Cigarettes After Sex - K [Lyrics]

The Bean
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I've been listening to this song forever, so I figured "Why not make a lyric video of it?" Well, now I'm tired of listening to it. Enjoy.
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5 sie 2017



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Komentarze 2 184
Luis Gutierrez
Luis Gutierrez 6 miesięcy temu
Chau is this you? 🤔
Grumpy Cat's Nii
Grumpy Cat's Nii 2 dni temu
Okay what is happening here? I am lost. 😂😂
love thy enemy
love thy enemy 3 dni temu
+The Bean you can come over for dinner tonight and I will set us free 😘
The Bean
The Bean 3 dni temu
I'd told a coworker I made a lyric video for this song and he found it. We know each other irl, and yes, my name is Chau. But no, I'm not Asian.
öcsi rafael
öcsi rafael 9 dni temu
Holio Garcia Rodriguez Remeriz
love thy enemy peace and love in salitude
BigwantPrezentacje 7 godzin temu
pianik znalazl kiedys przypadkiem
Carlos Sanchez
Carlos Sanchez Godzinę temu
Claro que si
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 8 godzin temu
I have hold so much to not fall in love. But this song some how opens my heart I burn for love and her.. whoever she is and wherever is at
Elvira Baxs
Elvira Baxs 8 godzin temu
This is the song that always remind me my first love 'K'enan. Nothing could describe my love to him like this song. The mood, the vibes, the feeling... All about our love, miss him already (without losing).
Kyrafox Wot
Kyrafox Wot 11 godzin temu
You're free now if you want, up to you bye Iva I will not force you to stay with me, it's the life and she is cruel with me 🙂
Harkirat Saluja
Harkirat Saluja 11 godzin temu
Can someone please suggest similar genre songs? I listened to this song through PLvid autoplay and I am awed by this band. Also what's the genre of this kind of music? TIA
martin1226 7 godzin temu
Shoegaze is the genre, it became a thing in the 90's. Checkout Cowboy Junkies, Mazzie Starr, and Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions.
ladzontour 7 godzin temu
heart attack - scarlxrd
Lesha Renae
Lesha Renae 15 godzin temu
Vendetta's Meme Team
I vibe with this
Kevin 2 dni temu
Why is this suddenly becoming popular?
Sarah Dodds
Sarah Dodds Dzień temu
it was playing on the new series 'Killing Eve' on BBC!
Vendrick 2 dni temu
Wow ! This is ămeizing!
Adrian Costache
Adrian Costache Dzień temu
Romanians be like
Dimi Zampoukis
Dimi Zampoukis 2 dni temu
what kind of music style is this because I need more
Vivek Singh
Vivek Singh 17 godzin temu
Dimi Zampoukis try also Tricky- the only way, only if I knew.
Vivek Singh
Vivek Singh 17 godzin temu
Dimi Zampoukis try Post Rock genre. You would like it. Might start with God is astronaut, evpatoria report, Man of no ego
Dimi Zampoukis
Dimi Zampoukis Dzień temu
Ai thx
Aries Poldan
Aries Poldan Dzień temu
try listening to old school ambient pop like slowdive or mazzy star
angelo •
angelo • 2 dni temu
Dimi Zampoukis Dream pop, ambient pop, slowcore, shoegazing :)
Kingy Kingkongdon
So underrated I have made love to these songs can’t beat it and of course you gotta have a cigarette after sex ashame now I’m single but just enjoy the music but still looking for love 💖 peace you have good taste in music
e l f t e a r s
e l f t e a r s 2 dni temu
I love sitting in my college's Starbucks/coffee shop just listening to Cigarettes After Sex. Anyone else doing this right now?
Kate 5 godzin temu
im in the library
Wollyolk Wollyolk
Wollyolk Wollyolk 10 godzin temu
In Seoul...
lindy977 17 godzin temu
I was listening to them in Cafe Nero. That's where i heard about them.
rohdir Dzień temu
You got sbux in your campus? Wow
maidenminette 2 dni temu
i still love u my kristian :--) will i ever get over u?
Alexis Oseguera
Alexis Oseguera Dzień temu
tanya kailaysur
tanya kailaysur Dzień temu
move on man
The_March_Hare 2 dni temu
2:12 is that a demand?
vanesa cumaku
vanesa cumaku Dzień temu
No. He is kind of telling a story to "Kristen" . Like small things they do that show their love . That they are a in a good relationship . This is how I see it tho'
tanya kailaysur
tanya kailaysur 2 dni temu
Dislikers = Unromantic 👎 for the dislikers
Monika Waso
Monika Waso 2 dni temu
I play this song from my friend's phone. My boy left 3 comments bellow. Kyrafox.wot a.k.a. Axel Grasset, I Love U so much.
Babicted _
Babicted _ 2 dni temu
this song makes me feel empty and whole at the same time.
Benja Guzman
Benja Guzman 2 dni temu
my ex girlfriend name is kristen:c fuck i still love her
tanya kailaysur
tanya kailaysur 2 dni temu
Benja Guzman stop listening to this song or mute the name u will continue to fall in love wiz ur X 😜. Move on dude. How tough time for u when u still listen to ze song and thinking of her the Ex.. K
nouta 2 dni temu
Don't expect anything more, it's better to just move on friend.
Horror Movie Extremist
You may think you've lost her, but you can still get her back, especially if she knows how much she meant to you. Don't give up, even if it seems impossible
Cassandra Chapman
Where did everyone come from? This is one of my ex's favourite bands. I didn't want to leave him but I felt like a had to. I was weak. I've missed him every day for 2 years. He tells me he is leaving to Australia in January, and that when he's back in 2 years he will teach me how to swim. I hope so.
Skeptic 3 dni temu
my teacher brought me here
Jammie Shambler
Jammie Shambler 3 dni temu
lol did you guys have a dart after sex?
Tali Hazan
Tali Hazan 3 dni temu
I've been waiting for you hits hard
Pamela Diaz
Pamela Diaz 3 dni temu
for those going through a heartbreak.......... hold on. The pain wont last forever
jerry cisneros
jerry cisneros 17 godzin temu
Been a whole week for meee 😥😥😥
nicolar bear
nicolar bear 3 dni temu
i luv this.
Void Perception
Void Perception 3 dni temu
Is this the feeling of love I've been waiting for?
Soft Kitty
Soft Kitty 4 dni temu
A few years back maybe, I used to hum this song at night with a special someone in mind. He'll never know that, but I guess remembering it is bitter sweet.
rushabh agrawal
rushabh agrawal 3 dni temu
Do review 😁
The Bean
The Bean 3 dni temu
p1nkn0va 4 dni temu
This sounds a bit 1975ish....
Cassie A.A
Cassie A.A 4 dni temu
This song... makes me remeber fall and winter of 2017, the first month with my Boyfriend and when we took the train to Zurich, we listen to the album. Befor beeing together, I've been waiting 1 year to finaly be his GF. Almost day 4 day since I met him for the first time. Now we are still together druk in love. And I shared the song with him tonight.
Pinku Deb Nath
Pinku Deb Nath 4 dni temu
Abhijeet Mane
Abhijeet Mane 4 dni temu
Found my LSD
Cris P
Cris P 4 dni temu
Kaylee Gass
Kaylee Gass 4 dni temu
I love cigarettes, and sex.
Giacomo Scagliarini
Reziee boi
Reziee 4 dni temu
Kaylee Gass i can provide
Tanya Longo
Tanya Longo 4 dni temu
Sex, passion, love...
Shaiful Azren
Shaiful Azren 4 dni temu
What a trash.
EVRI LIANA DEWI 4 dni temu
K.. Krishna
Shadowdabber 4 dni temu
This band is great for remembering old times and lost loves.
Born 4 dni temu
I just did it again. Clicked on another fucking song that'll just result in me getting drunk and lying down on a bathroom floor with a toilet seat for a headrest.
Maroua MD
Maroua MD 5 dni temu
The Bean
The Bean 5 dni temu
Hey guys. I made a discord server. You should join.
Б. Эрдэнэбат
kurisu, come back
Asmita Rahman
Asmita Rahman 5 dni temu
Is the bean ok
Asmita Rahman
Asmita Rahman 4 dni temu
+The Bean noT me boss
The Bean
The Bean 5 dni temu
The bean is not okay, but who is?
Suicidal Boy
Suicidal Boy 5 dni temu
Hey stranger, you need a love
CJ 근양
CJ 근양 Godzinę temu
Reminds me of "Don't want to give my heart away To another stranger" -Lady Gaga
Petit Lune
Petit Lune 6 dni temu
He said that he's in love with me and that he needed time but then today he posted something about being in love but that clearly wasn't for me I'm so confused
Akik Rahaman
Akik Rahaman Dzień temu
+April Avocado funny how you can call some person, you don't even know, an asshat :))
انسان تاءب
forget him
April Avocado
April Avocado 5 dni temu
leave that asshat, he isn’t for you sweetie and he’s gonna cause you more harm than good, i promise you’ll be happier without him than having him near you even though you might not think that now it’s the truth, good luck.🌻
Petit Lune
Petit Lune 5 dni temu
+Prameet Chand thankss
Prameet Chand
Prameet Chand 5 dni temu
Not tryna' be presumptuous, but if that clearly wasn't for you, I don't think you are for him. You have something great coming your way, so do not despair. :)
Inzaneolous Insaneolous
Just got fired today, my love leaves me today to live in japan. Great! This song hits me hard..damn feels im literally trash.
Wollyolk Wollyolk
Wollyolk Wollyolk 10 godzin temu
Die a little today, tonight, right now... but please tell yourself you'll always ALWAYS live to see the next sunrise
tanya kailaysur
tanya kailaysur Dzień temu
just be ok alright love is everywhere u see just feel it
M0RI 4 dni temu
And one more thing; If your love leaves you she didnt love you enough so leave her alone. In japan there is a lot of cute girls you may like xD
Inzaneolous Insaneolous
Thank you lads, i hope everything's gonna be fine someday.. right now im in deep void, in a room of nothing but smoke of my cigarettes. 🖤
M0RI 5 dni temu
dont be sad man. take your drink and sit somewhere just think about your plans. at least you are alive now,pry for it
miss bushra
miss bushra 6 dni temu
This is so beautiful it makes me wanna cry 😢
DigiKrypt 6 dni temu
I'm afraid that I'm still not over her, even though she treated me like absolute garbage.
DigiKrypt 10 godzin temu
+Prameet Chand thank you homie 🤙🏻 you too
Prameet Chand
Prameet Chand 10 godzin temu
+DigiKrypt You got this. Sending strength and love.
DigiKrypt 10 godzin temu
+Prameet Chand it's a slow process but I'm getting better
DigiKrypt 10 godzin temu
+erik demetriou thank you my man
Wollyolk Wollyolk
Wollyolk Wollyolk 10 godzin temu
How to move on when the damn heart remains obstinate stubborn and foolish...
xCarmæ Burnsx
xCarmæ Burnsx 6 dni temu
This song reminds me of the Show You’re the Worst
Giga Katamadze
Giga Katamadze 6 dni temu
There's a girl I love so much, more than anything. Hope she will find out about it someday.
Asya Harutyunyan
Asya Harutyunyan 4 dni temu
This is so cute and sad and meaningless. I think you have to tell her how you feel. If she won’t answer ba k with love , at least you will be free to find your other love. But I can feel that she loves you too. 😊😊
Saad Nadeem
Saad Nadeem 5 dni temu
You can't keep waiting for her to find out. go tell her how you feel. If she doesn't like you back, well you'll get over it trust me.
Nasia Voulgareli
Nasia Voulgareli 5 dni temu
You can tell her
CK wurld
CK wurld 6 dni temu
Anaija 6 dni temu
Me: Hey Girl: 0:21
Anaija 6 dni temu
+Hüseyin Deniz yea
Hüseyin Deniz
Hüseyin Deniz 6 dni temu
Martin Williams
Martin Williams 6 dni temu
This band makes me want to take up smoking
amri 5 dni temu
Don't fall for that romanticized bs, steer clear.
The Bean
The Bean 5 dni temu
I smoke. It's not as great as it seems.
N0B0DY 6 dni temu
Brittney Brisbin
Brittney Brisbin 6 dni temu
The fact that everyone is sharing their emotional stories is so beautiful.
Veronika Dudzik
Veronika Dudzik 6 dni temu
Bilderburger 6 dni temu
Kristian 🙄
Azba Ahasan
Azba Ahasan 7 dni temu
Kaiiiideeeen, come right baaaack I'M WAITING FOR YOUU
Jesse manjarrez
Jesse manjarrez 6 dni temu
Azba Ahasan 💕
Pain Killer
Pain Killer 7 dni temu
Think I like you best when you're dressed in black from head to toe 🖤
p1nkn0va 7 dni temu
I'm discovering beautiful music every day.
Dark horse
Dark horse 5 dni temu
Tag me in beautiful music 😊
p1nkn0va 5 dni temu
+Dark horse Alight!!
Dark horse
Dark horse 6 dni temu
Let me know 💜
Kris de Haas
Kris de Haas 7 dni temu
Everything fits, but the one whom is going is him. I wish we could be together for just a bit longer but he is choosing her... I hope she makes you happy
Kris de Haas
Kris de Haas 4 dni temu
Wollyolk Wollyolk Thank you :D
Wollyolk Wollyolk
Omg, that is so sad... Im sorry... Its going to hurt, just remember the hurt is not forever, it will lessened with time.
Sweetkiwi74 7 dni temu
Amber... come right back...
RomieMoma 7 dni temu
He says he loves me so much. He doesn´t want to be in a relationship with me because he 'is figuring himself out' . Fuck you, B.
xCarmæ Burnsx
xCarmæ Burnsx 4 dni temu
RomieMoma but do you love him? Enough to realize if he’s telling the truth? So much so that you give him the time that he needs? Enough to value how precious he is? So so much that you don’t even need a relationship yet his friendship and presence is enough? Do you? Because if you don’t then you won’t see his pain of being half empty and not knowing who he is and it’ll hurt him that there was finally a time where you didn’t understand and he’ll have to leave and you’ll be alone and soon you’ll be the empty one. And you’ll soon both see what it could’ve been but it might be too late because time ruined the confide- ence in one another. But just a look in his eye will tell the story.
I'M A M A N D A .
I'm in love with it
I'M A M A N D A .
+Greens Man thank u
Greens Man
Greens Man 7 dni temu
You deserve a like for your profile pic.
Wollyolk Wollyolk
I love you despite all the hurts and pains from you. I still love and wanted you Stephen Chan!
Esp Mag
Esp Mag 7 dni temu
The love of my life kissed me said she was in love with me and then told me she didnt want me to be her girlfriend anymore lol
Lavanay Thakral
Lavanay Thakral 7 dni temu
This is really funny and sad at the same time
Colorful Sushi
Colorful Sushi 8 dni temu
Everyone got recommended this (thank god)
Fatbardha Karaqica
2018 for 3018 too 🙏🏽
ericka 5.0
ericka 5.0 8 dni temu
I'm a virgin with asthma
n u s a
n u s a 6 dni temu
lmao same
OVR 8 dni temu
lol nice
CpTrite CoD
CpTrite CoD 8 dni temu
ericka 5.0
ericka 5.0 8 dni temu
"I'm literal trash" LMAO is me
The Bean
The Bean 5 dni temu
Eyy same what's up
PACA 22 8 dni temu
R u ok?
İpek Serdem Ocak
tevfik naber
benjamin james
benjamin james 8 dni temu
We were sitting there by the bar counter, my arms around her. She looked soo beautiful. One look would make you fall in love with this girl. She was a mystery, never would talk a lot. She would just get lost in her own thoughts, thinking about her past and all the mistakes that she made, all the wrong guys that she's been with and thinking about where life would lead her. I tried to console her, but she's been through a lot. You could see the pain in her eyes as she looked at you. I just wanted to tell her that I love her and that her past didn't matter, but you could tell that she was still in pain. We left later that night to a friend's place. There was an uncomfortable silence between us. There was soo much I wanted to tell her, but I held back because she just needed some time to heal. We slept in each other's arms that night. It was the best night of my life,. Feeling her skin on mine was like a drug that never fades away. I woke up the next day to find that she had already left. It left me soo confused and sad at the same time coz I wanted to see her face as I woke up. We met at the office the next day. She said she liked me but was not ready for commitment because of all that shes been through. I told her that I'll wait all my life if I have to. She just smiled and said that wel sort this out. I did t know what that meant and I didn't want to ask because she's that type of girl who needs a lot of space. I'm still waiting on her..... Hopefully she be mine one day. Mona, if your reading this, just know that I love you and I would give anything to be with you for the rest of my life 😔
Jess Miller
Jess Miller 6 dni temu
Hope she comes back but don't waste your life waiting. Go do things. Keep living.
Niknak 8 dni temu
I think she probably knows this. Don't chase after girls that probably aren't interested, don't waste your time, some girls get off on being wanted, but don't want back, is that why you are interested...perhaps. Find a girl who is less complicated that doesn't fuck your head up. Life can be as simple as you want it to be. just sayin.
Briyan Putra
Briyan Putra 8 dni temu
benjamin james "feelinng her skin on mine was like a drug that never fades away" You got me good man, It is addictive. Even more when you want it but cant get it
Mark Ebersole
Mark Ebersole 8 dni temu
dont jump
Roberto Alonso
Roberto Alonso 8 dni temu
Why is this addictive? i need to know it!!! God!!!
k y l e.
k y l e. 9 dni temu
i keep coming back to this song, i love it so much.
Broken Inside.
Broken Inside. 9 dni temu
Mark, come right back. I've been waiting for you... It has been 2 months, I don't know where are you, I need you back, I need you by my side.
Simply Desiii
Simply Desiii 9 dni temu
Why is everyone just now discovering this song? 😭
Kejsi Shahini
Kejsi Shahini 8 dni temu
i know right. it's weird 😂
ūl hiya
ūl hiya 9 dni temu
algorithm blessed it
Kyrafox Wot
Kyrafox Wot 9 dni temu
I love you but when you spend days like this, do not take 5 minutes to talk to me, I do not know if you play with my feelings or maybe you're with another guy and you forget me in spending time with him.
Maria Mendoza
Maria Mendoza 9 dni temu
amazing relaxing music to talk in and out of ?!😍
Moe Molina
Moe Molina 10 dni temu
Lana, come right back I've been waiting for you
Niknak 10 dni temu
Love this, very sexy, fantastic jazzy bar room music to be played (loud) to wander in too, drunk in love with your man/woman...and yes I know its a dude singing. Sassy.
Kristen Gayagoy
Kristen Gayagoy 10 dni temu
OMG found this song and was like this is so chill then he said KRISTEN and I was like WHAT FINALLY A SONG WITH MY NAME!
Mahum Zaidi
Mahum Zaidi 9 dni temu
never before
never before 10 dni temu
Kristen, Come right back, I've been waiting for you 🌷
Peterick Queen
Peterick Queen 10 dni temu
Cigarettes after sex is a mood
Stutter • Allan Scott
🎶 Flashback song or what 🎶
Michelle Luong
Michelle Luong 10 dni temu
i wanna be kristen
Stutter • Allan Scott
Kristen, You better get back, she's waiting for you!!
dizzle swizzle and the ace
Blowing up huh
Nivedha Duraisamy
Nivedha Duraisamy 10 dni temu
Anyone at Oct 2018 😂😂😂
Nivedha Duraisamy
haha ...u wont be alone then
The Bean
The Bean 5 dni temu
I'll be here unless this video gets deleted
Manji 10 dni temu
Last week i meet a girl and her name is Kristen....
always and forever here, for this song...
Manji 10 dni temu
whaddap :D
i.e.jeremy 10 dni temu
My go to song to get them moist
Luca Kaleb
Luca Kaleb 10 dni temu
[Verse 1] I remember when I first noticed that you liked me back We were sitting down in a restaurant waiting for the check We had made love earlier that day with no strings attached But I could tell that something had changed how you looked at me then [Chorus] Kristen, come right back I've been waiting for you To slip back in bed When you light the candle [Verse 2] And on the Lower East Side, you're dancing with me now And I'm taking pictures of you with flowers on the wall Think I like you best when you're dressed in black from head to toe Think I like you best when you're just with me and no one else [Chorus] Kristen, come right back I've been waiting for you To slip back in bed When you light the candle [Verse 3] And I'm kissing you lying in my room Holding you until you fall asleep And it's just as good as I knew it would be Stay with me, I don't want you to leave [Chorus] Kristen, come right back I've been waiting for you To slip back in bed When you light the candle
Luca Kaleb
Luca Kaleb 6 dni temu
because there are people who translate them into different languages, as well as me, and I like to put them so that they dedicate them to who they love, or post them on some web page of musical lyrics, greetings
Trinity Kernan
Trinity Kernan 6 dni temu
why leave lyrics on a lyric video hahah but thanks anyway :)
Kyrafox Wot
Kyrafox Wot 10 dni temu
Iva, forever in my Heart. 😭❤
Iulia Milosav
Iulia Milosav 10 dni temu
so I guess I'm not the only one who keeps coming back here every single night.. let's be depressed together, we are all friends now
Iulia Milosav
Iulia Milosav 5 dni temu
Inzaneolous Insaneolous u are in
Inzaneolous Insaneolous
Count me in
Petit Lune
Petit Lune 6 dni temu
Syed Razaq
Syed Razaq 9 dni temu
Depresso amigos
Hi! I'm gonna join you right now
Yap Yomiko
Yap Yomiko 10 dni temu
Christian Ramos
Christian Ramos 10 dni temu
Anybody know what this song also kind of sounds like?
G-Eazy & Halsey - Love Story
Christian Ramos
Christian Ramos 9 dni temu
Same. M83 outro?
Potato tomatoes
Potato tomatoes 9 dni temu
There also another song it sounds like and it's annoying me lol
Radha Puranik
Radha Puranik 9 dni temu
Every other CAS song
omg. the night we met killed me...
Aishah Hanani
Aishah Hanani 10 dni temu
damn this was uploaded last year why is the comment section blowing up now??
The Bean
The Bean 5 dni temu
More than likely lmao. I love seeing the comments blow up with shit I don't even know. Like what film are you talking about? Who's this actor? Thanks for the views.
risano 10 dni temu
It's a banger, my guy
ALLin 1
ALLin 1 10 dni temu
Idk man😂
Luis Soto
Luis Soto 10 dni temu
Aishah Hanani it was probably used in a film recently or something.
Holio Garcia Rodriguez Remeriz
No it's Juanderful Herra Gonzalez
Anupam Mathur
Anupam Mathur 10 dni temu
Holio Garcia Rodriguez Remeriz
Anupam Mathur sup
Adriana Ramirez
Adriana Ramirez 10 dni temu
We all feeling this song right about now😍🤗
riya gupta
riya gupta 10 dni temu
A guy I met online recommended this to me lol
Anupam Mathur
Anupam Mathur 10 dni temu
He's a great choice
Paris Armour
Paris Armour 10 dni temu
Hey everyone:), this comment section was lonely a month ago
Coward 10 dni temu
mr bean is sexy
Project D van
Project D van 6 dni temu
OFP 10 dni temu
wtf why is the comment section blowing up all the sudden?
Holio Garcia Rodriguez Remeriz
OFP cuz I'm here baby! And it's always a party and everybody cummin!!!😍
never before
never before 10 dni temu
I'm a guy, Say " Hi " if you are a romantic girl .
The Bean
The Bean Godzinę temu
Did you think I was not?
never before
never before 2 dni temu
+The Bean So the owner of the channel is a girl ha ? lol
The Bean
The Bean 5 dni temu
Hi lmao
Boombaoppaya _
Boombaoppaya _ 8 dni temu
Bye ;)
Ramon Tristan
Ramon Tristan 9 dni temu
this guy got game
Kelly GreekFox
Kelly GreekFox 11 dni temu
Yeehawwww thats one sexy song 🌚
Still Corners - The Trip
10 miesięcy temu
Joji; Will He (lyrics)
9 miesięcy temu