Fortnite | 6 Perfect Landing Locations for Safe Easy Wins (Season 6)

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So, We’ve had season 6 with us for a while and now that everything has settled down a little it’s possible to find the under-appreciated landing spots which will net you legendary loot and in most cases a rift nearby to get you anywhere you wanna be. So here are 6 perfect landing spots for easy wins and more importantly places to drop where you can choose your engagements through the entire duration of the game. As usual I’ve saved my favourite for last although number 1 on the list as a beauty too.
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16 paź 2018

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PlayStationGrenade Miesiąc temu
Got any better landing spots you wanna share? A massive ‘thank you’ to those that have chosen me (Adamaru) in the ‘Support-a-Creator’ event. I really appreciate it.
UnbelievablyEpic Dzień temu
Another great landing spot is what I like to call, “The Old Bridge That Was Destroyed In Season 5 Because Of Moistures Mires Tragic Ending” it’s half in the dessert, half in the grass, there can be up to, 4 chest spawns, lots of floor loot, rifts near by, and if you want some easy kills, it’s also near fatal and paradise.
The epic Gameplayer
I bought slow clap with your creator code on it
The Fortnite Noob
Tilted towers 🤣😂
Fnaf Plushy videos .EXEreborn
Mine are kinda good Viking village, Near risky(edge)
Jared Mancera
Jared Mancera 16 dni temu
Xxligmameme xX
Xxligmameme xX 12 godzin temu
I have 50 wins in solo,41 in squad and duos 23 wins so yea I started in season 2
BLUEFIREZ playz 19 godzin temu
you told them my secret rift spot
ZY Lim Gaming
ZY Lim Gaming Dzień temu
Best Fortnite video I have ever watched so far! Thanks for the tips!
Ryan Horn
Ryan Horn Dzień temu
Can somebody help me win on ps4
Bradlee Mejia
Bradlee Mejia Dzień temu
The transitions are so smooth like *OOOOOF*
Aroydyer1 2 dni temu
At least Tilted Towers wasn't in here :/
Ninjastars 2 dni temu
I put another persons name then i realized it was you
Aidan Costa
Aidan Costa 3 dni temu
wicky wild wild west
Aidan Costa
Aidan Costa 3 dni temu
got 'em
Sharjeel Sarwar
Sharjeel Sarwar 3 dni temu
shotout to you
Sharjeel Sarwar
Sharjeel Sarwar 3 dni temu
please make a video about best location for heavy shotgun
SubVoxX 3 dni temu
I love the little huts, it has at least 1 chest and max of 3!!
night octopus
night octopus 3 dni temu
I went to the castle and the last one guide to the storm
Destructor06 3 dni temu
wait im a legend
I haven't got a solo win but castle is good! I got a four kill solo game with 10th place which is good for me
Sharkorious 4 dni temu
The trailer park near retail and lonely is my favorite.
Hudson   Vlogger
Hudson Vlogger 6 dni temu
I stuck around
Hudson   Vlogger
Hudson Vlogger 6 dni temu
Ohhh Motel!!!
orangejuice WRLD
orangejuice WRLD 7 dni temu
6 no drop locations that will become popular because of you.
ChIcKeNmAdZ o
ChIcKeNmAdZ o 7 dni temu
iPhantom 47
iPhantom 47 8 dni temu
8:02 "because people is DUMB"
Martijn Breed
Martijn Breed 8 dni temu
the mansion next to the race track
Prototype 12
Prototype 12 9 dni temu
I won 20 games when I landed in the castle
GENERAL JAFRI 9 dni temu
Finally, somebody thinks I’m a freakin legend!
Asegdirb Does Gaming
I finally figured out why people land wailing now, i enjoyed landing at the bunker alone. thanks a *lot* for sharing this.
bloodwolfrules 9 dni temu
The racetrack? Ten people? No I land there almost every time and the max people I saw was 2 others plus there are 11 possible chests 9 in houses and 2 outside (both on bpossibke. For the ones outside)
logan Sanchez
logan Sanchez 9 dni temu
I'm a legend
KaoZ123 10 dni temu
won first solo at wild west
DJ Younder
DJ Younder 10 dni temu
Haunted hills sucks.
Gamer panda
Gamer panda 10 dni temu
I know lonely lodge
Team 5 Official
Team 5 Official 10 dni temu
What about Viking village I got 22 wins there yay!
Annas Gym
Annas Gym 10 dni temu
I always go 2 wailing wooods:(
RedPlayz 10 dni temu
Just saying i dropped castle and got 7 kills by killing two people in castle i killed then the rest in pleasant
Oskar Fjeldstad-Bergheim
I like tomato tempel or snobby shores. No one goes there
Blue BLAR 12 dni temu
I made it to the end :D
Arken 15 dni temu
I landed the castle in solo squads and I won that game
dynamo review
dynamo review 15 dni temu
Thanks for the tips, your a legend 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
Cycrostic Gayms
Cycrostic Gayms 15 dni temu
i just got an ad for fortnut lol
Toy Toy
Toy Toy 16 dni temu
What if they aren’t three little pigs but three little llama
Ltd Dockstader
Ltd Dockstader 16 dni temu
The broken houses to the northeast of fatal and southwest of retail are good too. They have great positioning.
Evie Dexter
Evie Dexter 16 dni temu
Your videos are so helpful! All my friends are really good at fortnite but I never really got the hang of it especially with building and the different types of guns. Thanks to your videos, I’m a lot better than what I used to be ❤️
Fortnite Venom Fan2345
Thanks l got a win landing motel
The Random Guy
The Random Guy 16 dni temu
Creepy castle: the other tilted towers *Oh wait*
Pieter Van den berg
I sticked to the end
TheOrca_1st 17 dni temu
5:29 never seen that lol
Mario Kart
Mario Kart 17 dni temu
I Land At Flush Factory
Ninjastars 17 dni temu
Love the music
shroomish squid
shroomish squid 17 dni temu
I like more the destroyed house next to dusty divot and the big mountain i always land there and there is perfect loot
Snobby shores. Everytime i land there i found either a scar or a compact smg
Miguel Shock
Miguel Shock 18 dni temu
if you wanna "try" get some wins like 3 wins a day or even 10, try skybase in either lonely, containers, or risky make sure they are not near to the bus
DizzyMorphMan 18 dni temu
Theres almost a 100% chanse osf a scar
Fortnite Legends
Fortnite Legends 18 dni temu
I made it to the end
As024er G
As024er G 19 dni temu
I have 3 solo winz 9squads 4 duos
Ste er
Ste er 20 dni temu
1 song that Grenade likes 1: wild wild west
Sylveon animations and gaming
wailing bad start I went there and like 5-8 people follow EVERY TIME I LAND THERE and when I see them I pass them and get closer to the ground BUT THEY LAND BEFORE ME AND DON'T USE THE TREE'S or do they I never see them land
Xxredxthebest123 20 dni temu
My favorite part 5:20
Fortnight legen Trolls
Super hero bace
Imagination Makers
Imagination Makers 20 dni temu
Those 5 percent of people who voted 1000+ wins. Your obviously lying.
Ryan Rodriguez
Ryan Rodriguez 20 dni temu
I'm supporting you
TheGorilla 2007
TheGorilla 2007 20 dni temu
Xbox is better but I do like your vids tho
DeadlyDude6000 20 dni temu
I play on Xbox... Can I still watch this
Wynautgaming 20 dni temu
Dislike to instantly live
Super L
Super L 20 dni temu
For fortnitemares fatal fields is a good drop is a good drop it has about 12 chests and it's right next to the ruin where you can get good loot from zombies or players that landed there too.
BasicLatte 20 dni temu
PlayStation grenade:I only play because it's on PlayStation and there's a grenade in it
Melon Baller
Melon Baller 21 dzień temu
Or just drop at Tilted Towers for easy wins.
xd Tds_God
xd Tds_God 21 dzień temu
6:23 I found paradise Palms one yesterday automatically thought three little pigs and tier 100 animal is Werewolf.
Feigenbaum05 21 dzień temu
I’m supporting you and bought a bunch of stuff!
Bionic _
Bionic _ 21 dzień temu
He castle is now good that you can redeploy your glider! To the circle!
Noah Rørvig
Noah Rørvig 21 dzień temu
Sorry Adam, I freaking love u. But I supported LTN. BUT!!! It resets every 2 weeks, and next time. I will support u! Keep up the god dang Amazing vids
Samuel Allen
Samuel Allen 21 dzień temu
Tbh I do get rare loot when there's less people how many people actually know that ?
Samuel Allen
Samuel Allen 21 dzień temu
West world is so bait now tho
Sm00ve -
Sm00ve - 22 dni temu
I love these pro landing spots:)
Phil Jones
Phil Jones 22 dni temu
I won landing there plus i got first win duo fortnite mares yayyyyy
Endofire 22 dni temu
well my psn account is suspended so i dont think i should really be here
Gaming Loozer
Gaming Loozer 22 dni temu gonna talk about the outro...okeh...
IceFurious 576
IceFurious 576 22 dni temu
Now you made everyone land there
Sigfred Stephens
Sigfred Stephens 23 dni temu
Followed first two ideas and won first game
Taynimations 23 dni temu
Well now nowhere is safe because of zombies, they make a ton of noise and are just super annoying
Gaming Freak
Gaming Freak 23 dni temu
Glad you are giving tips to fellow Fortnite Players In need.
random stuff is a sucky channel
i found a scar as spawnloot in the metal three little pigs house
Adam Reynolds - Vlogging, Gaming, more
Now I know not to go to these locations because of this video. THX!!!
super Rose
super Rose 24 dni temu
I each your video's
super Rose
super Rose 24 dni temu
I like your video's
Jiaxi hao
Jiaxi hao 24 dni temu
but the castel have so many people when i land.
Tyskoe 24 dni temu
7 wins. 🤣_😑
GeoPlayzGames For Fun
Everyone with a 1000+ bashes this game and is lying
Jacob Cudlitz
Jacob Cudlitz 25 dni temu
Lol those 5% of people that said they have 1000+ wins are liars
AJ gamer kid
AJ gamer kid 25 dni temu
I've been seeing gargoyles hidden around the map
Đức cfm
Đức cfm 25 dni temu
Salty is quite good this season
Ali a is gay Lord
Ali a is gay Lord 25 dni temu
I think you popularized el pueblo/west world Like if you agree
Manson Arnold
Manson Arnold 26 dni temu
If anyone has over 500 wins they need a life
Jude Bc
Jude Bc 26 dni temu
Yr such a try hard
Harrison Pevney
Harrison Pevney 28 dni temu
like and you’ll instantly have a boner
Whitebond 28
Whitebond 28 28 dni temu
I'm a frreiken legend YeS
C.easium! 28 dni temu
Number three is my normal landing spot
Ultimate 777
Ultimate 777 29 dni temu
8:29 Drum Gun Confirmed
Induced Rhino438
Induced Rhino438 29 dni temu
You wanna win... Land at Lazy Links, loot up, head towards the corrupted zone south of it, grab an invisibility block and launch off towards the mountain west of Dusty in the middle of the map. In the air you will have a huge open vantage point and look out for enemies. Depending on where the storm is, either head east of Dusty Divot or towards Leaky Lake or around the mountain towards Salty Springs. Dusty Divot Path: Head up the mountain with the vantage point of Tomato Temple to find enemies. Either head towards Wailing Woods or back around toward Lazy Links depending on the storm. Leaky Lake path: Either head around Tilted Towers towards the lake and get on top of the mountain around the Northwest of Tilted or go through Tilted Towers to find some enemies. Depending on the storm, head either towards Pleasant Park or Shifty Shafts. Salty Path: Head around the mountain, Get another Invisibilty Block (whatever they’re called) at the corrupted zone near the mountain on the centre of the map, launch to Salty Springs, clear out Salty Springs and Head either towards Retail Row or Fatal Fields. I know this is a lot, but if you follow the first few steps up to the first Invisible launch towards the open area west of Dusty, the path of the storm will direct you through the rest of the game, these will just be most of the desirable paths to take depending on the storm.
DN08 29 dni temu
Lol I’m on Xbox but this still got me a win
Nikos Markopoulos
Nikos Markopoulos 29 dni temu
With ur video in season 5 i got 23 solos now i have 26
Tanay Sharma
Tanay Sharma 29 dni temu
This video is so well-edited!