Flattering Makeup Tutorial for Pale Skin

Jaclyn Hill
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These are my tips & tricks to achieving a smokey eye that is still very flattering when you're pale. This has become my go to look when I don't have a spray tan! I hope you guys enjoy!
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11 lip 2018

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nunyer beeznaz
nunyer beeznaz 4 godzin temu
Possibly, an occasional jaunt OUTSIDE would help !!
Jennifer Brace
Jennifer Brace 5 godzin temu
Im hope your doing well and will be back on youtube this summer every week...i know life is busy but i miss having new things to try out.----ps you look refreshed and happy :) xoxo
Caitlin Ginn
Caitlin Ginn 5 godzin temu
Hey Jac, seems you’re back to the OG you! Reminds me of some of your older tuts. Get it gurlll! xxx
Josh Giles
Josh Giles 6 godzin temu
This looks like a MaN. Wait. Is it? or a circus clown
Josh Cornell
Josh Cornell 7 godzin temu
*I can also smell the makeup*
Chris Gavin
Chris Gavin 8 godzin temu
Kirstyn Farias
Kirstyn Farias 9 godzin temu
I love this video and how you just like teaching us how to do things and why! Reminded me of your older videos, i love when you teach us techniques and such 😊💕
Taylor Sonnier
Taylor Sonnier 11 godzin temu
I really want to purchase your brush set you made with MORPHE, but it’s not on the site any more. Do you know if and when it will return!? xoxo, A forever follower Taylor❤️🌹
Brandy Andrea Tv
Brandy Andrea Tv 12 godzin temu
This look is soooo perfeeectt I do makeup tutorials on my new channel and I am really getting good at this! Can u Go check me out if u want 💕and give advice 😬🤞🏽🤞🏽
Aglow Alaska
Aglow Alaska 13 godzin temu
I’m a pale princess from Alaska! Appreciated this one!! You are amazing!
Maddison Kearns
Maddison Kearns 13 godzin temu
You're probably one of the best makeup PLvidrs I watch, solely because you explain everything SO WELL. My normal skin tone is your pale skin, seriously, no MAC foundations match! If you ever do see this, would you recommend the milk chocolate bronzer or the darker one for such fair skin? Love you always, you Queen 👑❤️
Pagani ZondaR
Pagani ZondaR 14 godzin temu
WTF is this disgusting creature in my sggstd vids? I didnt subscribe to some deformed Animal Planet channel!!
Lavonne Hester
Lavonne Hester 14 godzin temu
I totally agree , when i have on a good, well beaten face i feel like i could take on the world !!!!!!!! Love you Jaclyn ; )
Brittany Oberschlake
Brittany Oberschlake 14 godzin temu
Makeup makes me feel totally energized and confident too!
T⃟H⃟E⃟ S⃟T⃟O⃟R⃟M⃟
*I like you Jacklyn but you make the same videos and just title them differently. WAY TOO REPETITIVE! Btw..That eye look makes your eyes sink into your head! Can't even see your eyes!! 2 Black holes. I'm done here...*
Sara Kofod
Sara Kofod 14 godzin temu
Needed this even though it’s summer and I should be tan 😅
Lynn Ashton
Lynn Ashton 15 godzin temu
Will you please make a skin care routine video sometime soon?!?
Hannah Latham
Hannah Latham 15 godzin temu
What setting spray are you using?
JoJo 16 godzin temu
Tutorial Queen! Can you please do more tutorials using your OG pallette before the vault gets re-released :)
Jason Long
Jason Long 16 godzin temu
What up plastic face
Elianah Rose
Elianah Rose 17 godzin temu
Please do a makeup collection
Hailey Mejia
Hailey Mejia 17 godzin temu
Christina Villar
Christina Villar 17 godzin temu
I wasn't even aware that a dark smokey eye look is not as flattering on my fair skin . Ignorance is bliss boo 😂
Leslie Beltran
Leslie Beltran 17 godzin temu
Is your brush kit that you did with morphe going to be available again or was it a one time thing?
D Sham
D Sham 18 godzin temu
Why support Tarte when they don’t support women of color⁉️ They have your color so F woc right ⁉️🤨SELFISH much⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️
Adriana Hernandez
Adriana Hernandez 18 godzin temu
This is so beautiful wow
WishfulThinking 18 godzin temu
flattering ???
natalie ann
natalie ann 18 godzin temu
You're so beautiful! I love all your videos, be you, girl 😍
John Basher
John Basher 19 godzin temu
To any ladies out there watching, do not listen to this. She has on so much make up she looks like a clown. You’re all beautiful just the way you are.
Kara Jeanne
Kara Jeanne 19 godzin temu
Thank you for this, Jaclyn! I would love to see more fair-skinned make up tutorials! It seems like if you're at either end of the spectrum--either super light or super dark--make up application can be a struggle! It took me a hot minute to find a good contour shade, with enough of a gray undertone, to not make me look like an Oompa Loompah! Lol. Keep the great tips and tutorials coming! 😘
Allison Metcalf
Allison Metcalf 19 godzin temu
I love this side of you....a little softer in tone, very educational also, and still so funny! Love you girl!!
Jessica Fox
Jessica Fox 19 godzin temu
Love u girl ❤️
BEAUTY IN THE KNOW 20 godzin temu
A fresh and more natural makeup that will look good on any fair complected women.
justdarylyeung 21 godzinę temu
Why do you look transgender?
Katherine McConnell
Katherine McConnell 22 godzin temu
This was so helpful!! In the winter I’m SUPER pale and I’ll use this look all the time! 💖💖💖 Thanks Jaclyn!!
Leah Kaczmarek
Leah Kaczmarek 23 godzin temu
I like how you're more focused on teaching how to do the makeup instead of just saying what to do. A lot of people on youtube just expect everyone knows how to do makeup well. Loved this video!
kourtnee glodd
kourtnee glodd 23 godzin temu
What mascara is on the bottom lash line? My apologies if it's been asked before.
McKenzie Reznicek
McKenzie Reznicek Dzień temu
Natasha Koeplin
Natasha Koeplin Dzień temu
Thank you for going into such detail about your foundation routine!! I’m super fair as well so it’s hard to find foundations that match my skin.
Ana Malagon
Ana Malagon Dzień temu
I want to buy her new palette can’t find it on anyone know why?
Qa Ma
Qa Ma Dzień temu
Yet your beauty is magnified with bare skin but whateves
Lynda Woods
Lynda Woods Dzień temu
Hey Jaclyn, what was the morphe powder brush you used? Another fantastic tutorial! Thank you. Xx
Nicole Holliday
Nicole Holliday Dzień temu
Yaaay she's back. But seriously need to have a drinking game on this video. Every time Jaclyn says "because I am so fare right now" you need to have a shot.
Valerie Rodriguez
Valerie Rodriguez Dzień temu
Can you do one for olive/tan skin next!
Elizabeth dowdy
Elizabeth dowdy Dzień temu
I am so glad you're back. I love your videos!
Brittany Templeton
Brittany Templeton Dzień temu
I love jaclyn, but i have been so bored with her videos for about 10 months now. I can't unsub and i won't, I'm just so bored with her videos.. am i the only one?
Charlotte Tilbury
Charlotte Tilbury Dzień temu
Gorgeous darling! Xx
Gypsy TV
Gypsy TV Dzień temu
What setting spray is that?
Holly Ryan
Holly Ryan Dzień temu
Yasss I really needed this video😍🙈
Mariena Chandler
Mariena Chandler Dzień temu
Lovin' this channel 💞✨💄
Mariena Chandler
Mariena Chandler Dzień temu
Now I feel silly lol because I just got towards the end of the video and saw that those were the only colors she used lol
Mariena Chandler
Mariena Chandler Dzień temu
At 8:24 those colors with a barely there glitter on top with the falsies, would be so pretty for fall. 💄🍁
Sara fougon
Sara fougon Dzień temu
you look like American Indians in here :)
Naomi Buckley
Naomi Buckley Dzień temu
Love this look and love you Jaclyn xxx
Srijita Sarkar
Srijita Sarkar Dzień temu
If u only knew how much this “fair/pale” skin is valued in India 😛
Allyza Marañon
Allyza Marañon Dzień temu
Will you please do an updated favorite brushes? I’m not pale skinned at all but I wish I could pull off this look!
Alinta McMurdo
Alinta McMurdo Dzień temu
The charlotte tilbury powder is too dark for my hourglass blanc skin colouring. It very hard to even find a translucent powder light enough.
Mona Campbell
Mona Campbell Dzień temu
Love this!! So beautiful. I’m Mexican and absolutely not pale in anyway but I still watched and loved this lol! ❤️
lol lol
lol lol Dzień temu
I wanna play a Game.. Jig saw . Hahahahahaahajajaa
Some One
Some One Dzień temu
How do u manage to speak that much without taking a break..???and with those nails hope u dont poke ur eye or face....
Katie Bortner
Katie Bortner Dzień temu
You are always so flawless yasssss Queen!
Fam Wut
Fam Wut Dzień temu
I could make another person with amount of makeup you have on rn. The thing is the makeup is actually more interesting than you, STOP.
Love&Beautyxo Dzień temu
Love you Jaclyn! 💖✨
Sherry Duden
Sherry Duden Dzień temu
I hope we’ll get a new launch date for your vault collection soon. I’m so excited to get it and start creating looks with the palettes.
Leslye Romero
Leslye Romero Dzień temu
Will you be keeping your ex husbands last name?!
Gabby Maneri
Gabby Maneri Dzień temu
This is one of the best in-depth tutorials I’ve seen in awhile damn! You’re quite the teacher Miss Jaclyn 😊
Littlebear 1995
Littlebear 1995 Dzień temu
Accidentally paused at 1:47 😂 I love Jaclyn
Bethany Smith
Bethany Smith Dzień temu
Classic Jaclyn! All the silliness, all the step-by-step guidance, all the fun and passion for makeup
ColorfulWorldxxo Dzień temu
Love you Jaclyn. But this is probably your worst look yet.
Chala Perry
Chala Perry Dzień temu
I love how elaborate you are 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Pamela Jimenez
Pamela Jimenez Dzień temu
Damn I just realized how pale she is ommg 😭
Ryan Kboudi
Ryan Kboudi Dzień temu
Loved this thank you!
Michelle Preciado
Michelle Preciado Dzień temu
Jaclyn, I've actually never commented on here, even though I've been following you for 5 years now! I've seen every single video, and this is one of my favorites!! I am SO pale (my Tarte Shapetape is Fair Beige)... I've tried "playing" with makeup looks for so long, and I've always wished I could pull off some of the more exciting glam looks, but I usually feel like I can't pull it off... which makes me sad haha, but I just want to tell you that I so appreciate the tips you gave in this one! Usually half way through putting on makeup, I look in the mirror and it looks so awkward and I don't know what else to do to fix it and this video gave so many good tips! Love it!! Thank you =*
LSP Doo Dzień temu
Do you love make up? Have you heard of BoxyCharm? Every make up lover should know about it 🖤🙌🏼👑
Sara B
Sara B Dzień temu
Love this so much💕💕 thanks for the shoutout to us pale gals
Meme Lord
Meme Lord Dzień temu
Flattering? That’s kinda creepy
Kaylee Sted
Kaylee Sted Dzień temu
I wish you would zoom in a little when doing detailed eye looks just to help a sister out! But always beautiful!
The Reason
The Reason Dzień temu
Came here to tell you females that looking like someone "painted your face" makes us dread what you look like without the paint. Your welcome.
Gloria Newton
Gloria Newton Dzień temu
Simply Natalie
Simply Natalie Dzień temu
​Can you do a July favorite video!!! I miss your favorite videosssss
Alexa Wright
Alexa Wright Dzień temu
What shade for the Hourglass vanish stick??
Hey Now
Hey Now Dzień temu
You look like a nightmare to date
lil_kj 101
lil_kj 101 Dzień temu
U look like Cathrine paiz off ace family
Nicole Dzień temu
I love so much that you made this video!!!❤️❤️
강 미나
강 미나 Dzień temu
omg tysm for this video jaclyn im literally the palest pastie in the world
ntme9 Dzień temu
he shes are getting harder and harder to spot
freethetomatoes Dzień temu
If this is considered pale skin, JH must think I'm an albino XP
sarah cartwright
sarah cartwright Dzień temu
SHE’S 👏🏼 BACK 👏🏼😭😍
CHARR KR Dzień temu
Why am i falling in love with your channel lol !
Honestly, I think you look much prettier without makeup...
Alicia Nicole
Alicia Nicole Dzień temu
Finally someone is helping out us fair skinned babes!! Everyone I watch these other routines I’m just like nooooooo!
orysya levytska
orysya levytska Dzień temu
Hi, what shades of foundations are you using in this video?
Courtney McCraney
Courtney McCraney Dzień temu
What is the best face exfoliator?
kristinns19 Dzień temu
Pale or not.. Jaclyn honey... You don't ever really "struggle" mkay? 😂
Madam Cook
Madam Cook Dzień temu
I just can't describe how my entire day changes when I see a new video from you. I feel so much happier knowing I get to watch you do your makeup. I feel like you're in the room hanging out with me :-)
Lauren Boggs
Lauren Boggs Dzień temu
I have missed your tutorials so much!! 😭
Kelsi Mccaw
Kelsi Mccaw Dzień temu
also i love you your an icon
Kelsi Mccaw
Kelsi Mccaw Dzień temu
can you please do a tutorial for people with light eyes, and blonde hair and pale skin? i really have a hard time finding tutorials for me!!
Kaitlyn Cave
Kaitlyn Cave Dzień temu
Jaclyn I’m LIVING for this tutorial🙌🏻🙌🏻