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Daft Punk Medley - Pentatonix (side by side)

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Kenny’s World
Kenny’s World 10 dni temu
I watched it without headphones.... i can’t explain life anymore
More faster Get lucky XD
M;T Thomas
M;T Thomas 25 dni temu
Pentatonix is way better!!
Gatuclo :v
Gatuclo :v Miesiąc temu
Michelle Jacobs
Michelle Jacobs Miesiąc temu
Low key that was the scariest shit I’ve seen in a long time
wolf boi mcclain
wolf boi mcclain Miesiąc temu
where’s around the world??
alessandriraphael delacruz
i actually liked ptx's and daft punk's combination of get lucky
12 Julian 13
12 Julian 13 Miesiąc temu
Johnson Valdon
Johnson Valdon Miesiąc temu
2:23 was Baryl wearing a skirt? if he is, SSSKKKKKKKUUUURRRRRTTTT
alessandriraphael delacruz
if I would be given an opportunity to mix things up, I would suggest to make these videos have the same volume. PTX's are lower than daft punk's. And plus, i would rather choose ptx version.
alessandriraphael delacruz
but both of them are great
RoseOfTheNight4444 2 miesięcy temu
Pentatonix did so good that I honestly forgot this wasa medley despite that I know several of the songs used and didn't know the rest. They really made this their own song, as if it were it's own thing. I LOVE IT
조현성 3 miesięcy temu
ㄷㄷ... 이때까지 한곡인줄 알았는데
George Melvin
George Melvin 3 miesięcy temu
I dont like PENTAONIX obviously.
DENO .J 3 miesięcy temu
how can you compare a capella and digital electro music it's a totally different genre and they both did it in their own style
Vianka Lacasse
Vianka Lacasse 3 miesięcy temu
Wow! It's just...AMAZING dude!
Sharetheworld 4 miesięcy temu
This just show the highly precision of PTX work on this. So technically perfect.
TylerMusiq 4 miesięcy temu
My ears are having a orgy
Joe Song
Joe Song 4 miesięcy temu
Only kids make decision, I choose both
Tiúilip 4 miesięcy temu
Damn on ear pentatonic and the other one daft punk it's so weird
userlol456 4 miesięcy temu
Daft punk won. Jk they tied
Gyr Miguel
Gyr Miguel 4 miesięcy temu
Gabriel Marques
Gabriel Marques 4 miesięcy temu
I prefer PTX
roland550dx 4 miesięcy temu
You missed 'around the world'... When I heard the 'around the world' between 'television rules the nation' in PTX version, I got goosebumps all around my body for their delicate arrangement
Pentatonix did it way better
Hector Soto
Hector Soto 4 miesięcy temu
Wait...I like that fast pace on the original lol
Gilang Ramadhan
Gilang Ramadhan 4 miesięcy temu
What's kind of asmr is this ??
I love Christmas
I love Christmas 4 miesięcy temu
Mitch is so cute ❤️❤️
Albert Hope
Albert Hope 4 miesięcy temu
this makes me realise how shit pentatonix are
Junyoung Park
Junyoung Park 4 miesięcy temu
what?!?! I never listened to the original one and only pentatonix one, so I thought that was just one song and I didn't know it was medley at all....
abrilrico_ 4 miesięcy temu
am I the only who has always heard , “we’re up all mexican lucky” in get lucky?
Kiiara 4 miesięcy temu
BEOBRAK KIM 4 miesięcy temu
좋은곡은 섞어도 좋은곡이 탄생하네요.
roland550dx 4 miesięcy temu
좋은 곡을 정말 개쩔게 섞었죠 리믹스의 정석임
메르쿠리우스 5 miesięcy temu
개쩐다 어느나라를 가나 비교는 있구나 여튼 개쩖ㅇㅇ👍
SAD X_X 5 miesięcy temu
AuBri MAKes VIDeoS beCauSE SHe cAN
memories, memories
Charlie Gravelle
Charlie Gravelle 5 miesięcy temu
Got really confused then realized one of my ear buds had fallen out
Hùng Đặng
Hùng Đặng 5 miesięcy temu
FateGaming :D
FateGaming :D 5 miesięcy temu
The pitch on the daft punk videos is too high... are they sped up?
Kaela's Youtube Channel
Kaela's Youtube Channel 5 miesięcy temu
Pentatonix wins because there is no instrument there they are suffering for their salyva
DatGermanDino 5 miesięcy temu
I'm getting tired of these salty people disrespecting people's opinions. Yeah, you can disagree, but you don't have to disrespect it. You guys can pick sides and disagree with the person, but don't make a full blown argument about it, because you're wasting your own time complaining about how someone is incorrect. In this situation nobody is right or wrong. Comparing these two songs and stating that one is better is not a fact, it's an opinion!
배현찬 5 miesięcy temu
DDW8991 6 miesięcy temu
This was very confusing for my ears...
ʚĭɞ - FTP
ʚĭɞ - FTP 6 miesięcy temu
ERROR 404.... on my ears
Brandon games
Brandon games 6 miesięcy temu
Gas eso jah
Akatsui 6 miesięcy temu
Im deaf in one ear so when I was listening on earphones, I didnt realized they split the music in each earbud so I was like where's the comparison
Julia Obero
Julia Obero 6 miesięcy temu
my left ear enjoyed pentatonix my right ear enjoyed daft punk wow how u do dat
jeffree's doggos
jeffree's doggos 6 miesięcy temu
what is daft punk history? almost all of their music videos are 90s/2000s anime...
마춤뻡 6 miesięcy temu
Yih Tat Tan
Yih Tat Tan 6 miesięcy temu
I would expect the left and right corresponds with the audio and visual, but it is flipped.
Electric Heart
Electric Heart 6 miesięcy temu
I understand that they're technically two different genres, but they're the same medley. Pentatonix absolutely blows them out of the water.