Here's Why the Ferrari Portofino Is Worth $250,000

Doug DeMuro
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The Ferrari Portofino is the latest Ferrari -- and it's amazing. Today I'm reviewing the Ferrari Portofino and I'm showing you all the great features -- and I'm also showing you why the Portofino is one of my favorite Ferrari models.
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18 paź 2018

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Komentarze 4 733
Eh Moto
Eh Moto Dzień temu
I have that picture of the 575 in my bedroom
Ed Valvonis
Ed Valvonis Dzień temu
Doug is a type of a guy that keeps original Walmart receipts
postelnicu florin
Beautiful car..
Philippe Eme
Philippe Eme 3 dni temu
Nice review as always. Small note: Ferrari didn't invent the 2-windows-1-switch system: my 2003 Merci SL 55AMG has the same
Heejun Suh
Heejun Suh 4 dni temu
Interesting fact: Portofino is the port in Genova
JTS 5 dni temu
No offence but the Portofino is the only logical and practical Ferrari you should get for commute in a city. I mean the high tier models are godlike and that being said, is an overkill for daily use. Plus, the Portofino is gorgeous. Whats there to hate?
dave emanuel
dave emanuel 5 dni temu
Ferrari's interiors are getting more gorgeous every new generation! 5*
baked 5 dni temu
Im 18 and im getting my first car and im going to use it as my daily driver should i get this or a 488gtb? i like the 488 more but im afraid that i can’t daily drive that
SNG Anton
SNG Anton 6 dni temu
he's the type of guy to give his uber driver a doug score
Dragon Man
Dragon Man 6 dni temu
That's nice
Leroy Brown
Leroy Brown 6 dni temu
This car is better overall than the Mercedes-Benz SL you reviewed Doug, but the Mercedes-Benz GT AMG is better looking.
J. Erickson
J. Erickson 6 dni temu
One thing I have learned from this video and others from Douglas is that Ferrari knows very well its customers. I knew the rich and fabulous are eccentric and borderline crazy but this infotainment system says it all: "Let's see which cemeteries are around and by the way, where is the Enzo Ferrari Museum ?"...
fxris xmxli
fxris xmxli 6 dni temu
Doug is the type of guy who showers with his cars.
Daniel Greifenberg
Cool factor only 7? Looks like an easy 9 to me
Ezra Hagar
Ezra Hagar 7 dni temu
GTAV is coming to life with is convertible
Mario Metaxas
Mario Metaxas 7 dni temu
Excellent!!! You managed to make a Ferrari boring
Chalon 7 dni temu
Nega_Weeb 7 dni temu
By far the best looking Ferrari.
Aske 7 dni temu
Please review the Mercedes W123!
SUBIE4estr XT 7 dni temu
10:10 LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO his knees are in the front seat 😂😂😂😂😂😂 11:11 what if someone’s head is hit by the deployable roll bar, then it defeats its purpose
Matt Frazier
Matt Frazier 8 dni temu
My god Ferrari styling is really in the gutter nowadays.
MadXed 8 dni temu
2 windows 1 switch
Karim Salloum
Karim Salloum 8 dni temu
The US really is the dream country to live in for car enthusiasts. 250 grand for a Portofino.... dirt cheap, relatively.
Mujtaba Mufti
Mujtaba Mufti 8 dni temu
14:42 the best feature Thank me later
Braydon Nisbett
Braydon Nisbett 9 dni temu
This is a flagship Ferrari you shouldn’t be ashamed to own. Performance specs are pretty insane and unlike the California. It is a VERY pretty car.
Jasper Sihoe
Jasper Sihoe 9 dni temu
19:00 Spotted an ugly Fisker Karma in the background
42O Bunny
42O Bunny 11 dni temu
who the hell says bowling center?
42O Bunny
42O Bunny 11 dni temu
those window switches would bother me so much... thank god i dont have 250k
Dominic Spucches
Dominic Spucches 12 dni temu
Does it bother anyone else that the back window doesnt go up first?
VinVlogs 12 dni temu
Doug, is the guy that does not care for nice clothes
Carlo Carnevali
Carlo Carnevali 12 dni temu
The rims couldn't be uglier
Ziya Yergok
Ziya Yergok 13 dni temu
no good sound sorry...
James Washington
James Washington 14 dni temu
My favorite car in GTA 5
free Warrior
free Warrior 14 dni temu
Doug the type of guy that wears nicer clothes when reviewing shitty cars! Watch
Revanth Kaja
Revanth Kaja 14 dni temu
When there are so many fakes that he has to say REAL Ferrari 17:36
Idontlikethatshit 15 dni temu
I liked the California..Especially the stacked quad pipes on the 1st generation
mowowie 15 dni temu
gonna have to play Powerball tonight...
Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'
That back drop tho
苗晨阳 17 dni temu
Busa_rdr 17 dni temu
Speech patterns are making my head hurt...
5000 subs with no videos ???
This or a Huracán
aasou 18 dni temu
200j and the wheels look wank
Operation turn them into sweets
Ferrari 488 Pista Spider or this 😅
Matej Pecnik
Matej Pecnik 20 dni temu
This is the car I would own if i had money 😂 greetings from sLOVEnia . We share a border with Italy so of course Ferrari is on my list if I ever get rich hehehe
David Miller
David Miller 20 dni temu
Angel Morgado
Angel Morgado 21 dzień temu
Ever since he started driving I noticed how a line on the left of his seat perfectly matched another line behind it, funny asf too 10 illusions in anime
Tommy 21 dzień temu
I read Portfolio XD
Martin Sabol
Martin Sabol 21 dzień temu
Doug is type of guy who teaches CarMax lesson Do not offer cheap warranty on Range Rover or any expensive car cheaply lol
You're the man now Dog
Michael Tanghe
Michael Tanghe 23 dni temu
The front of the original Cali looked much nicer (not the back side though, they're all ugly because Ferrari, unlike BMW for example, is sticking to the 2000's stupid and "déjà vu" hype of solid convertible roofs, obliging a fat arse). This "Portofino" looks like it has braces and the dentist forgot to remove the jaw separator...And it's just too big to be pretty. Look at the 355 spider for a reference in beauty
Julez Rulez
Julez Rulez 23 dni temu
Wait this is entry?! Wow!
Carlos 24 dni temu
I love cars with visible roll bars, like the F430 Spider. So beautyful.
anthony defabees
anthony defabees 24 dni temu
Doug's the kinda guy to not realize " Doug Scores, " are gay. Who gives a fuck what he thinks the score is?
anthony defabees
anthony defabees 24 dni temu
There is no such thing as an entry level Ferrari. Fuck this guy is irritating, but gets good cars.
Tore Hansen
Tore Hansen 24 dni temu
but but this one don't have a speedometer...
Wither Elite
Wither Elite 24 dni temu
It's the carbonizzer from GTA V
Joey Williams
Joey Williams 24 dni temu
2:57 a fish jumps out the water
Vegas Mitchell
Vegas Mitchell 24 dni temu
199Mph & it's Not a "Real Ferrari"?? if "they" Say So!!
A_B_N Dasilva
A_B_N Dasilva 25 dni temu
حبايبي أشتركوا في قناتي الجديدة على اليوتيوب عشان أنزل فيديوهات مرة حلوة و إضغط زر الجرس عشان يوصلكم كل جديد 🤗
Johnny Pastrana
Johnny Pastrana 25 dni temu
Great review...what a beautiful car.
bingre 26 dni temu
Doug the type of guy that gives 69 points a car on purpose.
mitchell wood
mitchell wood 26 dni temu
and YOU are Doug..................... you should have your own self titled cartoon.
Deen PlayZ
Deen PlayZ 27 dni temu
Wilbur Hein
Wilbur Hein 28 dni temu
Sounds like a golf R😂
2nd_snideelf 28 dni temu
A "lesser Ferrari"? No. Such. Thing.
Farhat sam
Farhat sam 29 dni temu
one luxury car video and bunch of shitty ads started
NoOr Ahmed
NoOr Ahmed 29 dni temu
Hey Doug, I have full respect to who you are and how you own your style, ignoring all those losers and haters out there that havent even got 0.00001% of what you got, but still sit there and make fun of the worlds best car reviewer ever lived, even better than Top Gear them-selves reviewing nonesense, but instead you chose to dissect every car to its last quirks and features causing me to watch the same videos over and over again due to my interest. Your going far and beyond my friend, Full respect!, Ahmed Jassim.
Greg L
Greg L 29 dni temu
Well done
Merce Saint
Merce Saint 29 dni temu
Doug can poop 💩 standing up in a convertible
Merce Saint
Merce Saint 29 dni temu
Doug can poop 💩 standing up
Erik Perez
Erik Perez 29 dni temu
The Good Person
The Good Person 29 dni temu
This guy is kind of a guy a will PUNCH in the face if I saw him, he talks toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much !!! JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP !!!
The Good Person
The Good Person 29 dni temu
They guy talks TOO MUCH
The Good Person
The Good Person 29 dni temu
0:40 They "INVITED" me ... hmm, like you didn't BEG them PLEASE PLEASE just let me stand beside your toy !!
Mrbeing 29 dni temu
I thought you would dismantle this car to show us😞
Tajhe Lamarre
Tajhe Lamarre Miesiąc temu
Doug loves the feeling of his legs being closed
freestyle 7000001
freestyle 7000001 Miesiąc temu
Doug is the type to review Bentley’s and RR’s in Kmart shorts
galiathen Miesiąc temu
Dougs the type of guy id hang with to talk about cars for hours
Johnathan Doe
Johnathan Doe Miesiąc temu
Because that’s what people are willing to pay for one. Case closed.
Erick Cisneros
Erick Cisneros Miesiąc temu
HaHa! One of the specifications is “high emotion low emission”!
Jakob Miesiąc temu
Beautiful display of an american witch an lacking display of the climate at 9:15 (yeah the climate its just something that are and its my human right to pollute all I want and when i want) How weird that they just turn down the motor if it's running for no reason.. not quite' they need to implement stuff like this in some European countries in the approach to take some responsibility for our planet. Here in Denmark, you can be fined for letting you car motors run in idle and it's down to polluting or the risk of people stealing it.
Brendan Obrien
Brendan Obrien Miesiąc temu
The seats are for insurance like the I8 or GTR
Bo Dez
Bo Dez Miesiąc temu
Doug is Clarkson, Hammond and May all in one person.
Tiago Scalioni
Tiago Scalioni Miesiąc temu
Hey Doug, wanna go bowling? Roman
Robert Valerio
Robert Valerio Miesiąc temu
Doug is having fun with all these comments.
Flavio Baracho
Flavio Baracho Miesiąc temu
Essa é bonita porto fino
91myumyu Miesiąc temu
Doug is the type of guy to do his Doug score on an Excel sheet for a PLvid video in 2019
Sean Apodaca
Sean Apodaca Miesiąc temu
I think he said 413 torque . I don’t think that’s correct.
bobby beanz
bobby beanz Miesiąc temu
doug is the kind of guy the more expensive the car he reviews, the more annoyingly smug his voice becomes
OGI I Miesiąc temu
This so called "engineering wizardry" of opposite trunk open to fit the roof inside is nothing new, or surprising, see Peugeot 307 cc for an example...
Mohammad Abdul Muqeet
Mohammad Abdul Muqeet Miesiąc temu
Doug looks comfortable sitting in the back seat
Felice Graziano
Felice Graziano Miesiąc temu
Can you set the satnav to take you to a Ferrari theme park, of which there are two in the world, in Spain and the UAE?
L'America Pictorial
L'America Pictorial Miesiąc temu
The Carbonazarre from GTAV
Ryan Angkasa
Ryan Angkasa Miesiąc temu
Does it have air suspension?
le m
le m Miesiąc temu
Cause it doubles as a lighter? Need to light up? Just wait for the Ferrari to warm up and viola, fire everywhere! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
getbenzd Miesiąc temu
They copied the trunk hinge operation of the SC430.
Great 1
Great 1 Miesiąc temu
Doug is the kind of guy to fart then say excuse me when NO one's around.😂
Ed Valvonis
Ed Valvonis Dzień temu
Oh God this one is nice one
rdizzo1313 Miesiąc temu
Also when your sitting in back it reminds me of Cameron Frye from Ferris Buellers Day Off! 😂🤣
rdizzo1313 Miesiąc temu
The Auto Shut Off is to prevent over heating in the engine bay.
rdizzo1313 Miesiąc temu
That “Entry Level” Ferrari looks better than most of their line.... Im in on this one! 👌🏾🤜🏾🤛🏾
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