Everything Wrong With Hotel Transylvania In 11 Minutes Or Less

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Hotel Transylvania is one of those movie's that's short and kind of feels humorous in your memory, but when you go back through it looking for sins ends up just being surprisingly boring. Oh well, good thing they made three of these things.
Thursday: Guess.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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10 lip 2018

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Komentarze 5 515
Marc Trifilo
Marc Trifilo 2 godzin temu
2:01 was that a pun I smell
Marc Trifilo
Marc Trifilo 2 godzin temu
0:44 every gamer ever
Marc Trifilo
Marc Trifilo 2 godzin temu
Bailey Baird
Bailey Baird 4 godzin temu
please stop swearing
Netoone 9 godzin temu
The power of boners compel you
Victor Von Doom
Victor Von Doom 14 godzin temu
LMFAO Was referenced in the closet scene with Jonathan showing Dracula modern music and Dracula considering it torture. Earlier than the scooter scene.
Inou Wolf
Inou Wolf 15 godzin temu
No redeeming qualities about this movie XD
Natalie Moenning
Natalie Moenning Dzień temu
Haha I liked the in-sex (insects) joke
Hunter Thomas
Hunter Thomas Dzień temu
Also Not to be mean but do you really have to point all bad things out? (but lol its funny still so keep it up :p
Elian Garcia
Elian Garcia 2 dni temu
It says 11 minutes but if you look it’s 11 minutes and 41 seconds
james howe
james howe Dzień temu
Rowan Weaver
Rowan Weaver 2 dni temu
I watched this movie and now watching this I’m thinking “wait all of this happened” yeah I forgot all of it basically
Iva Alves
Iva Alves 2 dni temu
I agree
Cassie Stoddard
Cassie Stoddard 3 dni temu
Nothing wrong with this movie! It's cutr!
2easonal Elementz
6:25 "YOU'LL REMEMBER NOTHING OF THE SINCOUNTER" 'no oats' is the original.
Official White Wolf
Now garlic gives him the farts
Chili's Grill & Bar
You wont watch this video.... But it'll be fun! Ok
Reba Joe
Reba Joe 5 dni temu
When they're in the sauna, why doesn't Griffins outline become visible?
Typical Gamer Elite
This movie sucks anyway
I love the hell out of this movie, but this vid has made some points I've made about it, too, so haha! Awesome vid, as always!
дpyr 69
дpyr 69 7 dni temu
I really hope you take a sin off for Winnie! She's one of the best parts of an awesome film!
jz bn
jz bn 8 dni temu
0:51 i don't rember but did he close the door idk have to watch the movie
Lamarana Diallo
Lamarana Diallo 9 dni temu
If she was a baby vampire shouldn’t she stay a baby bc they don’t age
Miloš Panić
Miloš Panić 9 dni temu
Dude you are just not a fun guy just enjoy the fucking movie
Miloš Panić
Miloš Panić Dzień temu
+james howe dude it was a *JOKE*
james howe
james howe Dzień temu
+Miloš Panić this channel is all about finding sins in movies he is not saying that he hate the movie at all
Miloš Panić
Miloš Panić Dzień temu
+james howe lol you clearly dont know anything im a subscriber from 5 years ago when he started the channel so dont lecture me
james howe
james howe Dzień temu
you clearly don't get what this channel is all about
Julian VS Games
Julian VS Games 10 dni temu
6:25 you remember nothing of this sin counter XD
DOPEMATIONS 10 dni temu
I thought he said, "You remember of this sin counter."
Colonel Xander
Colonel Xander 11 dni temu
So, let me get this straight... The entirety of your content is you vomiting your miserable pathetic life on every single movie you come across? Wow, you must be a gggggrrreeeeat person to have in life.
Ice Pheonix
Ice Pheonix 12 dni temu
1st movie throat swells to eat garlic 3rd movie eats garlic and gets a upset stomach
Dylan Boora05
Dylan Boora05 12 dni temu
This is terrible
kyle phan
kyle phan 12 dni temu
Hey nothing wrong with this one because it is about monster world and you don’t know anything about it. I am now a hater
Isaiah Cuellar
Isaiah Cuellar 12 dni temu
The moon doesn't amit ist own light, it gets it from the sun. And if vampires die from sunlight, then the moon would kill them.
Caramel candy
Caramel candy 12 dni temu
She's a vampire so it's yolf you only live forever
Moonwa La Worgen
Moonwa La Worgen 12 dni temu
I watched this movie on Netflix once because I was really bored. And seriously I had to stop before the end because that was just the cringiest thing I had ever seen in my life. I'm so glad I didn't see the "musical number" at the end, I swear to god I would have kill myself. (sorry for my bad english)
Lite Show
Lite Show 12 dni temu
The Amazing Duck-ini
everything wrong with cinema sins in a nutshell it curses ten times every two seconds and attempts to criticise *_kids movies_*
ouji 13 dni temu
this movie fuckin sucks
TheDragonTeam Leader
He says his throat swallos but in the 3rd movie he just... farts
Notheter 14 dni temu
"Dracatooie! -DING-" "In-sex! -DING-" Give me a fucking break.
PandaBoi277 14 dni temu
cinema sins trivia: the power of ______ compels you
Everything wrong with CinemaSins
Chase Johnson
Chase Johnson 14 dni temu
6:28 It sounds like he said “You remember nothing of the sin counter.” *Half of the sins on the sin counter go away*
Sonic 1216
Sonic 1216 15 dni temu
Everything wrong with The 2 Sequels explained in 3 Words: "These Movies Exist." I mean, I've only seen the first one because 2 and 3 looked more cringey than real-life Fortnite Dances.
Deandre Sinclair
Deandre Sinclair 15 dni temu
4:25 😂🤣 🤣🤣 🤣🤣 🤣🤣 🤣🤣 🤣
EnderGirl Playz
EnderGirl Playz 15 dni temu
When Dracula Was Singing...Did Anyone Noticed Mavis Was Pooping?! (In Her Diaper)
Hernan Camps
Hernan Camps 16 dni temu
remember when this channel actually cared to look for mistakes in movies instead of giving there own opinion and basically roasting the movie
Nayla Casimira Sitompul
Vampire Will Burn When Every Light? Or Only Sun Light?
maximillionboi 16 dni temu
i love the shawshank reference
Rick Rideout
Rick Rideout 16 dni temu
You didn't mention that when drac has his sun burn scars they just disappear as soon as he turns around
Mason MacDonald
Mason MacDonald 17 dni temu
"In your left breast pocket?" No, in their hearts.
jigglewigglez 17 dni temu
It's... A..... Fucking...... Kids...... Movie!!!!!!!
AlphaWolf10 18 dni temu
6:26 It sounds like "You will remember nothing of this sin counter"
Mia B
Mia B 18 dni temu
Thank you for making me hate this movie even more than I originally did. 😀
Lara M
Lara M 19 dni temu
You forgot that the monster in the begging said “no fire “ but there’s fireworks at the end!!!😾🙀
MysteriousMan101 Lowestgeeek
6:27 it sounds like drac says "This sin counter" (it's supposed to be "this encounter")
idk 19 dni temu
Do coraline!!!
The death destroyer Deathman
Geesus shut the fuck up
The death destroyer Deathman
+james howe true
james howe
james howe Dzień temu
why with out him talking this would just be the movie
Felipe Rico
Felipe Rico 19 dni temu
Hey there ain’t no sins in this movie and it’s pretty good Bleh Bleh Bleh!
james howe
james howe Dzień temu
every movie have a sin even good ones
Aidan Bitto
Aidan Bitto 20 dni temu
Why try to give this movie a bad rap its one of my favourite movies of all times even my ccd teacher who said he hates Adam Sandler still said he liked this movie
james howe
james howe Dzień temu
he is not giving this movie a bad rap
THE EPIC BOSS 20 dni temu
The oldest human is 122 so mavis is just 4 years younger!!!!!!1!1!1!1!1!1!111!!1!!!!
randomguyidk 20 dni temu
4:25 I haven’t watched this movie in a few years and I completely forgot about that part.
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 20 dni temu
....humans are allowed to do this? In my dimension..bla bla bla.
Boi let me see dem skittles with SAUCE
Shrek has 5 letters. 5=2.5×2. 2.5 rounded is 3. 3+3=6. 600+6+60=666. Shrek is both god and the devil...something that you love can hurt you
kawesome 248
kawesome 248 21 dzień temu
Everything wrong with Cinema Sins in 1000000 hours or less. (There’s to much to say)
Wildheart Razorfang
Wildheart Razorfang 21 dzień temu
Mavis has a mom named Martha too? Coming 2037: Hotel Transylvania 11: Batman v. Mavis: Dawn of Luggage.
MilkTraz 21 dzień temu
6:25 sounds like he says”you know nothing of the sin counter” lmao
MOONLIGHT gaming 21 dzień temu
Br00k3s2011 21 dzień temu
Which Hotel Transylvania? There are 3.
Br00k3s2011 Dzień temu
+james howe excuse me but don't call my 9 Yr old son stupid thank u he was asking a question no need to be horrible about it!
james howe
james howe Dzień temu
it the first one stupid
Starkey 21 dzień temu
11:12 you used THAT instead of a series of unfortunate events' ,"Welcome to my humble abode." Seriously
Molly Weasley
Molly Weasley 22 dni temu
If his throat swells, then why does it only give him gas in the third movie?
Savan Rajput
Savan Rajput 22 dni temu
2:37 superman and batman running as fast as they can towards the hotel
Filip Zombie
Filip Zombie 22 dni temu
No you did not!!
matej buril
matej buril 22 dni temu
you re copyratyng
IllusionMaster17 Dilan Lopez
Drac trying to avoid that Jhonny comes to talk in the sauna just make his racist. Even saying that he's not worthy for Mavis and considering that Jhonny is a frankestein upsets Frank for that. And with the red hair which Invisible mas have it too, while we didn't even care about it. And now that I think it, why Invisible Man is a monster? Is just a human with a very strange condition, but have no claws, or sharp teeth, or scales, or anythingnto be a monster... or is it? Anyways grean video again! Yeah, poop jokes are getting out of control.
Coyote Bongwater
Coyote Bongwater 23 dni temu
The movie itself is about meh or so I guess, but that song at the end is unforgivable.
tech priest
tech priest 23 dni temu
i loved the part where the knight armor got kicked in the crotch and said "why did that hurt?". i fucking died of laughter.
Super Mario Crazy Wolf 64
You said 11 minutes it is 11 minute but it is 11 minutes and 41 seconds you liar are you dumb you fuckr
Super Mario Crazy Wolf 64
Fuck you
Lucy Mumma
Lucy Mumma 24 dni temu
As bad as this was, the second is truly horrific. I got through about twenty minutes.
The not so typical fisherman
"Don't you bring E.T. into this Mavis, don't you dare! DAMNIT!!!" Classic!
RYA - the best fotball team
Hunter Auclair
Hunter Auclair 25 dni temu
I like Adam Sandler honestly
Pokemon Slayer
Pokemon Slayer 25 dni temu
there was another one you could have added. When they were walking onto the floating tables, franks wife was twerking. isn't this supposed to be a kids movie?
Pokemon Slayer
Pokemon Slayer 25 dni temu
2:41 I guess someone doesn't know what a heart is. Jk i know it's a joke... probably.
Drogone 26 dni temu
My biggest problem with this movie was almost immediately after a strangely cynical scene where Drac and Jimmy were all, "If we revealed ourselves now do you Truly believe we'd be accepted by everyone?" "No" They show up in a village and are accepted by *Everyone* Pick a lane, Movie!
Pixel Number 1!
Pixel Number 1! 26 dni temu
Can you do the Teen Titans Go! movie?
The landing gear comes up at 300 feet
Mixed media
Mixed media 26 dni temu
"And if I had a bridge I would jump" XD best line in this video
Crazygalexycat 8888
Boiii 9:07 🙏👏
Doom guy
Doom guy 26 dni temu
edgy username
edgy username 26 dni temu
Is no one going to talk about how the invisible man is always naked even when around children.
Muhammad Azmin Izzuddin
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees 27 dni temu
Outcast shroom
Outcast shroom 27 dni temu
How dare thee!
mahdi khanedan
mahdi khanedan 27 dni temu
hey man are you kiding me the hotel transylvania was my best animation and not just me many of people love this animation
kkirby 999
kkirby 999 27 dni temu
1:40 0/10 Didn't say roll credits properly. #BringBackRollCredits
Fisher Ashe
Fisher Ashe 27 dni temu
He can make his own book
qawaii pexchy
qawaii pexchy 27 dni temu
loose lips sinks ships
Nathan Bird
Nathan Bird 27 dni temu
That shawshank line was clever
Nathan Martin
Nathan Martin 28 dni temu
his rhyme is amazing with the bridge thing congrats
MinecraftGirlsLaska222 Gamingi!
*The invincible man walks naked all day.*
Shisha 28 dni temu
I'm still wondering why wolfs in this movie are breeding like rabbits xd
11 miesięcy temu