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Florence + The Machine - Never Let Me Go

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Music video by Florence + The Machine performing Never Let Me Go. (C) 2012 Universal Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited




9 mar 2012




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Komentarze 19 103
Job Niah
Job Niah Dzień temu
You're poetry in the flesh. You're a great artist!
Snatched Tea
Snatched Tea Dzień temu
Lol nobody is talking about Nathan and Haley? I love delena and Hessa but one tree hill is the og
Not Just a Hobbit
Isn't anybody gonna talk about wet socks?
steban salcedo
steban salcedo 2 dni temu
This song...🔥❤️
kezia cintra matos
meu casal DELENA❤❤❤❤❤
TaZ101SAGA 2 dni temu
Forgot how much i loved this.
Raquel de Mesquita
Amo essa música.
Oruvilaatha Rudthiran
Song is intense💖. my Lady; your Voice is Really Something & the Lyrics are ...(no words to describe). and the Arms of the Ocean are Carrying you and All this Devotion was Rushing Out of you. 💕 will NEVER let you go.✨
Mônica Faccin
Mônica Faccin 2 dni temu
Sharon Roca
Sharon Roca 3 dni temu
3:42 I will always love this part❤
Taís Gomes
Taís Gomes 4 dni temu
After 😍❤
Segrate Cash
Segrate Cash 5 dni temu
Buongiorno amore mio.... Star ritardo stamane... dormito un cazzo... ma vabeè.... felice per noi.... ILY
Segrate Cash
Segrate Cash 5 dni temu
Fammi sapere quando sei comoda ti chiamo ...
Segrate Cash
Segrate Cash 5 dni temu
Buongiorno...perché non hai dormito? Anch’io felice...ILY
anomis91 5 dni temu
Romania, 2019, EC, dreams do come true❤️
Rayane Mendes
Rayane Mendes 6 dni temu
After ❤❤❤
jonhalo9117 lopez
The first time I heard this song I was watching The Vampire Diaries season 3 when #Delena (Damon & Elena) finally kissed And I heard this song again in Beauty and the Beast at the end of Season 1 Episode 1
Ana brora
Ana brora 6 dni temu
2018?? 😍😍😍
Sam Lei
Sam Lei 7 dni temu
people r here for the vampire diaries... im here for hessa
Maria %
Maria % 8 dni temu
Beauty ans the beast
Eduarda Muniz
Eduarda Muniz 8 dni temu
my funeral song, i wish to be scattered into the sea and this song will be my final song, always
valerie melo
valerie melo 8 dni temu
Emily Gilbert
Emily Gilbert 8 dni temu
I’m here because of Delena and Hessa, my two favorite ships along with Bughead😻
Tracy Muvhango
Tracy Muvhango 8 dni temu
❤ ❤ ❤
Mockingjay 8 dni temu
Delena💜 bitches
Lanesra Lazzy
Lanesra Lazzy 8 dni temu
Who is here because he see the Delena scene ? ✌❤
Speedpaint Master
#hessa #after # im ready for that dance scene :)
Valeria Lunaa
Valeria Lunaa 9 dni temu
Hardin y Tessa
carolyn popovichenko
2018?? about to be 2019!!!!!
Livinha Livia Oliveira
Hardin e Tessa dançando no casamento do pai dele 💓💓💓😍
Emma 9 dni temu
Delena and Hessa 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Déborah Eduarda
Déborah Eduarda 9 dni temu
Hardin and Tessa ❤️
marlene vargas
marlene vargas 10 dni temu
Tessa e Hardin dançando aaaaa só aguardando por essa cena
Black_d_musi c
Black_d_musi c 10 dni temu
Annie Ryan
Annie Ryan 10 dni temu
Delena ❤️❤️
Maryam Subandi
Maryam Subandi 11 dni temu
TVD brought me here and i ended up liking Florence whole music and became fans of them
Maria de Fatima6yu7uy
ahh eu choro por esses 2 ter terminado 😣
Skye Hall
Skye Hall 11 dni temu
I love this song my second mum AKA dance teacher past away and this is the song they played i cry everytime i hear it. 1 like_Lent= The best time in heaven
Julieta Huacho
Julieta Huacho 12 dni temu
Alba Hernández López
Maisa Nunes
Maisa Nunes 12 dni temu
HESSA ❤❤❤ #after
Maria Colnic
Maria Colnic 13 dni temu
Hardin and Tessa’s first dance 😍💕😭 #AFTERmoviefam.
Carlos Montez
Carlos Montez 14 dni temu
Jéssica Fernandez
Jéssica Fernandez 14 dni temu
Maria Eduarda Macedo
#Hessa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😍😍😍😍😍
Brianna Grant
Brianna Grant 14 dni temu
They also did a Duffy video Buffy and Damon
Beatriz Fialho
Beatriz Fialho 15 dni temu
Anne 15 dni temu
Tee 15 dni temu
Steroline 💖 Delena
It's Jenny
It's Jenny 16 dni temu
I comming form Beauty and beast :"(😍😍
Zsuzsi Szakál
Zsuzsi Szakál 16 dni temu
I love Florence and this song's so beautiful, but sorry guys... DELENA
Kristina Gozar
Kristina Gozar 17 dni temu
TVD : Delena’s first kiss AFTER : Hessa’s first dance
Nilima Vanza
Nilima Vanza 17 dni temu
Love the song hate the video
Michele De Crescenzo
Lena Fayre is similar
Nabong's juice
Nabong's juice 17 dni temu
Everyone here bcs of TVD , but here I am bcs of Nikita (you might don't know this show 😂) . I watch TVD, but still in s1. So havent's there yet
Not a morning person.
It’s Jamie oh my god
xoNubia 0
xoNubia 0 18 dni temu
who hearing because of After by Anna Todd
stydiazbarchie 4rvr
Here after the AFTER trailer (Pun inteded) ❤😭 a Hessa dance on this song ! I'm so not ready 😭😭 it would surely rain on my face
Valéria *
Valéria * 18 dni temu
Flo, you lovely weirdo 💎
Anagene flores
Anagene flores 19 dni temu
Lia Andrade
Lia Andrade 19 dni temu
NaN 2CooL
NaN 2CooL 19 dni temu
Delena forever in my heart💏
Fatima Cortes
Fatima Cortes 20 dni temu
edson bueno
edson bueno 20 dni temu
#precious song ⚡❤💙
Rosa 20 dni temu
Flavia Dinolfo
Flavia Dinolfo 20 dni temu
I came here for my good taste in music.
Daebak Edits
Daebak Edits 21 dzień temu
Florence voice is pure bliss! I mean it! ❤️
Tuts n' Tots ASMR
Tuts n' Tots ASMR 22 dni temu
Anyone else hear from vampire diaries, Delena💓
Daniella 22 dni temu
Mullemaus M
Mullemaus M 22 dni temu
immer wieder eine Gänsehaut .. liebe es einfach !
mariah lane
mariah lane 22 dni temu
Delena ❤️
Michelle B
Michelle B 22 dni temu
DELENA ♥️🔥♥️🔥♥️
Renato Saints
Renato Saints 23 dni temu
Diário de um vampiro.... Saudades!!
samira santana
samira santana 23 dni temu
Vim pelo after 😥❤
jikook is real KPOP
井上知夏 25 dni temu
This beautiful song makes me feel as if I was deep in the ocean. Also Idk exactly why but I feel a strong spiritual undertone from it. Maybe it’s because of the gospel-like arrangement of this song or the lines like “the crushes are heaven for a sinner like me...”.
helloaena 26 dni temu
Dickie A
Dickie A 26 dni temu
This song reminds me of a very dark time in my life. I lived by the coast at the time and was deeply depressed. I often thought about walking into the sea and letting it take me away.
Flavia Dinolfo
Flavia Dinolfo 26 dni temu
This song is so deep and poetical. Florence is incredible.
Maddie F.
Maddie F. 27 dni temu
delena is trash, but this song isn't
agna souza
agna souza 27 dni temu
Além de ser linda ! E cada hino 😍❤ #florenceandmachine
Hema Shree
Hema Shree 28 dni temu
❤️ beauty and the beast
Alyssa Beaudier
Alyssa Beaudier 29 dni temu
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels Miesiąc temu
-Don't.. - Why not Elena? Elena?
Webla Vieira Da Silva
Webla Vieira Da Silva Miesiąc temu
The vampire diaries #delenA ❤😍🔥
Kevin Stewart
Kevin Stewart Miesiąc temu
No one from beauty and the beast?! lol
Quinn Rouse
Quinn Rouse Miesiąc temu
The yell at 3:43 then the howl right after the lyrics, imbues me with vitality every time. I’ll replay that part just for the sound.
Shelly Maldonado
Shelly Maldonado Miesiąc temu
Delena forever 💕💕
Dana Ludwig
Dana Ludwig Miesiąc temu
Beauty and the beast brought me here!
IG2296 Miesiąc temu
Stela Botan ma adus aici
Lucky v
Lucky v Miesiąc temu
Slough ice rink. Look out for the slough jets logo 😂
Laieb Moe
Laieb Moe Miesiąc temu
i love you florence welch.
Cat Rere
Cat Rere Miesiąc temu
A u t I s m x(times)x G a y = S u r p r I z e ???
mskimberify Miesiąc temu
This video has Jamie Campbell Bower in Florence and the machine music video it is the song that Delena make out in the scene where Damon and Elena go to Denver to get Jeremy they go to motel room in season three where Bonnie unlinking spell to unlink the original siblings.
Roses Whispers Avakin
Roses Whispers Avakin Miesiąc temu
Wtf is Vampire Diaries???
Jaanavi Anand
Jaanavi Anand Miesiąc temu
It is one of the most amazing shows of all time. The show used this song for the most amazing ship ever. #DelenaForever
Jaanavi Anand
Jaanavi Anand Miesiąc temu
I still kinda don't get why that black liquid flows from her hair.......
Jaanavi Anand
Jaanavi Anand Miesiąc temu
#DelenaForever I bet more than half of the people here are DELENA fans like me!! BEAUTIFUL SONG, ANYWAYS!! Perfect song for DELENA!!!
Saulo Xavier
Saulo Xavier Miesiąc temu
The Vampire Diaries
Dancer For life
Dancer For life Miesiąc temu
Always and forever
Holly Plumb
Holly Plumb Miesiąc temu
Delena 😘