Guess Who's Had Plastic Surgery (Katalina) | Lineup | Cut

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Lineup Guess Who's Had Plastic Surgery (Katalina) | Lineup | Cut
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18 sty 2019

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Komentarze 3 413
ThatOne Guy
ThatOne Guy 2 godzin temu
Damn she addicted to touching assess
takerplayer 1
takerplayer 1 23 godzin temu
Researcher Drieson
Researcher Drieson Dzień temu
Good for the trans girl!
Nayyar Rukhsana
Nayyar Rukhsana Dzień temu
lali laliop
lali laliop Dzień temu
ho wait the second one the girl, was she a boy ? O^O hooooooo ! that's weird, and funny, and weird and she looks nice !
Amilia Bell
Amilia Bell 2 dni temu
Why would she want all that plastic surgery? She’s stunning!
Asmr•• Panda
Asmr•• Panda 2 dni temu
4:11 thats a mom from hiho KIDS HHAHHAHAHAHAH
Alight Rose
Alight Rose 2 dni temu
*jeez, they didn't hesitate to touch each others boob's*
Kiersten Cali
Kiersten Cali 3 dni temu
Anyone know what lip plumper that is? 😁
Jakob 3 dni temu
Done the research for you: Instagram Katalina Biondi
Joseph Summers
Joseph Summers 3 dni temu
1:54 Her hands are large. Holy.
LOL GaMing Moments
7:26 Why are yoo gae ??
Handsome blonde Boy
This is dirty
Wafi Yuddin
Wafi Yuddin 4 dni temu
For science 🤣🤣
Noah Ampe
Noah Ampe 5 dni temu
Y’all being like wow that guys so hot can’t believe he’s trans - he’s a guy?? He can b trans and hot it’s nothing special trans ppl aren’t there own separate section?? Wtf??
Aliyah Young
Aliyah Young 5 dni temu
What's her social media?
Mumit Imperiel
Mumit Imperiel 5 dni temu
sirens rafael
sirens rafael 5 dni temu
Can a hot guy send nude plz. It’s for science
Tommy Magee
Tommy Magee 5 dni temu
that girl so gorgeous as is
shay herman
shay herman 5 dni temu
she cringes me
Elanoar Elizabeth
Khushbu Luhar
Khushbu Luhar 6 dni temu
I love her charisma.
Nana Channel
Nana Channel 6 dni temu
Mallory Nichols
Mallory Nichols 6 dni temu
Faun 7 dni temu
When Jhon plopped out that tongue. 😍😍😍
LilMama InPajamas
Lol "For science!" Pffft! Riiiiiight "science" Dr. Evil is mocking you lol
rosesnblunts 7 dni temu
“I look greasy as fuck”
F.C.O F.C.O 7 dni temu
This video make feel pain everywhere and weak😣
Emily DeFeo
Emily DeFeo 8 dni temu
Girl you're perfect the way you are, but you do you boo ❤️
Thomas 8 dni temu
the blonde sure does porn
Isaiah Burlingame
Curtis is day as fuck
Lieke Tolenaars
Lieke Tolenaars 8 dni temu
"They had my breasts removed" "Oh why?" "Because I was born female and transitioned to a male" "Oh my god really? Congratulations!" This was so wholesome I loved it
Kaitlyn Broome
Kaitlyn Broome 8 dni temu
I would love to get lip fillers
Nihilist 8 dni temu
Why have black women got gross huge fat asses?
Rayven Smith
Rayven Smith 8 dni temu
What’s the last boy’s Instagram??
Fortnite epic moments
whos mans is this
Fortnite epic moments
whos mans is this
Michael Moretti
Michael Moretti 9 dni temu
Katalina is GORGEOUS. Why does she want all that plastic surgery? Seriously, girls, I don't know a single man who cares if a woman is short. Most of us PREFER women who are shorter because it seems slightly more feminine and we like to feel "protective" over a girlfriend/wife. (Yes, I am aware that the feminists will go ape-shit if they see my comment.)
Tami W.
Tami W. 9 dni temu
i'm like in love with her
JellyEffx Lo
JellyEffx Lo 9 dni temu
the last one was so obvious lol. I like sensation in my boobs idk why anyone would give that up for a look that only lasts in your youth.
Suniya saredo
Suniya saredo 9 dni temu
Who say big butt is not real my friend she has big butt really🤣🤣 for god gift
Zahra Newman
Zahra Newman 10 dni temu
For some reason she reminds me of brave
sally mcdonald
sally mcdonald 10 dni temu
Dude she wants plastic surgery?! She's so pretty!!!😭😭😲
Katalina 11 dni temu
cool name
Amy Barem
Amy Barem 11 dni temu
The one who is transgender I would love to be her/his best friend
Sid Gillespie
Sid Gillespie 11 dni temu
Katalina is actually a very pretty and charming woman. She shouldn't be so insecure.
Aubrey Cook
Aubrey Cook 11 dni temu
She seems like a perv but a cool 1 I wanna be her friend
Xavier Armstrong
Xavier Armstrong 11 dni temu
That trans guy was so fine
Thirza Ariadwianto
Thirza Ariadwianto 11 dni temu
I see Ethan’s mom from Hiho kids. Am I right...?
crazy qwerty
crazy qwerty 11 dni temu
What's the last dudes @ he was so 😍😍
Olga L
Olga L 12 dni temu
You're so pretty, you don't need plastic surgery
Lilylovepuppy34 dat's my name
*W E I R D F L E X B U T O K A Y*
Kiki Min
Kiki Min 12 dni temu
Last boy! What is your name!? Ur perfect🌈😍😍
Haley Holland
Haley Holland 12 dni temu
Her dress is sky high
Jordan S
Jordan S 12 dni temu
That dress is shorter than her allowable limit of sun exposure.
Edge _Lord
Edge _Lord 12 dni temu
Backup Holland
Backup Holland 13 dni temu
6:00 her h a i r....
Tobi Falola
Tobi Falola 13 dni temu
technically i saw boobies?
Dakota C
Dakota C 13 dni temu
But she is pretty the way she is...
Phoebe Crystal
Phoebe Crystal 13 dni temu
I want to be Katalina's friend.
Cisgender white Male
I was well spooked when the midget waddled out
Demi Maggos
Demi Maggos 13 dni temu
What’s this lip plumper called?
PreZetsche 13 dni temu
She’s so fucking pretty wtf and she reminds me of Wendy ;)
Gary Rice
Gary Rice 13 dni temu
redhead super hottt xoxo.
Taylor Jandebeur
Taylor Jandebeur 13 dni temu
girl your gorgeous dont need any surgery.
Tanya Behrouzi
Tanya Behrouzi 14 dni temu
Tanya Behrouzi
Tanya Behrouzi 4 dni temu
Nikita Chan I’m 15 so...... that’s offensive af!
Nikita Chan
Nikita Chan 11 dni temu
Tanya Behrouzi ur a kid, you are too young, obvi ur short, ur like 9
KEVIN PEREIRA 14 dni temu
That redhead is fine as hell
kaesthetic 14 dni temu
"that booty is real omg what is your diet???" oh yeah i eat about 200 calories of black everyday
Ce Ce
Ce Ce 14 dni temu
What’s the last guy Instagram @
Erin Loraine PCOS
Erin Loraine PCOS 14 dni temu
Who was that first girl? She was stunning!
l sucideblunt l
l sucideblunt l 14 dni temu
She fit tho
Koriander Dreams
Koriander Dreams 14 dni temu
"No way that's your real butt"She asks the BLACK girl XD They're notorious for their huge behinds
A 14 dni temu
Anyone else wanna puke at everyone being so LOL SHOCKED that the last guy was so cute? Trans people are hot, news flash yall. (not trying to fetishize them but I love trans people and hate the idea of being surprised that you're attracted to them) "he genuinely looked and sounded like a guy" you gendered him right but sounded shocked that he 'passed' and addressed him as a dude in the past tense??? Puke
kaesthetic 14 dni temu
i think she was just shocked because in a lot of trans ppl you can atleast kinda tell they transitioned, or aren't their cis gender. He looks like cis male, atleast to me. I would've absolutely never guessed he was ftm trans, I don't think it was meant to be that way but I get where you're coming from
Izzy Narnia
Izzy Narnia 15 dni temu
I wanna get rid of my boobs too
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday 15 dni temu
The gesture is so pretty she doesn’t need any of that plastic surgery
Debbee Coone
Debbee Coone 15 dni temu
Breast reduction when I was 17/18... and I lost all feeling in them... and sometimes the skin will itch but there is no relief from scratching because I cant feel it... however I do feel pain and pressure on them... but I was a triple j... and I went down to a c... but my body wasn't done growing so i ended up at a double d
anfissa koshyyy
anfissa koshyyy 15 dni temu
What is vaginoplasty?
Naoki 15 dni temu
can i just say how beautiful curtis's legs are im in love
YT_Cat Foxy
YT_Cat Foxy 15 dni temu
Her name is spelled like mine except hers has a K mine is C
Raunaq Nambiar
Raunaq Nambiar 16 dni temu
This is like BuzzFeed but better
Lilo Mj Outlet
Lilo Mj Outlet 16 dni temu
Hey..that's Ethan's from HIHO Kids Try mum 04:00
You Suck
You Suck 16 dni temu
The midget is a porn star
Rizzla s
Rizzla s 17 dni temu
So many gay people in your videos wth
Uriel Sandoval
Uriel Sandoval 17 dni temu
Represent spicks their the enemy
Mra Le
Mra Le 17 dni temu
i would have never thought that last person was born a girl he was really cute. thats when i feel like you know someone was really meant to be another gender is when they switch over it just looks right and you cant tell. like he was good looking and he looked like he was always a he like his face his body his persona. like she couldnt even tell and he stayed so calm about it too which was sweet
Chloe Reeves
Chloe Reeves 17 dni temu
Omg that’s crazy the last one though
G- gaming
G- gaming 17 dni temu
“I want people to look at my boobs” LOL
Candice Zhang
Candice Zhang 18 dni temu
I got all of them right..... is that weird..
Breona Moore
Breona Moore 18 dni temu
She’s so upbeat, I enjoyed this video. 💚
Ai Is Kewl
Ai Is Kewl 18 dni temu
2:08 she is absolutely adorable
Lala 2469
Lala 2469 18 dni temu
the trans girl was so hot!!! id hit that
Nigel Andandi
Nigel Andandi 18 dni temu
Wish i had her charisma
BTS_ Army
BTS_ Army 18 dni temu
For science
Franki Barry
Franki Barry 18 dni temu
MORE OF KATALINA!!!❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂
Feyza Türkekul
Feyza Türkekul 18 dni temu
Luna 18 dni temu
what's katalina's instagram ?? or any social media really lmao need it for science
Wolf_ Doggo33
Wolf_ Doggo33 18 dni temu
"lets touch boobs...for science" No, no no...lets do it like this. You give me food(I totally will run away).....for science
Madison Anonymous
Madison Anonymous 19 dni temu
I love her
Soso And Eli
Soso And Eli 19 dni temu
"For science" LOL
Asya.Sco_ 19 dni temu
Holy shit I love Curtis
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