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Childish Gambino - This Is America (Official Music Video)

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“This is America” by Childish Gambino
Director: Hiro Murai
Producer: Jason Cole of Doomsday with Ibra Ake and Fam Rothstein of Wolf + Rothstein
tour tickets and merchandise available at
#ChildishGambino #ThisIsAmerica #Vevo #HipHop #OfficialMusicVideo




6 maj 2018

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Komentarze 712 769
1fashionglobal ncj
1fashionglobal ncj 14 minut temu
Erick 16 minut temu
Polado? Br
Demar Thompson
Demar Thompson 24 minut temu
this is america
Mato al kill
ElMachete08 28 minut temu
Hola hispanohablantes denle like a esto si me entendieron
random bot
random bot 34 minut temu
Esa webada solo es estados unidos no América >:v
John Lee
John Lee 36 minut temu
TRUMP 2020!
iiNexility 40 minut temu
1:33 free cola
Barroow 42 minut temu
We are the ones that are watching news as more and more crimes happen and never find out who that person is. Police looking for the suspect but they just seem to not ever find him. That’s really how it is in America. This song can teach real things that go on in America America is dangerous it’s true.
Its just me
Its just me 52 minut temu
*hits someone with a hockey stick and takes a sip of maple syrup* 'This is Canada'
Jose Eugenio
Jose Eugenio 56 minut temu
Oaxaca ❤️✨
Rishi 57 minut temu
song is racist af
dezerae jones
dezerae jones 59 minut temu
2019 and this song still makes sense
EL_DogMAn XD Godzinę temu
this is america omg
Jose Roberto Romero
Jose Roberto Romero Godzinę temu
:( soy el único que Abla Español :(
NoName Godzinę temu
Mejor es la de benja :v
Winston The Gorilla
Winston The Gorilla Godzinę temu
Why was this not in PewDiePie's rewind? 😠
Gymnast Girl
Gymnast Girl Godzinę temu
I like this video
Y e e T
Y e e T Godzinę temu
If u really think of it this music video has a really deep meaning. I mean the dancing, their sometimes doing fortnite dances which shows how so many ppl get caught with things that aren’t really important and we make a huge deal of it. Not bashing fortnite it’s really successful and if u think Im bashing fortnite then ur missing the point. Alsoo how they smile, they smile like nothings wrong and their dancing like nothing’s wrong when all these problems r happening around them (in America) which is what he means when he says “this is America.” Hopefully this made sense 😂 legit no ones gunna see this but whatever lmao edit: OHHH also when he said “I’m on Gucci ” “I’m so pretty” shows how we care about things that we think matter so much when there’s people DYING right in front of our eyes but as long as we look rich gucci and gotta look good then everything’s just ffffiiinnneeee.
aliviah foster
aliviah foster Godzinę temu
Who else think Childish Gambino killed it in this vid
BANG ...................WELCOME TO THE REAL LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thunder Pickle v2
Thunder Pickle v2 2 godzin temu
Oh yeah yeah
InsaneFire10YT Godzinę temu
Matt Aime
Matt Aime 2 godzin temu
modern day michael j.
L Carpenter
L Carpenter 2 godzin temu
Go Will go!!!!!
Jeycob Suchite
Jeycob Suchite 2 godzin temu
Joder eso sí es de gángsters
abi BON
abi BON 2 godzin temu
2:36 look at the horse riders, awkarin this is you? 🇮🇩
JoeyHundred9 2 godzin temu
No one noticed he said Boogie Down..
Jason Kuskis
Jason Kuskis 2 godzin temu
anyone else catch the horse in the background? 2:33
happy happy angel
happy happy angel 2 godzin temu
ss by hitler
Nedjenji 2 godzin temu
Im so confused by this music video. I never seen it before and never expected this
JackHammer 640
JackHammer 640 2 godzin temu
This is a meme....that is a cream
Hussien Mohanna
Hussien Mohanna 2 godzin temu
Oh no no
Rody999 corp.
Rody999 corp. 2 godzin temu
Anakin Vlogz
Anakin Vlogz 2 godzin temu
1:21 when he did the shoot dance I died
Elmo ribundo depel uche Puto
Kris Alcasid
Kris Alcasid 2 godzin temu
He is a meme
Goalie-Massacre 2 godzin temu
21 savage just being low key in the background 😂😂😂
The Unicorn Master -maybe funny or more werid :O
It made me had a bad dream laugh out loud
Ivan. 3 godzin temu
So nobody noticed the Jim Crow dance moves?^_^
Not sponsored
Not sponsored 3 godzin temu
Dem dance skillz tho
Nicole Flores
Nicole Flores 3 godzin temu
From America this is America
Makhal Mathel
Makhal Mathel 3 godzin temu
wow action
youtube rewind hispano jajaja
pentolp 3 godzin temu
When PLvid decides to recommend a video again. Me: ehh I'll just watch it again
pentolp 3 godzin temu
s u b l i m e
Jakia Branch
Jakia Branch 3 godzin temu
Hane 3 godzin temu
This is... This is... THIS IS BIG CHUNGUS
Emma Pryce
Emma Pryce 4 godzin temu
I’m black but does he really own a gun don’t hate on me I’m a kid lol
Tamira Sims
Tamira Sims 4 godzin temu
Powerful video ❤️
Legxndary 4 godzin temu
1:56 The way the whole choir dies in under a second
Legxndary 4 godzin temu
1:55 The way the whole choir dies in under a second
kathe sierra
kathe sierra 4 godzin temu
debería llamarse this is United States
raperblue22 3
raperblue22 3 4 godzin temu
This Is spain
Kimo Love
Kimo Love 4 godzin temu
We just wanna party..(me), hmm ok, that seems cool, nice chill song Few seconds later:BANG THIS IS AMERICA ME:oh🤦‍♂️
Ariane Carmo
Ariane Carmo 4 godzin temu
럔낼[이동해] 4 godzin temu
충격과 공포..
Desmond Alohan
Desmond Alohan 4 godzin temu
*In the end of the music video, he sounds A LOT like Chance The Rapper....*
Daarkz 4 godzin temu
Saurito TM
Saurito TM 4 godzin temu
O vídeo tá preto
Majin Ozotto
Majin Ozotto 4 godzin temu
Like si eres de norte América :''v
Low Low Ri
Low Low Ri 4 godzin temu
Aniesha Thorne
Aniesha Thorne 4 godzin temu
2019 anyone😂?!
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 4 godzin temu
Diamond The One
Diamond The One 5 godzin temu
Look at the background plz *This song is much darker...* The Dancing is a distraction
SLIPONABANNAA Lobit 5 godzin temu
champagnemamitta 5 godzin temu
Anyone could recommend me similar videos to this one?I love shit like this
Andrew Herndon
Andrew Herndon 5 godzin temu
No guitar man Donald Glover is behind you, he has a gun! Oh no he has airpods in
ziad mohamed
ziad mohamed 5 godzin temu
This is a nigga
Ethan 5 godzin temu
And this was nominated for a fucking Grammy....
Jung Kiroshima
Jung Kiroshima 5 godzin temu
*donald trump left the chat*
Alex Murgo
Alex Murgo 5 godzin temu
ivon herrera
ivon herrera 5 godzin temu
"549 mil personas que no entendieron el vídeo, no les gusta esto"
N.T.H 5 godzin temu
Iccy 5 godzin temu
Joseph Lok
Joseph Lok 5 godzin temu
I wonder what the editors were thinking when they saw the start
kate amper
kate amper 5 godzin temu
Why did I like him? He's so impeccable )
100 subs with videos
100 subs with videos 5 godzin temu
kuruma oficial
kuruma oficial 5 godzin temu
ie ie ie ie ie adeus stan lee
Emanuel Castro
Emanuel Castro 5 godzin temu
Is lando of star wars
flame bopler
flame bopler 5 godzin temu
This is Ireland i dont live in America
Pablo The Penguin
Pablo The Penguin 5 godzin temu
Did anyone else laugh when we saw how his black ass shot the gun
EK 5 godzin temu
There is shooting in america more likely
Enes Yılmaz
Enes Yılmaz 6 godzin temu
ananı sikim
The Glindovion
The Glindovion 6 godzin temu
Это Америка.
akshad thapa
akshad thapa 6 godzin temu
No this is Patrick
CapitãoDosMares 6 godzin temu
CapitãoDosMares 6 godzin temu
AK Organização Eventos
Alguém do brasil kkkkkk
{• COSMICO •} 6 godzin temu
Esses gringos tem um pessimo gosto msm Musica maravilhosa com tudo isso de deslikes
Dylan's pets
Dylan's pets 6 godzin temu
Sub to PewDiePie
Jayana Brown
Jayana Brown 6 godzin temu
When he shot the man he paused then fell that’s you know this is fake
Jayana Brown
Jayana Brown 5 godzin temu
Cool bob😶
cool Bob 21
cool Bob 21 5 godzin temu
+Jayana Brown 😶
Jayana Brown
Jayana Brown 5 godzin temu
Gosh don’t have to be so rude dang
cool Bob 21
cool Bob 21 6 godzin temu
WOW REALLY but guess what this is a music video 😑
skr 088
skr 088 6 godzin temu
This is America yeah 👻☠️👹😈
Toxic 6 godzin temu
Glover is a man of talent
Doprecious Match
Doprecious Match 6 godzin temu
This is venezuela , dont catch u slippin'now
CAIÚ TV 6 godzin temu
(.Everson zóio: não use drogas,não seja vacilão.......😂😎✔️).
Исмаил Ахмедов
Я не азиат
Bountouraby Kourouma
Bountouraby Kourouma 6 godzin temu
Thise is fraiçais❤
Aslı Aslan
Aslı Aslan 7 godzin temu
sömürgeci Amerika işte
Petty Girlfriend
Dzień temu
Apple Be Like
3 dni temu
7 dni temu