Duos With *NINJA* In Fortnite Battle Royale!

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25 mar 2018

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Komentarze 13 122
Muselk 10 miesięcy temu
Thanks for all the support on the charity stream guys!
kodey Jones
kodey Jones Miesiąc temu
Muselk you said you hate good players well you hate yourself
Cameron Northrop
Cameron Northrop 2 miesięcy temu
Muselk your amazing I subbed and supported the Item ship
Freddie Shaw
Freddie Shaw 5 miesięcy temu
Muselk that's ok
Izaac Lozano
Izaac Lozano 5 miesięcy temu
Muselk my favorite
R3KT GH9P 12 godzin temu
2019? Anyone
Jason Jefferson
Jason Jefferson Dzień temu
J PRO Dzień temu
anyone still meming on muselks intro in January 22, 2019? like if you agree
Carter Norvell
Carter Norvell Dzień temu
Back when Muselk sucked at Fortnite.
ClauZ Crunchy
ClauZ Crunchy 2 dni temu
You’re irrelevant to him now. Lol
Gabriela Islas
Gabriela Islas 2 dni temu
trick shot Bros
trick shot Bros 2 dni temu
Can I add you name RAG-Barryboy1234
RayanPlaysRoblox _
Since when was a tactical Purple?
Britney Wickham
Britney Wickham 2 dni temu
12:45 I swear I heard ‘how long are you gonna be alive!’ 😂😂😂
Shaun 2 dni temu
Here is a shortcut to the ninja part 5:37
Tyler Lo
Tyler Lo 3 dni temu
0:52 why does he take a gray burst over a blue AR.
Boss. Hamad
Boss. Hamad 3 dni temu
This video was posted on my birthday
Ryder Rheaume
Ryder Rheaume 3 dni temu
lol ninja says “I can’t imagine 200 ping impulse nades” yet here I am trying to do 600 ping impulse nades to 1100 ping impulse nades 😂
SZb26 4 dni temu
Nice tongue
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez 4 dni temu
Oh yeah yeah
FaZe Isy
FaZe Isy 4 dni temu
ChewableAsh 5141
ChewableAsh 5141 5 dni temu
Part 2
floy 5 dni temu
Watching it in season 7
alex wang
alex wang 6 dni temu
when I lose a game I'm going to cut it out and no one will know on lufu vlogs, "FUCK FUCK FUCK"
alex wang
alex wang 6 dni temu
how do you deal with stream snipers "report player spectating stream sniping" what an idiot
Jake Soucy
Jake Soucy 6 dni temu
2:29 wtf is on minimap
Jeff Tommyboy
Jeff Tommyboy 7 dni temu
silver blooby
silver blooby 8 dni temu
9 hr streams hard trust me
RAP DOG 8 dni temu
Avaneesh Ramesh
Avaneesh Ramesh 9 dni temu
Muselk and Ninja... The ULTIMATE Team!!!!!
sooperCooper_09 Fortnite
2019 btw
brandon Debusk
brandon Debusk 9 dni temu
16:55 "the lag" surrreee Rewind: mini shield, swaps for impulses lmao
Desmond Allen
Desmond Allen 9 dni temu
I like you more than ninja
Desmond Allen
Desmond Allen 9 dni temu
Lil’ Wanna
Lil’ Wanna 10 dni temu
Oh bugger you couldn’t help Peru im from peru
DABBING TURTLE 11 dni temu
Ninja sucks
Jaedyn Denney
Jaedyn Denney 11 dni temu
19:00 how do you pass all that loot
Fentor Mandah
Fentor Mandah 11 dni temu
2019 bois i was playing 50v50 dropped lazy and zone was at lucky so i shopping carted there
Look At These Games
Now he is getting carried by fresh
JeGorge 13 dni temu
This is one of your most viewed videos. Totally not ninja's fault
Dante Muzzi
Dante Muzzi 13 dni temu
And like ninja and like muselk like say like, like a lot.
Dante Muzzi
Dante Muzzi 13 dni temu
His mouse sensitivity said it was .2
The OG Enforcer 2.0
Dusty Depot😥
anima099 14 dni temu
Who else remembers that laser gun lol SO OP and will never see the light of day again.
anima099 14 dni temu
Man, Muselk played with Ninja just before Ninja became too high to reach. Can't remember the last time Ninja played with other people outside his circle of elite NA friends.
Ninja Fan
Ninja Fan 14 dni temu
Ninja!!! Muselk!!! Yes!!!
Aiden Smith
Aiden Smith 15 dni temu
How come he looks so serious at end game
Kane 15 dni temu
Ahh the old overwatch intro
Ayaan Ali
Ayaan Ali 16 dni temu
Havoc 16 dni temu
Before ninja had ligma
itsrock 1234
itsrock 1234 16 dni temu
what was the village
JD Smith
JD Smith 16 dni temu
Back when common pumps were snipers
samyak javaria
samyak javaria 17 dni temu
I thought it was a clickbait
Mario Moreno
Mario Moreno 17 dni temu
Anybody get the ad for free 1,200 vbucks
Kendrick Logan
Kendrick Logan 17 dni temu
I had a first victory your l
Jacob Wright
Jacob Wright 18 dni temu
Aussie Yay!
iimCruX 18 dni temu
Levi Van Alphen
Levi Van Alphen 18 dni temu
Who watches this video in 2019
Theo Hanley
Theo Hanley 18 dni temu
Old ninja btw 2019 anyone
Theo Hanley
Theo Hanley 2 dni temu
I got highlighted by muselk whoooooo
Zanoobis 18 dni temu
I remember watching the whole stream live
Vince Speciale
Vince Speciale 19 dni temu
Eliott wants kills, when he try’s to get them “revive me”
Vince Speciale
Vince Speciale 19 dni temu
Y is ninjas mic so much louder
xT0x1c_D0ughnutx 19 dni temu
When Ninja was decent.... RIP
Madden Marino
Madden Marino 19 dni temu
I thought you did not stream dude
Jammie Dodger
Jammie Dodger 19 dni temu
Anybody watching in 2019?
SupahMonkeeGamur 19 dni temu
2019, anyone? Just me... Binge watching this cause I don’t want to get out of bed.
Lazerbeam boii
Lazerbeam boii 19 dni temu
Anyone else season 7
sparrow cat72
sparrow cat72 19 dni temu
That sounds nothing like ninja
Intelligent Instincts
Back when Ninjashyper was still alive…
Craig Bown
Craig Bown 19 dni temu
Back when there were purple tac shotguns
Sarah Memmott
Sarah Memmott 19 dni temu
Michael Hatton
Michael Hatton 20 dni temu
U were on one side of the nade but got shot to the other
Michael Hatton
Michael Hatton 20 dni temu
Da ping I could see it so bad...
Hayden and James streams
Sorry Australia
Hayden and James streams
All I do is stream in Astraila
fortnite brothers
fortnite brothers 20 dni temu
fortnite brothers
fortnite brothers 20 dni temu
fortnite brothers
fortnite brothers 20 dni temu
ha gay 13:09
xX_Maconbacon_Xx 20 dni temu
Anybody watching in 2019
Isabella Gibbons
Isabella Gibbons 20 dni temu
4:20 through 4:23 watch muselks toung
Peyton Murray
Peyton Murray 20 dni temu
You could do a video where whatever weapons you have you must replace them with the persons loot you kill each time you kill someone
Infinity Sim
Infinity Sim 21 dzień temu
RIP Dusty Depot
Crunchy Taco
Crunchy Taco 21 dzień temu
Anyone in 2019?
HAJJY FTW 21 dzień temu
Dusty Depot༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Cold Storm
Cold Storm 21 dzień temu
Dang!!! This was back when ninja used to curse like a crap ton.
Kirihaehae Whauwhau
Kirihaehae Whauwhau 21 dzień temu
you dount suit trimming
Julian 21 dzień temu
Well at least you got a kill
Julian 21 dzień temu
Muselk never laughs that much
Joshua Tiffany
Joshua Tiffany 21 dzień temu
Anyone 2019?
slogaming2 Dzień temu
Dankes Memos
Dankes Memos 3 dni temu
FaZe Isy
FaZe Isy 4 dni temu
FaZe Isy
FaZe Isy 4 dni temu
Gerry vlogs
Gerry vlogs 7 dni temu
ben kirkland
ben kirkland 21 dzień temu
Any one watching 2019
Matt Fitzgerald
Matt Fitzgerald 21 dzień temu
When ninja was scared of tilted
Fares Alawadhi
Fares Alawadhi 21 dzień temu
xT0x1c_D0ughnutx 19 dni temu
N0 Boom
N0 Boom 21 dzień temu
Who watching in 2019?
QNATION 21 dzień temu
Hope you have ninja added. Btw happy new year 2019
2 Pineapples
2 Pineapples 22 dni temu
7 things in this video are gone now. Revolver,purple tac,Tactical SMG,grey pump,impulse nades,and crossbow,also Dusty Depot
IceCreamCone28 22 dni temu
muselk is lucky he did this back when ninja swore on live streams
Harrison Rogers
Harrison Rogers 22 dni temu
15:18 that voice crack tho lol
BenjaMINOS D. 22 dni temu
anybody watching in 2019
Collin Berardi-Ludgate
2019 anyone?
Aiden Wrigley
Aiden Wrigley 22 dni temu
3:46 season 7
happy sheep 515
happy sheep 515 22 dni temu
2019 anyone
Abdul playz
Abdul playz 22 dni temu
2019 anyone?
DeltaForce11906 Fortnite
Anyone in 2019 slurps used to give 25 only shield
Petty Girlfriend
Dzień temu
Apple Be Like
3 dni temu
7 dni temu