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Hardcore Downhill MTB Racing - Red Bull Hardline 2015

Red Bull Bike
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Red Bull Hardline, the brainchild of Dan Atherton, has been dubbed one of the most epic downhill courses in the world. And there’s good reason for this. Red Bull Hardline with Jeep returned to the hills of mid-Wales this weekend to take on Dan Atherton’s beast of a trail that proved to be bigger and more technical than anything ever seen before in downhill mountain biking.
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Progression was once again the word on everyone’s lips as the riders spent the majority of the weekend getting used to the huge features and technical elements of the track before setting down qualifying times on Saturday.
Former World Champion Gee Atherton was untouchable on Saturday; setting down the fastest qualifying time ensuring that he was the final rider down the course in the finals, but a tyre mechanical meant that he had to limp down the course leaving Ruaridh Cunningham to take the title.
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9 paź 2015

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Komentarze 455
Junior 7k17
Junior 7k17 2 godzin temu
wodzi rey
wodzi rey 6 godzin temu
What's Ruaridh Cunningham bike?
skereee 2.0
skereee 2.0 8 godzin temu
Eso si es de gangstar
joe santo
joe santo 9 dni temu
it must be wicked to be able to ride like that
musicsuxnowadays 24 dni temu
@:30 the guy says "there is no other course that challenges riders like this".................. guess he missed RAMPAGE huh!!
roco pipi
roco pipi Miesiąc temu
No recomiendo para nada energybikes eslo peor en trato y servicio
scream queen69
scream queen69 Miesiąc temu
sensational, cant wait to attend one of these incredible events next year!! show me the speed!
T Dawg
T Dawg Miesiąc temu
Hamburger wages for the cannon fodder.
Mark Eastham
Mark Eastham Miesiąc temu
a re run should be given if the bike gets damaged like a flat tire
chunkycake101 2 miesięcy temu
Was there a single frame in this entire video that didn't have product or brand name inserted into it?
Addigan 2 miesięcy temu
i wish i could see the full runs, not a short montage edit of each
salatkopf o
salatkopf o 2 miesięcy temu
I dont want zo like because its exactly on 20000
ツToxic 2 miesięcy temu
Thank you for not putting some retarded annoying music over this amazing commentary.
Saab Marine
Saab Marine 2 miesięcy temu
This is man machines not machines man
Tom Sanderson
Tom Sanderson 2 miesięcy temu
Does anyone know who does the production on these videos? Is it an outside company or does Red Bull have their own in-house team? Really nicely done!
oliver izzard
oliver izzard 2 miesięcy temu
It's nice all the stuff red bull does for sports. Now just make a drink that doesn't taste like bubble gum and might actually rehydrate your body... I'm too old for vodka red bull now.
slavmart 3 miesięcy temu
4:53 starts
The Big Pick
The Big Pick 3 miesięcy temu
Best sport in the world
Solsist Roblox
Solsist Roblox 4 miesięcy temu
Lets be real. If you are not scared, you’re not ready.
mike lit
mike lit 4 miesięcy temu
Fucking leaves
MarioRoskito 4 miesięcy temu
no comments?
Joseph Humphreys
Joseph Humphreys 4 miesięcy temu
Absolutely sick! 🤟🤟🤟🤟
Jasper Schoenmaker
Jasper Schoenmaker 5 miesięcy temu
I never did ride anylike this but i already know i want to do this
stratos spanellis
stratos spanellis 5 miesięcy temu
I have you all with my mtb😀😎
Luke Moto Vlog
Luke Moto Vlog 5 miesięcy temu
my grandpa can do that... just kidding.🤣😂😁
Black Mania
Black Mania 7 miesięcy temu
Wow, this is awesome
Khloe Richmond
Khloe Richmond 7 miesięcy temu
Benja DH4ALL
Benja DH4ALL 7 miesięcy temu
iujuuu team trek
Fergus Johnston
Fergus Johnston 9 miesięcy temu
Awesome I’ve always wanted to ride there but there would be a 90% chance of death
Fergus Johnston
Fergus Johnston 8 miesięcy temu
Haha yeah
Adi H
Adi H 8 miesięcy temu
Fergus Johnston that's why you cut your breaks first be more fun
Yeison Argurlles
Yeison Argurlles 10 miesięcy temu
Saludos desde colombia Me gusta mucho estes deporte me gustari practicarlo
xX Creep Xx
xX Creep Xx 10 miesięcy temu
bernard kerr.
Ezequias Assis
Ezequias Assis 10 miesięcy temu
e noix cara downhill na veia
David Sevilla Masero
David Sevilla Masero 10 miesięcy temu
me puedes vender tu bici me llamo David
oleg konev
oleg konev 11 miesięcy temu
...пацани, у вас , теж є ділянки місцевості, де рубають дерева...Карпати, Україна, там, вже нема лісів...((( Все вирубано і вивезено до Європи(((
Who is P.O.V 2.0
Who is P.O.V 2.0 11 miesięcy temu
They need to have a "who is job" episode here
Sugili Rawa
Sugili Rawa 11 miesięcy temu
abis balap, biji-biji tra balas itu???
Explosion Crew
Clearly a beginner track
Dida Welch
Dida Welch Rok temu
I will wont to do this when I am older It looks like fun.
Tim Hooper
Tim Hooper Rok temu
so tired of flat tires
Tim Hooper
Tim Hooper Rok temu
great ilike it
Downhill -Freaks
super video
gears n' gravel
red bull does anything to get noticed
Sheyli Martinez Cortez
Pordios que esta chido😎😱😟
Jacob Matthews
Looks great fun
Kebdoesstuff Rok temu
hardest track? idea, mount everest without snow
SzczypaToZiomal Filip i David
what first song???
Daniel Prendergast
i have more respect for dhers after this video. im shitting myself just watching this lol.
Bike4Life Rok temu
music 2:25?
Dan K
Dan K 5 miesięcy temu
Bike4Life yes it is
Noah James
Noah James Rok temu
Leonard Haworth
this is not the hardest rampage is
Assasin TO
Assasin TO Rok temu
red bull????this is the worst drink i ever heard
Michael Velasquez
Sigan dh_argentina
Awesome vid!
Lol Fisch HD
Lol Fisch HD Rok temu
Rendi Junaidi
Rendi Junaidi Rok temu
yes offcourse
GetPottedBruh Rok temu
The real "Ginger Ninja" is Optic Scump.
Adam Owen
Adam Owen Rok temu
Where is this I wanna go
Frank Gomez
Frank Gomez Rok temu
vince King
vince King Rok temu
How do they take the impact? Even with brilliant suspension. One man's back flexed slightly.
MTB Boy's
MTB Boy's Rok temu
when will there be a competition in Namibia ??
Leo Sánchez
Leo Sánchez Rok temu
As the background song of the minute is called 1:48
Jack Hobbs
Jack Hobbs Rok temu
Looks so fun but i know I'm in no physical condition to do a quarter of this track, anyone else like this ahah?
Parkour Boss
Parkour Boss Rok temu
Cai grocott
Sick Clip 💪📹🎬
Qwualt Swaggy!
which country is this?
Lucas Rodrigues
ALGUM Br por aqui ? hahah
vanPoll Rok temu
Only thing I don't really understand here is why a flat tire decides, if you win or not. It is not like NASCAR or Formula1 - there is always only one contestant on the track. Why, in case of a puncture, are they not allowed to go up, change bikes and try again? I think your time should decide and not your luck with gear...
johnatan silva
Hheheheheheu br
Hell Pop
Hell Pop Rok temu
Hunter Frazier brought me here
Lucifer Sam
Lucifer Sam Rok temu
Der rasende Randolph
harder than rampage!?
DariusDaro Rok temu
Bubbies . Flat tire 😂
Rick D.h
Rick D.h Rok temu
Yae mano you hare the picture of bike dh for sale q here in brazil and very expensive
Philip Baldassini
I kill to be a professional DH biker
Jolly Fawn
Jolly Fawn Rok temu
ok first of all its not mountain biking it's bmx and u go online and see if theres any tornaments and u go there and race then if u win so many races u become famous
Byron Vinkovic
It is clearly not bmx as they are riding mountain bikes, are you stupid, bmx bikes are for stunting at skate parks, if you rode a bmx here you would probably snap the thing in half, stupid
AVBlaster Rok temu
oh a sport for bitches. Misfits? More like Blink-182. I was just here to see bitches crash.
Callum Bethell
A visit to this place is a must for me this year, are the jumps and lines still useable??
Hungry Dwarf
Hungry Dwarf Rok temu
Hi I want to be a professional mountain biker but I don't know how to go about it I'm 13 anyone got any advise?
Hungry Dwarf
Hungry Dwarf Rok temu
Build myself a little track* sorry I missed out track
Hungry Dwarf
Hungry Dwarf Rok temu
Thank John, I already have a hardtail and I'd say I'm fairly good at mountain biking but where I live I can't build myself a little because ever single price of land near me is owned
John Hoey
John Hoey Rok temu
Hungry Dwarf Get something like a cheap/used cross-country bike. Hardtail mountain bikes are the best to start as they are decently bulletproof and are a good start to learn tricks on I.e manuals,bunny hop etc. Do your research on what you want though it all really depends what it needs to cope with. But please put reliability/strength over weight.
Muhammad Ikhwan
these guys are nuts!! really really have guts to do this hell challenge !! Bravo & Salute !! Respect
Рита пак
У меня толстовка даунхилл
Ball pool Ball pool
mentor Krasssniqi
﴾ ﴿
﴾ ﴿ Rok temu
red bull forcing riders into more and more unnecessary danger just for the profit
THOTH 3 miesięcy temu
their problem is marketing a can of corrosively acidic chemicals as some kind of a sports drink.
Adi H
Adi H 8 miesięcy temu
Getting me to jump off a cliff with a bit of tin between me legs yhh but drinking that death defying gut rotter now that's rebulls problem lol
Nathan Rok temu
_ TL;DR_ in the biking community almost no one forces any one to do big stuff like this it's their choose
Pete the tripod
How blind sighted, these riders do this for fun and the thrill, that's all, redbull help make it happen, now shut up and go ride
Mitchell White
Looks hard
Mitchell White
franck weber
franck weber Rok temu
i love this video
marc sturm
marc sturm Rok temu
welche helmkamera hast du benutzt?
hero MTB
hero MTB Rok temu
can you look at my cannel,please? i started woth yt and i need anything starting help 😉😁😅
ELIÉZER MDM!!! 2 lat temu
Mikhail Kambur
Mikhail Kambur 2 lat temu
Villano Bike
Villano Bike 2 lat temu
Nice video!!!
Szezzer Bros
Szezzer Bros 2 lat temu
what is the first music?
Michael 2 lat temu
crazy motherfu**ers. I just did my first mtb trails today and I didn't think it'd be that challenging 😂
zain irvan
zain irvan 2 lat temu
i like it
Stevonius 2 lat temu
3:04 World's biggest balls!
Matt 2 lat temu
They should be able to get at least a second attempt if they get a flat, just in my opinion. For the sake of competition and fun. Seems too easy of an issue and especially for an event people wait all year for.
Jennifer Moore
Jennifer Moore 2 lat temu
you guys are..... WOW YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!
William Cairo
William Cairo 2 lat temu
Everyone speaks with british accent?
Julian Fernandez
Julian Fernandez 2 lat temu
Smart thing to do is have the guy who designed the course talk with the group in great detail on expectations that lie ahead for them. Next, lead the practice run of the brave souls, this only seems logical IMO, unless this was done already.
Richard Farish
Richard Farish 5 miesięcy temu
The designer of the track wiped out during practice, the designer is Dan Atherton, Gee's brother...
SecretLizardPoliceSquad 5 miesięcy temu
That's what they do with the walkthrough of the course
Nachette 0305
Nachette 0305 2 lat temu
haced enduro mtb con una canondale lefty