Every Wedding Speech Ever

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I've never been funny before, but I'm gonna go ahead and try it right now, on the most important day of your life!
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Katie Marovitch
Ally Beardsley
Brennan Lee Mulligan
Mother - Katy Dore
Father - Steve Brown
Guest - Jessie Hixenbaugh
Wedding Guest 1 - Adam Henry
Wedding Guest 2 - James Tolbert
Wedding Guest 3 - Erika Wilhelm
Director - Michael Schaubach
Writer - Katie Marovitch
Producer - Jessie Hixenbaugh
Production Coordinator - Olivia Aguilar
Editor - Yaniv Elani




10 lip 2018

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Komentarze 2 263
the gate keeper
the gate keeper 3 godzin temu
Omg I just realized I've only been to like 3/4 weddings and have only stayed for the reception 2 wow me and my family suck
Josh Cornell
Josh Cornell 7 godzin temu
*Aw weddings*
Anthony Sforza
Anthony Sforza 8 godzin temu
Is he... Not, the new man in her life? Kind of wouldn't think someone in her family had a baby boy there at the reception between the pronouncement of husband/wife and that speech.
Phantom Killer
Phantom Killer 14 godzin temu
They just copy smosh like WOW
Sir, Memester
Sir, Memester 16 godzin temu
*Has an ad about a website for legit cannibals and murderers on collegehumor* Oh yea i guess murder is funny!
Zab 18 godzin temu
I thought this was a Smosh video at first.
kmusic 18 godzin temu
My brother was my groomsman but not my best man.hahah
Adam Hanly
Adam Hanly 19 godzin temu
you forgot about the awkward sex jokes
Zach Thompson
Zach Thompson 20 godzin temu
Why are the top 3 comments all about the best man being a brother who isn't close? Now watch this comment become the 4th highest. Just kidding, it won't.
Donald Dumper
Donald Dumper 23 godzin temu
And everyone's thinking about the fact that they're gonna bang hard later.
Eneathepeanut Dzień temu
I don’t no about the best man thing the last wedding I was at they were the grooms best friend and the bromance between those two was so strong I shipped them more than the bride and groom
SpookyRays Dzień temu
Hello smosh is that you?
TheFineLime123 Dzień temu
I'd love to get married to a beautiful lime.
Abdul Jalil
Abdul Jalil Dzień temu
So nc
MrHustler Dzień temu
Chill out MOM Damn it why do you have to do this every time!
Vicenta Erickson
Vicenta Erickson Dzień temu
Hey guys, Smosh didn’t patent the idea of making a video titled “Every ______ Ever”.
@collegehumor the title is Honest every speech weddng
chill bro
chill bro 2 dni temu
They copped smosh
Danny SJ
Danny SJ 2 dni temu
Smollege Humor
Oskar Hylin
Oskar Hylin 2 dni temu
Have you been watching Smosh lately?
Oskar Hylin
Oskar Hylin 2 dni temu
Have you been watching Smosh lately?
Grant Thomas
Grant Thomas 2 dni temu
Smosh rip-off
Корово Зебра
Katie is so fucking funny in this sketch
Edward Lamuge
Edward Lamuge 2 dni temu
I hate weddings, it is so boring and awkward and uncomfortable and so much more in negative way, it makes me never marry, well not with hundred persons in your party.
99% chance that I’m gay
Actually funnier than Smosh’s Every blank ever
bio field
bio field 2 dni temu
Lol the last wedding I went to it was just a roast
Berry Blue
Berry Blue 2 dni temu
Uhm... ripping off smosh now?
Robert Montoya
Robert Montoya 2 dni temu
Ugh, that chick needs to ditch that shade of lipstick. She looks like Kristy the clown.
The Best The World Had To Offer Channel
Feminism is killing marriage, I wonder what relations will look like into the future.
Gucci Babe
Gucci Babe 2 dni temu
Copying buzzfeed here
LT Coyt
LT Coyt 2 dni temu
By smoshn't
DiZz Fire
DiZz Fire 3 dni temu
Stole this from smosh
Isaac T
Isaac T 3 dni temu
Stole the name from smosh
Robert Berkowitz
Robert Berkowitz 3 dni temu
I'm suddenly very concerned about my brother's upcoming wedding.
Robert Theiss
Robert Theiss 3 dni temu
Here Katie have all my personal info
RoVeR 3 dni temu
wow there are way less "Is this Smosh" comments than I thought
WeiYinChan 3 dni temu
I’m gonna elope
Anna Ly
Anna Ly 3 dni temu
weddings are overrated anyways I don't really want one. I just don't see the appeal or the fun. I know of some people who married and say that their wedding day was the most tiring day of their life too.
Diamond Snow
Diamond Snow 3 dni temu
Thought this was one of Smosh’s videos lol
Slytherin G
Slytherin G 3 dni temu
You copied every blank ever from smosh
vicsaurus 3 dni temu
Dry AF. Love it.
Randomjification 3 dni temu
I really thought this was a Smosh video
Bwana Beast
Bwana Beast 3 dni temu
Good try...
Say_Hello_Aidan 3 dni temu
Xio Ntron
Xio Ntron 3 dni temu
who's that very cute girl in yellow. btw, i dont mind having that kind speech in my wedding ahaha
Varun Mani
Varun Mani 3 dni temu
SLURP Ok heres a mostly unheard of wedding speech, so Katie here is really not a creamy vanilla topping in makeup.. but god if she were one! SLURP guess i am gonna hv Vanilla all over my dreams tonight.
Lightning Bug
Lightning Bug 4 dni temu
This is why I had no speeches at my wedding. A reading before the vows and then everyone got to eat.
Pines 105
Pines 105 4 dni temu
*continues for 10 more minutes*
Andrew Caddel
Andrew Caddel 4 dni temu
Nice job copying smosh
Gabriel Bassil
Gabriel Bassil 4 dni temu
I will do this for ten minutes..... Waaahwashgaww
itsThatTime 4 dni temu
What is this Smosh?
what is that???
what is that??? 4 dni temu
Why are the comments in youtube much more positive than on their social media
Josh .3
Josh .3 4 dni temu
Abhram Maglanque
Abhram Maglanque 4 dni temu
I thought this was smosh.... 😅😅
The Bound Bowman
The Bound Bowman 4 dni temu
Ahhh, see you ruined it at the end.
s p o t the f r e n c h i e and take p a r i s
No play fortnite instead
pop5678eye 4 dni temu
Seriously, I haven't been to a friend's wedding I honestly enjoyed. Awkward conversations with 'relatives' I don't know or care about, food that is way too generic to appeal to anyone, music also so compromised nobody actually likes it, and by the end either have to awkwardly look after a friend who drank too much, or get drawn into a fight between two relatives/friends you didn't want to alienate... Oh, and you still had to spend a lot of money you really wanted to save, and set aside two days when you'd rather just have called in sick to the world...
hdl726 4 dni temu
the thumnail look like Logan Paul
CherryGirl101 4 dni temu
I don’t even pay attention to speeches at weddings lol
Kadavi 4 dni temu
Every gamer speech
Shrekt321 Dust
Shrekt321 Dust 4 dni temu
When you realize the copied a smooth video series
Ella Rose
Ella Rose 4 dni temu
Smoosh is quaking 😂 😂 😂
Wendy Roberts
Wendy Roberts 4 dni temu
The Legend
The Legend 4 dni temu
God collegehumor is getting extremely old
Beep Boop
Beep Boop 4 dni temu
She tonight but it’s clearly day
Panda Whisperer
Panda Whisperer 4 dni temu
how often do you think people actually send their social security number, credit card information, and mothers maiden name to katie?
Almilia 4 dni temu
Playing in a band for a wedding tomorrow, ready to fact check this video
kazuki Misaki
kazuki Misaki 4 dni temu
Hi i'm not sure what to say in your i write you a poem Everyday i imagine a future where i can be with you...
Jonathan Lengel
Jonathan Lengel 4 dni temu
I thought this was smosh for a second
chat 453
chat 453 4 dni temu
I hope I don't have to do a speech at my brother's wedding. I think marriage is bullshit.
Egiza Bell productions
reminds me if smosh
OneUpdateataTime 4 dni temu
This hurts me because it's true and "mother starts crying" is on my "wedding cliche bingo/drinking game" I have formulated from years of filming/photographing weddings. And oh gooood the final bit about misogyny is the truest thing ever. Wedding speeches are rife with sexist BS. And jokes taken from the first page of Google. The amount of times I've heard "Marriage has 3 rings. The engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffering" *cue laughter*
Juicy Kissez
Juicy Kissez 4 dni temu
My god, what an ugly woman
JackofSpades 4 dni temu
Sketchbook Studios
Forgot the friend with anxiety
High Voltage
High Voltage 4 dni temu
Tfw you start something then another creator takes it and when you bring it back and dumb fans say you're a content stealer
Brit Lucero
Brit Lucero 4 dni temu
I insinuated that the groom is a serial killer in the first draft of a wedding speech. I thought it was hilarious but everyone urged me not to read that speech so I had to write another one. Life regrets.
Nebby Webby
Nebby Webby 4 dni temu
pogiso moloisane
pogiso moloisane 4 dni temu
The mother in law though...
Bravo Kilo
Bravo Kilo 4 dni temu
Take care of my girl - Not misogynistic, in a relationship you take care of each other. You pick each other up when you fall, physically or emotionally. Make sure she stays out of trouble - Not Misogynistic because a mother could easily say that to a daughter in law about her son too. It's about hoping the one spending as much time with the people you treasure the most will guide them the way you would. You're the new man in her life - Not misogynistic, he IS the new man in her life... just as she is the new woman. Again, that's what being in a relationship means. They made a point to include it so an equal point to criticize it is warranted. If you get triggered by those kinds of comments, you need to get over yourself.
Ceho Ciuch
Ceho Ciuch 4 dni temu
Reminds me of twilight
Blake Harvard
Blake Harvard 4 dni temu
I've honestly never been to a wedding.
Tora 4 dni temu
Turning into smosh
Anthony Currier
Anthony Currier 4 dni temu
The name of this video makes it seem like there copying smosh
Toast 4 dni temu
I have never related more. I was one of the vaguely related kids at my uncle's wedding and had a front row seat to ALL of this. (Luckily my dad, who was indeed the best man, wasn't this much of a dick.)
iCris MKV
iCris MKV 4 dni temu
I don’t think I would hire a lesbian as a DJ on a wedding
Abby Wagner
Abby Wagner 4 dni temu
Okay so yo wanna give smash credit or what
GrayV 4 dni temu
Amish copier
Nameless King
Nameless King 4 dni temu
Soooo smosh?
E. Nygma
E. Nygma 5 dni temu
When you’re out of ideas so you have to copy Smosh
Nolan Stevens
Nolan Stevens 5 dni temu
new guy is killing it
Jean 5 dni temu
Is this smosh?
Nikki Lee
Nikki Lee 4 dni temu
No. This is actually funny.
Smoothie04 4 dni temu
Yea it is
chris blade
chris blade 4 dni temu
Killershark  .
Killershark . 4 dni temu
Jean Are you fucking serious. It says the channel below the video.
Sunz Necon
Sunz Necon 5 dni temu
Seenms like a smosh video
Chaschuky999 5 dni temu
I love kitkat
I love kitkat 5 dni temu
W8 if weddings are related to God what about the aethist.
bradleypariah 5 dni temu
My father told a story about a time when I was a kid, and I farted so bad in a hotel room that the smoke detector went off. He handed my newly-wedded wife a bottle of Bean-O, and advised that she force me to take some before we left the reception. Our reception was in a very old barn-turned-museum, at the foothills of a butte in the desert, and we all drank bombers of my home-brewed chocolate oatmeal stout. My wedding was better than yours, is what I'm saying.
karim abi zeid
karim abi zeid 5 dni temu
Smosh is *shook*
Jack Ke
Jack Ke 5 dni temu
another misogynistic statement got me hard
Stacey Thieme
Stacey Thieme 5 dni temu
Although I agree with the cliche-ness of these speeches, I would have loved to have had one of those speeches at my wedding (at least one of the girls' speeches)... Our friends and relatives are more introverted than most (or were quieter people at that time). We didn't want to choose our wedding party based on who could make the best speech, so we opened the floor to all friends and relatives that wanted to give a toast (we told them months in advance so they wouldn't be on the spot). But nobody else stepped forward. So the speeches at our wedding were very nice, but extremely short and understated. It was nice for our guests because they ate dinner much sooner than scheduled and the food was extremely fresh- we had a buffet and some food wasn't even ready yet when Geoff and I got our food and it kept coming out as the guests ate. Several happy guests took multiple trips to the buffet to see which new item was added. The hard part was that over the next few years, we attended lots of weddings and I had to keep reminding myself that the long, emotional speeches that were given at the other weddings didn't mean that couple's friends/relatives cared more about them than our friends/relatives did.
Zimis 22
Zimis 22 5 dni temu
So this video basically copying smosh
7-Way Meet Cute
10 miesięcy temu