Fissure 18 Lava Fountaining In Lower Puna 5-13-2018

Honolulu Civil Beat
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After a weekend of more volcanic activity, the latest fissure #18 spews lava hundreds of feet in the air through Sunday evening. Video shot by Anthony Quintano



14 maj 2018

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Komentarze 17
azad hassan
azad hassan 7 miesięcy temu
LA puissence de la nature
Nexus 8 miesięcy temu
Stunning! Huge thanks to you guys and the homeowners
azad hassan
azad hassan 8 miesięcy temu
NATURE is seriously awesome
Michelle 8 miesięcy temu
I enjoyed your live feeds shared on VolcanoYT ..that is where I learned of you. They let us jknow you are a non-profit and asked viewers to donate to you. I have made a donation to you. Stay safe and keep up the good work. Hope to see more of you soon.
Emmaoh Watts
Emmaoh Watts 8 miesięcy temu
An that's on low speed
Laurie Coritz
Laurie Coritz 8 miesięcy temu
Nature's fireworks! Awesome filming. Thank you!
CaliLion0312 8 miesięcy temu
That is so epic. I feel for the people in the area, but at the same time the footage we've been seeing is fascinating! Never has a volcanic eruption been captured with this much detail!
Sara R
Sara R 8 miesięcy temu
lotos lotos
lotos lotos 8 miesięcy temu
La pache mama is angrier.danger for everybody.
The Hawaii Files Channel
The Hawaii Files Channel 8 miesięcy temu
Put more videos on PLvid of the eruption. Thanks.
GetReady4LiftOff 8 miesięcy temu
Spectacular. Thank you. Simply spectacular!!
zacarias buitre
zacarias buitre 8 miesięcy temu
Así ya no podrán rodar la serie Hawaii 5-0, aleluya
Kathy Huestis
Kathy Huestis 8 miesięcy temu
I sure hope everyone is safe. Sad to see mother Earth angry. She's not done yet either. Everyone please be safe and have a plan.
Steve Wilcox
Steve Wilcox 8 miesięcy temu
Wow that one is going off I guess thats where the missing lava is need to see this lava finally break through somewhere and make its run in a clear path to the ocean so at least it flows that way and don't come up in roadways and housing lots
Green Birdie United
Green Birdie United 8 miesięcy temu
Damn, lava geysers!
UTubeGlennAR 8 miesięcy temu
Hauntingly Beautiful But Also Extrremely Sad to see the Devastation Happening in the state of where I was born and raised decades ago to the people on the same economic step of the ladder of success I too reside on..............
OldSlowGamer 8 miesięcy temu
It's not devastation, it's the natural process of building land. It's not nature's fault that stupid humans built their houses in an active volcano zone and get weepy when the volcano adds another layer of fresh land to the island. It's what volcanoes DO.
Petty Girlfriend
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