractive models
mongopoju 12 dni temu
720s is only 30k more than the Portofino
Michael Gray
Michael Gray 14 dni temu
Styling for sure 9
Kirill Kuznetsov
Kirill Kuznetsov 14 dni temu
peep the karma pulling into the dealer
UNITEDKINGDM __ 15 dni temu
Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi 15 dni temu
video seemed a bit biased
game freaks
game freaks 15 dni temu
Ferrari 458 spider also costs the same .
Diman776 15 dni temu
Please don't forget to add metric torque (N*m)
Lori K.
Lori K. 16 dni temu
And I think it's one of the most "pure" beautifully designed Ferrari's ever. So simple and understatedly refined!
Lori K.
Lori K. 16 dni temu
Sorry, Doug is the Rare kind of guy who's compellingly addictive! Can't stop watching him.......
Dirg Ramsey
Dirg Ramsey 16 dni temu
I know this has probably been answered but what does Doug do for a living? Where does his money come from?
Captain Fangle
Captain Fangle 16 dni temu
Doug the type of guy to pee out his window onto his neighbors lawn at night when hes to lazy to get to the bathroom with his wife in the room
e ennis
e ennis 16 dni temu
Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s just keep getting uglier every year. The last beautiful cars were built in the mid to late eighties.
Erick Cervantes
Erick Cervantes 17 dni temu
Can you do a review of the 2018 Nissan murano midnight edit
Jason Lu
Jason Lu 17 dni temu
That key hole on the door is the real eye sore.
another word
another word 17 dni temu
we want do video whit golf 5 mk5 please
Alex K
Alex K 17 dni temu
This ferrari's infotainment system is doug's absolute joy!
Nicholas brice
Nicholas brice 18 dni temu
I want this. NickyB2313, Instagram
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 18 dni temu
shinnyspace 18 dni temu
can you review fisker karma?
sateanjing 19 dni temu
seriously ? original california looks 100 times better than the T. this portofino is just wise : Original Cali 10/10. Cali T 1/10. Portofino 6/10.
River Rhyva
River Rhyva 19 dni temu
D brandon
D brandon 20 dni temu
Beautiful Car Doug.
Vhilan 20 dni temu
5:58 Was waiting for the seat to eject.
Viktor Hilal
Viktor Hilal 20 dni temu
Doug is the type of guy to align all the wheels so the logo is upright
DerpMaster Hd
DerpMaster Hd 20 dni temu
250k for a ferrari , 590hp entry model ferrari 180k for a gtr nismo which usually screws some modern ferrari models without modifications..
kilari sarath kumar
ugliest engine compartment ever i saw in a ferrari
Jay Suttle
Jay Suttle 20 dni temu
one word --- NICE !!
A. Shelby
A. Shelby 21 dzień temu
Cars have plastic child car seat anchors? Where? Every car I've seen or owned has metal hooks in that spot... Plastic isn't very strong.
Optics R US
Optics R US 21 dzień temu
That was not just then wind. That car SPUTS like crazy when in idle mode. Then the engine dies... Put Pu Put Grumble Put Put.
Clark Schlesinger
Clark Schlesinger 21 dzień temu
where the fuck is this being filmed, the cliffs of Dover are in the background
Nerses Grigoryan
Nerses Grigoryan 21 dzień temu
I Don't get it, a lot of those options such as one button for both ( front, back ) windows, the seat adjustment trough entertainment system, the dual hinge trunk for the hard top retraction, etc.. you can find even on 2013 Mercedes SL class. Why would you describe it as a very interesting new option? :) Its good you didn't call the 5 spoke wheels as a Ferraris exclusive invention for all new Portofino :)
Ashley Johnson
Ashley Johnson 22 dni temu
nice shirt doug . got to love new zealand
Shantanu Ojha
Shantanu Ojha 22 dni temu
wee ne a la ferrari doug review
Josh S
Josh S 22 dni temu
20:46 = my face throughout the whole video😱
T5766L 22 dni temu
Doug,the walking car encyclopedia..
Paul Thomson
Paul Thomson 22 dni temu
Wow! That's a ferrari , looks dreadful
Ducksauce 22 dni temu
11:40 Speak for yourself! Now typing exploding rollover bars into the search bar. Edit my google search taught me that they are not explosive. They can also easily be reset if you some how activate them in most cars also.They have a spring with teeth that catch and keep them from pushing back in kinda like handcuffs latch. The very early versions had some explosive ones though.
ClayMore 23 dni temu
Background nice asf
Do You know.?
Do You know.? 24 dni temu
Tamil movie music for roof open wow😍
Antonio Carlos
Antonio Carlos 24 dni temu
You didn't mention about body stiffness or flex that convertibles tend to have. Would be interesting to know. And how it compares to the old California Ferrari.
Максим Шило
Hi Doug, can you make test drive on Alfa Romeo 159?
Ivan Bryan
Ivan Bryan 24 dni temu
Doug is the type of guy that sings showtunes while taking a dump in public toilets
rudi masruhi
rudi masruhi 24 dni temu
Bikin ngiler aja...nih mobil
EnzoInOz 25 dni temu
Doug, the guy who high 5's himself after a car review .
John Lopez
John Lopez 25 dni temu
13:40 XDXDXD Look in the background, so distracting.
jason starek
jason starek 25 dni temu
The daily Ferrari you never knew you needed.
Kai Thompson
Kai Thompson 25 dni temu
Doug the type of guy to use yahoo
Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce 25 dni temu
sten260 26 dni temu
doug is the type of guy who gets a ton of type of guy comments
aceysaid10percent 26 dni temu
Doug is the type of guy to jack off on omegle
Tea Time
Tea Time 26 dni temu
Can you do a review on the 2019 Acura RDX
Barrier Boy
Barrier Boy 27 dni temu
doug the kind of guy who reviews ferrari's down by the local mud pit
Edward Peck
Edward Peck 27 dni temu
Looks like they copied a corvette lol
Exqalibur 27 dni temu
whats name of the background music at 14:45?
DHH 27 dni temu
you need 2 turbos for a v8 to make less than 600hp?
anglin greaves
anglin greaves 28 dni temu
This car looks like it’s from 2002
Alex Chen
Alex Chen 28 dni temu
the hardtop works exactly the same as my BMW 440i convertible, except, my car costs only one-third of the Portofino, and the rear seats are much more comfortable, haha
Kylie Kancelled
Kylie Kancelled 28 dni temu
Apparently a Range Rover is a race car
Brad Holman
Brad Holman 29 dni temu
Do more Volkswagen's doug... the CC, Eos, Arteon, Atlas... I know you only like to suck Ford's and MB's dicks... but give some other brands love... ahem, vw..
simonstaiger 29 dni temu
Incredible machinery. Anyway, the trunk layout and the roof design are an almost 1:1 copy of the Mercedes SL R230. Except that in the Ferrari's they are not reliable.
j4ck 29 dni temu
0:31 Why am I surprised that an American Ferrari dealership is using the old 2015 car to show their 16 constructer titles?
Bem-Bem Miesiąc temu
just play
just play Miesiąc temu
Doug the type of guy who s video 's comment section is only about "Doug the type of guy..."
S S Miesiąc temu
Doug is the type of guy to refer to someone else as "buster".
El Marto
El Marto Miesiąc temu
Doug the type of guy that eats a pizza with a fork
Chip C
Chip C Miesiąc temu
You don't know what it's worth, you know what it costs
Chad Baptiste
Chad Baptiste Miesiąc temu
So Doug, I've been meaning to ask about the statement you made regarding US regulations not allowing manufactures to install brake lights on movable components of vehicles: what the hell is up with the Audi Q5? The entire brake light housing is on the lift gate, how'd they get away with that? Or is this new regulations that happened after the Q5's release?
Brandon Zappala
Brandon Zappala Miesiąc temu
Doug is the type of guy that people say is a type of guy.
Darren Ferne
Darren Ferne Miesiąc temu
Looks a bit like a corvette
Dat Bacon
Dat Bacon Miesiąc temu
Doug the type of guy to bring a Prius to a race track
Jay Money
Jay Money Miesiąc temu
the owners manual looks like one coming out of a cheap chinese product.
bernard hervieux
bernard hervieux Miesiąc temu
very good car ferrari!
bernard hervieux
bernard hervieux Miesiąc temu
71 H forza sf ferrari