Duos With *NINJA* In Fortnite Battle Royale!

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25 mar 2018

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Komentarze 12 910
Muselk 7 miesięcy temu
Thanks for all the support on the charity stream guys!
Cameron Northrop
Cameron Northrop 17 dni temu
Muselk your amazing I subbed and supported the Item ship
Freddie Shaw
Freddie Shaw 3 miesięcy temu
Muselk that's ok
Izaac Lozano
Izaac Lozano 3 miesięcy temu
Muselk my favorite
Ethan Hines
Ethan Hines 3 miesięcy temu
Your awesome
ZiONLY 3 miesięcy temu
Muselk 1st
rocco Rattue
rocco Rattue Dzień temu
hi guys im single ready to mingle
Brian Profit
Brian Profit Dzień temu
Legend says Muselk will like this comment.
Abram Dzień temu
I have never seen that skin
Roblox Doge
Roblox Doge 2 dni temu
Let’s be honest here. We all knew ninja was gonna win yesterday. But anyway, great job muselk! I’m glad you could raise so much money!
Diamante50wcat 2 dni temu
R.I.P old map
Jonah Kerkhove
Jonah Kerkhove 3 dni temu
rip in the chat for purple tacs
Bahram Najafzadeh
Angela Kuster
Angela Kuster 3 dni temu
love you
Edna Hulley
Edna Hulley 3 dni temu
I subscribed to Muselk
Justin Congdon
Justin Congdon 5 dni temu
YOUR tongue is all ways sticking out
Professor Molina
Professor Molina 5 dni temu
Rip in rest revolver
Carmencita Natividad
I hope you die!!!!! For killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sebastian Kibiriti
So many "like"
J B 7 dni temu
Fake just compare ninjas voice and you can see muselk is dead and he is moving
Perry Lillis
Perry Lillis 8 dni temu
Can I do a duo with you
Gabriel Longenbach
muselk and ninja the fearful and fearless duo edit:#neverevercomeacrossninjaandmuselkinfortnitebattleroyaleyouwilldie
flaming storm98
flaming storm98 9 dni temu
Mic problems?
JRD Gonmei
JRD Gonmei 9 dni temu
Ur reaction completely changes when ninja joins the lobby
Muselk exposed
Henry Kwek
Henry Kwek 9 dni temu
Ahhh the purple tact
Jonathan Ayala
Jonathan Ayala 9 dni temu
Who is this kid don’t know him
Gian Cedrick
Gian Cedrick 10 dni temu
Wow you post that video just before my my real birthday 🎂... thanks for the entertainment😘
Mason Llobo
Mason Llobo 10 dni temu
Any body watching November 2018
Sophia Nikolajsen
Sophia Nikolajsen 10 dni temu
Cray and muselk its called a buildfight
Ghost Dog
Ghost Dog 10 dni temu
Are you single Elliot?? I know Lannan is but not sure bout you
C De Bhal
C De Bhal 11 dni temu
Ninja made fun of your name so I unsubscribed him
Vicente Ramirez
Vicente Ramirez 11 dni temu
Anyone 2018 season 6
Shane von Bruck
Shane von Bruck 11 dni temu
um i just got texted by 2 fake accounts and it said that it was muselk so i went to my brother and i asked him what it was and he said that all this was fake so im not doing- oh geez theres an ant on my computer. ok, like i said im not doing that stupid youtube text thing again
Sheila Doosi
Sheila Doosi 12 dni temu
Rip old fortnite Old: Grey pump, 125 damage Season 6 :heavy shotgun, 8 damage
xd Viatic
xd Viatic 12 dni temu
Slurps were so bad back then! Minis should have been the epic and slurps should’ve been green coz they did the same thing but slower
Power Terror
Power Terror 12 dni temu
I come from the future when mueslk becomes very successful Lol
Durrr Burger
Durrr Burger 12 dni temu
I love how they begin talking but when they see someone they stop talking 🤣
Nina Gonzales
Nina Gonzales 13 dni temu
There both the same
Ro1Abc 937
Ro1Abc 937 13 dni temu
Nina Gonzales it’s they’re not there
Jose Belliard
Jose Belliard 13 dni temu
Ninja is do do
Osman Omar
Osman Omar 14 dni temu
Hey! I created a PLvid group chat so that we can share videos more easily. :) Join here:
Devil _Killer3
Devil _Killer3 14 dni temu
Do it again
Jack Haddican
Jack Haddican 14 dni temu
my normal ping is 200
Yahya Inam
Yahya Inam 15 dni temu
Bro u actually played with ninja??
Đức Lê Minh
Đức Lê Minh 15 dni temu
3:51 look at muselk tongue xD
Conner Martin
Conner Martin 16 dni temu
its not ninja nijas name is just Ninja thats it
Meme Central
Meme Central 17 dni temu
Rip purple tac
Senguru Anony
Senguru Anony 17 dni temu
Scoop de poop
William Smalley
William Smalley 17 dni temu
GOAT 17 dni temu
Jeez Gaming
Jeez Gaming 18 dni temu
Bro watch his tongue in intense fights😂
Harry Bates
Harry Bates 18 dni temu
RIP grey pump
Joe Rennoo
Joe Rennoo 18 dni temu
1:06 when a grey pump does 211 damage 😩😩
RRGaming 444
RRGaming 444 18 dni temu
Is that real ninja?????
The scooting Bros
The scooting Bros 18 dni temu
I have 5 ping
goldenwolf 18 dni temu
i need a win can any of you help me please muselk
Peyton Richardson
Peyton Richardson 18 dni temu
how do you stream anyways
Dessie !
Dessie ! 18 dni temu
His tongue at 3:43
Yusuf Hendricks
Yusuf Hendricks 19 dni temu
Season 6?
Emmanuel Serrano
Emmanuel Serrano 19 dni temu
Oh I remember the Og Fortnite guns
Gaming with Zac
Gaming with Zac 19 dni temu
Did anyone else notice in the beginning of the vid Elliot drops a blue ar for a grey burst but then when he drops lucky with ninja he drops a grey burst for a grey ar I need answers now.
Emmie_Epic 19 dni temu
How I used the crossbow 99% shooting it near my friends to scare them 1% actually killing my enemy’s
CaptainCakeEater Kustner
RIP Dusty Depot
Taiwo EGBEYEMI 19 dni temu
If you have a skin like this comment
NITRO Newt0n
NITRO Newt0n 19 dni temu
Hearing Tyler swear is so interesting
Oliviatheunicorn 123
Whoop wooo whoop lol
Jacqueline Dillon
Jacqueline Dillon 19 dni temu
Your welcome you are the best PLvidr
Logan Williamson
Logan Williamson 20 dni temu
Did Elliot pick up a grey burst over a blue ar
Asger 20 dni temu
Can I get 100 subs Without posting anything
Anyone watching this now 😂😂 also subscribe to me lol we are so close
mark castro
mark castro 20 dni temu
Lol we are SO LATE Lololol
Monkeh King
Monkeh King 20 dni temu
Who Else watching in season 6
Tommy Vu
Tommy Vu 20 dni temu
The beginning thing starts at 20:56 dont thank me
Eissa Ahsan
Eissa Ahsan 20 dni temu
Damn it’s been a while
LondonY313 Gamer
LondonY313 Gamer 20 dni temu
Muselk that face you make when you are in focus mode is amazing 😉
Daddy Latifa
Daddy Latifa 21 dzień temu
19:16 wtf did you say 😭
Millie Ronan
Millie Ronan 21 dzień temu
Ninja I thought you didn't swear and then this
SPXCTXTXR 21 dzień temu
When shotguns did 100 from 40 meters but now they can berely do 7 from 1 meter aeay
Esteban Ramos
Esteban Ramos 22 dni temu
Omgg in the beginning he swithed a blue ar for a gray ar😭👿👿👿
KAIDENPLAYZ 22 dni temu
IF ther was a doble barel you wouid win more but its not in the game
Fortnite God
Fortnite God 22 dni temu
You are the best
random person
random person 22 dni temu
Sold Winner
Sold Winner 22 dni temu
I miss the purple tack. R.I.P
Jordan Cowen
Jordan Cowen 22 dni temu
Thanks muselk you play fornite the best
Jordan Cowen
Jordan Cowen 22 dni temu
Kirito Medrano
Kirito Medrano 22 dni temu
In the beginning why did u switch the blue ar for the grew burst?
Cookie_ Lover
Cookie_ Lover 23 dni temu
Anybody watching in October lol
Ibrahim Abiikar
Ibrahim Abiikar 21 dzień temu
Cameron_Young 22 dni temu
Will Drummy
Will Drummy 22 dni temu
Cookie_ Lover me
vission blurry
vission blurry 23 dni temu
back when shotguns acualy did damage
shadow wolf
shadow wolf 23 dni temu
i donatit15 dolers
anonimul 0
anonimul 0 23 dni temu
Anyone here for the gray pump nostalgia?
Carrie Marshall
Carrie Marshall 23 dni temu
It must suck being ninja in a way because he’s so good so everyone has high expectations for him so when he dies it just tragic
Kristin C
Kristin C 24 dni temu
This is atleast season three
Luka SDI
Luka SDI 24 dni temu
you did the tounge thing again
dragon jorge
dragon jorge 24 dni temu
Addictive Gamer
Addictive Gamer 24 dni temu
This is when slurp juices did 25 shield
Mahad Faisal Said - 4A
Ducles Show
Ducles Show 24 dni temu
Wow dusty depot is still there i almost cried when I saw it that was my first drop
Shelley Jackson
Shelley Jackson 24 dni temu
Bananen August
Bananen August 25 dni temu
not ME
Kim Millar
Kim Millar 25 dni temu
Good job
Bklyn Empress
Bklyn Empress 25 dni temu
I feel bad for Muselk,Ninja took all the mini shields that was from Muselks kill greedy little Ninja P.S. Thanks for another great video the new best duo Ninja and Muselk
Bklyn Empress
Bklyn Empress 25 dni temu
Creative deatruction is such a copy of fortnite the SCAR? BUILDING? I HOPE THIS GAME GETS COPYWRITIN SO HARD AM I RIGHT?
john manning
john manning 26 dni temu
every time he gets killed he cries like a little girls and says "oh stream sniping how did he oh bye bye getting banned" ninja is a good player but he cries to damn much its a video game bro but muselk is way better then ninja!!
Zayaan Malik
Zayaan Malik 26 dni temu
Doctors wid oo out boarders WOW
Mr.Legends Gaming
Mr.Legends Gaming 26 dni temu
Season 6 anyone? Fatal Corn Fielda
clueless crab 342
clueless crab 342 27 dni temu
Ok well 9mil views I understand now u just put ninja in the title and then show 3 minutes of u getting carried PERFECT On well maybe a bit longer than 3 mins but u get the point