Everything Wrong With Hotel Transylvania In 11 Minutes Or Less

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Hotel Transylvania is one of those movie's that's short and kind of feels humorous in your memory, but when you go back through it looking for sins ends up just being surprisingly boring. Oh well, good thing they made three of these things.
Thursday: Guess.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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10 lip 2018

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Komentarze 4 938
Silver Dewolf
Silver Dewolf 18 minut temu
Miya 4 godzin temu
To the people saying Shrek started the trend of ending movies on musical numbers, I'm pretty sure that started with Scooby Doo and the Witch's Ghost in 1999
Alisha Murray
Alisha Murray 4 godzin temu
Shut up!
serenevil 6 godzin temu
it would be easier if you made a video of everything the movie did right. two minutes tops. guaranteed. (and that's stretching it)
José B Ribeiro
José B Ribeiro 7 godzin temu
The story is basically the little Mermaid's story
ΛXΞΛИDY21 - Gaming
3:29 My name is Andrew McArthur.... so close lol
snash8831 9 godzin temu
6:31 It sounds like he says, "You'll remember nothing of the sin counter"
Healthy Farting
Healthy Farting 9 godzin temu
about fucking time
Miah Thorpatrick
Miah Thorpatrick 9 godzin temu
I thought this movie was ok at best. didn't love it as much as other people did.
MavenDeo 11 godzin temu
4:43 You're a funny guy. Really. Still, I think that may have been your best pun ever. Had me laughing for several minutes. Good job!
Perfect Imperfections
Perfect Imperfections 12 godzin temu
Jose Estrada
Jose Estrada 13 godzin temu
Do the first evil dead
furballo1992 13 godzin temu
You guys should do Forgetting Sarah Marshall I LOVE THAT MOVIE favorite of all time.
Manh z900
Manh z900 14 godzin temu
Saylor Bell
Saylor Bell 14 godzin temu
"And if I had a bridge, I would jump." Best line in the video
“Follow me.” “Sorry mavis, I can’t, I have to leave.” “You sure? It’ll be fun.” “Okay.” I died
That Boi
That Boi 15 godzin temu
Iol 22 jump street reference at the end
D-Red 101
D-Red 101 20 godzin temu
Do everything wrong with Superman 3
Bemis Plushies
Bemis Plushies 20 godzin temu
2:42 not to be mean but that was actually pretty funny
Jared Piersma
Jared Piersma 21 godzinę temu
K Kay
K Kay 22 godzin temu
"We never go out there" Honestly Same lol
Ponderer Of Pointless Dreams
*why does it have 27 poop jokes*
Freddy Fazbear64
Freddy Fazbear64 Dzień temu
I hate u ur ruining my CHILDHOOD
Marley Burner
Marley Burner Dzień temu
Igor Freitas
Igor Freitas Dzień temu
A Quiet Place please!
Mary Beth Dew
Mary Beth Dew Dzień temu
How did the universe know I needed to see this?
cassi steckly
cassi steckly Dzień temu
I still love this movie lol
At 6:25 when he said “encounter” I thought he said “sin counter.”
bane skull
bane skull Dzień temu
Wow he really goes into the facts
Reece123 A
Reece123 A Dzień temu
Does anyone else love when people say they got a ad on the same thing when we all know they didn’t
Mata Nui
Mata Nui Dzień temu
As far as I'm concerned Frankenstein i the monster too.
twisted gaming
twisted gaming Dzień temu
number one it has monsters
Hello Hello
Hello Hello Dzień temu
The guy who does cinemawins sounds like cinemasins, what if they were the same person?!
Baily Dash
Baily Dash Dzień temu
Still love this movie
iloveferrets whoop whoop
If you can only zing for once in your life then why in Transylvania 3 Dracula zings with the ship lady pointy chin lady 😶😐😑😐😑😐😶
cj fox
cj fox Dzień temu
Poltergeist that's how the tables move
Matthew A
Matthew A Dzień temu
The first (and only) time I saw this movie was in theaters. I didn’t know much about it, and was thinking “this is decent but the voice of Dracula is bad/kind of ruining it.” It made sense when I discovered that the voice belonged to Adam Sandler.
Umer The Clumsy Tube
Bruh, it's a movie, this happens XD I didn't even know this before this vid, nobody probably noticed it, you just ruined it
David Church
David Church Dzień temu
You should do "Everything Wrong With The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" in preparation for Christopher Robin
veronica sawyer
veronica sawyer Dzień temu
Kat2873 Dzień temu
Who gives a fuck.. It's a good movie.
Mike Conner
Mike Conner Dzień temu
This guy has a serious hate on for a kids cartoon.
Onion San
Onion San Dzień temu
*Why the 2319 panic though?*
Dray L.
Dray L. Dzień temu
More like everything wrong with u!
Multi Girl
Multi Girl Dzień temu
When you realize Hotel Transylvania 3 is coming out and you haven’t made a video in the first one yet.
Flynn McCall
Flynn McCall Dzień temu
Sin 73- “you will remember nothing of this sin counter”
Jonathan Lumbreras
Jonathan Lumbreras Dzień temu
Why the guy always hates logos, what did the logo ever do to him, sometimes it’s kinda interesting how the logos play out, and plus I’m sure they have to put the logos for copyright issues and stuff like that
bookfound Dzień temu
Do the monsters have minds of there own? That's what I said when I watched this movie.
fabrizio pignataro
fabrizio pignataro Dzień temu
ThingsForMinnie Dzień temu
Martha will always be in his left breast pocket...
*twedy roblox*
*twedy roblox* Dzień temu
Are you forsin pipol tu like and suscribe? Tex me and ill tell you dont du it🤗
Micciz Pooka2
Micciz Pooka2 Dzień temu
I wish cinemasins was fun again and did correct sins 😞
Matthew Wu
Matthew Wu Dzień temu
Why you gotta ruin it asshole
Ivan Nekrasova
Ivan Nekrasova Dzień temu
I got one: in one part of the movie where Dracula is moving the tables Johny gets on one and makes it fly by saying it's number, but how did he KNOW that number, I don't see it written on the table.
Brianna Shudra
Brianna Shudra Dzień temu
Maria Salinas
Maria Salinas Dzień temu
She could stay in the pawmtrees
Tiffany Wiggins
Tiffany Wiggins Dzień temu
You are stupid
Brick The Bloodclan Warrior
Don't you dare bring ET into this Mavis.. Don't yo- DAMMIT
Sean Tubbert Cole
Its an animated movie for KIDS. Its not supposed to make sense
josiah emrick
josiah emrick 2 dni temu
do i kill giants!!!
Kaelah Renee
Kaelah Renee 2 dni temu
Can you do a sin of Before I Wake? I really like the movie and I'd love to see it sinned.
Dungeon lord
Dungeon lord 2 dni temu
Swollen throat and fire breathing watch the series on Netflix
akdude81 2 dni temu
The whole 118 of Mavis is so annoying in this movie. The just wanted her to be old, so they threw 100 in front of 18. It is so dumb! Then they have all this maturity that occurs at 118. But why? Why would vampires even care? I get Dracula wants her to be safe and is scared of humans but not letting her out, buy why make such a big deal out of 118 than any other year? It is so arbitrary and stupid! (I really didn't like this movie, by the way)
Kyllee Kristy_
Kyllee Kristy_ 2 dni temu
Tittle: Everything Wrong With Hotel Transylvania In 11 Minutes Or Less Video: 12 minutes
RaZe Raid
RaZe Raid 2 dni temu
I hate this movie so yeah
Bg Labelle
Bg Labelle 2 dni temu
It is just an animated movie with some quirks. Of course you have the quirks, it is a vampire movie. Guess you really need a life.
pickchu !
pickchu ! 2 dni temu
sfu23 2 dni temu
I aggrie with u
Holsp 2 dni temu
*someone mades third film in the series* cinema sins : First episode is here!
HomieSheep 2 dni temu
There is nothing wrong with this movie! I actually really enjoyed watching this and also the part two and I'm looking forward to watching Hotel Transylvania 3! Seriously you shouldn't make fun of movies.
HomieSheep 9 godzin temu
I watched Hotel Transylvania 3 and it's not what i expected.
HomieSheep Dzień temu
Matthew Cleary
Matthew Cleary Dzień temu
pickchu !
pickchu ! 2 dni temu
HomieSheep Thank you!
Emma Hunt
Emma Hunt 2 dni temu
I know your enemy:cinemawins
The Dark Knight Of power
I have only 1 sin problem. He was most likely alive when that book came out. Since they don't really age. It never says his day of birth so it is a probamtic one that could be argued but this is my proof. Other than that there all true
Ionasku Alexander
6:30 the guy had contact lenses so the hypnosis trick didn't work on him...what are you stupid?
Blake Sargent
Blake Sargent 2 dni temu
Do more sandler movies please!
SON 2 dni temu
Another sin is that while drac and johnny explain to frank how there related he believes them with all the details with the pig strangling hand without question on to how they would know
Lt. Basil
Lt. Basil 2 dni temu
I am astounded at how many sequels this movie has gotten. Just saying.
Hoss Uncles
Hoss Uncles 2 dni temu
Great. Next. Make a video on why a 20-30yr old guy is watching a kids movie pointing out the flaws .. thumbs up guy. Smh
Hunter Nesvold
Hunter Nesvold 2 dni temu
WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE Skeleton husband so mad at them
You should have taken a sin off for every bad vampire pun you made in this video
Kado 2 dni temu
Why are they making a 3rd!?! WHY?!?
Jai Taylor
Jai Taylor 2 dni temu
One thing to say ITS A FUCKIN MOVIE
William Porter
William Porter 2 dni temu
I thought this was a great movie....when i was 6 now that i started watching your channel im convinced all movies are trash
Indubitable Gaming
Johnny has a Teichert logo on his shirt.
Garden Snek
Garden Snek 2 dni temu
Because compound eyes take more effort.
Jess Pugliese
Jess Pugliese 2 dni temu
Please do the kissing booth!!!
Adam Scott
Adam Scott 2 dni temu
Dude its a kids movie thats good stop judgeing
gatchagirl !
gatchagirl ! 2 dni temu
Anyways it's still a good kids movie I mean I love it it's funny and cheerful.
Aqua Neko
Aqua Neko 2 dni temu
"Are there professional charade tournaments ?" Actually , yes , it's extremely random , but there are actual spectator tournaments for charades , I'm not joking lol
Simon Janevic
Simon Janevic 2 dni temu
Why does Mavis maintain her vampire eye color in her bat form but Drac’s eyes change to red?
Nikola Trendafilov
I hate haters like you you asshole
Hubie Jr.
Hubie Jr. 2 dni temu
Great video, this movie deserves it
my angry nan doyle
What the hell😨💩💩
daan martens
daan martens 2 dni temu
Powerful priority view rebel tight award corporate.
Lady Indulgence
Lady Indulgence 2 dni temu
Bruv why you gotta do Beastie Boys dirty like that lmao
Sarah Rutherford
Sarah Rutherford 2 dni temu
Roll undead-its
mitchell raulston
Deadpool 2?
Ben Leathley
Ben Leathley 2 dni temu
You should do a sins video for Halo: Nightfall 👌🏻
trollingSHCJ 2 dni temu
This is a cartoon, an animation, EVERYTHING is wrong 😂
Egg 3 dni temu
4:56 Another sin for making a grammartical mistake.
Scott Larson
Scott Larson 3 dni temu
Why dose Wayne keep having kids if he keeps complaining about them? :/
Chips 3 dni temu
some of these are pretty dumb, you just want more random ass sins, lame.