Fortnite | 6 Perfect Landing Locations for Safe Easy Wins (Season 6)

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So, We’ve had season 6 with us for a while and now that everything has settled down a little it’s possible to find the under-appreciated landing spots which will net you legendary loot and in most cases a rift nearby to get you anywhere you wanna be. So here are 6 perfect landing spots for easy wins and more importantly places to drop where you can choose your engagements through the entire duration of the game. As usual I’ve saved my favourite for last although number 1 on the list as a beauty too.
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16 paź 2018

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PlayStationGrenade 3 miesięcy temu
Got any better landing spots you wanna share? A massive ‘thank you’ to those that have chosen me (Adamaru) in the ‘Support-a-Creator’ event. I really appreciate it.
Brandon Bennett
Brandon Bennett Miesiąc temu
Dusty divot it great
GlofonGaming17 Miesiąc temu
Salty hill is good. If u know what i mean. There is 31% to get sniper.
Springy Plush64
Springy Plush64 2 miesięcy temu
The ocean. You die instantly and get nothing. Technically that means nobody else is dropping there.
Noah Luke
Noah Luke 2 miesięcy temu
i think lonley lodge cuz nooody really goes there
Legend 2 miesięcy temu
Another great landing spot is what I like to call, “The Old Bridge That Was Destroyed In Season 5 Because Of Moistures Mires Tragic Ending” it’s half in the dessert, half in the grass, there can be up to, 4 chest spawns, lots of floor loot, rifts near by, and if you want some easy kills, it’s also near fatal and paradise.
Cayden Bourland Bourland
I have 3057 wins
Woo Wop
Woo Wop 18 dni temu
I call West World Mexico
XxDarkDestroyerxX - Fortnite
All them noobs who think they can win now
Wanda Perez
Wanda Perez 23 dni temu
Thank you so much I just got another solo win because I landed a place that you said
Dan Greninja
Dan Greninja 24 dni temu
5:24 I call it tfue town
Neat BOY
Neat BOY 25 dni temu
Does season 7 still have the three little pigs (the brick one)?
ZX18_sacrea 26 dni temu
Jaron Miesiąc temu
MEMEREVIEW Miesiąc temu
Although I play on switch,I still watch y’all
Georgie Pig
Georgie Pig Miesiąc temu
the 3 little pigs one, im going to go to the one in greasy grove ;]
Muffin xyz
Muffin xyz Miesiąc temu
Skybase in close encounters, 0 damage to player but win
Tite Nite
Tite Nite Miesiąc temu
I finished watching the whole video :) Just couldn’t get away from the satisfying kills and win XD
KablamoSolider 987
KablamoSolider 987 Miesiąc temu
My favourite place to land (as of start of S7) is the ice covered greasy grove. Nobody goes there and you can break the roofs of buildings to get inside and loot it. It’s also close to a Quad Crasher that nobody takes
HOOVYLAPSyt Miesiąc temu
Prince Vinggur
Prince Vinggur Miesiąc temu
You watch this video Bet you kill ninja xd
Judas Of Wisdom
Judas Of Wisdom Miesiąc temu
Great video
DahWhy 433
DahWhy 433 Miesiąc temu
Thank you for helping me get my second win
Adventure Prime
Adventure Prime Miesiąc temu
TheAkM07 Miesiąc temu
I actually got a 6 kill win the first time dropping there as my 2nd win
Diamond Apple drawz
Diamond Apple drawz Miesiąc temu
yo me and my team ALWAYS go to the motel. it's so good
MEKHI HEADLEY Miesiąc temu
I just won a solo because of you thanks
Scourgy fortnite
Scourgy fortnite Miesiąc temu
Fortnite for life🙏
Brandi Soots
Brandi Soots Miesiąc temu
Ciara675 Miesiąc temu
Wailing woods is literally the best place to land.
Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson Miesiąc temu
I love you're channel sooo much!!!
laylaa 1611
laylaa 1611 Miesiąc temu
4:09 nah chief, the racetrack is the best landing spot
MisterMeme IsAJoke
MisterMeme IsAJoke Miesiąc temu
It’s weird how I watch PlayStation when I play on Xbox lol
Soha Ehsan
Soha Ehsan Miesiąc temu
Go to the crates only 2 ppl go there with great loot
Shock-X Eclipz
Shock-X Eclipz Miesiąc temu
Thx 4 calling me a lengend
Nobody Ok
Nobody Ok Miesiąc temu
I support you and ur content
Hey You
Hey You Miesiąc temu
I like how they only put 3 ads. Someone *cough Ali a cough* Puts in like 5 or 6 ads
Charlie Miesiąc temu
Dakotaz - we hit those Daequan - we lick toes Ninja - we ban those Dellor - we break those Sumfyhny - we edit those Hamlinz - we sus bros Me - we miss those Epic - we nerf those
Parivish Kanwar
Parivish Kanwar Miesiąc temu
8:00 lol people is dumb.
Awesome Player
Awesome Player Miesiąc temu
anyone noticed the Llama in the back at the motel like if you saw it
Oriond34 Mega
Oriond34 Mega Miesiąc temu
West world gets so many people when the bus is flying over
Zone Miesiąc temu
I didnt win but i placed #2 thx for the tipz
Harry Awesome
Harry Awesome Miesiąc temu
Love the content keep it up😜😜😜👍😜😜😜
sandoval vlogs
sandoval vlogs Miesiąc temu
Please do something better 😓
sandoval vlogs
sandoval vlogs Miesiąc temu
It dose not work
Kacper Mielachowicz
Kacper Mielachowicz Miesiąc temu
Just go Tilted Towers 🤦🏻‍♂️ Not only will u get chests but u would also get better
MajorLightApple Miesiąc temu
Some of the riffs in wailing are now teleports to the cabins
Kole Brecke
Kole Brecke Miesiąc temu
wow, really well produced and your voice is just really easy to listen to and engaging. subbed
ThiccToucan Miesiąc temu
Why does everyone get the easiest players? I literally get sweaty kids in my lobby that get like 10 kills and have the renegade raider and the Christmas skins! I only get like 1 or 2 kills cuz of this! When ever I’m with my pc and ps4 friends, I get like 6+ kills! IS XBOX REALLY THIS SWEATY, OR IS IT JUST MY LOBBY?
Diego Miesiąc temu
Wicky wild wicky wild wicky wicky wild west
Sno Knite
Sno Knite 2 miesięcy temu
I have chose to support you!
Cybervlogy Yt
Cybervlogy Yt 2 miesięcy temu
Wailling wood is easy to hide cus a secret spot but i foget where
TEAM AXEES 2 miesięcy temu
Hi and dank you
Xxligmameme xX
Xxligmameme xX 2 miesięcy temu
I have 50 wins in solo,41 in squad and duos 23 wins so yea I started in season 2
BLUEFIREZ playz 2 miesięcy temu
you told them my secret rift spot