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Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud [Official Video]

Ed Sheeran
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The official video for 'Thinking Out Loud', Ed learnt to dance!
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Featuring and taught by @dance10Brittany and @dance10Paul
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7 paź 2014

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Komentarze 298 053
JAMES SEGURA *SS64* 5 minut temu
Carol F
Carol F 11 minut temu
Perfect in every way.
ItsMeAron28 15 minut temu
When music isn't all about sex and drugs
Punisher Destroyer
Punisher Destroyer 59 minut temu
listen to the song when ed sheeran said heart some one join sais heart too maybe A ghost listen closely
Fatma Mustafa
Fatma Mustafa Godzinę temu
I'm here after me before you film😭 ''People fall in love in mysterious ways'' Yeah that's true cuz my story is . Thank you ed for this beautiful song 👏
Rosi Lauton
Rosi Lauton 3 godzin temu
I Love this tasty redhead 😋😘
Miguel Angel Osorio Merida
Esa me la van a poner en mis XV años eso me recuerda a un chico que le gustan dos chicas yo y otra quiero saber la verdad
Kisona Theoun
Kisona Theoun 3 godzin temu
Anyone still listerning 12/12/18😍weeding sonh i want to dance with my wife on my weeding day!but right now still single😥!when ?
Arley Gonzalez
Arley Gonzalez 3 godzin temu
Esta es la mejor canción del mundoo!!! La amooo
Bob Vien
Bob Vien 3 godzin temu
me encanta
Shiteria Lovett
Shiteria Lovett 3 godzin temu
How are old are you because me and you I did because I like you very much because you are my best friend in the whole why world did you passed away did you do do you celebrate Christmas to celebrate Christmas I know that your family passed away away you can make another family even though you don’t have one by the way I’m your biggest biggest biggest biggest friend in the whole why world I hope you know that too
Vie 4 godzin temu
The song and video were so beautiful, I actually teared up. Imagine re-creating it during your wedding? Sigh...
Aniss Gutierrez
Aniss Gutierrez 4 godzin temu
Me encanta 😍😍
Ezequiel Oliveira
Ezequiel Oliveira 4 godzin temu
Grand Topics
Grand Topics 5 godzin temu
My wedding song is gonna be perfect! By Ed sheeran
Perla Penayo
Perla Penayo 5 godzin temu
Pheonix Kellis
Pheonix Kellis 5 godzin temu
I love it sans like I'm live😍😘😗😍😘😗😙😚
E-VER 717
E-VER 717 6 godzin temu
2 billion views for this piece of shit song?????? wow
Luziasantos e paixão
Luziasantos e paixão 6 godzin temu
December 2018
Carlos silva
Carlos silva 6 godzin temu
Mto top 2018/2019
Earnitta Kizzee
Earnitta Kizzee 7 godzin temu
Why wait until he's 70years old💯💯💯😂😂😂
Glenda Junio
Glenda Junio 7 godzin temu
I love it omg woooow that girl is amasing
Sam Janssen
Sam Janssen 7 godzin temu
You Are Never Going To Guess Who The Best Person Is Read the first to lines in the sentence😊
Israel Guerrero
Israel Guerrero 7 godzin temu
Que hermosa canción
Angelica Houck
Angelica Houck 8 godzin temu
I hope My wife falls in love with me .even with me being the fuck I am .I want to kiss you under a thousand stars .I want to grow old with our kids .work out our kinks and just be happy.even though in the song he says he falls in love everyday .I fell in love with you the moment I laid eyes on you .I cant possibly fall anymore in love I have already fallen .now. Its time to climb and take you with me .heaven ain't even ready for a Angel like you .you got it in your name .your the thing that keeps all this going and so much more.sometimes thinking out loud got me to where were at 😊
Mary Reis
Mary Reis 8 godzin temu
Simplesmente linda#brasiledsheersn
andrew masengeka
andrew masengeka 8 godzin temu
i love this song coz of my boyfriend
Elmar do PUB
Elmar do PUB 8 godzin temu
Natayah Thomas
Natayah Thomas 8 godzin temu
whos listening in december 2018?
Sloga Surn
Sloga Surn 9 godzin temu
Put some shoes on you thot
eternity 24
eternity 24 9 godzin temu
grimreefer 9 godzin temu
This man poured his heart out. Who else has tears in their eyes
Jennifer Oertel
Jennifer Oertel 10 godzin temu
20cher09 10 godzin temu
Good Luck Flying in this stormy weather Dipshit!!!
20cher09 10 godzin temu
Pedersens, Smiths and Kennedys Do Not get Anything!!! They are No Relation to me what so ever!!!
20cher09 10 godzin temu
You Don't like it, you can lump it!!!
20cher09 10 godzin temu
No Brothers or any of their Asshole Friends!!! They Do Not get Anything!!!
20cher09 10 godzin temu
As usual, I get Everything!!! And I'm Not Paying Anything that Benefits you Assholes involved in this!!! And I'm Not Moving!!! And it's Not worth getting your Ball Sacks shot off!!!
20cher09 10 godzin temu
Darryl does Not get Anything!!! He's never been any help to me!!!
20cher09 10 godzin temu
Demi Does Not get Anything!!!
Débora santos
Débora santos 10 godzin temu
Cara isso é muito lindo ❤😭
teresa silva
teresa silva 10 godzin temu
Linda musica ❤️❤️❤️
Felipe Enrique Esquivel Vazquez
Paulo Piva
Paulo Piva 11 godzin temu
essa musica é muito legal
Miguel Espana
Miguel Espana 11 godzin temu
When your legs don't work like they used to before.
Maricruz Dzul
Maricruz Dzul 12 godzin temu
Quería Bailar la canción BUT me acuerdo que no tengo pareja
Nabuuma Florence
Nabuuma Florence 12 godzin temu
Fabian Dario Montoya
Fabian Dario Montoya 12 godzin temu
1:48 that ass! :v jajaja :3
Mariane lima
Mariane lima 12 godzin temu
Eu adoro as músicas dele
akhira zeher
akhira zeher 13 godzin temu
Claudia Patricia Paredes Alvarado
Me encanta es lo mejor
Kaci Austin
Kaci Austin 13 godzin temu
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Yasmin Souza
Yasmin Souza 13 godzin temu
Só eu que shippo os 2? Quem também acha da like
Eloá silva
Eloá silva 14 godzin temu
2018 ❤
simone persaud
simone persaud 14 godzin temu
You sign soooo base.😍😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
A D A M 14 godzin temu
Check out my cover vesion
Achref ouni
Achref ouni 14 godzin temu
He sounds like Bieber tho
angoena nadjer
angoena nadjer 14 godzin temu
Camila Ashelen
Camila Ashelen 14 godzin temu
Me fascina esta cancion la amoooooooo😍 la voy a usar para entrar en mis xv😍
20cher09 15 godzin temu
You can stop with the Fat Elvis commercials.
20cher09 15 godzin temu
He's Not her equal, not compatible. He's got too many Gays, Girls stalking him and hating on her. He just wants money, power and the rest of the perks that go with it while she does all the work. Not Interested!!!!
Cristina morena
Cristina morena 15 godzin temu
Não precisava ser assim 😥😥
Ana Estumano
Ana Estumano 15 godzin temu
Cadê os brasileiros?
Adrienne Clough
Adrienne Clough 15 godzin temu
I used to love this song. now i cant it.
trash. 16 godzin temu
My wedding song!
Piya damon
Piya damon 16 godzin temu
Wow.... I always love this song. And it's always heart touching .....2018.....
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones 16 godzin temu
altair gamer
altair gamer 16 godzin temu
Quem e brasileiro curtir
Sumesh Thakur
Sumesh Thakur 16 godzin temu
Let's complete 3 billon. #Edarmy
Arlene Bautista
Arlene Bautista 16 godzin temu
God i love this song.this is one of my favorite song from ed sheeran..can't stop listen every single day
Filha de uma P* uura mulher brasileira.
2018 for 2019?
Yonanta Sn
Yonanta Sn 17 godzin temu
I love this song so much..
Shishir Bashyal
Shishir Bashyal 17 godzin temu
anyone 2019 ???
Szilvia Sarnyai
Szilvia Sarnyai 17 godzin temu
poop song
Eliška Smejkalova
Eliška Smejkalova 18 godzin temu
Love this song!❤
César Quiroga
César Quiroga 18 godzin temu
La mejor canción 82❤
Prashant Kumar
Prashant Kumar 18 godzin temu
Really frds when I m heard this song my heart totally uncontrolled 😍😍😍
Michelle Albornoz
Michelle Albornoz 19 godzin temu
♏ p9 ZS
CupcakeKitty sprinkles
CupcakeKitty sprinkles 19 godzin temu
Is that Lindsey Stirling?
BlesslyA 20 godzin temu
Nah Lyrics
Nah Lyrics 20 godzin temu
this will be the song I dance to at my wedding
TKLevis 20 godzin temu
Haha the video is so funny. The girl goes completely bonkers dancing while Ed pretty much just stands around and does basic moves :D
rb muziekworld
rb muziekworld 20 godzin temu
Ilove it
Roxana Vogl
Roxana Vogl 21 godzinę temu
I'm impressed of his dancing, good work, you did very well 👍
Natiuska Mejia
Natiuska Mejia 21 godzinę temu
Esto quiero bailar con mi crush😂👌
naveen kumar
naveen kumar 21 godzinę temu
Bonito 8504
Bonito 8504 22 godzin temu
Maria F.
Maria F. 22 godzin temu
I've revisited this four years on... no global equal to you Ed.. kiwi christmas love to ya :)
Diana Smith
Diana Smith 23 godzin temu
Just dropping in to say Hi, we are old friends from long ago. I'm your lyricist, I thought it was cute you went over to that other girl, she's just singing the songs I wrote with Prince.
Ifeoma Chinagorom
Ifeoma Chinagorom 23 godzin temu
Tommy Lempukz
Tommy Lempukz 23 godzin temu
December 2018 ☝️
Ahmad nabil Febri saputra
Background jennie blackpink solo 🤣😅😂
друг познавтель
amo a mi hijo Tadeo
Yea i have a wife & she deserves better. Im not a faithful husband
It's me, Joolz
It's me, Joolz 21 godzinę temu
O recommend a therapist to help you figure out why you need to stray and overcome it.
Mami Chhakchhuak Mami
Beautiful songs
Mary Bolen
Mary Bolen Dzień temu
I love this so much!!
Ghom Babu
Ghom Babu Dzień temu
এক জীবন
norann Abumutalib
norann Abumutalib Dzień temu
Ildiko Egei
Ildiko Egei Dzień temu
Ildiko Egei
Ildiko Egei Dzień temu
Tamia - still
11 lat temu