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Harry Styles - Two Ghosts (live in studio)

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'Harry Styles: Behind the Album - The Performances' is out now only on Apple Music:
The film sees Styles performing all 10 tracks from his full self-titled debut and is an extended look into the performances from 'Harry Styles: Behind the Album,' which premiered on Apple Music earlier this year:
Harry Styles' self-titled debut album is available now:




31 sie 2017



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Komentarze 30 562
한화우승ᆞ 4 godzin temu
His voice sounds like freddie
fairuz tsania
fairuz tsania 5 godzin temu
Julia Materna
Julia Materna 7 godzin temu
Harry back 😢😢😢i love you😍😍😍
ujan dey
ujan dey 11 godzin temu
The song has a similar vibe like revelry - kings of Leon
Gaziza 11 godzin temu
wow, nice!!!!💥💥💥💥💥💥👏👏👏👏👏👏🤘🤘
Gaziza 11 godzin temu
прекрасная песня, понравилась с первой ноты{!!!👍👏👏👏👏👏
Ale Torres
Ale Torres 15 godzin temu
i love you so much 💛
valouxxx5 16 godzin temu
What depression feels like #thisisepic
Emma doris
Emma doris Dzień temu
I give it 5 stars ⭐⭐🌟⭐⭐
Jacky Herrera
Jacky Herrera Dzień temu
Esta canción es hermosa 😍 Pero Juntos como One Direction hacen cosas maravillosas 🤭😍
Pramesh Shrestha
Pramesh Shrestha Dzień temu
Love this song 👌 Need more song like this 😍
Rafaela Rodrigues de oliveira
I love you harry
Brendon Oliveira III
Music Beautiful 😍😍😍
Brendon Oliveira III
Two Ghost 😍😍😍😍😍
Supisara Pakdeekij
I love Harry Styles so so much And i love One direction so so much oh my goshhh😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
RiRi 2 dni temu
Hrisika Das
Hrisika Das 2 dni temu
I just feel tear streams all over my face.... you're legend Harry,,,love u so much♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Iasmin Venass
Iasmin Venass 2 dni temu
Mano todos os vídeos que eu vejo ele cantando essa música ele tá com os olhos marejados
Ha dir
Ha dir 2 dni temu
هاري انت تستاهل كل الخير وينقصك شيئ فقط في هده الحياة وهو الايمان بدين الاسلام و انا اتمنى اعلم انك امنت بالاسلام قبل وفاتي كي يرتاح قللبي ساصل الى قمة سعادتي لو انا التي من اقنعتك بالاسلام .يا رب هده اميتي الوحيدة اروجك استجب لدعائي
Tricia Ebdrup
Tricia Ebdrup 2 dni temu
When people say no one is perfect me: Harry Edward Styles exists?
Lidia Muller
Lidia Muller 3 dni temu
br 2019?? fala serio melhor cantor da atualidade
Mohammad Bilal Ahmad
this song reminds me of someone and cry alot
Mia Eliza
Mia Eliza 3 dni temu
I refuse to admit this is about Taylor
I am Gamer
I am Gamer 3 dni temu
Harry styles pls come back where are you now
Parvin Sultana
Parvin Sultana 3 dni temu
One direction was my heart so now me : trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat ....
Aline Alves
Aline Alves 3 dni temu
Random Person Who took a chonce
Anti/Haylor Logic: “Omg he talked about someone with blue eyes and red lips, it’s about Taylor!” Larry Logic: *insert huge ass conspiracy theory with hundreds if not thousands of evidence*
The Female Marauder
The first 2 lines is he talking about himself and Taylor swift
Jagori Bhattacharya
this makes me nostalgic
Y J 4 dni temu
I'm so in love with this guy!
patou 04
patou 04 4 dni temu
Trop mignon j aime j adore Harry love love love tendresse
COOLALINE ! 6 dni temu
Love the song
Navi Bhatt
Navi Bhatt 6 dni temu
mr harold come back u idiot now its enough i'm not your fan but i admire u a lot
Irum Mehar
Irum Mehar 6 dni temu
1:48 looks like Niall is standing next to Harry. Gives me the chills.
Vanessa Pereira
Vanessa Pereira 6 dni temu
Muito meu amor 😍😭❤️🇧🇷
Tehila S
Tehila S 7 dni temu
He's too good for this world 💔
Breeana Chu
Breeana Chu 7 dni temu
Harry looks like 2013 harryy
Rabbia Faisal
Rabbia Faisal 7 dni temu
Have no words♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
1D PleaseComeback
1D PleaseComeback
Missing Larry. 💚💙
Cute Na Sexy
Cute Na Sexy 7 dni temu
Herlanio Araújo
Herlanio Araújo 7 dni temu
Linda mú lembra final dos anos 80
maría ortuño
maría ortuño 7 dni temu
this song always make me cryyyyyy, I LOVE YOU HARRYYYYYYYY
Angela Mskimi
Angela Mskimi 8 dni temu
3:12 kylie jenner is quaking 😂❤️
Luni Styles
Luni Styles 8 dni temu
Cosa hermosa😍
Izzatul Hamidah
Izzatul Hamidah 8 dni temu
Taylor Swift here's your tape
Zara Evelyn
Zara Evelyn 8 dni temu
Lalo Posada
Lalo Posada 8 dni temu
Extraño a ONE DIRECTION 😭😭😭😭
Lauren Li
Lauren Li 9 dni temu
This is the best song by Harry Styles. I absolutely love it!
Joao Fernando Mascarenhas
Fahim Muntasir
Fahim Muntasir 9 dni temu
2019? How many ghosts? 👻👻
Valeria Sanhueza Miranda
This song sounds like Beck.
Captain Velveeta
Captain Velveeta 9 dni temu
This is our reward for having to listen to One Direction.
La loca Del chon :v
Lo mas hermoso que he escuchado me enamore mas! 😍😍💙💙💙💘💘💘💘💘
Hillary Bustamante
Hillary Bustamante 10 dni temu
in this video his hair is the same of 2013, he looks like 1D era
Ha dir
Ha dir 10 dni temu
I will still love you forever
Grass Light war
Grass Light war 10 dni temu
Two ghosts directly describe about zayn and harry
Bonnie Bonnie
Bonnie Bonnie 10 dni temu
I Keep Telling myself, It isn't about Taylor Swift.
ivs 10 dni temu
still here :) yep
GyeongPil Jang
GyeongPil Jang 10 dni temu
Happy New year harry~♡♡♡
Grazi Cantanhede
Grazi Cantanhede 11 dni temu
The lemon and so sour,that no one can suck.Your mouth is so sweet,that I can only kiss❤
Grazi Cantanhede
Grazi Cantanhede 11 dni temu
Inês Margarida
Inês Margarida 11 dni temu
i melt every time I hear his voice
Nikki Quinain
Nikki Quinain 11 dni temu
Im here because haylor nostalgia hit me
Zara Evelyn
Zara Evelyn 8 dni temu
porque soy yo culeros y punto
you`re stupid, right?
Carmen Torres
Carmen Torres 11 dni temu
i‘m in love with you and your music.💛
Lia Waskita
Lia Waskita 11 dni temu
i miss him so much. i hope i can turn back the time, but i cant. 😢. i hope he always happy with his new one.
Hellanda Is My Sismance
mackenzie simental
mackenzie simental 11 dni temu
hearing Harry playing two ghosts live just makes ur heart burst into a fit of fucking rainbows and unicorns- :’)
Dr.Muhammad Ishaq
Dr.Muhammad Ishaq 11 dni temu
His hairstyle reminded me of the young hawwy. HES STILL SO BEAUTIFUL ❤️✨
Jillpyang bathan
Jillpyang bathan 12 dni temu
I love u harry! I really miss 1d :(
lautaro molina
lautaro molina 12 dni temu
lautaro molina
lautaro molina 12 dni temu
atr perro cumbia cajeteala piola gatoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
lautaro molina
lautaro molina 12 dni temu
te amu jarri estilos
ATASHA'S Videos 12 dni temu
I love his songs💗💓😍😍🤘 Edit: i love him too💓💗😍😍
Amanda Leavitt
Amanda Leavitt 13 dni temu
He is so beautiful. everything about him is perfect i get such a rush watching and listening to him sing
Bernadette Dosch
Bernadette Dosch 13 dni temu
What is it about this guy?!! He has so much sex appeal! That smile, ugh!😍
Monika Oswal
Monika Oswal 13 dni temu
Anyone in 2019💋💋❤️❤️
RiRi 13 dni temu
Candela Jordi
Candela Jordi 13 dni temu
pure gold
Anshul Bhandari
Anshul Bhandari 14 dni temu
Harry is really good but I am in love with his drummer 😍😍
mya kadolph
mya kadolph 14 dni temu
happy birthday baby boy
Chiara Amadio
Chiara Amadio 14 dni temu
this song was written for louis.
Teresa Januaria De Sa
Happy Birthday sweet Angel 😍😍😍😍
k jimena aguilar m
k jimena aguilar m 14 dni temu
Rhoud Ghunaim
Rhoud Ghunaim 14 dni temu
Rhoud Ghunaim
Rhoud Ghunaim 14 dni temu
you're my sunshine that shining my life
Rhoud Ghunaim
Rhoud Ghunaim 14 dni temu
Thank you, thank you for everything you had done in my life, I love you I'm nothing without you, you'll never read this and even if you did, you'll never know how much I love you :(❤
Rhoud Ghunaim
Rhoud Ghunaim 14 dni temu
1:46 I'm dead
lou28hazza :*
lou28hazza :* 15 dni temu
ALL THE LOVE FOR YOU HAROLD! you’re 25 now. I wish you happy life, grammy and 1D come back(this is my dream but shh haha) i love you🥳🥰❤️
Lauren Li
Lauren Li 15 dni temu
Happy Birthday Harry Styles.
Lauren Li
Lauren Li 15 dni temu
Harry Styles, your singing sounds great. It is amazing and I love it.
Angela Mskimi
Angela Mskimi 15 dni temu
Watching u grow old is the besthing in my life
Nevena Mijailovic
Nevena Mijailovic 15 dni temu
Happy birthday Harry❣
عاشقة القمر ابو علي
Happy birthday harry I remember birthday harry but anyone remember birthday harry
JEON JUNGKOOK 15 dni temu
Happy Birthday Harry 💙
Larnia Wiinson
Larnia Wiinson 15 dni temu
Happy birthday to you - Harry styles
phoenix RSG
phoenix RSG 15 dni temu
You+ two ghosts+ LIVE = HEALS body and souL... Pure ❤
Sıla Yılmaz
Sıla Yılmaz 15 dni temu
*happy birthday harold i cant tell you how much i love you* *H* andsome *A* ngelic *R* egal *R* ollicking *Y(i)* mpish
Sweta Sweta
Sweta Sweta 15 dni temu
Happy birthday
Lime Soup
Lime Soup 15 dni temu
Happy birthday to my favorite person on earth ❤️❤️❤️❤️🎊🎊
Alyssa Adams
Alyssa Adams 15 dni temu
Happy 25th birthday Harry !
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