Falcon Heavy & Starman

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When Falcon Heavy lifted off, it became the most powerful operational rocket in the world by a factor of two. With the ability to lift into orbit nearly 64 metric tons (141,000 lb)---a mass greater than a 737 jetliner loaded with passengers, crew, luggage and fuel--Falcon Heavy can lift more than twice the payload of the next closest operational vehicle, the Delta IV Heavy, at one-third the cost.
Following liftoff, the two side boosters separated from the center core and returned to landing site for future reuse.
Falcon Heavy put a Tesla Roadster and its passenger, Starman, into orbit around the sun. At max velocity Starman and the Roadster will travel 11 km/s (7mi/s) and travel 400 million km (250 million mi) from Earth.

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11 mar 2018



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Komentarze 9 014
Retro Vinyl
Retro Vinyl Dzień temu
Why did they choose “Life On Mars?” for the astronaut. That was the perfect reason to use Starman!!!!!
TheXPeppe99 Dzień temu
I decided to study aerospace engineering thanks to this
Scott Simms
Scott Simms 2 dni temu
Killer Cobra
Killer Cobra 2 dni temu
Tmartn at 30 secs
Vương Sơn Thành
Falcon Heavy mede in Earth but Musk made in another one!
max Bob
max Bob 2 dni temu
What song is it
Serious gamer
Serious gamer 3 dni temu
I'm crying
Pyrus Rex
Pyrus Rex 3 dni temu
Aaahhh, the beginnings of the quiet bureaucratic strangulation death of SLS. It'll be obsolete before it's ever built.
Ďoďo Ivanecký
Ďoďo Ivanecký 3 dni temu
My favorit. I haven seen it 100 times and I still can watch it daily. But I do believe Elon Mask is going to give me a better one to watch ;)
spaceventure simulator 123
Made on earth by humans
yRuslanLuy 3 dni temu
What's song??????
Kieran1878 Dzień temu
yRuslanLuy David Bowie - Life on mars.
Jeff Vader
Jeff Vader 4 dni temu
Fuck yeah lets go to mars.
LRZN 5 dni temu
Is it just me, or is the sound quality of Life On Mars? better in this SpaceX video? I am listening to it on Spotify and compared with this, this version sounds much clearer.
Dervish Family
Dervish Family 5 dni temu
on ksp, I made my own falcon heavy and falcon 9 with dragon
赵武帝 5 dni temu
A Dude
A Dude 6 dni temu
February,6,2018 one of the days i would never forget Edit:tnx for the likes
Ethan Nixon
Ethan Nixon 6 dni temu
F U PLvid
PIP Thompson
PIP Thompson 7 dni temu
Cosmically awesome :-D To the star we must go!!! We are all stardust
Stanis 7 dni temu
"Made on Earth by humans" - this words made me think, that we are all SAME, on Earth, and we must work hard, TOGETHER!
limesquared 7 dni temu
"made on Earth by humans"....yesssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_HaleX_ 7 dni temu
Elon has taught us how to dream big again!!!
Frye Pod
Frye Pod 7 dni temu
Can't stop watching. Motivation from this video is
Ares Hermes
Ares Hermes 8 dni temu
I tear up every time! This has to play when the first 100 go up. God Speed
zip zag
zip zag 8 dni temu
"she could spit in the eyes of fools" love the subtly of that statement. throwing shade at everyone whose ever doubted SpaceX and now the power that is Falcon Heavy. What a lovely time to be a live, the future is bright. Can't wait to see BFR make her maiden voyage. seeing those kids excited, I rember being that little, the wonderment, the excitement. I remember when Obama announced we had to cut back on NASA, that was like the last but of my childhood dying. But seeing something like this, a man like Musk pushing the boundaries and reinventing the wheel basically, that's everything. the kid in me is very much alive today.
Jack Keville
Jack Keville 4 dni temu
I quite like that as the line "Look at those cavemen go" is sang, we are treated to a view of the most powerful and reusable rocket currently in service reaching for the stars with a sports car as a payload... It's ridiculous. I love it.
111danish111 8 dni temu
What happened to the centre rocket ?
Pan Cytryna
Pan Cytryna 4 dni temu
111danish111 technically, but remeber that rockets never before were desinged to come back.
111danish111 7 dni temu
Oh snap !! You mean at 1:10 ? That is such an expensive loss for the company .
that Doge
that Doge 7 dni temu
111danish111 it crashed into the ocean.
Ryan Watt
Ryan Watt 9 dni temu
One day we will look beyond our selves to the stars.
Emman 9 dni temu
The tears in my eyes... wow
David Dzien
David Dzien 9 dni temu
* Made on Earth by Humans * ...damn, that's swagger!
Futuristic Dew
Futuristic Dew 9 dni temu
For all you people who are trying to find the music. Its "Life on mars?, by David Bowie"
zorro456 10 dni temu
Angry Comment. The last Moon Mission was 1972. So Why has NASA been NOT doing it's job?
Private Arc
Private Arc 9 dni temu
If you researched the old space launch. It's pretty much The issue of Lockheed Martin and Boeing selling overpricing parts to NASA. The government doesn't allow NASA to build parts internally. It's good that NASA is support SpaceX.
Viera Chudá
Viera Chudá 10 dni temu
the 1.9K dislikes were from NASA employees
Luka 4 dni temu
Viera Chudá none of this would of been possible if it wasn’t for NASA.
Simon Allen
Simon Allen 10 dni temu
This is the most important thing that has happened in the past 30 years. So cool.
ARUN KUMAR 11 dni temu
electron rotates nucleus earth rotates sun sun rotates blackhole(or unknown) But their is common that Light object Rotates Heavy object by this method we can make Advance Spacecraft
rocket_ 11 dni temu
nice video spacex!!!
Tommy Hibbs
Tommy Hibbs 11 dni temu
I already been there🇺🇸✌💥
Julle Jjjuu
Julle Jjjuu 11 dni temu
I wanna buy 1% from spacex lol blz Muskie
Rodney Carpluk
Rodney Carpluk 12 dni temu
this is very cool. Plus things like bringing down the cost of rocket use is huge. But with plans to increase the amount of rockets being used...add in more rocket companies are being made, and the current major companies plan on increasing their amount of rockets used, by...well by a seriously significant amount. And they still run on propellent, which is damaging to the environment, and its emitted throughout every level of the atmosphere as the rocket makes its trip to outer there are some harmful pollutants emitted directly into places like the stratosphere, where they can near immediately begin destruction of the ozone layer...and with rocket launch increase, listening to Space Xs plans alone to increase rocket use its a lot...Rocket use will speed things up in terms of travel, but accelerate things like global warming and harmful climate change...So unless there are major changes in power generation and use, such as making more large solar panel arrays, use much less fossil fuel power, then harmful emissions are going to accelerate. this will lead to an accelerated destruction of ecosystems, and other important things. I mean Im all for technological increases, and colonizing other planets, but not if they accelerate the destruction of a planet...and using poop for food like some space entity tried...that's just gross...surely advancements can happen without humans having to resort to eating their own poop. I mean make a condensed nutrient pill in times where food stores run low, so space can be saved on less room needed for a certain amount of calories and meals...poop food is not cool.
Hinch55 12 dni temu
I've seen this at least fifteen times. To this day I'm still unable to get past .45 without punching my hands over my head.
İrem İmert
İrem İmert 12 dni temu
but this isn't starman. this is life on mars!
Der Menschheit Helfen
İrem İmert The mannequin spacesuit figure is named Starman
DEEPAK DILIP 12 dni temu
Giant leap for mankind... love u elon and your whole team............
Migs 13 dni temu
Why couldn’t they just revert to Launch after the Falcon Heavy Core crashed in the sea?
Kel Duck
Kel Duck 12 dni temu
They were playing on hard mode.
Adapt FPV
Adapt FPV 14 dni temu
1:43 that's my favorite picture
the fish shop VILLA TEGAL BESAR B-23
Wow this is amazing finally Elon shots a car to the Mars.......
KeenOn Green
KeenOn Green 14 dni temu
So beautiful with life on mars... RIP Bowie
Zack Schmiesing
Zack Schmiesing 14 dni temu
I get goosebumps every time I watch this. What a momentous occasion for humans.
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 14 dni temu
I hate to be a downer, but It seems if this really does become mainstream, it would get really old hearing at least 6 sonic booms several times a day during booster reentry and landing. Especially for the 45 min. NYC to Shanghai flights, etc. Even if its several km offshore, and especially with the bigger BFR booster yet to come.
Eddy Q
Eddy Q 14 dni temu
How can I see the future launch schedule? I live in FL near the beach. It seems like the only time I find out about a launch is the next day. Does anyone have a link to the future launch schedule?
huddassc 13 dni temu
Eddy Q the website “Spaceflight Now” lists out all the SpaceX launches (as well as all others) for several months
Jurre Degrande
Jurre Degrande 14 dni temu
Cool i love falcon heavy
Jae KiDd
Jae KiDd 14 dni temu
Isn't this hazardous what happens if that car crashes into the ISS or even worse comes back into Earth's atmosphere and crashes into a bunch of humans
TheZui 13 dni temu
They can calculate the trajectory of the car.
CMillesBro 14 dni temu
By far my favorite video on PLvid, when ever i need inspiration this is my go to. Thanks Elon.
Zulu Pyro
Zulu Pyro 15 dni temu
so that's what happened to the center core 1:12
Tyan i7505
Tyan i7505 15 dni temu
No matter how many times I watch this... I still get chills.
Stephen Witwick
Stephen Witwick 15 dni temu
if you don't know how big it is then pause at 1:43 and look near the bottom right.
Claudette Smith
Claudette Smith 15 dni temu
Nailed it!
Saurabh Daware
Saurabh Daware 15 dni temu
Every time I see this it makes me Proud to be a human being :)
Justineastrolabio6 15 dni temu
Jeff who?
Cavor Kehl
Cavor Kehl 16 dni temu
love how the animation is about the project and this video is about people around the project.
ISYABOI 16 dni temu
I've watched well over 30 STS missions live, including the final shuttle mission, and this is the only time I've genuinely cried happy tears during any rocket launch. I held it together up Bowie started playing in the stream, and then I lost it. I remember pulling over on the side of the highway to watch on my phone. I can imagine driving down the highway, seeing a grown man crying in his car, watching a video on his phone. Not my proudest moment for myself, but by far my proudest moment for humanity.
Autistic Foamer
Autistic Foamer 16 dni temu
Launching a car into space is fun, but you know what's more fun? Getting a good salary.
Nevada Hamaker
Nevada Hamaker 16 dni temu
This. Never. Gets. Old.
Infinity Ahzee
Infinity Ahzee 16 dni temu
Hey- I really like your video and it’s fine. I already have subscribed to your channel. I think, you'll try to stand by me to grow my channel. Thank you.
Pablo Bezerra
Pablo Bezerra 16 dni temu
Okay I'm going to cry That's so beautiful
L4xify 16 dni temu
I had goosebumps
Owen Patal
Owen Patal 17 dni temu
Rip center core, but successful launch
Jessica Chalker
Jessica Chalker 17 dni temu
Hey there- how can I license this video for a large corporate event? Please connect with me - thanks!
TheVantriliquist13 17 dni temu
I’m 19 and I get to see it all unfold. I’m very lucky I guess
Protopet 18 dni temu
One of the coolest things ever!
interman 77
interman 77 18 dni temu
It is impossible to land a rocket backwards.
TheZui 13 dni temu
+ interman 77 We have seen it right here. What should not be possible about it?
Pan Cytryna
Pan Cytryna 17 dni temu
interman 77 i don't understend how its not possible. It is
Broccoli_32 17 dni temu
interman 77 But you can.
interman 77
interman 77 18 dni temu
Broccoli_32 It's a simple statement ,you can't land a rocket backwards, what don't you understand about it ?
Broccoli_32 18 dni temu
interman 77 I mean what are you talking about? If you don’t understand the word “what” you could google it.
Hoang Quan Nguyen
Hoang Quan Nguyen 19 dni temu
1,9k dislikes are flat earthers
Edwin Robert
Edwin Robert 19 dni temu
**sighs** "Now the future has been secured"
საბა 20 dni temu
iplayz FORTNITE 21 dzień temu
Elon Musk is such an intelligent man he’s served his time on this earth and if he wished to die on mars he can just not entering its atmosphere
Charles MacKay
Charles MacKay 21 dzień temu
this got me choking up with emotion
Mike Animations
Mike Animations 21 dzień temu
I can’t wait for the bfr
Cameron Jensen
Cameron Jensen 21 dzień temu
Is it weird I come back to this video to cheer myself up
Frye Pod
Frye Pod 7 dni temu
Cameron Jensen at least once a week....
Kieran Donnelly
Kieran Donnelly 21 dzień temu
What are the objects in the sky behind the boosters at 1:34? Helicopters?
Broccoli_32 21 dzień temu
Kieran Donnelly birds.
Michael Soland
Michael Soland 21 dzień temu
All the US companies having a space race while most of the world still hasn't put anything in space lol
Chez Block
Chez Block 22 dni temu
Probably the only person who provides high quality video.
Alec Boucher
Alec Boucher 22 dni temu
Alright who's still crying
Gabriel Zaparolli
Gabriel Zaparolli 22 dni temu
I never can get enough of these rockets landing. There is simply this feeling of wonder seeing a device as big as an office building falling from space and landing safely back on earth.
Ilya 007
Ilya 007 22 dni temu
Без паники))) Прикол из фильма Автостопом по галактике!))
Ikhlef HAMDI
Ikhlef HAMDI 23 dni temu
*Made on Erath by humans* Elon Musk is a genius but he miss that aliens don't speak english necessarily, he should've done an illustration
Alice Restani
Alice Restani 23 dni temu
Peccato non poter mettere il like più volte ❤ da brividi
Ekatha 23 dni temu
I think the FH demo was the most incredible event in space flight since Young and Crippen's maiden flight.
Dániel Korondi
Dániel Korondi 23 dni temu
1:12 3rd booster is NOOB
Sebastian 'Skittz' Körner
Watching OG2 recap and then FH recap right after gave me some tears. This is just glorious.
PUFFERWARS333 PUFF 24 dni temu
two fucking rockets landing at once is enough to get a space nerd an erection
Mastiah Janis
Mastiah Janis 24 dni temu
That 1.9k dislikes is probably flat earthers
Lancy Pooh
Lancy Pooh 24 dni temu
Chills, freakin' chills
Truth Booth
Truth Booth 24 dni temu
Don't panic
Вова Яковлев
David Bowie and Elon Musk are the greatest heroes of the world
Turtle Of Honor
Turtle Of Honor 25 dni temu
I've watched this already but 2 months later it is still the coolest thing I have ever seen
Mr. CrazyE
Mr. CrazyE 24 dni temu
Turtle Of Honor ikr
Torey Weaver
Torey Weaver 25 dni temu
This is the 100th time I've commented on this video, but I watch it at least once a week. It's beyond inspirational. No other words for it. You guys are spectacular
Kanał o Wszystkim
Kanał o Wszystkim 25 dni temu
Green screen xD
Pan Cytryna
Pan Cytryna 17 dni temu
Mr. CrazyE
Mr. CrazyE 24 dni temu
Mr. CrazyE
Mr. CrazyE 24 dni temu
Kanał o Wszystkim omg
Will 25 dni temu
GreenInkling 26 dni temu
Okay, this video answers everyone's question of what happened to the core stage 😅
talin nalo
talin nalo 26 dni temu
Vance Coiner
Vance Coiner 26 dni temu
if you refer to starman as the song, that was not it tho it was david bowie
Alex Siemers
Alex Siemers 24 dni temu
Starman is the name of the "Driver" on the roadster.
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