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Ed Sheeran Surprises Deserving Wedding Couple!

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Is there a nicer guy than Ed Sheeran? When Ed heard that we were helping to organise a special wedding for two of our deserving listeners, Matt and Kya, and that they had chosen one of his songs for their wedding dance he offered to come and surprise them and give them a wedding gift they will never forget. Congratulations to Matt and Kya we hope you both find the happiness you deserve. And Ed Sheeran, well, we just love you!
#KyleandJackGiveBack #EdSheeran
When KIIS 1065’s Kyle & Jackie O surprised struggling young Sydney couple Kya and Matt Debono by giving them a dream wedding, worth $80,000, the couple thought things couldn’t get any better.

But Kyle & Jackie, who were among the wedding guests today, had one more surprise…

Kya and Matt had chosen ‘Thinking Out Loud’, their favourite song, as the first dance as husband and wife but they never imagined Ed Sheeran himself would stop by the reception to perform it for them. The shock and then joy on the bride’s face is priceless, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd as Ed Sheeran gave a genuine and beautifully flawless acoustic performance.

A little over a month ago, Kyle and Jackie O received an email from Matt explaining that his dream was to surprise the love of his life, and mother of two, with the wedding she was planning but had to postpone indefinitely.

Money had always been tight for the young family from Sydney’s Revesby, with Matt unemployed, but after the sudden death of Kya’s mother in 2012, it looked as though their plans for a small wedding with family and friends may never happen.

Last week, Kyle and Jackie O had the young couple come to the studio under the guise of participating in a new radio segment but then surprised them on air by gifting them with the wedding of their dreams worth $80,000.

Thanks to Kyle & Jackie’s friends at the Sydney Bridal Expo (April 18 & 19 Moore Park), everything for Matt and Kya’s wedding would be taken care of, from the bride’s gown and make up, to the photos, reception venue, entertainment, and even a honeymoon valued at $10,000.

And it all came together seamlessly today, with the happy couple married at The Waterfront Function Centre in Sans Souci by none other than celebrant Carol Provan, Sutherland Shire councillor and former Mayor.

Known more for the weddings he has missed than attended, this was one event that Kyle wasn’t going to miss. He and Jackie were honoured to be among the guests at the wedding this afternoon to wish Kya and Matt all the best for their future.
Made possible by Sydney Bridal Expo.

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26 mar 2015

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Komentarze 6 299
Maria azul
Maria azul 7 godzin temu
Muito lindo.
Hendry Tanaka
Hendry Tanaka 15 godzin temu
Super Lucky Couple
Yara Santos
Yara Santos Dzień temu
Aí eu amo ele 😍Ed
Maria Ibraim
Maria Ibraim Dzień temu
Hotel Mamá Tina
Hotel Mamá Tina Dzień temu
y en mi boda pa cuando??
Marcia Souza Costa
Que coisa mais linda ...amo o Ed..
Josh vlogs
Josh vlogs 2 dni temu
That’s 59,999 spent on Ed Sheeran
Sophie Payne
Sophie Payne 3 dni temu
Love this song this was played on my wedding day xx
Gaston Gorostiaga
Como se llama el tema que canta ed sheerad ?
Mala Khan
Mala Khan 5 dni temu
I love his voice
Yash Fatwani
Yash Fatwani 6 dni temu
Song ?
giv me the succ
giv me the succ 8 dni temu
40k of the 60k was on the private show lmao
Prabesh Bhattarai
I love Ed shreeran
peter Last
peter Last 10 dni temu
wow,this lad should be on a talent show,he could have a great future in music !!!
tempikmu BACIN
tempikmu BACIN 11 dni temu
Damn so sweet
Tress Septemress
Tress Septemress 11 dni temu
They're baby will be ed😊
Cynthia Jimenez
Cynthia Jimenez 12 dni temu
Me muero 😍
MARINE 12 dni temu
Love you Ed❤️😊
Sham Mano
Sham Mano 12 dni temu
What's the title of this song
Deon Govender
Deon Govender 13 dni temu
It's so nice to help ppl in need wel done my brother
Miggi so bad
Miggi so bad 13 dni temu
HD Videos
HD Videos 14 dni temu
Ed should have used an acoustic guitar.
Crypto Jack
Crypto Jack 15 dni temu
This will never ever happen in India..cowland
Ed Baily
Ed Baily 15 dni temu
0:28 That'll be expensive she says into a jewel encrusted mic
Andre Anibal Breña Sanchez
Por Dios Ed Sheeran es realmente encantador con esa cara q tiene viene todo amable y dice hola vengo a cantarles ojalá les guste. Joder eres mi ejemplo a seguir Ed!
Fabiana Fabby
Fabiana Fabby 17 dni temu
Rapaz se Ed Sheeran entra cantando no meu casamento ,eu peço ele em casamento 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣que lindo gente 🤗
rename it.... Ronald Weasley shows up to wedding and kills it!!
Samin Luban
Samin Luban 18 dni temu
How coud 4k people unlike this?Wtf
william mcgowan
william mcgowan 18 dni temu
hes a we gginger prick that cant sing worth a fuck]
Alexis Muñoz
Alexis Muñoz 18 dni temu
I could die happy if I could be like Ed Sheeran! He’s an awesome guy! Not to mention the amazing voice!
Samantha brooks
Samantha brooks 19 dni temu
thats ow my bbay does it spread the love hun x
Samantha brooks
Samantha brooks 19 dni temu
hit me wit ya rhythym stick
Hokivejoe Jorror
Hokivejoe Jorror 20 dni temu
You simplicity in it you ..your dressings and nature I love it Ed ..I like you
Nkatha Wainaina
Nkatha Wainaina 20 dni temu
how will I get you to play at my Kenya
Color Werewolf
Color Werewolf 20 dni temu
EeeeEeEeEeEeEeeeeeeeeeeeeee. *EEeeEeEEeeeeeeEeEeEeEeeEeEeeeEEEEEE*
Lee Butler
Lee Butler 20 dni temu
Can come to my wedding please 👍 Pretty please lol
mahmud atta
mahmud atta 21 dzień temu
So lovely and such a deserving surprise. It all ends with love as its undefined and such an amazing feeling
sebondo nde makambu
sebondo nde makambu 21 dzień temu
lucky man
Hritish Chulyada
Hritish Chulyada 21 dzień temu
In his case 😋☺ Autotune:We need you ed ❤❤
Diana David
Diana David 22 dni temu
U are so lucky.. 😍😍😍
monika monika
monika monika 23 dni temu
Respect fans that is Ed Sheeran
Trending World
Trending World 25 dni temu
THAT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKING AMazingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
harry becker
harry becker 25 dni temu
Great and he is a real good Man Ed
Raab França
Raab França 26 dni temu
Meu sonho de consumo
madara uchiha
madara uchiha 26 dni temu
Moge Bamey
Moge Bamey 27 dni temu
CornyTelecaster49 27 dni temu
Someone tune that guitar, for the love of God...
Grace Mabhena
Grace Mabhena 27 dni temu
I love Ed Sheeran 😍
Jenny Rivera
Jenny Rivera 28 dni temu
Yo tambien quisiera que en mi boda el cante
Ben Storm
Ben Storm 29 dni temu
Thumbs up people 2019 who is still watching this ????? congrats to the wedding couple all the best for the future from England .🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
alba rolim
alba rolim 29 dni temu
Sherly Alexandra
Sherly Alexandra Miesiąc temu
No entiendo nada de naaaada jajajjaa pero a lo que vinieron 1:50 😂... mi like 👇
Thierry Bihr
Thierry Bihr Miesiąc temu
Oliver Bold
Oliver Bold Miesiąc temu
James Eatt
James Eatt Miesiąc temu
Lovely PRS Ed’s got there
Sonia m Pedron
Sonia m Pedron Miesiąc temu
Piotr Sadowski
Piotr Sadowski Miesiąc temu
Hanzala Nadeem
Hanzala Nadeem Miesiąc temu
Anyone in 2019 ?
Jesdica Jiselle Julian Rivera
I love he song so so muchhhhhhhhh
Just 4Fun
Just 4Fun Miesiąc temu
I would have fainted!! That is just too perfect ❤️❤️
megan roe
megan roe Miesiąc temu
He is awesome and so down to earth xx
Jared Smit
Jared Smit Miesiąc temu
Absolute legend
Loretta Brail
Loretta Brail Miesiąc temu
This is so touching! A beautiful couple and amazing singer! Wow! What a fantastic moment!💕
Kathy Fan
Kathy Fan Miesiąc temu
Ed Sheeran's so nice and he probably understands them
Richard Poblador
Richard Poblador Miesiąc temu
Ed Sheeran is totally a big surprise gift to the world as he continue showering us with his beautiful and so lovely songs. . .may God bless you more Ed :=).
Amazing2Bme Miesiąc temu
Omg I wish I cld get this lucky my wedding is coming up
crank up
crank up Miesiąc temu
It's 2019 I'm watching it now
Kitten lover101
Kitten lover101 Miesiąc temu
Aww way to go Ed sheran
diegoandme Miesiąc temu
wow using a prs guitar most expensive guitar that ed sheeran uses and it uses for metal guitarist omg
gabriela razo
gabriela razo Miesiąc temu
Beautiful 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Regina Ramos dos Santos
Que show de Surpresa....😍😍😍😍😍
mike rayner videos
mike rayner videos Miesiąc temu
OMG! so sweet ❤️
DWorship Miesiąc temu
2019 ? Omg 4 years gone ago )
Lu Guy
Lu Guy Miesiąc temu
Made my really, really cry, love all around.
loopy twat
loopy twat Miesiąc temu
he really seems a decent down to earth bloke
adamson binuya
adamson binuya Miesiąc temu
your so kind ed thats why we loved you,,,were friends from philippines!
MORONI LOPEZ Miesiąc temu
God is there! Lay down your trouble at his feet he holds the ocean in his hands.
CzeCzesuav Miesiąc temu
He did it so gently... You can really see that he don't want to steal their moment. He did it like a real musician, not like a superstar. Much respect for Ed :)
TheFinalAge Miesiąc temu
Fuck I’m still single !!! 😭😭😭😭😭
Sharon Paige
Sharon Paige Miesiąc temu
Damnnnn!! Ed Sheeran could sing at my funeral and I'd wake up from the dead lol!!! 😂😜😋👍😹 LOVE HIM!!!
The Bloodshot One
The Bloodshot One Miesiąc temu
What an ed-gend
Crichton51 Miesiąc temu
Top man Ed
Zahra Mohammadi
Zahra Mohammadi Miesiąc temu
He so kind but I don’t like that song
Justin Green
Justin Green Miesiąc temu
good thing he didnt show at my wedding, id have ditched the wife and sang a duet:)
Michael Callantine
Michael Callantine Miesiąc temu
Instantly goes from a wedding to a concert 😂
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Miesiąc temu
If I was surprised like this by my Eddie I would have left my husband standing there and went off with 'organised singer' lmao😂😂 love you soo much Ed😘😍
Remsangpuii Jongte13
Remsangpuii Jongte13 Miesiąc temu
I cried
Tanaka Lancy Tunduwe
Tanaka Lancy Tunduwe Miesiąc temu
Ed sheeren is the best man ever I would love to be at my own wedding...
Dan Beaumont
Dan Beaumont Miesiąc temu
yo GAMEER Miesiąc temu
Ngams Dims
Ngams Dims Miesiąc temu
Wow...ed..sheran is great ...
Mia Su
Mia Su Miesiąc temu
Wow silince in the crowd
Kris De Sha
Kris De Sha Miesiąc temu
Everyone ignores husband and wife.
Shelly Tarbet
Shelly Tarbet Miesiąc temu
so sweet
anne marie stewart
anne marie stewart Miesiąc temu
ones crying please stop
anne marie stewart
anne marie stewart Miesiąc temu
anne marie stewart
anne marie stewart Miesiąc temu
no way this is awesome
zenaida bautista
zenaida bautista Miesiąc temu
wow so lucky couple.. congrats
HOKAGE NARUTO Miesiąc temu
Very nice surprise
Melvin Morales
Melvin Morales Miesiąc temu
Whatta lucky couple surprising by a worldwide famous artist. It's such a memorable event pretty sure.
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