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Gold - Pentatonix (Kiiara Cover) (Side By Side)

Daved Thompson
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This is a side by side comparison of Pentatonix's cover of "Gold" by Kiiara. For best listening experience, wear stereo headphones. Pentatonix will be on the left and Kiiara will be on the right. Due to a copyright claim, only the audio from the official Kiiara video will be included in this side by side comparison video.




15 paź 2016

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Komentarze 64
Kristal Clear
Kristal Clear 7 dni temu
They sound so similar.....
brooklyn paige
brooklyn paige 3 miesięcy temu
Mitch is absolutely amazing!
taurus moon
taurus moon 9 miesięcy temu
She sounds like a robot compared to ptx this just shows how much editing her voice went through compared to ptx’s raw, pure talented version
Truen Mackinnon
Truen Mackinnon 11 miesięcy temu
Best when mixed together
Cupcake Kitties
The funny thing is, I always listen to things with one of my ears off the headphones, so all I heard at first was PTX
Andrea Crystal
Ptx all day every day!! Kiiara cant sing live! She walks around the stage, sings one line, walks more, repeat
Piano Lover
Piano Lover Rok temu
I think PTX is allways better💜❤️💙💚💛
Tmort Rok temu
Can you do Pusher Love Girl side by side?
David _ K
David _ K Rok temu
does anyone in this song even say "gold"?😆
Ravyavy Rok temu
David _ K when I first heard it, both versions actually, I thought it was caught up in my teeth and I was so confused
David _ K
David _ K Rok temu
Oh.... I'm not good at hearing lyrics, I thought it was "got have been my teeth"... Yeah, the real one makes a bit more sense...
Daved Thompson
"gold up in my teeth"
たろ Rok temu
Avi's base is so awesome!! amazing!!!
Zorya Utrennyaya
Sometimes overprocessing the sound makes it hard for listeners to connect with the song and I think that's what happen with the original song.
Simply Shy
Simply Shy Rok temu
i basically was looking at mitch the whole time
Gracie Rok temu
Pentatonix did it better! Who's with me??
Caca_ Fangirl
Caca_ Fangirl Rok temu
Holy crap this is stunning
Kiana Smith
Kiana Smith 2 lat temu
You wanna know how awesome PTX's cover is? At some parts it sounded like the original was remixed with their voices, if that makes any sense lol
Grace Lockhart
Grace Lockhart 2 lat temu
This was so sick! Thanks for this masterpiece :)
odie 2 lat temu
The fact that Mitch sounds so similar to Kiiara and her voice is mixed (no hate), just blows my mind. Even Kevin's percussion and Avi's bass sound so much fuller.
Jesse Torres
Jesse Torres 2 lat temu
Is it just me or was any1 else able to make out more of the lyrics of this song better when they sang the song than when Kiiara sang it?
kirsten pioquinto
I realized this has no dislikes 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Zeynep Dila Kuyucu
Am I the only one who feels like original songs and some covers(like ptxs) fit perfectly together?Like,when I listen them together just like in this video , they both are amazing.They complete each other.But when I take off one of my headphones; I feel like somethings missing.But that never happens when I listen them seperatly.
Unicorn Lady (formerly archiecook55)
The PTX version is way better!
Purity Rimaha
Purity Rimaha 2 lat temu
plossomod topi weinna qerrrua TRANSLATION plossomod topi weinna qerrua
Kainembabazi Sabiti
PTX better by far!
Patrick Notario
Patrick Notario 2 lat temu
pretty voice
Katie Martin
Katie Martin 2 lat temu
Like this sounds so much better since they both have the same tempo and key😍👌🏻
Ziyah Troupe
Ziyah Troupe 2 lat temu
they both was awesome
Aviva Goodman
Aviva Goodman 2 lat temu
Mitch is always on point!
Dangerous Dziwka
Dangerous Dziwka 2 lat temu
2:19 the best part o m g
soapwad 2 lat temu
ilikebeingsmart 2 lat temu
Love this song on the radio, love the Pentatonix version, and after hearing Kiiara "sing" this live, it just proves how incredible PTX is with their singing and covers. So excited to see them live soon!
Ian Lau
Ian Lau 2 lat temu
spirit moon
spirit moon 2 lat temu
... speechless
CreatureSoul446 2 lat temu
The Pentatonix version sounds so much more full to me.
CreatureSoul446 2 lat temu
Daved Thompson Oh, okay.
Daved Thompson
Daved Thompson 2 lat temu
that was intentional. I reduced the quality of kiiara's version to avoid a copyright block, the kind that blocks the whole video worldwide
Zyctor 2 lat temu
Person Person
Person Person 2 lat temu
I love it I'll sub
Curandera99 2 lat temu
This is crazy. So much insane talent!
Bia Lima
Bia Lima 2 lat temu
PTX sounds so much better
Martymcflarry 93x
For me personally, I think pentatonix killed it. The fact that Mitch's voice has the same effect as Kiiara while hers was mixed, blows my mind. PTX is amazingly talented and they slay every song they cover. Jazmine 17
Marty Solorzano🤗
Noemi Missud
Noemi Missud 2 lat temu
Benjamichael Tan
Benjamichael Tan 2 lat temu
kirsten pioquinto
PTX is better in this versh...
Johan Escalona
Johan Escalona 2 lat temu
When avi is more low than the original jaja
Ana Rok temu
cuz he's a bass God
Jenine Van 't Wout
because avi is amazinh
Arthur Fortes
Arthur Fortes 2 lat temu
OH MY GOD, you've made something amazing, keep doing this, I LOVE IT!
Jewel V
Jewel V 2 lat temu
uuuhhhmmm sooooo for some reason when Mitch Kirstie and Scott were like taking turns singing a word all of the sudden i was like if they were highly intelligent spirits or ghost and they sang the song to rhe crew of ghost adventures would they think it was one ghost or 3..... i need help i havent watched that show in months
MallyLiyana 2 lat temu
They sounded so well together tbqh
Lively Luna
Lively Luna 2 lat temu
PTX wins because they give it more emotion
Lively Luna
Lively Luna 2 lat temu
Natania Aspeir visuals dont mader but the way they always lose them self in the music is much more important to look for and to show how much their better soon
Lively Luna
Lively Luna 2 lat temu
Natania Aspeir in both ways.
Daved Thompson
Daved Thompson 2 lat temu
+Natania Aspeir not entirely. the video (as in visuals) was blocked, but the audio was not blocked
CottonBall 420
CottonBall 420 2 lat temu
Emotion? Do you mean in the voice? Cause kiiaras video was blocked. Not looking for an argument either just wondering :)
Chethana RS
Chethana RS 2 lat temu
I don't love this song but the Pentatonix version is definitely much better
PTX Shiela
PTX Shiela 2 lat temu
i love it !! im a new sub
TheMissNynke 2 lat temu
woah that was fast
Carl Khalil
Carl Khalil 2 lat temu
Sweetheart 2 lat temu
Dangerous Dziwka
Dangerous Dziwka 2 lat temu
ptx version is a looooot better
Petty Girlfriend
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