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Ed Sheeran - Supermarket Flowers [Official Audio]

Ed Sheeran
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-- | LYRICS | --
I took the supermarket flowers from the windowsill
Threw the day old tea from the cup
Packed up the photo album Matthew had made
Memories of a life that’s been loved
Took the get well soon cards and stuffed animals
Poured the old ginger beer down the sink
Dad always told me don’t you cry when you’re down
But mum there’s a tear every time that I blink
Oh I’m in pieces it’s tearing me up but I know
A heart that’s broke is a heart that’s been loved
So I’ll sing Hallelujah, you were an angel in the shape of my mum
When I fell down you’d be there holding me up
Spread your wings as you go
And when God takes you back
He’ll say Hallelujah, you’re home
I fluffed the pillows, made the beds, stacked the chairs up
Folded your nightgowns neatly in a case
John said he’d drive, then put his hand on my cheek
And wiped a tear from the side of my face
I hope that I see the world as you did cause I know
A life with love is a life that’s been lived
So I’ll sing Hallelujah, you were an angel in the shape of my mum
When I fell down you’d be there holding me up
Spread your wings as you go, when God takes you back
He’ll say Hallelujah, you’re home
Hallelujah, you were an angel in the shape of my mum
You got to see the person that I have become
Spread your wings and I know
That when God took you back, he said Hallelujah you’re home




3 mar 2017

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Komentarze 26 914
Ake Subi
Ake Subi 2 godzin temu
Olga Łach
Olga Łach 3 godzin temu
My grandma died few days ago. I loved her. I miss you grandma. Where are you ? Are you happy?
Hoodsbee Idk
Hoodsbee Idk 8 godzin temu
My two best friends passed away one was my closest friend who was a boy, he got drunk and was hit by a car, his name was Jason, his girlfriend didn’t know she just heard sirens and ran out, she saw him lying on the floor, she just ran away he later passed away in hospital, and no one could reach Alice, we latter found out alive had took her own life in her car, this was the song at there funeral, it was on the news, and it’s still taking a long time to get over it, but thank you for making this song they both loved and now was there final song they both got to hear together xx
プー太郎 プー太郎
Feel as if I would listen To this song when I was a kid
Cary Antonio
Cary Antonio 19 godzin temu
The comments here make me cry, respect your loved ones and dont forget how much they sacrificed for you to live. ❤️💜
탁민혁 23 godzin temu
Sam Hughes
Sam Hughes 23 godzin temu
R.i.p dad I love you , you went to early , I rly miss you , your in a better place now 😭💔🙏
Ciara Mackle
Ciara Mackle Dzień temu
U have no idea how much I have cried listening and reading the lyrics of this song...... I like hate crying and never cry
gaby harsley
gaby harsley 2 dni temu
Omg..this song heals my heart..
Anggia Ratri Renjana
I miss you mom..
PANDAmonium Harley
My grandma passed away of cancer in December and when I hear this I start crying
Anyone Here On Ed's 28th Birthday? Just Me? Okay.
Maretas 2 dni temu
There is no one that died from my family I'm just writing a comment. Wow
IM AVISHAE 3 dni temu
Supermarket flower is ed sheerans granny died and so he made a song for her rip
Flynn Tavish Wilbur
This hits close to home and I needed it
Penicillin Cartel
This song is surely really sad to listen to but the meaning behind the song makes it sadder It makes the song more beautiful to listen to because true feelings were put in to the song This song is truly heartwarming to listen to
Naveen Alfred
Naveen Alfred 3 dni temu
Easily the most beautiful song he's written. I never thought a song could put a grown man like me into tears but it did. Thank you for this ❤️
Maria Grace
Maria Grace 3 dni temu
My uncle passed away suddenly he was only 25
S Kennedy
S Kennedy 4 dni temu
I love this song and all of them
Beastly Betty
Beastly Betty 4 dni temu
Hello people. You dont know who I am but i Had a best friend. A bestfriend who was always here for me. A bestfriend that wouldnt let me down and keep my head up. That bestfriend was sick and when she went to the doctors she discovered she had a rare heart disease. That night she had a heart attack. I miss her to much but whenever i need her i listen to songs like this. God took her from me because she was to beautiful for this world. The seven year old bestfriend that died of a heart disease 😇😭💔
Jon Plattel
Jon Plattel 4 dni temu
I am 12 years old my grandma and Nana both have died while I was between ages 8-10. This song makes me feel good 😢
Brenda  McIntosh
Brenda McIntosh 5 dni temu
My mom and dad aren't in my life and when I play this song I can't hold back the tears 😭😭
Jade Allen
Jade Allen 5 dni temu
this made me cry
Rose Lima
Rose Lima 5 dni temu
I was literally crying my eyes out
abigail claery
abigail claery 5 dni temu
best song ever
Jasmine Dunn
Jasmine Dunn 6 dni temu
I just lost my mom on the 12 of feb, 2019. She had just finished her rounds of chemo last week. She died of a pulmonary embolism. She was at home, like she wanted, when she left us and this world. As i sat alone in my room this morning, this song came to mind. I immediatly started crying. I never thought in a million years this would happen to me. I am only 16. She was always talking about how she wanted to see me get married and have kinds. Now she is watching in heaven with our past dogs, cats, and her mother and father. I love you mommy, and i miss you terribly.
Venny N.
Venny N. 2 dni temu
Jasmine, I lost my mom on the 5th of February to bile duct cancer and my grandmother who helped raise me back in 2017. I can’t help but feel the same way. Always imagined them there at my wedding, imagined them holding my child one day...we cannot help what happens to us but we can help the way we see the world. Make what’s happened teach you some lesson, whatever that may be. Learn from every experience no matter how bad and live a better life - for your mother and for yourself. Stay strong x
AnNoYInG HUmAn 4 dni temu
Im sorry for your lost get Better <3
Jasmine Dunn
Jasmine Dunn 4 dni temu
Sean Winters thank you so much, I really needed to hear that. ❤️
Sean Winters
Sean Winters 5 dni temu
Jasmine, I'm so sorry for you and your family. Just hold on to the best memories of her. I'm 16 as well, but I can't feel what you must be going through. Always hold her in your heart because she is watching you with God. It's hard to imagine the person who brought you into this world, leaves so early in your life. Always remember, The Lord will bless her and keep her and hold her in the palm of his hand. And don't worry, She will see you when you get married and have kids. Stay strong.
Jess's Vlogs
Jess's Vlogs 6 dni temu
I'm crying
magic shop
magic shop 6 dni temu
Bonnie the powerful
my great nan died... she was a amazing person....but she lost a fight to cancer...i never got to say goodbye....
Lucas Johnson
Lucas Johnson 7 dni temu
This song is so wholesome
Chloe Santos
Chloe Santos 7 dni temu
I love roses flower because she’s my gave me power for figthing his love so nice color red for roses iloveyoouuumy man 💖💖💖
Autumn C
Autumn C 7 dni temu
This song gets me every time 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Lainey Crowe
Lainey Crowe 7 dni temu
This song makes me cry it reminds me of all the people in my fam who dead xx or i dont.cry water comes in my eye and it reminds my dad of his mom whos 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😮😥😥😥😮😥😥but you know we all now we love you dont you nan granddads pets xxxx
Fairouz Assoumbolo
very beautifull
Taiwan _grrrl
Taiwan _grrrl 8 dni temu
My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer yesterday.
Arkisyiem 112233
Arkisyiem 112233 8 dni temu
This song is so good
sean102586 9 dni temu
I just lost my mom 8 hours ago. I'm having a hard time holding it together.
Sean Winters
Sean Winters 5 dni temu
Sean, I sorry to hear about your mum. Just close your eyes, listen to the lyrics and think of your mum.
ruby malcolm
ruby malcolm 9 dni temu
the day this song was realesed my grandad died i burst when every time i lsten to it
Iceky 9 dni temu
I can't understand all of lyrics because I'm a Japanese, but this song brings a big impression to me. I can't express my feelig very well... But I love this song. I listen to every morning on the train. Thank you,Ed sheeran.
king miaw miaw
king miaw miaw 10 dni temu
Love ur parents before is to late
ChangedMedia 10 dni temu
Came here to make myself cry.
Mery Trujillo
Mery Trujillo 10 dni temu
Makeup4real 10 dni temu
-sad boi hours-
Al3 Th3pr0
Al3 Th3pr0 10 dni temu
nice piano solo brah
Hadar Gidron
Hadar Gidron 10 dni temu
I heard this song for the first time a year ago and ever since I still cry over it💔💔💔
あき 11 dni temu
Joan Spilman
Joan Spilman 11 dni temu
This song is for all our moms, grandmas who we lost and will cherish forever
Cecilia Santa Cruz
Cecilia Santa Cruz 11 dni temu
Llore como una magdalena
Lyndsay Eddy
Lyndsay Eddy 11 dni temu
Im so so sorry
Abi Wood
Abi Wood 11 dni temu
i cried listening to this i cried reading the comments. Mental breakdown p2 coming soon xxx
Liih Lopes
Liih Lopes 11 dni temu
I just love him
Yan Karin
Yan Karin 11 dni temu
Bella copia di Irama - Che vuoi che sia eh 🤣😂👌👌
Mujahid hamid
Mujahid hamid 11 dni temu
Who else cried after reading comments ? 😢
Laurakk han
Laurakk han 11 dni temu
Me encantaaaa ❤❤❤❤
Alona Macaraig
Alona Macaraig 11 dni temu
This song comforts my breaking heart. My mom died 2 months ago because of a chronic kidney disease. The longer she's gone the pain lingers to the deepest part of your heart. I really miss you Mama 😭 Im longing from your hugs and stories. If i could just bring back you to life. 😭 And noone can't except the man above 😭 Come to my dreams please. We'll talk there. The line "you're home " makes my heart feel at ease ❤ I really wanted for you to see on what i will become but sad it cant happen. I love you always. I'll just leave it here 💛
this song reminds me of my grandma😭and your comments made me cry more huhuhuhu
Julie Philip
Julie Philip 12 dni temu
Dadou Linda
Dadou Linda 12 dni temu
What a heart melting song thank you god for my parents and family ....thank you 😢❤️
Sarah Valenzuela
Sarah Valenzuela 12 dni temu
I've know this girl since I was ten. Today I found out she took her own life. She was 15. She suffered from depression and anxiety. I found out what happened when I found my crush (her best friend) being comforted by some of his friends. At first they told me to go away. Then he lifted his face and broke down into tears again. We spent all of the next period crying outside of his classroom. Amy I love you so damn much. I hope where ever you are you are in a better place.
Tallulah Maher-Young
This song makes me think of My Oma This song also always makes me cry
Chloe Serroul
Chloe Serroul 12 dni temu
My nan passed away and she was so sweet caring always helped me thru my bad times she was the nicest person I know oh what I would do to have another day with her she was funny and made me laugh whenever I needed to. I really miss her and I’m siting here crying remembering her because this song reminds me of her oh how I miss her take me back...
not a jake pauler
not a jake pauler 12 dni temu
Also rip your mum great overwhelming song
not a jake pauler
not a jake pauler 12 dni temu
What f#cking r#tareded person would dislike this
Caspar Robertson
Caspar Robertson 12 dni temu
oh yea yea
meme Omar
meme Omar 12 dni temu
Panha Rith
Panha Rith 13 dni temu
2019 :(????
ivomonroemiller 13 dni temu
From the Angel from the Lemon Grass Restaurant. 2- 6-2019.
Nora Langohr
Nora Langohr 13 dni temu
January 9th 2019 I lost my mother to a long battle of West Nile. She meant so much to me. I'm so lost without her. I miss her so much every day. I wish I could turn back time so badly right now! I'm a hot mess right now. RIP mom I love you so much!
damian riggs
damian riggs 13 dni temu
“A heart that has been broken is a heart that has been loved.”
Sami Norris
Sami Norris 13 dni temu
Nothing like this has happened to me but this still makes me cry 😭😭😭
lucille Jones
lucille Jones 13 dni temu
Sob, sob made me remember my mother who died way too young.
Antonia Dragongirl
Antonia Dragongirl 13 dni temu
I didn't have much of a connection with dad's parents, I just... they felt like strangers to me. And I would see them monthly, staying in bed, they would try and speak to us but we would all be awkward, they would kiss us, me and my brother, and it was awkward to us, we would even wipe our cheeks in disgust. When our grandpa died, we broke down. Two weeks before my grandma died we spoke with her, it was just... it felt right for once, I finally felt her love for us and it was such peace and we were all happy, I kissed her cheeks that day. Don't know if I knew that she would be dying soon or because I finally learnt to value her love and try and make her happy. After she has gone to be with grandfather, it finally dawned on me. And I still regret it to this day, that I only realised their love and how amazing they were only after their death, that I wasn't with them, spending my childhood making beautiful memories, not because I couldn't, but because I didn't want to. Grandma, grandpa, if you see me from up there, I love you, and I'm sorry. I regret it up to this day and I do not know if I wll be able to forgive myself. You are two angels and I love you. I'd hug you if I could, please, take care from up there, take care of us, of me and my future family if I am meant to have one, of my parents, my brother, my friends, my grandma, my future lover. Take care of them.
Carrie Hill
Carrie Hill 13 dni temu
Last month my Aunty died I miss her so much
Jm.offical_ 14
Jm.offical_ 14 13 dni temu
R.I.P 💖
Besarta Krasniqi
Besarta Krasniqi 13 dni temu
today 15 years ago my grandma died, listening to this tonight as i cry, Ed your a hero to us all :( we love you ..
Anthony Kern
Anthony Kern 13 dni temu
I Lost My Grandma Last May She Raised Me And Was My Bestfriend She Was The Coolest Badass Woman I've Ever Met And Every Day I Miss Her More Than Life Itself And She'll Always Be With Me Regardless
lee kims
lee kims 14 dni temu
Ed Sheeran, Are you ok?
igotmarktuan 14 dni temu
Its 2019 and I just listened to this. Hearing this I remembered my mom. She died 9 years ago bc of breast cancer. Now I am a graduating college student and I wish she's with me going up the stage. :( Damn who cut onions near me? 😭
Leandro de Guzman
Leandro de Guzman 14 dni temu
Edna Oliveira
Edna Oliveira 14 dni temu
É uma mais maravilhosa que a outra ❤️
Leticia Baglioli
Leticia Baglioli 14 dni temu
I was reading the comments, and really, non of the people here, no matter who they are, where they are from, neither of them deserved losing someone they love. It happened to me too, but I just wanna say that I'm so sorry for you guys, I can't even imagine how do you guys feel. I'm really, really sorry. I love each one of you, even not knowing you. (sorry for the bad english.
Bob Dao
Bob Dao 15 dni temu
If you dislike this, you aren't human
cypher elite
cypher elite 15 dni temu
My Great grandma aged 99 died February 2018..can’t believe it’s been a full year ever since and I feel pain for not interacting enough with you and ignoring you..everyday I question myself at least talk to her and sit down and sit there by her side but no and I regret that decision. My grand parents aged 60 not making the same mistake again. Got some time but you never know.
mojansi 15 dni temu
Maybe it's not a big deal but I lost my 10-year-old dog 🐶 last week. I feel very sad and miss her a lot.
Stargirl07 15 dni temu
I can't be the only one who cried.
Calleigh Sells
Calleigh Sells 15 dni temu
Whoever dislikes this has no heart
Calleigh Sells
Calleigh Sells 15 dni temu
I never got to go to my nans funeral,but this was her song.I miss her so much and i hope shes happy where she is😿❤
Jm.offical_ 14
Jm.offical_ 14 12 dni temu
+Calleigh Sells make a new account
Calleigh Sells
Calleigh Sells 12 dni temu
+Jm.offical_ 14 .It wont let me log back in,i think someones hacked me
Jm.offical_ 14
Jm.offical_ 14 12 dni temu
+Calleigh Sells it ain't showing up
Calleigh Sells
Calleigh Sells 12 dni temu
+Jm.offical_ 14 s.calleigh
Jm.offical_ 14
Jm.offical_ 14 12 dni temu
+Calleigh Sells what's your snapchat ?
tyler patton
tyler patton 15 dni temu
I'm on my bros account but my nan died to cancer and she always listened to this song so I promised on her dead body I will listen to this allot🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Niamh Reeves
Niamh Reeves 15 dni temu
There's this woman i knew she was like my second mom i felt like i could tell her anything and she'd sit there and listen she had leukemia she survived it but got diagnosed with it again it was scary thinking she could die any second this was her favourite song recently, well a few months ago she passed away it was a heartbreaking time i remember her last wish was for me to look after her daughter tia who was also my best friend. It breaks me when i see my friend cry and this song always reminds me of rachel it breaks me and i cry when i listen but i remember all the happy memories. A few months after she passed my grandad died on fathers die from cancer it was a hard time especially for my step dad it hurt him since he was really close to his dad and it hurt more because it was on fathers day but i know their happy in heaven and i'll see them soon.
Galen Damron
Galen Damron 16 dni temu
I'm not the type of person to like this kind of music but damn does this song hit hard and sound good as all hell... Rest in peace Mom, I love you...
Charlotte Mccarthy
Charlotte Mccarthy 16 dni temu
It’s just my hay fever playing up
Amanda Ferreira
Amanda Ferreira 16 dni temu
Brasil 2019 🇧🇷 I Love You Ed ❤❤❤❤❤❤
TheGreenConnor 16 dni temu
Damm who’s cutting onions
Diana Sheludkova
Diana Sheludkova 16 dni temu
I just cry so much 😭this song is sad and beautiful at the same time❤️😓
stella rose
stella rose 16 dni temu
i like this song so in love
Chukwuebuka Amagwula
He performed this at his show in Tampa, it was so beautiful. this song has a very deep meaning to me and every time I hear it, I reflect on my life, and the people I have loved and lost. RIP Miracle. I love you.
Lainey Crowe
Lainey Crowe 16 dni temu
What is this song about it makes me cry
caelyns squad
caelyns squad 17 dni temu
This is a lovely song Ed Sheeran whenever I listen to this song I cry
liliana_romania 17 dni temu
Such a beautiful song... even if it is a sad thing about... I love so much your songs! God bless you! ...
- reem
- reem 17 dni temu
damn, you tryna make me cry?
Deci Eye
Deci Eye 17 dni temu
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