Fallout 76 Full Stage Show | Bethesda E3 2018

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Primarch Vulkan
Primarch Vulkan Dzień temu
ReiGnJuste 2 dni temu
Tall talk small result. That's the way of life. Like politicians
warhammer dude
warhammer dude 5 dni temu
Videos taken before disaster 2018 edition
DotDotDot 6 dni temu
The world was so good, but there was nothing in it. I loved the world, the enemies, and being able to play with my friends, but there wasnt enough to it.
Hasi Zockt
Hasi Zockt 7 dni temu
16 times that shittail
Rozan TheOoz
Rozan TheOoz 12 dni temu
Metro Exodus is the real video games!!!!!
Rozan TheOoz
Rozan TheOoz 12 dni temu
Todd with a sweet little lies
Cyfrik 13 dni temu
We were all so innocent back then. We didn't know what would happen... *WE DIDN'T KNOW!*
Cyfrik 9 dni temu
+Akashi Seijūrō Fair point. Personally, I was certain the game would be bad, but I didn't expect it would be as bad as it ended up being. And then came the canvas bag controversy, the data leaks, and the rum controversy, all of which I also didn't see coming.
Akashi Seijūrō
Akashi Seijūrō 9 dni temu
Some did. We try to tell everyone but no would beileve us.
Q-ert HD
Q-ert HD 14 dni temu
So are the new skyrim versions available for pre order yet? We need more details
N M 14 dni temu
Vaya puto vende humos profesional es el tonto de los cojones de Todd
Rags 14 dni temu
This aged well.
andyenid2 16 dni temu
Little did the audience know they fucked up
Suntop 14 dni temu
I agree
Alexandre Loens
Alexandre Loens 16 dni temu
I disagree
4 Shavok
4 Shavok 16 dni temu
Country roooooaaadddddssss
AutonacsIX 18 dni temu
illl find u nd kill u for maken such stressfull game
Vinesauce Obscurities
Little did they know what disaster lied ahead. Oh, sweet summer children...
Cannedscourge 19 dni temu
Stop right there, criminal scum! Nobody ruins a game on MY watch. I'll be confiscating your broken goods. Now pay the fans a fine or serve your sentence.
Gavin Miguel
Gavin Miguel 19 dni temu
LadyLavellan 20 dni temu
You're a literal little liar aren't you, Todd?
Madeline Elene
Madeline Elene 20 dni temu
What pissed me off the most was they didn't even have the decency to NOT freaking use fallout 4's diamondcity play really? we've been hearing those songs for how many years now and you want us to do it again? If you're gonna grab some tunes from Malt Shop Radio mod you could AT LEAST use them INSTEAD of the fallout 4 songs...
Mr. Garcia
Mr. Garcia 20 dni temu
*Break-It* early test application
Pedro Guedes
Pedro Guedes 23 dni temu
Now we now know this game is broken and shitty, I miss the days when bethesda had integrity😭
Alexandre Loens
Alexandre Loens 16 dni temu miss a day that never happened? Oblivion was bugged af at launch Fallout 3 too NV was okay-ish Skyrim ? lmao Fallout 4 ? 😅😅😅 So yeah ..
OmniHakurei 23 dni temu
well i say new fallout will be bad no one want to hear
ritchski1 23 dni temu
What does sixteen times the detail mean anyway? Did someone sit there and say “ok that’s is guys we are at precisely sixteen times the detail of fallout 4 let’s leave it there”.
crazydude235 23 dni temu
Man, this did not age well.
Stephanie Love
Stephanie Love 24 dni temu
Fallout 76 is a great game, dont listen to the bandwagoners who never played it.
Shoemcflex Theflex
Shoemcflex Theflex 24 dni temu
“It it just works”
Tigerriser 25 dni temu
Its 4 times the size of fallout 4, 16 times the detail and 10 times more unplayable He joked about the release on 27 Oct 2102...but was no joke, it will be that glory day the game is finally playable without bugs.
Tigerriser 25 dni temu
And he is here tonight to tell you sweet little lies...and he will never ever show his face on a stage again
Glenn Quagmire
Glenn Quagmire 26 dni temu
Todd lied to us
HellRider 919
HellRider 919 27 dni temu
Top 10 videos before disaster struck
Brasilia 29 dni temu
Todd, why the fuck
Mr. Incognito
Mr. Incognito Miesiąc temu
Heard them sheep Todd, they don't know any better...
Joseph Pradhana
Joseph Pradhana Miesiąc temu
Ben Baxter
Ben Baxter Miesiąc temu
Failout 76
Nat Revill
Nat Revill Miesiąc temu
Matthew Adair
Matthew Adair Miesiąc temu
In the words of Doc Oc: LIES! NOTHING BUT LIES!!!
Danplays Miesiąc temu
Todd Howard: We love the modding community so they can do all the work for us by fixing the bugs and the level action rifle for us
ecchi squid
ecchi squid Miesiąc temu
Where's my violin?....damn tiny thing.
Lennon Mcwilliams
Lennon Mcwilliams Miesiąc temu
Well then....
fucktard fucktard
fucktard fucktard Miesiąc temu
SmoochieWallac3 Miesiąc temu
I wonder if they are still good friends after the shit storm that ensued.
LightningSamus Miesiąc temu
This people... is why you don’t fanboy games or developers.
Michael Bsh
Michael Bsh Miesiąc temu
Who knew this game will be the worst AAA game of 2018
Kazerz Miesiąc temu
Lostjoy IX
Lostjoy IX Miesiąc temu
Zaween Exists
Zaween Exists Miesiąc temu
fruitypeebils Miesiąc temu
todd howard is a total hack. i realized that with skyrim
Ezra Blake
Ezra Blake Miesiąc temu
Mr.Obsidian, bring me a dream. Make Fallout game the best as It used to be
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee Miesiąc temu
Best part of the game is the main menu. In this showcase there’s footage of 6 players in a firefight together but not one frame drop or crash. False advertisement. The demo graphics look rich with detail with high textures and HDR. Again false advertisement.
Dan G
Dan G Miesiąc temu
This game is historic for all the wrong reasons lmao
Timothy Bleeker
Timothy Bleeker Miesiąc temu
they look so hopeful that’s cute
Aquariums Unlimited
Aquariums Unlimited Miesiąc temu
Can’t wait to see the fallout of this one
Unknown One
Unknown One Miesiąc temu
Lion El Jonson
Lion El Jonson Miesiąc temu
You know what the worst part is? Fleetwood mac could have made thousands from todd howard via views but people watch the reupload instead of the original music video on the fleetwood mac channel. What a shame.
Tami jur
Tami jur Miesiąc temu
Killer Boy Snap
Killer Boy Snap Miesiąc temu
And I stand corrected. Fallout 76 didnt surpass New Vegas at all.
First Order Ball
First Order Ball Miesiąc temu
“When Fallout rises from this wasteland-” *_NO_* -Todd Howard
Turn Off The System
Turn Off The System Miesiąc temu
23:43 He was apologising. He knew it all
Waifus 4 Ever
Waifus 4 Ever Miesiąc temu
Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies
Daniel Tamayo
Daniel Tamayo Miesiąc temu
Who is watching this after the disaster of fallout 76?
Refloni Miesiąc temu
The lies are not so sweet or little any more.
Finlay Kidd
Finlay Kidd Miesiąc temu
So many lies so little truth
Blue Guy
Blue Guy Miesiąc temu
Lol Fallout 76 was an absolute disaster
Night Owl
Night Owl Miesiąc temu
Darth Reaper Killermaster
Bethesda is just bad at making online games
Gary Garratt
Gary Garratt Miesiąc temu
Bad at making games full stop. Each of their games is just a copy and paste from the previous ones. Fallout 3 feels like Oblivion, Skyrim feels like Fallout 3 and so on.
DanTheMan 18
DanTheMan 18 Miesiąc temu
Now you know why Country Roads is only sung at funerals. RIP Vault Boy 2008-2018 (Thanks for the likes my boys)
Kazius Miesiąc temu
This is my 25th year at Bethesda. And my last after Fallout 76 disaster!
Illustrious Miesiąc temu
16 t i m e s
Henrique Fabrício
Henrique Fabrício Miesiąc temu
*e morreu.*
Cristian Chimoiu
Cristian Chimoiu Miesiąc temu
The only thing "That glows in the fucking dark :O:O:O:O:O:O:O!!" it`s your shit horse game you fucking scammers.
Lucas .Belkowski
Lucas .Belkowski Miesiąc temu
Woah, a documentary from a parallel universe. :D
Keenan Tousley
Keenan Tousley Miesiąc temu
I didn’t notice any server crashes
Ayame Kajou
Ayame Kajou Miesiąc temu
Todd Howard is so deceptive he could sell an airline paper planes.
Southern Fried Media
Southern Fried Media Miesiąc temu
I wonder....what are you to say now? was it everything you ever hoped for?
Tiago Melo
Tiago Melo Miesiąc temu
Fica empolgado não galera, vai por mim kkkkk
GvG tv
GvG tv Miesiąc temu
IM SO EXITED!!!!! wait the game already came out 😐
ritchski1 Miesiąc temu
Todd has finally announced news on Bethesda’s new engine, here’s a press junket I came across- “we are going to be announcing it officially but it’s basically called the Imagination Engine, the basic premise in you turn on your console, put on your headset, then imagine the game we just made for you. As the player you are in complete control, you wanna fight dragons? Imagine them and they will appear in your minds eye. Anyway I don’t want to ruin it, more will be revealed at the next E3. The tech isn’t quite there yet but we are close”
Cyfrik 13 dni temu
Bug #7734 - The Imaginaton Engine may be partially incompatible if the player has aphantasia, but modders are hard at work on making a compatibility patch.
Alexander Clark
Alexander Clark Miesiąc temu
I had to quit because the servers kept crashing every 20 minutes
Thizlam Miesiąc temu
*_Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lieees_*
OutcomeAgent Miesiąc temu
There is one annoying girl in the crowd who drowns out everyone's cheers with her. Whooeeeeooooooeeooo.................woooooo"
Jonan4tor Miesiąc temu
Its ok todd, i still love you
Craig Kuma
Craig Kuma Miesiąc temu
Now these, there are some hilarious jokes todd. Now where's the real game?
Reece Jones
Reece Jones Miesiąc temu
It's a online game, watch what your gonna buy and stop complaining, make sure it's what you want before you purchase it
Rafterman Howard
Rafterman Howard Miesiąc temu
Damn this video has aged BADLY.
LowNSlowIII Miesiąc temu
Who is back here for comments?
Squiggy2010 Miesiąc temu
This video is now a cursed meme. Todd Howard puts Sean Murray to shame.
elchamber Miesiąc temu
This audience are morons.
ritchski1 Miesiąc temu
It didn’t just work
Purefoldnz Miesiąc temu
Bhahahahahaha what a complete disaster.
Mulberry Miesiąc temu
4 Shavok
4 Shavok 16 dni temu
The fallout 76 graphics: “don’t listen to him buddy he’s lying I’m not that good”
Madeline Elene
Madeline Elene 20 dni temu
Sixteen times by the way. Sixteen times. *Looks down* Ah huh...
Capt Chemo
Capt Chemo Miesiąc temu
LMAO All the high hopes and love for the Fallout series. How many present that screamed were planted by Bethesda? It's not like Todd was being honest or maybe he didn't have a clue.
Nawas Miesiąc temu
the fallout reveal will never be as good as for the reveal for fallout 4. that was epic
3556df44 Miesiąc temu
Todd Howard what a sell out
Mister C
Mister C Miesiąc temu
I don't understand why there's such low ratings. The game's really not that bad. I love it
Mattock Jebbard
Mattock Jebbard Miesiąc temu
See those sorry ass fanbois chanting Todd’s name.... They yell : “make love to me Todd”
SquidStone Miesiąc temu
Haha nice of Todd & co. to professionally fool the audience
Finlay Kidd
Finlay Kidd Miesiąc temu
So much lies so little truth
Andrew Elliot
Andrew Elliot Miesiąc temu
Nothing but lies.
Not Annoying Dog
Not Annoying Dog Miesiąc temu
I always see Fallout 76 as an experiment to see if multiplayer online worked. Apparently it didn't.
SquidStone Miesiąc temu
Do they test that by adding some extra-tasty glitches and bugs too?
wille514 Miesiąc temu
I saw this and immediately preordered. I played the Beta and cancelled my preorder. Glad I dodged that one cause I did fall for the release of destiny2 scam.
Petty Girlfriend
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