Hawaii volcano ALERT for ‘EXPLOSION within 24 hours’ - latest updates as Big Island braces

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😍 Hawaii volcano ALERT for ‘EXPLOSION within 24 hours’ - latest updates as Big Island braces
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- Content:THE HAWAII volcano could erupt again within a matter of hours with experts warning an “explosion” is expected within a day.
Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has been erupting since last month with several huge blasts sending rocks, gas and smoke through hundreds of meters across the US state.
Homes have been destroyed and hundreds of residents have been forced to evacuate as lava and poisonous gases make neighbourhoods uninhabitable.
And experts have now warned another explosion is expected “within 24 hours” as pressure builds up in the Hawaii volcano.
Today the US Geological Society (USGS) said “vigorous eruptions of lava” continue to burst from the crater - with worse still on the way.
A status report issued this morning said: “If the recent pattern of these explosions is repeated we expect the next small explosion to occur within 24 hours.
“Lava fountaining from Fissure 8 continued throughout the day, topping out at about 200 feet in height.
“Volcanic gas emissions remain very high from Fissure 8 eruptions. Trade wind conditions are expected to bring vog to the south and west sides of the Island of Hawaii.”
Meteorologist Pete Caggiano said the volcano’s eruption was so unusual it necessitated a winter weather warning.
He said: "Lava flow has actually prompted a winter weather advisory for the summit of the Big Island.
"Lava is entering into the ocean that is creating a lot of steam. As that steam rises up it cools and falls back down as freezing rain and fog.
"I have never seen this before. This has sparked a winter weather warning for above 12,000 ft. There are ice on the roadways so this is creating dangerous conditions.
"This weather is yet another unusual byproduct of this lava flow that continues to emerge."
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11 cze 2018

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