Florence + The Machine - Sky Full Of Song

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Sky Full of Song
Directed by AG Rojas

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12 kwi 2018




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Komentarze 3 689
Juls SA
Juls SA 2 godzin temu
Amazing voice.
nadinesnoopy 3 godzin temu
I love you and your gift. Thank you for sharing it, Florence!
Mary Mar
Mary Mar 3 godzin temu
qaren odilon
qaren odilon 4 godzin temu
Robert Shields Jr.
Robert Shields Jr. 4 godzin temu
Oh man this is great!
May Santt
May Santt 4 godzin temu
Masterpiece 💚😆
Ash Productions
Ash Productions 4 godzin temu
So beautiful, her voice is mesmerizing. This song just pulls you in.
Aysegul İnce
Aysegul İnce 4 godzin temu
Tanıta tikaram sizde dinleyip benzediğini tarzında benzerlik var..
Aysegul İnce
Aysegul İnce 4 godzin temu
Ses tikaram andırıyor çok iyi
Alek Olcese
Alek Olcese 4 godzin temu
Shes the one who sings with Calvin Harris in Sweet Nothing right?
Sophiie says
Sophiie says 6 godzin temu
Ich kann net die einzige sein, die ständig Werbung dafür kriegt.. :D
johnny phanto
johnny phanto 6 godzin temu
Yaaasss love you!!!
Ulker Akkurt
Ulker Akkurt 9 godzin temu
Oturunnnn yerime hdp ve tummm kurdolarrrrr hatta apooo bile rodrigoooooo dinlesin solummmmm ben bu gerceklerimmmmm hep onlarrrrr icin yasadimmmmm cunku dedimmmmm youtubeeeee
Katerina Schrödinger
Katerina Schrödinger 15 godzin temu
First time hearing this band. There's something in the way the sound...
Soomean 16 godzin temu
I love you
Nick Piacente
Nick Piacente 16 godzin temu
Some things I love about the video and song: 1. Her vulnerability- it just shows throughout the video. Seems she’s singing from her heart. 2. I love that we are getting more of the “old” FATM. (Harp bgv’s and strings). 3. I love love LOVE that the song doesn’t get huge and massive! Hasn’t been done with Florence and Co.’s Music before. The songs have always had this massive and grand quality to them, but it’s more a controlled slow burn here with a limit to how far it can go. Which I think makes the song that much more emotive. 4. Already counting down to June 29th!
Miguel Baquero
Miguel Baquero 17 godzin temu
Esa voz me hace sentir muchas cosas ❤️
Mariana Zuniga
Mariana Zuniga 19 godzin temu
OMG, Florence songs always bring me hope when I need it more! ❤
Bárbara Hully
Bárbara Hully 22 godzin temu
Florence se superando sempre, inadjetivavel traduziu todos os meus sentimentos. Essa música ❤️
Asep 457
Asep 457 22 godzin temu
Nice song 👍👍👍 ,..from indonesia
Jiki Palmer
Jiki Palmer Dzień temu
I don’t like her voice
Msx Grg
Msx Grg Dzień temu
Looks kinda like Shawn Mendes in my blood video
Saz Abidi
Saz Abidi Dzień temu
((( A U D I B L E B R E A T H )))
manu Kigz
manu Kigz Dzień temu
oh dear what is this??? thank you youtube for delaying our meeting
Nicola Hutton
Nicola Hutton Dzień temu
Ben Santos
Ben Santos Dzień temu
Aghast Font
Aghast Font Dzień temu
Thought the sound was broken for 0:14 seconds.
Maria Yakushenko
Maria Yakushenko Dzień temu
I can not understand if this is a sad song or not
R. Maulana Wajid
R. Maulana Wajid Dzień temu
Cause you're sky, cause you're sky full of song.. Sorry wrong song
Rafli Ersandy
Rafli Ersandy Dzień temu
autoplay brought me here
The Vautour Channel
I hate this song, so stupid
Seydoor 637
Seydoor 637 Dzień temu
The Vautour Channel you're such a stupid person
Eduardo Misael
Eduardo Misael Dzień temu
katquizzity Dzień temu
after listening to this i just realized that I haven't felt an emotional connection to a song for so long. this just made me feel things again. thank you
Alpha Womanxx
Alpha Womanxx Dzień temu
And I know I'm in trouble when Florence starts to play
s. c
s. c Dzień temu
This is beautiful.
Mya Moran
Mya Moran Dzień temu
So much emotion ugh missed her so much!
KissDtv Dzień temu
Florence and the Machine is like the world's best chocolate. So good it hurts, and when its finished, you just want more.
KissDtv Dzień temu
Ms. Flo, you are amazing. I love each and every one of your songs without exception, and that is a first. Not Madonna, The Beatles, Michael Jackson or Sarah MacLaughlin can claim that prize; only you. You're so unbelievably talented, so beautiful in and out, and so unique in your vision. Your art makes my soul weep with joy and bitter sweet sorrow. Thank you so much for sharing your Self with the World. We are so much better for it. I yearn to know more and await your future art with eager anticipation.
achronos178 Dzień temu
This song will be in a trailer for an indie movie soon
Danilo Coelho
Danilo Coelho Dzień temu
Is this song about suicide?
Dainius Rutkauskas
It sounds like a copy from a song “ufonautai”
Sam Ashkenazy
Sam Ashkenazy 2 dni temu
where's the band...? I was waiting for them to kick in the entire time; they need to allow bands to do instrumentals, this is getting silly. Is it the record companies or is the band simply not talented enough? I thought her last album was such a mature classy sound and this is kinda empty. I guarantee despite everyone is saying this sounds nice, they will never listen to it once the hype fades because there is nothing here worth coming back to again and again.
Wojtek Gołenbiecki
Seydoor 637
Seydoor 637 2 dni temu
Wojtek Gołenbiecki fuck you
Michele Borges
Michele Borges 2 dni temu
SuperCannibas420 2 dni temu
oo havent listened to florence for a minute
Alexandra Paskuj
Alexandra Paskuj 2 dni temu
One of the best voices
serious thinker
serious thinker 2 dni temu
Florence is back! Repeat button is on 👍🏻
Paul Scott
Paul Scott 2 dni temu
Hauntingly beautiful
Allan Jackets
Allan Jackets 2 dni temu
Just awesome her voice is incredible like no utter
Wyn Satya
Wyn Satya 2 dni temu
kevagain 2 dni temu
Cause you're a sky, you're a sky full of song
Courtney Phillips
Perfection ❤❤❤
Alliya SB
Alliya SB 2 dni temu
I'm tired now...
Alana Martins
Alana Martins 2 dni temu
Sam Baker
Sam Baker 2 dni temu
Lov3 i5 but a bit slow
Mlde Brbt
Mlde Brbt 3 dni temu
chrissiangel 98
chrissiangel 98 3 dni temu
This gives me warm feelings from inside my soul 😣
V Whitaker
V Whitaker 3 dni temu
Love it. Her voice, the lyrics, the music. Such a unique artist. BUT, the videos always leave me wondering what the hell...?
BAMBOOZLE gamer 3 dni temu
;-; beautiful ;-;
Walter Orué
Walter Orué 3 dni temu
Do we deserve this?
Royal Castle
Royal Castle 3 dni temu
This is real music and art!
Eduardo Castellanos
I think this song is about sleep paralysis
Oliwia Ch.
Oliwia Ch. 3 dni temu
Beautiful song !😮😍
Carlos Voll
Carlos Voll 3 dni temu
I'm a huge fan of Marina and the diamonds I love her so much ❤❤❤ But all her songs has a low view number (Thats oke btw) My Question is Florence and the machine has 1,3 Million subscribers and Marina and the diamonds 1,2 Million but Florence has so much more views and Songs : For example Marinas best Music Video is Primmadonna with 67 Million views and Florence best Music video was Sweet nothing with 250 Million views or Dog days are over 96 million views I just don't get why Florence is so underrated If I wrote something wrong sorry I'm fourteen and from Germany
Mugo Choks
Mugo Choks 3 dni temu
well sweet nothing is just Florence with Calvin Harris without the machine. so maybe compare it to another song like shake it out
Peter Sutherland
Peter Sutherland 3 dni temu
Come on
Molly McIntosh
Molly McIntosh 3 dni temu
im so gay
Maja Trzeciak
Maja Trzeciak 3 dni temu
This song is my do favorute song!!! I LOVE you music!! ❤️💗
Giorge Juliano
Giorge Juliano 3 dni temu
00:14 ''Moon Shaped Pool'' cover
SJ TC 3 dni temu
El poder que tiene esta mujer en su voz es increíble.
Brandon Tucker
Brandon Tucker 3 dni temu
I can't even explain how beautiful and personal this song feels to me.
TammySchmit 3 dni temu
I have fallen irretrievably in love. How have I gone my entire life without her voice in my life?? Better late than never.
Isabel Neves
Isabel Neves 3 dni temu
You are gentleman, my friend. Thank you 🌹
L 2234
L 2234 3 dni temu
YASSSSSS Florence + the machine is BACK!!
Mateus Mussi
Mateus Mussi 4 dni temu
Amazing :)
Frank Castle
Frank Castle 4 dni temu
They were shit in concert
skigglecat 4 dni temu
Florence is one of the few people who's music, lyrics, and voice are pure art. I'm convinced she's not of this Earth
Sania Zubair
Sania Zubair 4 dni temu
i would like to inform everybody in this comment section that my wig just got snatched.
Aphrodite Charitaki
This woman can do no wrong.
Denise Wade
Denise Wade 4 dni temu
Wowzers!!! Just close your eyes and float along with her voice and lyrics!!! You can FEEL HER WORDS!!!!
Sonny Lim
Sonny Lim 4 dni temu
This song is kinda sad, but not at the same time. Kinda like me - except I’m just sad lol
Guilherme Sôfa
Guilherme Sôfa 4 dni temu
te amo demais , demais ...
❇💋💫 Anna🌙🌠😇✨🌟xoxo
❤ ✨ ♡ ☆
Lvciana Lima
Lvciana Lima 4 dni temu
As always a beautiful interpretation. Greetings from Brazil, Florence.
masenkgome narious
and where the fuck were you ...shit im in love
alexx zed
alexx zed 4 dni temu
Lyrics: How deeply are you sleeping or are you still awake? A good friend told me you've been staying out so late Be careful, oh, my darling, oh, be careful what it takes From what I've seen so far, the good ones always seem to break And I was screaming at my father and you were screaming at me And I can feel your anger from way across the sea And I was kissing strangers, I was causing such a scene Oh, the heart it hides such unimaginable things [Pre-Chorus] Grab me by my ankles, I've been flying for too long I couldn't hide from the thunder in a sky full of song And I want you so badly, but you could be anyone I couldn't hide from the thunder in a sky full of song [Chorus] Hold me down, I'm so tired now Aim your arrow at the sky Take me down, I'm too tired now Leave me where I lie [Verse 2] And I can tell that I'm in trouble when that music starts to play In a city without seasons, it keeps raining in LA I feel like I'm about to fall, the room begins to sway And I can hear the sirens but I cannot walk away [Pre-Chorus] Grab me by my ankles, I've been flying for too long I couldn't hide from the thunder in a sky full of song And I want you so badly, but you could be anyone I couldn't hide from the thunder in a sky full of song [Chorus] Hold me down, I'm so tired now Aim your arrow at the sky Take me down, I'm too tired now Leave me where I lie [Bridge] I thought I was flying but maybe I'm dying tonight I thought I was flying but maybe I'm dying tonight And I thought I was flying but maybe I'm dying tonight And I thought I was flying but maybe I'm dying tonight [Chorus] Hold me down, I'm so tired now Aim your arrow at the sky (shoot, shoot, shoot) Take me down, I'm too tired now Leave me where I lie (Fire) Hold me down, I'm too tired now Aim your arrow at the sky (shoot, shoot, shoot) And take me down, I'm too tired now Leave me where I lie (Fire)
Luiz Felipe Botelho
This is heaven
Hasagi 4 dni temu
this song is amazing
Eric Hodkinson
Eric Hodkinson 4 dni temu
this is amazing i want more
Jürgen Naeve
Jürgen Naeve 4 dni temu
it´s love what I am feeling...
Scott Duncan
Scott Duncan 4 dni temu
Beautiful words and amazing voice. Love this song, nice wee tune that helps raise consciousness.
This song resonates so deeply with me right now... "I thought that I was flying but maybe I'm dying tonight"
Florence has a beautiful voice wish I was in her shoes
Freckles 4 dni temu
Amo, AMO, a Florence, la amo.
naomi obi
naomi obi 4 dni temu
Fishan Chips
Fishan Chips 5 dni temu
This song put my cat to sleep, and by that I don't mean it gave her the square needle, I mean it made her take a nap.
avidreader 231
avidreader 231 5 dni temu
zuzanavaluskova 5 dni temu
Love it !
Steve Snoad
Steve Snoad 5 dni temu
Leandro s.goulart
She is God 💙
5 lat temu
Lana Del Rey - Get Free
7 miesięcy temu