FIFA 19: Manchester United Career Mode - EP3 | HOW DID HE SCORE THAT?!

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FIFA 19 Manchester United Career Mode! Presented by EA Game Changers.
Welcome to the third episode of our FIFA 19 Career Mode series with Manchester United. We will be taking over the red devils for a season trying to win as many trophies as possible in FIFA 19 Career Mode!
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13 wrz 2018

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Komentarze 125
Charlie Begley
Charlie Begley Miesiąc temu
I am a man United fan
Ajeng Helga
Ajeng Helga 2 miesięcy temu
Veljko Loncar
Veljko Loncar 3 miesięcy temu
Rashford is amazing
Master_take the l
Master_take the l 3 miesięcy temu
So bad
Roki Wiranda
Roki Wiranda 3 miesięcy temu
bego lo main
Emmanuel Imasiku
Emmanuel Imasiku 4 miesięcy temu
Bro!!! come on, its either you really are shite at this or u are working to make FIFA 19 com play look so good.
ฤทธิรงค์ สุวรรณิก
You played very bad Waste time watching you
Kachiside Nwagwu
Kachiside Nwagwu 4 miesięcy temu
Your the worst player ever no offense
Songming Liu
Songming Liu 4 miesięcy temu
worst player ever
Nikita Pretorius
Nikita Pretorius 4 miesięcy temu
yes he is
Chioma Aghoghobe
Chioma Aghoghobe 5 miesięcy temu
Haziq Syankcomel
Haziq Syankcomel 5 miesięcy temu
And not def
Haziq Syankcomel
Haziq Syankcomel 5 miesięcy temu
Your team slow and not support for counter attack .
Haziq Syankcomel
Haziq Syankcomel 5 miesięcy temu
Play messi to rw .. not cam 😪😪 . Zzz ..
Haziq Syankcomel
Haziq Syankcomel 5 miesięcy temu
Change smalling to lindelof
uday kumar
uday kumar 5 miesięcy temu
Everything in the game is quite far from reality! Poor improvement from fifa 18!
Zealus Franco
Zealus Franco 5 miesięcy temu
No offense but u kinda suck
Andy SOLAQA 5 miesięcy temu
Is it the demo
Simon Cowie
Simon Cowie 5 miesięcy temu
Mate Man Utd’s 3rd kit is Blue not black & gold
Nicholas Lim
Nicholas Lim 5 miesięcy temu
Can you play badly with another team?
Nghĩa Nguyễn
Nghĩa Nguyễn 5 miesięcy temu
Sheet video
Jehyeong Suh
Jehyeong Suh 5 miesięcy temu
When the January transfer window comes sell: P.Jones, M.Fellaini,K.O'Hart, D. Mitchell, J.Wilson and L.Shaw for the funds [I know its a small amount but the other players are worth staying at the club] and loan out: D.Dalot, A.Pereira, S.McTominay and T.Fosu-Mensah Buy: F.Ghoulam, V.Iborra and S.Mustafi.
Lord Gaming
Lord Gaming 5 miesięcy temu
Can you do a liverpool career mode and then sign ivan perisic.
Aleksa Obi
Aleksa Obi 5 miesięcy temu
I think the number at the third shirt should be gold also...?
Spooked Kids
Spooked Kids 5 miesięcy temu
At least we are out of the relegation zone...?
Ediz Tahseen
Ediz Tahseen 5 miesięcy temu
Is ultimate a new level
Cheikh b Cissé
Cheikh b Cissé 5 miesięcy temu
Sign kylian mbappé
QQMadness _
QQMadness _ 5 miesięcy temu
BTW Love ur vids mahn u really do an amazing job
QQMadness _
QQMadness _ 5 miesięcy temu
Did anybody notice he said 5 position at 11:57
Rob Gaming
Rob Gaming 5 miesięcy temu
Wonder if jarrad is gonna get sacked ?
Farrel Altaf
Farrel Altaf 5 miesięcy temu
Lintz Official
Lintz Official 5 miesięcy temu
We need to play Rashford more so we don't make the mistake we mad with Pogba and sell him
Abrian Aryasena
Abrian Aryasena 5 miesięcy temu
cani was mad rodrigo tore his acl in the roma career so he took it out on you and Lukaku! XD
Euan Hewes
Euan Hewes 5 miesięcy temu
How come Bayern have the number of champions league wins on their left arm but united don’t and they’ve won it like 3 times
Ahmed Umar
Ahmed Umar 5 miesięcy temu
look at aa9 he is your master
Ahmed Umar
Ahmed Umar 5 miesięcy temu
bad fifa player LIKE IF YOU AGREE sry jarrad
mtcy_the_cuber 5 miesięcy temu
Rmv 10
Rmv 10 5 miesięcy temu
Why are playing so bad for man united pls play properly pls i hate to see united be like this
KID nathan
KID nathan 5 miesięcy temu
Try playing pes 2019 plsss!! Just once
Ali Jr
Ali Jr 5 miesięcy temu
Wow the game difficulty level is very hard but nothing is hard on you mate you will learn it fast 💨😁
Phantom 5 miesięcy temu
as a man utd i don't think rashford is overhyped but i think rashford is better on the wings
YSsR AYS 5 miesięcy temu
Najs men for you
Euan Robertson
Euan Robertson 5 miesięcy temu
From a neutral perspective, I think that Rashford isn’t underrated. It’s just city fans. It’s just basically united fans saying sterling is overrated and city fans saying that Rashford and lingard are overrated
Oliver Rason
Oliver Rason 5 miesięcy temu
Euan Robertson and neither are right just lingard and definitely rashford shouldn't be at united because it doesn't unlock there full potential
Jamie Cotter
Jamie Cotter 5 miesięcy temu
Pre Contract challenge Rules 1. Sign every pre contract for 6 seasons 2. Use any team under 3 star 3. To complete the challenge you must win the champions league twice and the premier league twice 4. Time limit 6 seasons
Jamie Cotter
Jamie Cotter 4 miesięcy temu
+Joe Smith I suppose I don't know what fifa 19 is like
Randy Marsh
Randy Marsh 5 miesięcy temu
Completed this with Accrington Stanley lol
Jamie Cotter
Jamie Cotter 5 miesięcy temu
+Joe Smith I know what your saying
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 5 miesięcy temu
Jamie Cotter not too bad then I played fifa 16 career mode seemed way too long I would end up simulating from November to end of season and the just start a new career
Jamie Cotter
Jamie Cotter 5 miesięcy temu
+Joe Smith7 hours
dr 92
dr 92 5 miesięcy temu
Rashford could be hitting hattricks every game and people would say he is over hyped, because he plays for United, we saw just that happen with current United and England top scorer Wayne Rooney, says it all really! I personally feel he is better on the left flank taking on the full back and setting the central striker up
dr 92
dr 92 4 miesięcy temu
it happened the whole way through his career!
ZunfiX 5 miesięcy temu
dr 92 in my opinion he doesn't get enough play time, young players don't get good opportunities under José
Oliver Rason
Oliver Rason 5 miesięcy temu
dr 92 no you are wrong. Rooney was over-hyped at the end of his career when he barely ever scored which is true. If rashford scored a hat-tricks every game then he would be appreciated just like hazard is right now.
FAIJAZ MOHAMMED 5 miesięcy temu
Sign memphis depay
Süleyman Hilmi Öztürk
Süleyman Hilmi Öztürk 5 miesięcy temu
Please do Galatasray Rebuild Pleaseeeeeee
manchester united fan
manchester united fan 5 miesięcy temu
Play rashford more pls
Ahlad K
Ahlad K 5 miesięcy temu
Please reduce the difficulty if u can't win
Tee-Jay Ndjoze
Tee-Jay Ndjoze 5 miesięcy temu
I think you should play a 4-3-3 Messi at cf rashford on the left, willian on the right
Super F
Super F 5 miesięcy temu
Please tell us when you do a subsitution
Waldimar Matahwa
Waldimar Matahwa 5 miesięcy temu
Can your next video be about how to turn off timed Shooting.
Summer1974100 5 miesięcy temu
How did you get Fifa 19?
Super F
Super F 5 miesięcy temu
Do like you did in fifa 18 when a player scores get his picture with his stats
TwiangleLord 087
TwiangleLord 087 5 miesięcy temu
When you starting rebuilds
Samuel green
Samuel green 5 miesięcy temu
Evan the savage who eats pie likes nothing he was in Germany so got it for free but now is back in Australia i think
Joehd 5 miesięcy temu
Can you do a mk dons rdg and can u rebuild Grimsby town
Ritik Kumar
Ritik Kumar 5 miesięcy temu
Play sanchez at RW Rashford at LW and Messi at ST
Leon Axhemi
Leon Axhemi 5 miesięcy temu
If you will still continue to do rebuilds please do QPR
Marwan Sayed
Marwan Sayed 5 miesięcy temu
can you make the first rebuild challenge
RedBoys 5 miesięcy temu
I'm actually so hyped for this series, coming home from school and seeing the notification... Life is good
Khalid M
Khalid M 5 miesięcy temu
I like your videos btw im from finland👍
FUT B3AST 5 miesięcy temu
Hopefully by the time you start the Fulham rebuild you become a master at this game (or a bit better😂) then can't wait for that Career Mode Series!!
tamaghna_tech 5 miesięcy temu
Why the players don't have any shadow? It's not looking great
Wisecresent Plays
Wisecresent Plays 5 miesięcy temu
AndroBoy 18 settings
Pro F8
Pro F8 5 miesięcy temu
At fifa 19
Pro F8
Pro F8 5 miesięcy temu
You suckkkk
XEON GAMING 5 miesięcy temu
Get diego lainez as a prospect
sezthemzYT cruz
sezthemzYT cruz 5 miesięcy temu
Trash mexican
Bodzaa -
Bodzaa - 5 miesięcy temu
Please replace Smalling 😵😵😵😵😵😵
Christina NS
Christina NS 5 miesięcy temu
Messi still don't score a goal
Trí Đức
Trí Đức 5 miesięcy temu
Buy more player
Armando Rexhepi Vlogs
Armando Rexhepi Vlogs 5 miesięcy temu
Jarrad you shold turn off the timed finishing it is really killing you
Alvin Wong Wei Ye
Alvin Wong Wei Ye 5 miesięcy temu
Go to settings is below the trainer thingy setting
Selina O'Reilly
Selina O'Reilly 5 miesięcy temu
Armando Rexhepi Vlogs
Armando Rexhepi Vlogs 5 miesięcy temu
+Selina O'Reilly I still don't know yet bc I haven't played the game yet but i think you should go to main menu and settings probably
Selina O'Reilly
Selina O'Reilly 5 miesięcy temu
Armando Rexhepi Vlogs how do you do that?
Thierry Quintius
Thierry Quintius 5 miesięcy temu
11:57 What is the excuse now😂😂
Thierry Quintius
Thierry Quintius 5 miesięcy temu
+JarradHD OMG You replied without me asking you ❤️
TwiangleLord 087
TwiangleLord 087 5 miesięcy temu
1:50 is a mess up
JarradHD 5 miesięcy temu
That i suck at FIFA 19😂😂😂 (Get's better though)
Vince Kollin
Vince Kollin 5 miesięcy temu
Please rebuild West Ham
Yao Ming
Yao Ming 5 miesięcy temu
Jarrad i think you should let the other players play so it will be realistic
Szabix 5 miesięcy temu
Rip Cani 😂
Super ahmed
Super ahmed 5 miesięcy temu
Play Messi as RW.
Finn French
Finn French 5 miesięcy temu
he recorded the whole series at the capture event like he has said multiple times. There is no use commenting that now
Jackson Wedrat
Jackson Wedrat 5 miesięcy temu
Jarrad, watch the Liverpool v Man Utd match back in February. That's how you'll see Marcus rashford playing his best
Ibrahim Fashanu
Ibrahim Fashanu 5 miesięcy temu
Brad Carling yes he is that’s why they gave him number 10 the season just started so chill
Randy Marsh
Randy Marsh 5 miesięcy temu
+Michael Davies he's welbeck 2.0 over hyped by the press, he's nothing special, martial is the far greater talent
Michael Davies
Michael Davies 5 miesięcy temu
Rashford is too good for United, well for mourinho he's got too much competition he needs to play every week to develop
Brad Carling
Brad Carling 5 miesięcy temu
Jackson Wedrat but he is still overhyped and not performing well
anil bhandari
anil bhandari 5 miesięcy temu
Do wolves
MrNed340 5 miesięcy temu
#Free Martial
Storm Jumper
Storm Jumper 5 miesięcy temu
Comment 16th...
Barlog 5 miesięcy temu
Are overalls still scripted?
ElkNemer 5 miesięcy temu
What difficulty were you playing on?
JarradHD 5 miesięcy temu
Legendary, not ready to jump onto Ultimate just yet
daniel ainsworth
daniel ainsworth 5 miesięcy temu
just thinking jarrad, can u do a proper super league in fifa 19? all the teams will wer the 1 league badge?
Shadowlord 2698
Shadowlord 2698 5 miesięcy temu
Real MZAce
Real MZAce 5 miesięcy temu
Messi really suits that kit
TOXIC Draco 5 miesięcy temu
Y I never New they sold kits for midgets
Ali Ashraf
Ali Ashraf 5 miesięcy temu
Real MZAce that is true
Juannope 5 miesięcy temu
Messi really sucks in that kit. No goals, just One assist...
Abdikadir MOHAMED
Abdikadir MOHAMED 5 miesięcy temu
It’s like 10 here in Melbourne and I have school I should sleep but I saw you’re notification
Daddy BaRrY BeE BeNsOn
Daddy BaRrY BeE BeNsOn 5 miesięcy temu
Bossdzn 5 miesięcy temu
It is 3pm in here and i have no school
XLR8 Clan
XLR8 Clan 5 miesięcy temu
Fierce BeeMinions
Fierce BeeMinions 5 miesięcy temu
n̷i̸k̶o̷ ̷n̷i̵k̶o̶
Gago _Dholahar_
Gago _Dholahar_ 5 miesięcy temu
Gago _Dholahar_
Gago _Dholahar_ 5 miesięcy temu
Cameron Atherton
Cameron Atherton 5 miesięcy temu
Maroz YT
Maroz YT 5 miesięcy temu
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