Dr. Phil DESTROYS spoiled brat!!!! . -- Dr Phil #7

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12 wrz 2018

SATIREDr. Phil DESTROYS spoiled brat!!!dr phildr phil gabrielledr phil pewdiepiepewdiepiepewdspdppewdiedrphildr phil destroysdr phil destroys girldr phil funnymemememesdr phil memesgabrielledr phil spoileddr phil september 2018dr phil pregnant with jesus



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Komentarze 60 298
Toilet Seat
Toilet Seat 2 godzin temu
doge man 121
doge man 121 2 godzin temu
If you go on cc in the beginning it says Savage Phil
Willie Lewis
Willie Lewis 2 godzin temu
go to sssniperwolfs channle she reacts to this
SilverishKitten 3 godzin temu
Actually those "behavior modification" ranches/schools/whatever are often extremely abusive and dont let the kids write home to their parents about being basically tortured :-/ I really friggin hope this is not like that.
SilverishKitten 2 godzin temu
Meme King
Meme King 3 godzin temu
I’m here from the future to tell you that an app called “Tik-Tok” will provide you with content for your channel and dying channels.
silant.nature 3 godzin temu
she is such a b....
Felicia Järn
Felicia Järn 4 godzin temu
DAYUM!! SHE SMOKES WEED?! [`~`] HEY PEWDIE (sorry i forgot i had caps lock on) YOU SHOULD ALSO BE IN DA DR.PHIL SHOW AND DESTROY OTHER BRATS!! (Like if u agree)
Mike Animates
Mike Animates 4 godzin temu
Woooooooooooow weeeeeeeeeeeeeew
Aden Nakashima
Aden Nakashima 4 godzin temu
ok but like everyone knows that dr phil is just about judging kids tbh
Derek xer
Derek xer 4 godzin temu
Dad of 2018! Rosted!
Cesar Collado
Cesar Collado 5 godzin temu
If my sister did that my mom would break her
Carter Ross
Carter Ross 5 godzin temu
I yawn
Bennett Tyrone
Bennett Tyrone 5 godzin temu
T Series i don’t even know how they stand a chance
kb86 5 godzin temu
7:17 so she is a theoretical prostitute?
Pepps Teixeira
Pepps Teixeira 5 godzin temu
dat gal shouldn't do that kind of thing to my boy Dr. Phil
Ava Ross
Ava Ross 5 godzin temu
Someone send her to boarding school
hellbent gaming
hellbent gaming 5 godzin temu
Fanf vs guns
Fanf vs guns 6 godzin temu
Lol your my favioret youtuber
Takeo Hozuki, king of the universes
Feminine product. *lenny face intensifies*
jsbd hsvsbs
jsbd hsvsbs 7 godzin temu
18:03 the subtitles lol
Alexander Hines
Alexander Hines 7 godzin temu
Hold up, daughter " I started having sex a year ago", doctor Phil "she's fourteen". Hmmm 14-1=13, wtf. "KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK FBI OPEN UP"
ColderWarrior4 7 godzin temu
Eat sleep sex repeat
Riven Of A Thousand Voices
Not applause... But App Louse
Engi Man
Engi Man 8 godzin temu
I wanted to see the mother go to jail!!!
Jack Piotrowski
Jack Piotrowski 9 godzin temu
“All kids are stupid” I can relate to that because I am a lifeguard and most of the kids that go there are stupid( Im not actually mean Im a nice guy)
Polina Spasova
Polina Spasova 10 godzin temu
I smashed the like button just because of the joke about the "thoughts", lol
عبد المعز الدوكالي
savage dr. phil complete distruction crying brats are just soo funny
Hamilton Forever
Hamilton Forever 11 godzin temu
Excuse me, a _professional_ dominatrix in _professional_ BDSM does not have sex. Nothing gets penetrated. Did you see how I said that *_professionally_*
BradenCrombie 13 godzin temu
hes really filling that 14 year old
Lemon and Lime
Lemon and Lime 13 godzin temu
Around 7b don't yawn huh?
Criptic Gamer342
Criptic Gamer342 13 godzin temu
that is a huge clap!!!!!!💂👌
subhin surendiran
subhin surendiran 13 godzin temu
Jake Greenhouse
Jake Greenhouse 14 godzin temu
1 sub = pewdiepie beats t series. If I get 5000k dr Phil beats both pewdiepie and t series! Have a nice day :)))
Erica love the little club reese
Get dr phill to get rid of t series the no minded spoiled brat that sits down drink a beer
Simply 14 godzin temu
Does no one see how this isn’t ok. She’s a human that has her own life. She can’t do what she wants. Everyone’s laughing and judging her and talking to her disrespectfully. On top of that they’re are going to force to go to some sort of ranch. Regardless of whether she’s doing something “illegal”. I at least need someone to realize how wrong this is. Reminds me of a Black Mirror episode or something
BrickFilms 15 godzin temu
um did anyone turn on subtitles at 13:20?
Ahmad Luqman
Ahmad Luqman 15 godzin temu
Every dr.phil show be like a diss off
Constantine Callas
Constantine Callas 15 godzin temu
Yo I yawn -smashes like-
Espee Productions
Espee Productions 15 godzin temu
Screw t series who’s with me
Mengly Kunthy
Mengly Kunthy 16 godzin temu
Make the show
0ne Cat
0ne Cat 16 godzin temu
16:45 is how Pewdiepie will take down T-Series
Zack Townsend
Zack Townsend 16 godzin temu
6:15 as a kid, I can confirm this.
TheMarshmellow SnowQueen
*SITS* The way the mother is speaking sounds like she smoked some dope before coming on the show. Even though she is supposed to be there for her daughters' well-being... ..... ..... *mother of the year everyone*
Jake teh Snake
Jake teh Snake 17 godzin temu
Pewds is dad.
Jake teh Snake
Jake teh Snake 17 godzin temu
JK lol.
Lizzy #RawFam
Lizzy #RawFam 17 godzin temu
Churro Channel
Churro Channel 17 godzin temu
The 10k people who who disliked don’t yawn
7up689 gameing
7up689 gameing 17 godzin temu
This is a the point where its like FBI stuff
7up689 gameing
7up689 gameing 17 godzin temu
Time 0:9
Rincce 17 godzin temu
We talking about HMMMMMMMM👀
Jackson Jones
Jackson Jones 17 godzin temu
All the grandmas watch Pewdiepie even mine
James Wright
James Wright 17 godzin temu
Hey that mean but right (All kids are dumb)
Hyped TM
Hyped TM 17 godzin temu
I love your videos you are so funny thx for the great content there is no channel more original ✅✅✅
Jared Reinstein
Jared Reinstein 17 godzin temu
She looks like she could be cleanprincegamings sister 🤣
The Cousins
The Cousins 18 godzin temu
No one likes t series da doy
Vexyr 18 godzin temu
Julia Wildflower
Julia Wildflower 18 godzin temu
Since when did dope become a term for weed?
MspQween 18 godzin temu
Give this a like if u wonder what youtubers do when it not watching there videos
Victoria 5.6
Victoria 5.6 19 godzin temu
Damn 10k people don’t yawn
dabing avocado
dabing avocado 19 godzin temu
tHaTs A cLaP
Why Google
Why Google 19 godzin temu
Smash the ranch for the like button
Itz_ Just.Avery
Itz_ Just.Avery 19 godzin temu
I hAtE hEr... Nyaaa - felix XD
Bleach 20 godzin temu
No one likes t gay
LANCE PLAYS 20 godzin temu
"i hope she goes to jail"
Alexa HUbbert
Alexa HUbbert 20 godzin temu
Dr phill breathes, pewdiepie “OH THATS A CLAP 👏” 😅😅😂😂🤣🤣
Ryan Norway
Ryan Norway 20 godzin temu
No nobody likes y series
MlgDugeGamer30000 21 godzinę temu
10k dislikes from spoiled brats
Maha Abdulla
Maha Abdulla 22 godzin temu
I feel like I want to slap the girl whenever she takes she makes me mad for no reason😤😤
lemmy piggy 911
lemmy piggy 911 23 godzin temu
Kealy Hines
Kealy Hines 23 godzin temu
Remember when she said that when she gets irritated she gets naked? PewDiePie said that they were getting irritated so they prolly gonna get naked after the show
BlueEyed _Scorpio
BlueEyed _Scorpio 23 godzin temu
*You're hilarious!!!!!!!*
PhoenixFIrebird 23 godzin temu
This is just another teen brat on the Dr Phil show who's a wannabe Bhad Bhabie
Harriet Birtwhistle
Harriet Birtwhistle 23 godzin temu
6:35just yes
Leila Sausedo
Leila Sausedo Dzień temu
{\_/} (*^*) (>💰 Mah cat is riich
Adrian Garcia
Adrian Garcia 21 godzinę temu
Haahhaah 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kat Lover
Kat Lover Dzień temu
God bless this grandma
NightChildAngie Dzień temu
Honestly, I also wish that I can go to the ranch, it looks like a nice place to be
RoyalPandemic Dzień temu
'used feminine product' Sweetheart theyre talking (most likely) about a used (bloody) tampon (or pad but I immediately thought of a tampon and made the same O-shaped mouth in disgust-)
Alexa HUbbert
Alexa HUbbert Dzień temu
You r Not Gonna Believe Who The Smartest Most Beautiful\handsome Best Person In The World Is Read the first two lines🙂😇
Christian Hightower
Our generation in one video.
Oofsydney Dzień temu
i wonder how she's doing at the turnabout ranch
Grace Oursland
Grace Oursland Dzień temu
She should have never been a mother
Isha Ramdass
Isha Ramdass Dzień temu
I wanna smak them so bad
The Railfanning Birdwatcher
I'm sorry I didn't yawn so I didn't like. JK, I liked obviously.
makar demin
makar demin Dzień temu
here eyes light up when she sees here having sex on her moms bed
Tara Oliver
Tara Oliver Dzień temu
First video I’ve watched and I luv this
Arlo 49
Arlo 49 Dzień temu
Have these parents ever heard of the chancla and belt?
Annabel N
Annabel N Dzień temu
this sounds like the book wild bird
Gee Meakelly
Gee Meakelly Dzień temu
That’s a *CLAP*
Max Sherman
Max Sherman Dzień temu
Never mind I don’t know how to put pictures
Max Sherman
Max Sherman Dzień temu
This should be your new profile picture
-ŠourÃpple- Zz
-ŠourÃpple- Zz Dzień temu
Wait so u like watching kids cry or spoiled kids cry??
Vanely Vidal
Vanely Vidal Dzień temu
At 6:30 I laughed so hard my gum fell out of my mouth lmfaooii
Kendal Stroble
Kendal Stroble Dzień temu
Derpy McSquid
Derpy McSquid Dzień temu
Pewds: “Do you know who nobody likes?” Person: *”P e w D i e P i e”* Pewds: *ultimate trigger*
Liam McPike
Liam McPike Dzień temu
Do you like mr BEAST
Adrian Garcia
Adrian Garcia 21 godzinę temu
Probably he doesn't know the hard work that Mr beast did for him
the red pandas triple the dicks
Rachel Dzień temu
Walker 3000
Walker 3000 Dzień temu
This video is hood
mE MEmes
mE MEmes Dzień temu
You have been Stopped
"the point of this show is to get you help" whats the point of the audience then? shes obvi gonna put on a show so everyone will think shes so cool and qUirKy.
Luxanna Crownguard
Luxanna Crownguard Dzień temu
that sayori's voice though HAHAHAH
2 miesięcy temu
7 miesięcy temu
Karate Prank NYC
6 miesięcy temu