Cigarettes After Sex - K [Lyrics]

The Bean
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I've been listening to this song forever, so I figured "Why not make a lyric video of it?" Well, now I'm tired of listening to it. Enjoy.




5 sie 2017



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Luis Gutierrez
Luis Gutierrez 4 miesięcy temu
Chau is this you? 🤔
The Bean
The Bean 6 dni temu
Spongebob Squarepants I didn't plan this what
Angel Eyez
Angel Eyez Miesiąc temu
Go die an d cry when I fly to know why they can't deny the eyes to tell a beautiful truth and honk on bozo bean.. meow
Spongebob Squarepants
Spongebob Squarepants Miesiąc temu
Wtf is this shit Was this planned
Rahul Naik
Rahul Naik 2 miesięcy temu
The Bean
The Bean 4 miesięcy temu
Take my spot in back cash. I wanna die.
reach for ma
reach for ma 6 godzin temu
Sreelakshmi Nair
Sreelakshmi Nair 9 godzin temu
I am obsessed with Cigarettes After Sex because their music is just magical and it makes you feel some way ,the lyrics just take you to another world I swear😭❤️
Technologies TutorialS
ukw she left me >
Lu Lu
Lu Lu 13 godzin temu
To slip 😚😚😚😚😚 I Think only you ......
tinkerbell716 18 godzin temu
Yo this guy's def a Scorpio
The Bean
The Bean 17 godzin temu
tinkerbell716 who
Dutchgirl Savedbygrace
Dutchgirl Savedbygrace 18 godzin temu
Love love love it you ;) Miss my heart♡ so much
Shin Josuk
Shin Josuk 18 godzin temu
A girl sent me this song, does it mean...?
Motionsicknes999 12 godzin temu
It means she hates you
Mustafa Can Güngör
Mustafa Can Güngör 16 godzin temu
I would give it a shot if I was you 😊
TheLadyDelirium 18 godzin temu
Shin Josuk I think she likes you. 😊
Farshy .R
Farshy .R 20 godzin temu
Love love love ❤️
Dont Judge
Dont Judge Dzień temu
oh. shiT
ayesha kashif
ayesha kashif Dzień temu
Their music defines every feeling I have stuck inside
hey its ruby here
hey its ruby here Dzień temu
This is my absolute everything.
Stone Garcia
Stone Garcia Dzień temu
"I'm Literally Trash" Me:Relatable (Proceeds to laugh the dead inside laugh)
systemproduct Dzień temu
sehun's ass
sehun's ass 2 dni temu
*One of a kind genre of its own, amazing*
Afridi Hassan
Afridi Hassan 2 dni temu
thats a great job done with the lyrics text editing. nice
Vitamin taekook
Vitamin taekook 2 dni temu
This is sooo good 💕💕💕
fong hengfai
fong hengfai 2 dni temu
I found this song when i went to a nyoya food centre for the first time . Instantly love this song ...
The Bean
The Bean 2 dni temu
I just want you guys to know that it's okay to love and to be loved. It's okay to be desperate, heartbroken, whatever you're going to feel, esp while listening to this. Don't let anyone respond to your comments and make you feel like trash. You all deserve your emotions.
Annamma Mathew
Annamma Mathew 2 dni temu
Memories hang like a void in the heart....only traces remain of what once was beautiful.
witchcraft 2 dni temu
Why is this getting so much attention now
Rondo Hunter
Rondo Hunter 11 godzin temu
I found it on an episode of BBC America t.v. series "Killing Eve." Good music, great production values.
Rahma Besais
Rahma Besais Dzień temu
i heard this song on "killing Eve" yesterday , and now it's my everything
savanna Sparks
savanna Sparks 2 dni temu
The Bean thank you for the music video; you're amazing ❤️
The Bean
The Bean 2 dni temu
No idea, but I'm kinda happy for the views
savanna Sparks
savanna Sparks 2 dni temu
witchcraft idk, but I love this song so much ❤️
Dana Allen
Dana Allen 2 dni temu
I would b front row letting the music pass through me. Is there any other way???
Mary 3 dni temu
My boyfriend send me this said it's dedicated to me. I miss him so much now;-;
Mary 2 dni temu
Syed Yasir oh that's sad:( well you will find someone better so don't you worry~
Syed Yasir
Syed Yasir 2 dni temu
I dedicated this to my gf too. she kinda cheated on me later. :/
savanna Sparks
savanna Sparks 2 dni temu
Mary wish my boyfriend would send me songs like this!!
uNderrated 3 dni temu
Maybe this song has the most meaningful lyrics I've listened
p r o d u c e r p a c k a g e s
we were enjoying this but the name drop threw us off, uwu
p r o d u c e r p a c k a g e s
we were enjoying this but the name drop threw us off, uwu
Nicholas Grothe
Nicholas Grothe 3 dni temu
Stumbled upon this song by accident by accidentally searching the letter "K", I don't believe in fate but I do believe in happy accidents and this song is really beautiful.
Maha Saud
Maha Saud 4 dni temu
" I remember when I first noticed that you liked me back " :(
rosalila himstergimst
why on earth does it say 'I'm literal trash' at the beginning of the vid?
rosalila himstergimst
Nahh, you're a human being who put up this lovely video of a great song
The Bean
The Bean 2 dni temu
I'm trash lmao
tinkerbell716 3 dni temu
rosalila himstergimst cuz the creator of the video just felt like calling themselves trash lolol (pretty relatable tbh)
Blitar Kid
Blitar Kid 5 dni temu
K for kurumi
intellectual unicorn
FUcKK I’m in my feels now 😭
Hama Jan
Hama Jan 5 dni temu
I smoke... but listening to this with cigarettes has a special taste😊
Mumtaz Shaikh
Mumtaz Shaikh 2 dni temu
You're missing something important other than cigarettes
bitto balls
bitto balls 3 dni temu
haha yea fam same bro
kate yekw
kate yekw 5 dni temu
i cant stop listening to this song 💞💞😥
Kevin Caro Sánchez
souka Lola mee tooooo :(
Carmen Loh
Carmen Loh 5 dni temu
This song makes me miss my ldr boyfriend who is a traveller :(
Carmen Loh
Carmen Loh 5 dni temu
Thanks, we are still trying to keep this relationship going despite all those insecurities. :)
virgil vollmar
virgil vollmar 5 dni temu
I hope his travels lead back to you
Francis Henry
Francis Henry 5 dni temu
This song got me toasted in between the memories of my ex and current love 😍😍
Lizeth Ortiz
Lizeth Ortiz 3 dni temu
Francis Henry same
Blitar Kid
Blitar Kid 5 dni temu
Girl in black... 😋😋
give changkyun some water
this song makes me feel lonely but i still love it
namjoon's holly nostrils
give changkyun some water yeah that's right
Crystal McLean
Crystal McLean 5 dni temu
I love this song so.. Much... It's me all the way 🙌😆🙌😆❤️💖
Lala Girl
Lala Girl 6 dni temu
back coz of 'Bean'❤ & I'm reading the comments so many love stories, when these songs only make me feel like I had a fun past but I really don't have anyone to remember I'm 16 idk if that makes sense😛😵 am I the only one?
Joena Manlangit
Joena Manlangit 6 dni temu
Someone send me this song today. I guess this is his way to confess his feelings 😔 this song is breaking me yet beautiful.
Joena Manlangit
Joena Manlangit 4 dni temu
Vito yes it is
Vito 4 dni temu
Joena Manlangit such a beautiful thing
😭 that night, last night after having him inside, slept till morning. Our souls went to sleep only to wake up to reality. I fell in love. Only I did. 😭 He planned it all! Introduced me to this!! And now I am here listening to this 💔💘⛏⛏😂
GAH VALERIANØ 7 dni temu
Bad suprema 💓💓
Tina. 7 dni temu
*instant feeling of loneliness*
banana lovers
banana lovers 7 dni temu
I can't w "we made love without the string attached" because damn I wouldn't be able to go to through that shit
kawnartist 19 godzin temu
banana lovers Thanks for the positive energy my way. I appreciate it!
banana lovers
banana lovers 22 godzin temu
kawnartist man you deserve a happy ending n im crying still
banana lovers
banana lovers 22 godzin temu
kawnartist im sobbing rn wtf I-
kawnartist 3 dni temu
banana lovers I did it. We were two friends hanging out, lying on my bed watching Netflix. (This was before Netflix and chill was actually a common meme.) Neither of us planned it. Our feet touched, and they kept touching. I put my arm around her and she snuggled up to me. We would look at each other and smile. Suddenly we kissed, and we kept kissing. Then things got a little out of control and next thing you know we're having sex. At least that's what it seemed like at the time. Later it was revealed we were in fact making love. A day or two went by without much contact because I was a tad confused by what happened and she was scared that was the end of it all. I asked her out days later and we were together for two years before her college life led her down a different path from me, being a blue collar working man. It was the best time of my life being with her. She's now getting married to another guy just some years after we broke up, and I'm happy for her because she's a wonderful woman and deserves it. I'm also sad because I think we were supposed to be together. I'm sure another me in a parallel universe did end up with her happily ever after, but not this version of me. This version of me still cries over her when the right sad songs come on.
I was on the beach in the middle of the night, by the sea, with my babe. we looked at the stars and listened to this song
teenagers_generation 18 godzin temu
It was perfect..
TheLadyDelirium 18 godzin temu
teenagers_generation Sounds like perfection.
Krissy Kris
Krissy Kris 2 dni temu
teenagers_generation beautiful 😊
Garyl Swindlehurst
Good vibes '
kaweeJay official
Luuuuuuuuuv thisss
ML Champion
ML Champion 8 dni temu
Newsflash hopeless romantics: There is no such thing as "true love" or "real love". If you're lucky, you find someone who you can tolerate to be with and vice versa, and someone you can get along with. But the whole concept of "soul mate" or "true love" does not exist. Better to accept that early, it will save you alot of heartache and frustration. Trust me.
TheLadyDelirium 18 godzin temu
I learnt that the hard way but falling in love with someone is still amazing. Enjoy it while it lasts.
kawnartist 3 dni temu
Yes and no. Well put either way. 👍
Katie Widitor
Katie Widitor 4 dni temu
i hear someone in my kitchen
Listening 2 this on the beach 👏👏👏 yes, just yes !!!
Kathy Vang
Kathy Vang 8 dni temu
❤ beats of my lonely heart
abh15funk 9 dni temu
Gorgeous song !!! 😌
Trung Tin Ho
Trung Tin Ho 9 dni temu
....having sex with a stranger and then you couldn't escape that feeling? ....having sex with a stranger and then you couldn't forget her/him? please don't listen if yes. this song will enlarge your sad memories!
phil_osopher33 5 dni temu
Trung Tin Ho They should listen just to torture themselves, sleeping with strangers is what animals do, get a fucking grip you hedonistic fucks
Hanie Qwerts
Hanie Qwerts 10 dni temu
When the chorus makes me feel so sad idk
grunger bread
grunger bread 10 dni temu
For me it will always be woman voice
gingerale 10 dni temu
This song doesn't even need words.
SerenasTrouble X
SerenasTrouble X 11 dni temu
Junior year, hot beaming summer sun and circle k fountain drinks. I remember your red truck, all of us jam packed, sitting on each others laps as we screamed out the windows, blasting music. I remember the feeling I got when I looked into your ocean colored eyes, as if it were a tidal pool I was being sucked into. I was always scared of the ocean but I couldn’t get enough of you, the scent of cheap cologne and cute button ups. I fell in love with your cocky smile, how it made a shiver run up my spine and my fingertips tingle. I remember early mornings, 5am to curl my hair and put on my best dress. The feeling of sitting between your legs as we watched the homecoming game, the feeling of your arms around me. The feeling when I gave my life to you, you were my everything. And although you’re a country away now, I still hold your sweater tight. Virtually sending kisses.
Pfcellrod 11 dni temu
K for Krystel...
Aya Youche
Aya Youche 12 dni temu
I fell for this song 😍😍😍😍
Zuzanna Pawlak
Zuzanna Pawlak 12 dni temu
something really beautiful in my life has just ended and I don't even know what to feel
Miki Artsy
Miki Artsy 4 dni temu
Zuzanna Pawlak i totally understand you..
venus 12 dni temu
.....shit. im in love again.
Marianne Bilikas
Marianne Bilikas 13 dni temu
im never enough
ashmacKenzie 3 dni temu
youll be enough to someone someday, babe
박지원 13 dni temu
Wilma Souza
Wilma Souza 15 dni temu
Continuo ouvindo essa msc
Maria Diego
Maria Diego 15 dni temu
Why am i crying?
Jana Elizabeth Sekelski
Lovely ❤
Nathan Chin
Nathan Chin 16 dni temu
1willFALL 16 dni temu
When you know a Kristen and would love to dedicate / make out with to this song. Them feels.
alk 16 dni temu
I liked a girl last year, she was my friend, she and i used to talk about our favourite bands and it was so wonderful to speak with someone that loves the same things i love. Last november we were so sad, talking to her was like "therapeutic" to me, i think she felt the same talking to me. November 15th, at 3AM, i had been so freaking nervous because i started to like her, i didn't wanna do that... i told her that i was gonna sleep early because i was sad, she asked me why and i thought i wasn't able to tell her. I didn't answer her. Anyway it was too late to tell her my feelings. Now she's my girlfriend and i'm falling in love with her as yesterday, as the first day, as i was falling in love with her that day at 3AM, she's so lovely but i'm afraid of losing her, she's so perfect, i do not deserve her but i want her to stay, it's weird, but i'm afraid because she's an angel but i...
Mireya Sevilla
Mireya Sevilla 16 dni temu
This song reminds me of my first love whom I cannot forget. Plus our memories. Our car nights, his face staring at the ceiling in bed, his eyes looking into mine. His smile. Making photos in the forest. I really want D to come right back. But I've assumed that it is his life.
Dilan Aslan
Dilan Aslan 16 dni temu
Killing Eve
ardiansyah nando
ardiansyah nando 16 dni temu
ive be waiting for you
sujan poudel
sujan poudel 16 dni temu
this song makes me take my dream girl on long road trip and just play this song on repeat while looking at stars
sujan poudel
sujan poudel 16 dni temu
should i send this song to my crush? fuck i'd love to
Mahonry Medina
Mahonry Medina 16 dni temu
agdgdgwngo 17 dni temu
Slowcore to fuck!!
Tails 19 dni temu
Sitting on the balcony watching the sunset listening to this song, this is the best thing ever.
Che Ri Kim
Che Ri Kim 19 dni temu
My eyes are filled with tears now. When will my crush like me back.. "Stay with me, I dont want you to leave"
tj darling
tj darling 19 dni temu
this is my first time listening and this song makes me feel so warm inside and everything just felt right for a couple of minutes
Nguyen Tran
Nguyen Tran 19 dni temu
Dear Kristen, I can’t start to express how heart broken i am right now. I looked at photos of you and memories jusy flooded my mind like it happened just yesterday. 3 years of beautiful memories. I hope that you will forgive me of all the times i have wronged you. I know that you loved me dearly and my love, i feel just the same. I know you have gone to a better place. I know not being able to see you anymore will break me, but in time i will find healing. I hope the last 3 years that we had together were filled with love and support. I guess i have to be on my own from now on. I will weite to you again soon, and i hope you have a good sleep. You deserve it. From the love of your life, Nguyen :)
Meme Thot
Meme Thot 20 dni temu
Ah this is such an amazing song
loleeta irving
loleeta irving 20 dni temu
oh I have not hear this song for a long time I was totally crushing on this guy xx
Enrique Garza
Enrique Garza 20 dni temu
I just left a one year relationship, I am young, I guess she wasn't the one. There's this girl at work, that I don't think I feel love but instead a variety of mixed emotions for her, it's weird. I mean... She's just a stranger passing through my path of life right? I really think she'd be a badass girlfriend.... just not for me even though I feel like I want her. And it hurts me that I know I won't be able to grasp a hold of her heart.. I'm sure she's a wild girl, and that's cool. Touchè for me I guess. I know this has nothing to do with the song, but a part of it reminds me of her. *lights cig*
Captain Your ass
Captain Your ass 21 dzień temu
I always imagined slow dancing to this at night with the person i love.. but it's sad
Cece Hernandez
Cece Hernandez 21 dzień temu
Im literal trash as well
Kaylee Burns
Kaylee Burns 21 dzień temu
When they said “I’m literal trash” I really felt that
H Bell
H Bell 22 dni temu
I am indeed literal trash.
The Bean
The Bean 6 dni temu
H Bell same
Xavery B.
Xavery B. 23 dni temu
im a fucking loser
Keru Te
Keru Te 23 dni temu
When was this song released? coz it gives me nostalgic feels
S Seigfried
S Seigfried 24 dni temu
I love CAS but it reminds me of my ex-bestfriend too much and it hurts my heart.
uni una
uni una 24 dni temu
I am sorry i hear kristal not kristen..
uni una
uni una 24 dni temu
I am sorry i hear kristal not kristen..
Lâm Phạm
Lâm Phạm 25 dni temu
Cơ trưởng Mimosa đã đưa tôi đến đây :D
Alesha Evans
Alesha Evans 25 dni temu
Wow this is beautiful
Samuel Cerda
Samuel Cerda 24 dni temu
So beautiful and sexy
Tom Pham
Tom Pham 26 dni temu
Oh I miss you so much.
Evelyn Zabaleta
Evelyn Zabaleta 26 dni temu
When my gf broke up with the last time i acted like i was fine but then i cried playing with her hair as she was sleeping calmly. And she never knew.....
Moonlight Warrior
Moonlight Warrior 26 dni temu
I'm getting sooo muchhhhhh feeeelllssss
Ella Woods
Ella Woods 26 dni temu
I have never been in love but this song makes me feel like i have lost my first love 💕
Sanchita Chakrabarty
Electric Together brought me here, thank you aeterisks!
Big Gunner
Big Gunner 26 dni temu
waking up at in rainy night..maybe a dream
Krysten Bonikowsky
Krysten Bonikowsky 27 dni temu
sometimes my bf sings this to me when i leave the bedroom to go pee
rammeh anaibi
rammeh anaibi 27 dni temu
I ve been waiting for u
Nehal Sethia
Nehal Sethia 27 dni temu
I'm in love and this song is making me feel like shit.
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