Hawaii's Volcano Erupts, Spews Ash 30,000 Feet | CNBC

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NBC's Miguel Almaguer reports from Hawaii that a volcanic eruption spewed ash 30,000 feet in the air.
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Hawaii's Volcano Erupts, Spews Ash 30,000 Feet | CNBC



17 maj 2018

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Retro dealer 64#
Retro dealer 64# 8 miesięcy temu
How funny looking a Punjab speaking clear English look so strange😵.
P. Hamilton
P. Hamilton 8 miesięcy temu
Even volcanos dislike the Leftist cancer in Hawaii....
Bone Yard
Bone Yard 8 miesięcy temu
Mother nature is awesome.
R Mo
R Mo 8 miesięcy temu
put water....
Elko Bill
Elko Bill 8 miesięcy temu
NBC news alert: Mt. Kilauea is having a wet dream about Mt. Helens. More news at 11.
Manuel Gómez
Manuel Gómez 8 miesięcy temu
The coin GRAM will grow in tens of times! I advise to buy in advance
David AuFrance
David AuFrance 8 miesięcy temu
Maybe take the (deleted expletive) banners down so we can see the pictures - ya think.
Ripster 8 miesięcy temu
Did you censor your own comment?
JpoZ 8 miesięcy temu
Can you smell....what the cooking?!?!?!
sun shine
sun shine 8 miesięcy temu
😂😂😂😂😂 so inappropriate
Jesus Gimenez
Jesus Gimenez 8 miesięcy temu
q malo eso lo q esta pasando
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