Cigarettes After Sex - K [Lyrics]

The Bean
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I've been listening to this song forever, so I figured "Why not make a lyric video of it?" Well, now I'm tired of listening to it. Enjoy.
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5 sie 2017



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Komentarze 3 046
Luis Gutierrez
Luis Gutierrez 8 miesięcy temu
Chau is this you? 🤔
Eskayteen 5 dni temu
this is kinda magical
Medo Alsharkawy
Medo Alsharkawy 5 dni temu
Izhaarahmed Qureshi
agizzy23 2 godzin temu
Can’t listen to this without getting emotional. My k just wasn’t good for me in the end I suppose.
Flavia-Maria Coconu
Flavia-Maria Coconu 14 godzin temu
this song is soo sad but i love it
홍패와 19 godzin temu
My first lover He don't love me.(Potter)อธิบดินทร์ ระดาบุตร
Shubham Sagar
Shubham Sagar 19 godzin temu
Only this guy can surpass jesse....
Felicity Dzień temu
Deadass thought this was a female singing until I googled...
Bruna Rib
Bruna Rib Dzień temu
what the hell are you doing kristen
Shameless CKL
Shameless CKL Dzień temu
Bruna Rib MDR Bruna t rigolo
Subhasis Patra
Subhasis Patra Dzień temu
ninjin lamour
ninjin lamour 2 dni temu
loved it
hello there
hello there 2 dni temu
Aliciahagen21 on snap i sell nudes
ismael barcenas
ismael barcenas 2 dni temu
rhye vs cigarrets
unubold gantulga
unubold gantulga 2 dni temu
idiots all die pls
The Whisper
The Whisper 10 godzin temu
unubold gantulga
unubold gantulga Dzień temu
everyone thinks they are important or something special when they are just garbage lol dont be retard and kill yourself
๖ۣۜBlakii㟼 Dzień temu
Iedayu Alias
Iedayu Alias 3 dni temu
olovka grafit
olovka grafit 3 dni temu
Can someone tell me what type of song is that. ( is it pop, or something else)
Nizar Zizoune
Nizar Zizoune 3 dni temu
This is Ambiant Pop or Dream Pop, Check out also Indie Rock
Sincerely Mahika
Sincerely Mahika 4 dni temu
The way he sings come right back is so sweet❤💖
Kurubindo Fresco Saha
Are you High?
ishxnt Godzinę temu
Kaitlin VanWagner
Kaitlin VanWagner Dzień temu
No but I wish I was
Manuel Herrera
Manuel Herrera 5 dni temu
Sounds better with 1.25 playback speed😤
*-* lost in my world
+Alexis Oseguera ikr lmfao
Alexis Oseguera
Alexis Oseguera 3 dni temu
+*-* lost in my world ikr it sounds WACK
*-* lost in my world
Medo Alsharkawy
Medo Alsharkawy 4 dni temu
Broken and choked voice
Christa OG
Christa OG 4 dni temu
this has me noddin my head lol thanks for the tip
iamCombo 5 dni temu
maaaaan :)
Fernando Hernandez
I would like to know the history behind this song
Prarthana Kudtarkar
I’m literal trash too
Rida Bhatti
Rida Bhatti 2 dni temu
Same sis
Aaru 5 dni temu
Hey guys! I just made my first ever video on one of their songs cause' i just love them! Please let me know, how was it?
Gabby Renee
Gabby Renee 5 dni temu
Amazing guitar work 😍😍😍
Mitchell M
Mitchell M 5 dni temu
@ Carlene Louisa...glad it was as good for you as it was good for me to chill while listening to this on skype ;) love you babe
Mohamd Abdelhai
Mohamd Abdelhai 5 dni temu
What a song! Even though I prefer joints after sex.
Raw Productions
Raw Productions 5 dni temu
Or before
Xanthe Walker
Xanthe Walker 5 dni temu
This song makes me feel how it feels to deeply love someone
Some Dude
Some Dude 4 dni temu
Pretty much, I'm lucky enough to be deeply in love at this point in my life, and to have him be deeply in love with me. This song is pretty good at nailing that feeling
BAT KAVE 6 dni temu
just found the side of youtube i was looking for
Your Weave Stank Fom
life is soso wack i dont even wanna be in it.
michael robinson
michael robinson 6 dni temu
Chin up mate, I used to be like you nearly took my own life , now I have met someone and got.a child on the way, you will find something that makes it all worth while and what happy
BOUGNO Rachid 6 dni temu
So much time has passed, still can’t tell her I love her
Antigon Gonat
Antigon Gonat Dzień temu
I met a girl online in a group chat. We know eachother for almost 9 months now, but we started showing interest in eachother 6 months ago, and i fell in love with her. We live 1000 km apart from eachother, but she came to my city this October. I didn't want to push her then, so everything went on a friendly note. After she went back home i was torturing myself by thinking about what she feels about me. On the 1st December i finally had a talk with her and told her my feelings, and she said that for some time she had some bigger than "just friend" feelings for me, but not anymore. So basically, i spent 6 months of trying to get a girl, 6 months of mental torture and overthinking about stuff. All it took was to ask her and see does she feel the same that i feel. She didn't. And i didn't lose anything. As Felipe said, you have nothing to lose. Except the friendship maybe. We remained friends with this girl, and i don't know if i was right in doing so. Although i still enjoy talking to her, there is a wound in my soul that gets opened and hurts everytime we speak. Just do it man. She already has made up her mind about you, you can't change anything by asking now or delaying it.
Felipe Durán
Felipe Durán 2 dni temu
Just do it. You have nothing to lose
Dennis Vangel
Dennis Vangel 5 dni temu
BOUGNO Rachid do it do it do it
raffian47 6 dni temu
Amazing band...
little Prince
little Prince 6 dni temu
I still miss her
Jasmijn Zandinga
Jasmijn Zandinga 6 dni temu
Omdat iedereen toch in z'n eigen taal aan het commenten is :)
D.isequilibrium 9 godzin temu
G e k o l o n i s e e r d
Хелен Анджелина
Inderdaad, haha.
Ann Jane
Ann Jane 7 dni temu
My ear is blessed
Mitchell M
Mitchell M 5 dni temu
+Ann Jane :)
Ann Jane
Ann Jane 5 dni temu
Mitchell M Owh, my bad. Eaarrrssss
Mitchell M
Mitchell M 5 dni temu
only one?
陳宜菁 7 dni temu
Maya Greene
Maya Greene 7 dni temu
Josip Raguz
Josip Raguz 7 dni temu
Nishu Nishant
Nishu Nishant 7 dni temu
This song will never stop receiving comments ❣️
mo j
mo j 7 dni temu
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Katil Civciv
Katil Civciv 7 dni temu
seni özlüyorum
Katil Civciv
Katil Civciv 17 godzin temu
mahsum budak güzel dilekleriniz için teşekkürler umarım güzellikler sizinle olur :)
mahsum budak
mahsum budak 4 dni temu
katil civciv merak etme yerine birisi gelicek ve sonunda unutucaksın =) bende 3 yıl özledim onu bekledim ama karşıma öyle biri çıktı ki aşkın ne demek olduğunu anladım. Öyle biri çıkar ki karşına yanındayken özlersin =) tüm güzel dileklerim seninle umarım sende benim şu an yaşadığım mutluluğu yaşar ve sonuna kadar tadarsın =)
Anjelina23 7 dni temu
This is so relaxing!
ASI 8 dni temu
Thanks sandeep. Magic Mashroom Dr from Nepal :)
seinebu 8 dni temu
Kader 8 dni temu
Reyyan b.
Reyyan b. 8 dni temu
Kristen please
Kiki Rumapea
Kiki Rumapea 8 dni temu
I hear this every night before sleep. OMG Falling in Love with this song🌺🌼
Jannie Or Jennie?
When you have a friend named Kristan, but sounds just like Kristen so u prank her with this song.
trash 8 dni temu
0:00 finally a video i can relate to
Caren Pacong
Caren Pacong 8 dni temu
"Kristen come right back" 💔🙁
Nishu Nishant
Nishu Nishant 9 dni temu
This wasn't my type of music untill I heard this song 😭😭😭😭
Richard Zuliga Flores
Smokingonadeathbed xX
So satisfying to listen in the morning.
Melwyn D'Souza
Melwyn D'Souza 8 dni temu
and the window curtains gently swaying in the summer breeze.
K V I 9 dni temu
Yes every time of a summer day couch on a white bed, the wind and the Sun entering in the little and old holidays' house.
Melwyn D'Souza
Melwyn D'Souza 9 dni temu
or late at night.
Melwyn D'Souza
Melwyn D'Souza 10 dni temu
Who came here after Killing Eve? :)
Keyona Meeks
Keyona Meeks 9 dni temu
me! That show is a prime example that we're in the golden age of television
İhsan Latif Cabioğlu
Ofiste çalışırken bunu açardım millet uyurdu
Distorted 10 dni temu
Dreampop dinlerken sonunda türkçe yorum buldum :) (ne yapıyorsun bu saate uyanık)
Boo Boo
Boo Boo 10 dni temu
every time I hear this song, it always feels like the first time
Distorted 10 dni temu
trash 8 dni temu
no the fuck you're not
Distorted 10 dni temu
+bessamra janet thank you
bessamra janet
bessamra janet 10 dni temu
ur not
24k guccy
24k guccy 10 dni temu
I listen to this song every time I want to feel sad about a relationship I never had
Cécile L
Cécile L Dzień temu
so true ahahah
Gabe xD
Gabe xD 8 dni temu
+24k guccy aren't we all?
24k guccy
24k guccy 8 dni temu
+Gabe xD you're right im just miserable
Gabe xD
Gabe xD 8 dni temu
+24k guccy That's subjective. I don't like suffering when "love" is involved. I guess some people just don't know how to move on. Which is not true "love", but hey everybody got their own shit going on.
24k guccy
24k guccy 9 dni temu
+Gabe xD because suffering from love is the most beautiful form of suffering
mrigank's channel
mrigank's channel 10 dni temu
This song gives me the feeling of Christmas
samuel aaron
samuel aaron 3 dni temu
I was thinking the same thing! Or like you’re in a cold blue room, smoking with the one you love and keeping each other warm.
mrigank's channel
mrigank's channel 10 dni temu
+chester14rw said Wat?
chester14rw 10 dni temu
now that you said it
홍패와 11 dni temu
เนื้อหาแบบสุดๆอ่ะ ชาติจะมีแบบนี้ไหม😭😭
Alexander Turner
Alexander Turner 11 dni temu
Seni seviyorum
Distorted 10 dni temu
Abiiiiğğ beni sev
Kristen Riley
Kristen Riley 11 dni temu
Feel like this was made for me..
Sincerely Mahika
Sincerely Mahika 5 dni temu
Supalerk  Leknettip
Supalerk Leknettip 12 dni temu
Snxxk come right back , I've been waiting for you ...
Systematic Chaos
Systematic Chaos 12 dni temu
I been waiting for you..hiks..😭😭😭
Chernobog Globgor
Chernobog Globgor 12 dni temu
Heart this song
Cristal Becerra
Cristal Becerra 12 dni temu
Is it Kristen or Cristal because I hear Cristal 😭
Hạnh Hoàng
Hạnh Hoàng 10 dni temu
+Super Reno Thank you.
Super Reno
Super Reno 10 dni temu it's Kristen
Toro Magnificencio
Toro Magnificencio 10 dni temu
Kristal.. 'K'
Hạnh Hoàng
Hạnh Hoàng 12 dni temu
yeah i hear cristal
Terry Pagan
Terry Pagan 12 dni temu
Pretty sure it's cristal
Tuğçe Eren
Tuğçe Eren 12 dni temu
ah kristen ^.^ ı know you
Oyu Yuka
Oyu Yuka 13 dni temu
Lets cry together
mercy lopez
mercy lopez 13 dni temu
Killing Eve brought me here 😁
Cobby Florence
Cobby Florence 12 dni temu
Same 😄😄😄
Christine Pitallar
Christine Pitallar 13 dni temu
come right back, m
Megan C. McLeod
Megan C. McLeod 13 dni temu
LOL the description. Thank you for your efforts!!
sAdLiLgoRL !
sAdLiLgoRL ! 13 dni temu
this makes me want to cry but i love it.
Kristen Elizabeth
Kristen Elizabeth 14 dni temu
My actual name is Kristen this is soo freaky
Fedy Belaid
Fedy Belaid Dzień temu
Kristen pleaaaase.. hahah
The Wolf.P.S.
The Wolf.P.S. 5 dni temu
+Kristen Elizabeth ✌✌💑
Kristen Elizabeth
The Wolf.P.S. Nahhh
The Wolf.P.S.
The Wolf.P.S. 6 dni temu
Well go back to him Kristen, he obviously loves you
Haris Khan
Haris Khan 11 dni temu
You went to light the candle...Haven't seen you since xD
Tom Fletcher
Tom Fletcher 14 dni temu
“ I’m literally trash “
Akhil Ashar
Akhil Ashar 13 dni temu
He meant "figuratively literally"
lia ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ
my stepsister is snoring next to me. i cant sleep its fucking 5 am. song is good to cover snores
lia ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ
Rook thx mate i couldnt sleep though
Rook 14 dni temu
Sleep easy
Lal Duhawmi
Lal Duhawmi 14 dni temu
caroline 14 dni temu
This is what you need when you can't sleep at 4am, just perfect
Asad Khan
Asad Khan 9 dni temu
kshitij agrawal
kshitij agrawal 13 dni temu
cyrilliakayy 15 dni temu
2019? $&*%@♤♡♢♧☆^^¤□●○▪■《》¡¿
Ma God
Ma God 15 dni temu
Kristeen Come right baack I've been waiting for you 😗😙😚
Tristian Graham
Tristian Graham 15 dni temu
Increase the speed to 1.25, your welcome
Paprika Namjin
Paprika Namjin 8 dni temu
+mehaq khurshied lmao
Tristian Graham
Tristian Graham 12 dni temu
It's about preference. Some prefer more upbeat music.
mehaq khurshied
mehaq khurshied 12 dni temu
Tristian Graham , Tristian come right back.😂
kshitij agrawal
kshitij agrawal 13 dni temu
talha kurnaz
talha kurnaz 13 dni temu
This type more good
MeharsbrotherTV 15 dni temu
I searched K and found this both on google and youtube. nice
Bad-Girl Bex
Bad-Girl Bex 6 dni temu
4.20. 69. Yeet.
Ashmit Nakra
Ashmit Nakra 14 dni temu
Mariam Pkhakadze
Mariam Pkhakadze 15 dni temu
i like how it says im trash from the begining
bye deleted
bye deleted 15 dni temu
Wow 😫❤
maryam sehhat
maryam sehhat 16 dni temu
I was with someone who had a girlfriend. If he wanted to stay with her why he started with me? I was virgien and i gave him everything i had. So why? 😢
Mark Derrick
Mark Derrick 9 dni temu
maryam sehhat take those panties off
Maximanga sc
Maximanga sc 9 dni temu
we are all with you stay strong
Sarah Imani
Sarah Imani 14 dni temu
You deserve a lot better than him, and I believe that you will find someone who will respect you and truly love you. Sometimes people just behave badly and you can’t do anything, but you don’t have to regret the lost of your virginity because you were sincere with that boy. I know that for now you are hurt, but trust me it will pass. Be brave, it’s just a bad time. ❤️
Ikram Slami
Ikram Slami 15 dni temu
Maryamm don't forget that you are the best personne in the world and that was a lesson trust no body in your life it's a wole fucking life everybody love just themselves keep belive in youuu you deserve all the happyness cause you have a golden heart
ImPerfect Films
ImPerfect Films 15 dni temu
Everyone is a lesson here. Keep no strings attached, till you found the one.
mandy ‘
mandy ‘ 16 dni temu
reminds me of shameless 😣😣
jeesus kristel
jeesus kristel 16 dni temu
someone wanna cry with me?
Dipankar Swargiary
Dipankar Swargiary 15 dni temu
Raisa Grech
Raisa Grech 15 dni temu
Crying is currently the most thing I’m good at so sure
Pantalaimon 16 dni temu
let it all out *gives you my shoulder*
Blasty McSplodyKill
Ok so correct me if im wrong but is this song about a breakup or...?
Bad-Girl Bex
Bad-Girl Bex 6 dni temu
+Blasty McSplodyKill It's almost the opposite. It's not the end of a romantic relationship, it's the beginning of one. How they were just friends with benefits, who would regularly have no-strings attached hook-ups, but after this afternoon, they exchanged a look and both knew that things had changed between them - they both felt it. So later in the evening after they've been out for dinner, they end up back in bed again, only this time it's from a newer 'romantic relationship starting out' perspective. When she gets out of bed now he talks of how he feels to not have her right there next to him. Which is how it is at the beginning of a relationship, you're almost addicted to wanting to be up close and personal with each other all the time. Eventually you settle for just not wanting to murder them because they way they breathe now makes you start to fantasise about stabbing them....but hey, that's love for you. Lol.
Blasty McSplodyKill
+Ggduh Tttyyy oh ok. I just got confused bc he says "I could tell that something has changed. When you looked at me then."
Ggduh Tttyyy
Ggduh Tttyyy 15 dni temu
Not this song. This is more of an expression of love for "Kristen". He expresses how much he enjoys being with her and how every moment is remembered. So when she's away, even for something as quick as getting up to walk across the room to light a candle, she'll be missed and longed for. Its pretty fuckin cute if you ask me <3
Izhaarahmed Qureshi
Blasty McSplodyKill
Shofy Anandya Fitri
So obsessed with this song. Never listen to any kind like this song and this is cool!👍
Josiah Davis
Josiah Davis 15 dni temu
This band was influenced by mazzy star
beans 16 dni temu
its okay
beans 16 dni temu
everythings okay
beans 16 dni temu
beans 16 dni temu
aaaaaaare you komeda kin- HELLO?
PK Cat
PK Cat 16 dni temu
f fingers in his ass
BenSan 61
BenSan 61 17 dni temu
holy shit bro,,,,lol... i gotta find a chick named cristal,lol...
Sanskriti Arya
Sanskriti Arya 14 dni temu
Or maybe Kristen?!
Osama Aljbn
Osama Aljbn 16 dni temu
A memorising piece of haunting music, where your suspended in nostalgia of lovers past.... #KillingEve brought me here... The voice of the singer who I to thought was female fitted perfectly with the Sam sex interests and gender role reversals in the show. Well done and thanks for making the short darker nights that little more bearable 🐻❤🚶
iugar Daiki
iugar Daiki 18 dni temu
Cigarette after sex ❤
Stephanie Lee
Stephanie Lee 18 dni temu
I remember when I first noticed that you liked me back We were sitting down in a restaurant waiting for the check We had made love earlier that day with no strings attached, But I could tell that something had changed how you looked at me then Kristen, come right back I've been waiting for you to slip back in bed When you light the candle & on the Lower East Side you're dancing with me now & I'm taking pictures of you with flowers on the wall Think I like you best when you're dressed in black from head to toe Think I like you best when you're just with me & no one else... & I'm kissing you lying in my room Holding you until you fall asleep & it's just as good as I knew it would be Stay with me I don't want you to leave...
Stephanie Lee
Stephanie Lee 14 dni temu
Hawtpotato 14 dni temu
Emilia Grace exactly my thought 😂
Emilia Grace
Emilia Grace 14 dni temu
Its literally a lyric video
David Simaremare
David Simaremare 16 dni temu
Victor Alves
Victor Alves 18 dni temu
Xamã 44
BigBootieBobby 18 dni temu
I hadnt noticed till now, but this literally just sounds like their song Crush in a major key, or something.
Francesca Maddox
Francesca Maddox 18 dni temu
"I remember when I first noticed that you liked me back" can't relate
Soukaina Ben
Soukaina Ben 8 dni temu
jordan pinkette
jordan pinkette 17 dni temu
Hahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂
BeersRightArm 18 dni temu
Aren't we all literal trash?
SwayNoir 18 dni temu
Damn, I need to go get a girlfriend named Kristen now.
The Apollo Z
The Apollo Z 4 dni temu
And Valerie.
Alysia Rivera
Alysia Rivera 18 dni temu
SwayNoir same ahahaha.
Kenzie Vereaux
Kenzie Vereaux 18 dni temu
"Kristen come right back I've been waiting for you" Been listening to this every 5AM while walking along the streets. It's fun.
Alcoholic Vegetable
I like your idea of fun
Rook 15 dni temu
That sounds so surreal
prasen datta
prasen datta 15 dni temu
best feeling ever !
zulfikar firmansyah
please come to uganda
BenSan 61
BenSan 61 19 dni temu
try coming home to no one and everyone is leaving you and you have no fucking clue why only to find out out that its thanksgiving day and your partner,hommie lover friend is at the airport !!!! guess the rest
Hareem İstanbul
Hareem İstanbul 19 dni temu
Joji; Will He (lyrics)
10 miesięcy temu