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Hayden James - Just Friends (Official Video) ft. Boy Matthews

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Music video by Hayden James performing Just Friends. © 2018 Future Classic Pty Ltd, under exclusive license to Universal Music Operations Limited
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18 lip 2018




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Komentarze 239
David khual Khual
is there no handsome asian man in America..?? all i see in movies and videos are ugly as me😁
Unverified Human
Unverified Human 4 dni temu
why type of genre is this music??
daniel elias
daniel elias 6 dni temu
Progressive AF.
ruus b
ruus b 7 dni temu
Only wankers can dislike this huge tuuuune!! 🔥🎧😍😍😍😍
Alex K
Alex K 8 dni temu
Alex Hayes
jualca nifred
jualca nifred 12 dni temu
This Is so good 🌝
Karen Tisley Manjate
I don’t why but this músic touches me a lot
Catherine Marie Wagner
I'm SO obsessed with this song, obsessed obsessed. Heard it on my Pandora Station, and now can't get rid of it - in the best way possible. This should be a mega hit. I love :)
ephemeral connection
this fucking video is so dope
Hildegard Aravena
Hildegard Aravena 17 dni temu
Marcus NL
Marcus NL 17 dni temu
100% excellence!
ENDLESS 18 dni temu
I can't stop 😓 😍
Abbe Swan
Abbe Swan 18 dni temu
Mano, é real um clipe com a Ondina de Mako Mermaids feat Matt de The Fosters, em que universo eu vim parar??
devon chester
devon chester 20 dni temu
thanks trip jjj
Yeni AC
Yeni AC 22 dni temu
{\_/} ( ●●) />❤>
syouiix 25 dni temu
This sounds like something i’d hear if i walked into to hollister... I love it
David Albert
David Albert 27 dni temu
The first time that happens with someone = magic @1:55
Ina T.
Ina T. 28 dni temu
Who's watched Dance Academy and remembers these actors :D
DJnichs1 Miesiąc temu
is that chritian from dance academy ;)
Thanks N Please
Thanks N Please Miesiąc temu
When it's Late at night Do You recall that night I found my way to your HEART
asia o
asia o Miesiąc temu
dantelo88 Miesiąc temu
Dang.. wasn't expecting would have been better to use the mixmag footage as the official MV..
Julie Moon
Julie Moon Miesiąc temu
Jordan & Issi 💕
Lmao Llamas
Lmao Llamas Miesiąc temu
Who would ever think of giving this song a dislike? This song is amazing!
Naomy Hernandez Montes
Buen tema🤗
Fearless Dreams
Fearless Dreams Miesiąc temu
Love this song! Always gets me pumped before a video shoot! :)
simran hans
simran hans Miesiąc temu
You are enough.
Vixen _Playz
Vixen _Playz Miesiąc temu
when you realise that the guy was from Dance Academy
Darron Miller
Darron Miller Miesiąc temu
I Totally Love this Song... 'Well fuck it we young its just fun'
Jordan Walker
Jordan Walker Miesiąc temu
Take me back to grass
Tiffany BlueRider
Tiffany BlueRider Miesiąc temu
tgig 2k18!! xx
Lucky Nyalungu
Lucky Nyalungu Miesiąc temu
Nice song 100/100...big up bra.
David Farrington
David Farrington Miesiąc temu
Just nothing.
iñaki perez solis
iñaki perez solis Miesiąc temu
Antoher hit!
Diana Rodriguez
Diana Rodriguez Miesiąc temu
Does someone know who the singer is?
J Black
J Black Miesiąc temu
play at 1.25 speed your welcome
Abdel Malik
Abdel Malik Miesiąc temu
That guy's hair is annoying
Amira Halac
Amira Halac Miesiąc temu
thanks for making this video in California!!!!!!
Martin Beck
Martin Beck Miesiąc temu
Awesome vibes, love this song!
Evelyna Eva
Evelyna Eva Miesiąc temu
Who's this charming guy?
Oli Dulko
Oli Dulko Miesiąc temu
JUST FRIENDS &&&&&9076###
DaOneFame 2 miesięcy temu
Wow wow this is dopeeee 💚 💚
iHaveFxckMy Black
iHaveFxckMy Black 2 miesięcy temu
uruky b
uruky b 2 miesięcy temu
m'encanta :)
Freda M
Freda M 2 miesięcy temu
Phil Lynch
Phil Lynch 2 miesięcy temu
Always and forever 🌻💋🌻
Dasho Cameron
Dasho Cameron 2 miesięcy temu
this is such a great song I hope it hits the charts! :)
Unicornios y Gatitos
Unicornios y Gatitos 2 miesięcy temu
Just friends,just friends , im love this song♥️♥️
aina ruiz
aina ruiz 2 miesięcy temu
I want to know where this video was shot. Who can help me?
S&T 2 miesięcy temu
good tune!!!
Alina Krasovskaya
Alina Krasovskaya 2 miesięcy temu
746 people are emotionally dead, smh :/
Captain Msu
Captain Msu 2 miesięcy temu
Isabel durant😍
AnDleX 2 miesięcy temu
This song is pretty damn good, but unfortunately it's quite underrated...
Ravisankar Ganapathy
Ravisankar Ganapathy 2 miesięcy temu
Just Friends with "Benefits"
FreshBeatsCorner 2 miesięcy temu
Hayden James is growing !!
Marianna Grigoriadou
Marianna Grigoriadou 2 miesięcy temu
Why does the humming remind me of POLTERGEIST BY BANKS? 😮
LaZzy Fox
LaZzy Fox 2 miesięcy temu
mobby30 2 miesięcy temu
This song reminds me of a friend of mine. We've known each other for so long that I can't even recall the moment we've met each other for the first time. Then at one moment at my life, snap, she felt like the only one who can be mine for the rest of my life. But she has a boyfriend already so it is impossible rn. Still I am happy, just because she is happy and that is what I always wanted. For her to be happy.
Donald Chung
Donald Chung 2 miesięcy temu
youre a beta male
Norwin 2 miesięcy temu
Such a cool song
Tj C
Tj C 2 miesięcy temu
any express employees here
Nizatul Anuar
Nizatul Anuar 2 miesięcy temu
I found out the way to your heart Then found myself completely lost Whatever, it doesn't matter, we fine I don't need to label how we good time And we don't need to tell nobody, we ride 'Cause fuck it, we're young, it's just fun
Nineta Karidi
Nineta Karidi 2 miesięcy temu
Love it !!! Greetz from Greece ❤
許文哲 2 miesięcy temu
Lily Mundi
Lily Mundi 2 miesięcy temu
the dance academy reunion we all needed
Shofo Pau
Shofo Pau 2 miesięcy temu
isnt that guy from the fosters
mnzo 2 miesięcy temu
Love it! Great beat!
Nevelli 2 miesięcy temu
Alexis and Jay ver. 2 LMAO
K N 2 miesięcy temu
So fucking goood!! 😍🤯👏
Pragya Khare
Pragya Khare 2 miesięcy temu
This humming is similar to some other song....Just don't remember it's it
ibizaradio 2 miesięcy temu
Marcos Fulling /CEO
Marcos Fulling /CEO 2 miesięcy temu
Rockin the nikon nice
おさかな/fish 2 miesięcy temu
Alekhya Bhat
Alekhya Bhat 3 miesięcy temu
here before it's viral?
Madeleine Okwuosa
Madeleine Okwuosa 3 miesięcy temu
wow i love this music soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much this is beautiful❤ 😍💕
Tambo Senghor
Tambo Senghor 3 miesięcy temu
Just friends 😘😎
Kimberley De Bie
Kimberley De Bie 3 miesięcy temu
I love this song but somehow this reminds me of a gorgon city song.
szuaL90 3 miesięcy temu
Good music :)
Domenico Baldini
Domenico Baldini 3 miesięcy temu
I don't know who's doing that fuckin humming but I'm fuckin amazed
Val Moran
Val Moran 3 miesięcy temu
This is art.
AdventuresOfAngus 3 miesięcy temu
This song fucks so hard, don’t think I’ve been so obsessed with a song off the bat like this!!
lucette 3 miesięcy temu
karmahascometocall 3 miesięcy temu
Love 😍 🎶 the Song, Love 💞the Video 🎧👍
DJ RAJE 3 miesięcy temu
amazing song good job
Ivonne Arbas
Ivonne Arbas 3 miesięcy temu
isn't he that "Dance Academy"guy?
Tori Taia
Tori Taia 3 miesięcy temu
Awww Issy and Jordan!! I was waiting for them to dance tho haha...
Tori Taia
Tori Taia Miesiąc temu
Si, ellos son famosos en Australia por bailar. Y yo quería que bailarán. :)
anahi cotto
anahi cotto Miesiąc temu
no les entiendo nada ablan español
Duyên Phạm Nguyễn Kỳ
Like this😍
Kelly Mpinda
Kelly Mpinda 3 miesięcy temu
Thanks to sangdo from xeno-t for this lit song😻🔥
Chrissy T
Chrissy T 3 miesięcy temu
Karina Guitton
Karina Guitton 3 miesięcy temu
That humming is soooooo catching!! 😍 Love this song from the very first time!! 💓 And play repeat button a hundred times and more!!! 💕 Love from Argentina 🇦🇷❤️😘!
iconictvmoments 3 miesięcy temu
Such a dance academy throwback
kutay ars
kutay ars 3 miesięcy temu
Good job bro
Yooo Youtuber
Yooo Youtuber 3 miesięcy temu
Mermaid Life
Mermaid Life 3 miesięcy temu
Any mako mermaids fans out here??!!
Dasho Cameron
Dasho Cameron 2 miesięcy temu
what lol no
Annie Markle
Annie Markle 3 miesięcy temu
Mermaid Life not Mako mermaids fan but H2O mermaids fan yes and why that comment here by the way?😂 hahah
Isabel Durant
Isabel Durant 3 miesięcy temu
YOOJIN JUNG 3 miesięcy temu
who is that guy? so cute
missymoo 3 miesięcy temu
I’ve been OBSESSED with this song since I first heard it! Great video too looks like the best date ever lol
KnifeNoScope [AMV]
KnifeNoScope [AMV] 3 miesięcy temu
Same!!! I listen to it everyday since the first time I heard it
Martine 3 miesięcy temu
Archie V
Archie V 3 miesięcy temu
OMG i was looking for this song for so long... :D
nguyen thu
nguyen thu 3 miesięcy temu
Isabel Durant
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