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Florence + The Machine - Never Let Me Go

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Music video by Florence + The Machine performing Never Let Me Go. (C) 2012 Universal Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited




9 mar 2012




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Komentarze 18 856
Pamela Souza
Pamela Souza Godzinę temu
I just discovered this incredible song because of Nikita : 3
TaylorLynn FFA
TaylorLynn FFA 2 godzin temu
It makes me think of Titanic
Crap Bag
Crap Bag 3 godzin temu
Chocolate syrup runs down ones freezing cold eyebrow
Isabelly Vieira
Isabelly Vieira 6 godzin temu
Q chato q the disries vampires
shams dulaimy
shams dulaimy 12 godzin temu
Delena in the hotel 😍❤️
Kaffeine 01
Kaffeine 01 14 godzin temu
This makes me take a dive deep in my mind everything seems silent and still around me. I love this song. Who is delena? And why are you talking about it here?
shereen khanzada
shereen khanzada 22 godzin temu
0:47 when passionate kiss start........... ahhhhhhhh delena
jennifer Lima
jennifer Lima 23 godzin temu
Sempre que escuto essa musica me lembro da cena do Damon e a Elena 😍❤ #DelenaForever❤
Mish mish
Mish mish Dzień temu
Hardin and Tessa are gonna dance to this 😍
Jaylynn Rodriguez
Jaylynn Rodriguez Dzień temu
The vampire diaries ❤️😍😭 #Delena 💍♥️❤️😍💯
Marissa Saucibar
Marissa Saucibar Dzień temu
Kelly Mcgeoghegan
Love this song!
jennifer Lima
jennifer Lima 2 dni temu
The vampires diaries #Delena 😍❤❤
Erica Ribeiro
Erica Ribeiro 2 dni temu
TVD Epic Love
TVD Epic Love 3 dni temu
Came here from Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, and Beauty and the Beast (series).... love all the moments Nathan & Hayley❤️❤️❤️
TVD Epic Love
TVD Epic Love 3 dni temu
Meaning behind this song?? Is this a love song??
Lara Müller
Lara Müller 4 dni temu
I can‘t be the only one, who’s here because of Hessa, right?
Uma Seriadora em Série!
The Vampire Diaries ❤
D Outubrado
D Outubrado 5 dni temu
D Outubrado
D Outubrado 5 dni temu
morena malka spoilers
#hessa song...soon
Boris Torrés
Boris Torrés 5 dni temu
Whos here from the Beauty and the Beast TV Show?
Amanda Cabral
Amanda Cabral 5 dni temu
leticia alves
leticia alves 5 dni temu
DELENA 2018?
roe villa
roe villa 5 dni temu
OTH season 9, where haley and nathan were meeting for the first time after he got kidnapped. this was the song.
TVD Epic Love
TVD Epic Love 3 dni temu
roe villa love that scene so much
Daniella Amorim
Daniella Amorim 5 dni temu
Brasil? 🇧🇷 #Damon&Helena
Bruno Lissak
Bruno Lissak 6 dni temu
The Vampire Diaries #*DELENA* FOREVER❤
Max Williams
Max Williams 6 dni temu
Nobody cares what brought you here, especially not if it's some garbage TV show
TVD Epic Love
TVD Epic Love 3 dni temu
Max Williams why are you here???
jah Araújo
jah Araújo 6 dni temu
Delena❤viciei nessa musica
Renata Fagundes
Renata Fagundes 6 dni temu
melîssà llm
melîssà llm 6 dni temu
Delena/ 10/2018?
Audrey Olivès
Audrey Olivès 6 dni temu
Hessa will dance on this song 😍
Lillemor Bettan
Lillemor Bettan 6 dni temu
Take me to the place I can escape. Love it. Goosebumps 💗
melanie gironella
Im here because of Jamie Campbell Bower..
Che schifo Di mondo
Team After? #hessa ❤😘
Tanisha K
Tanisha K 7 dni temu
Jamie Campbell Bower
Jlavsm 7 dni temu
Here before the movie after
Mahamudul Hoque Kamal
it will be in the movie " AFTER" ...hessa will be dancing on this song at ken's wedding
theonly blosh
theonly blosh 7 dni temu
who came here bc of After
Paola Rouss
Paola Rouss 8 dni temu
Like si vienen por la película de AFTER.. Ahhhh!!!! Estoy tan emocionada!!! Hessa bailara esto!!
Tatiana Kabacoff
Tatiana Kabacoff 8 dni temu
Here because of the After movie ❤️❤️❤️
Chime san
Chime san 8 dni temu
Hessa #AFTERmovie
Deya Sabir
Deya Sabir 8 dni temu
- afternator
- afternator 8 dni temu
leila_irene girl
leila_irene girl 8 dni temu
leila_irene girl
leila_irene girl 8 dni temu
Who’s here because they know it’ll be in the AFTER soundtrack
Vebian 02
Vebian 02 8 dni temu
No idea what is DELENA means. I found it First than delena things. God! I Love this song so much back then. And i still feel the same now.
harr Izzs
harr Izzs 8 dni temu
Hessa would be phenomena for this song
alina a
alina a 8 dni temu
Tvd #delena
lakshita nicolexico
Love this song sm and coz of Jamie ❤
lakshita nicolexico
∞ HESSA for 2019 ∞ ❤
Samya Ajdij
Samya Ajdij 8 dni temu
AFTER ♾♾♾♾♾♾♾❤ #HESSA
Wianka Stoffels
Wianka Stoffels 8 dni temu
Natalia Castillo
Natalia Castillo 8 dni temu
Kissy Harry
Kissy Harry 8 dni temu
Isadora Pires
Isadora Pires 8 dni temu
Brasil 2018
sofia silva
sofia silva 8 dni temu
Elizabeth 9 dni temu
Karinna Raw
Karinna Raw 9 dni temu
Hessa 😭😍
Valery 9 dni temu
I'm here for the After movie omgggg
COLE D 9 dni temu
Who is here because of Hessa?
fernanda gonzález
After ❤
Lozano Tamay
Lozano Tamay 9 dni temu
Yo estoy aqui por After
Mada Lazea
Mada Lazea 9 dni temu
Guadalupe Hernandez
This will be Hessa's next song. Remember it.
Anna Hubenova
Anna Hubenova 9 dni temu
After the movie brought me here
Noor El Khalili
Noor El Khalili 9 dni temu
Hessa’s song
Suzan Santos
Suzan Santos 9 dni temu
Delena ♥♥♥
Suanny Nogueira
Suanny Nogueira 10 dni temu
You are so magical
Elaine Hoffmann
Elaine Hoffmann 10 dni temu
jyoti shree
jyoti shree 11 dni temu
I like the song but why at the end of this video it became gross
Fiama Barreto
Fiama Barreto 12 dni temu
naydi 12 dni temu
Icy-Frost 12 dni temu
Wow 6 years later and i come back to the song Where has the time gone?
Jamilly Brunna
Jamilly Brunna 12 dni temu
Sohaib Ahmed
Sohaib Ahmed 12 dni temu
fuckin delena led me here and moi hearts cryin out the lyricsssssssss
Koneko-chan 12 dni temu
2018 tvd delena
lauraliez 12 dni temu
Thinking of the motel scene
Ivana Kokoric
Ivana Kokoric 13 dni temu
Adolf Hitler omggggg
Ana Beatriz
Ana Beatriz 13 dni temu
The Vampire Diaries #Delena
Carlie Collison
Carlie Collison 15 dni temu
The vampire diaries "Delena" is great but what about the og when Nathan was finally saved and him and Haley were reunited at the hospital so their kids could finally come home and be a family again? One tree hill anyone ?
thaty miranda
thaty miranda 15 dni temu
Bryan Gom
Bryan Gom 16 dni temu
K, wtf is a delena and why isn’t she making Florence a sandwich tho? I really hate the posser “(blank) shit brought me here” people. Close yo azz and enjoy Flo and this beautiful song
Armen Vasquez
Armen Vasquez 16 dni temu
Fanfic called After brought me here gtg
shabnam feyzullayeva
Alan Flavio
Alan Flavio 18 dni temu
Simone Mark
Simone Mark 18 dni temu
while reading "After"??? woah powerful song!!!
Cahh Pereira
Cahh Pereira 18 dni temu
Não da pra não chora quem aí não consegue lida com o fim de The Vampire Diaries
Julia Leffa
Julia Leffa 19 dni temu
Does it say “cathedral where you cannot breathe” or “cause either way you cannot breathe”? I’ve been singing the first one for years now... it’ll blow my mind if I’m wrong hahaha
hiyori gamer23
hiyori gamer23 19 dni temu
Is the guy jace from shadowhunters(the film) ?
Sweet Idols
Sweet Idols 19 dni temu
vauseman ❤
Maria Eduarda Macedo
Melhor música pra melhor série 😍
P!nk - Try
6 lat temu