Casting Mirror Polished Japanese Foil Ball from Molten Aluminium

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In this video i am making a Mirror Polished Japanese Foil Ball from Molten Aluminium that i melted in my Metal Foundry.
This was requested a lot after i posted the 'normal' Japanse Foil Ball video, so here it is !
I hope you like the result, and if you do please consider to give this a thumbs up ! :)
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14 kwi 2018

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PressTube Miesiąc temu
So, there has been this trend of a mirror polished foil ball? Let's take it to the next level by melting the foil first :) Who liked this video??? :-) PressTube OuT !
Nicco Sarti
Nicco Sarti Dzień temu
PressTube stupid
Hannah Shehadeh
Hannah Shehadeh 2 dni temu
Korben 2003 how could you!
Shadow _LB
Shadow _LB 3 dni temu
PressTube bist du ein deutscher?
الكناني ً
kjgw الحميداوي 😉
Senna Hersbach
Senna Hersbach 3 dni temu
PressTube .
Daniel Akbari
Daniel Akbari 2 godzin temu
Bro this video made me sleepy
HOSTED GT 10 godzin temu
Ahhh maa pooossssseeyy
Sora Lee
Sora Lee 14 godzin temu
In Germany we say Aluminium too, btw great Video~
Carol Arpini
Carol Arpini 14 godzin temu
Water waste...
Mary Grace Abiera
Mary Grace Abiera 15 godzin temu
Omg i cant even get a foil😂😂
FVS Ha Luan
FVS Ha Luan 16 godzin temu
"I cheated a little bit" A LITTLE BIT?
Darksiosa 1200
Darksiosa 1200 17 godzin temu
Aaron Cowley
Aaron Cowley 20 godzin temu
Did anyone else thing congrats you made a cannon ball?
Christian Aganos
Christian Aganos 22 godzin temu
Abel la Abel
Abel la Abel Dzień temu
I noticed that the thumbnail says after and before in the order that Japanese manga is put. Was that intentional or accidental
D a r k e n e d S o r r o w
It's things like this that are surprisingly not clickbait
allahu ackbar
allahu ackbar Dzień temu
Now im confused you sound german but you have dutch aluminium foil
Devils GAMING16
Devils GAMING16 Dzień temu
This is art
WildAtHeart Dzień temu
All of this for a ball...
ahmad mardini
ahmad mardini Dzień temu
كسختك يزلم وجعتلي راسي كنت صناع كس اصطناعي ارجل من هل منيكة كلها كسختك
Lovepreet Singh
Lovepreet Singh Dzień temu
It is wonderful
#k君 Dzień temu
karan singh
karan singh Dzień temu
What you can like mud
Vikas Gangadevi
Vikas Gangadevi Dzień temu
kid Gamer
kid Gamer Dzień temu
You made the best ball I have ever seen
JongIck Park
JongIck Park Dzień temu
suchti. hd
suchti. hd Dzień temu
Wow that was awesome
UnityGame akın
UnityGame akın 2 dni temu
c'est genial
와..ㄹㅇ금손;; 나는 똥손이고 저런거 살돈도 없음ㅜ
santiago pineda
santiago pineda 2 dni temu
Beach sailen
dk techs
dk techs 2 dni temu
Fake video
Andre Sharlakian
Andre Sharlakian 2 dni temu
You are poloting the earth
Jesús Hung
Jesús Hung 2 dni temu
Jeon몬이몬아 2 dni temu
It's so funny😄♥
RandomSmiling Button
Dem balls
David Martinez Barreda
Hi, I'm doing a task related to this process and I would like to know how much time you take in the whole process and in each process. Thank you
LOLA Bam 2 dni temu
TheOfficial 303
TheOfficial 303 2 dni temu
Your incredible
Dragon Bot
Dragon Bot 2 dni temu
Saddiyah Armstrong
An ACTUAL mirror ball
NZ 2 dni temu
Aileen  Ferreira da Silva
Irgendwie ist es nicht sinn der sache dabei die alufolie einzuschmelzen...
JoKer0815007 2 dni temu
Cooles video xD
فهد فهد
فهد فهد 2 dni temu
Flausenkopf 2 dni temu
Was it really necessary to spoil 100 literes of water to cool down the ball?!
Döme Attila
Döme Attila 2 dni temu
Garret Fredrickson
Japanese foil ball level: Belgian Blacksmith
Rodel Cornelio
Rodel Cornelio 2 dni temu
I looks liked small moon
Hannah Shehadeh
Hannah Shehadeh 2 dni temu
Finally a mirror foil ball that is not fake
Steffi Kutzera
Steffi Kutzera 2 dni temu
ノブ千鳥 3 dni temu
보수니 3 dni temu
한쿠긴 있나연
mani kanta
mani kanta 3 dni temu
can u make sand to glass
techno boy
techno boy 3 dni temu
How the bubble we're popping
techno boy
techno boy 3 dni temu
Mr QuickScope69
Mr QuickScope69 3 dni temu
You should play football with it
THESUZI 520 3 dni temu
já pensou em quanta toxidade que Vc lançou na natureza? qual a função deste trabalho?
Twinke 37
Twinke 37 3 dni temu
Donnie Fullstop
Donnie Fullstop 3 dni temu
Its yanky fucks that say aluminun
papurri 9
papurri 9 3 dni temu
la esfera del dragon cuando pierde su poder ;v
DBZ Evolution
DBZ Evolution 3 dni temu
How much grass you have to kill,to wash one ball
mostafa said
mostafa said 3 dni temu
good job
petty_boi 15
petty_boi 15 3 dni temu
対馬和美 3 dni temu
Bing bing Bong
Bing bing Bong 3 dni temu
It looks like the moon
Maud Locus
Maud Locus 3 dni temu
Wat is dat bruine waar je het gesmolten aluminiumfolie in doet ?!
Meme Machine
Meme Machine 3 dni temu
An easier way to make it is to simply scrunch some foil into a rough ball shape then you put it in the microwave for 5 minutes
عالم الابداع
السوري لايك
Rafa Aljamel
Rafa Aljamel 3 dni temu
اجل كره قصدير شفته في حياتي 😙😙🤤🤤🌹🌹
너블원 3 dni temu
쇠구슬 만들줄 모르네
ミヤ 3 dni temu
黒飴男 3 dni temu
ago, many japanese especially youtuber beated aluminium foil to make the ball in a frenzy. once I tryed to make it but failed. and i lost some holidays. for everyone look this comment, "just try"
brambo5000 3 dni temu
WOHHOOO! belgium! stay away from albeirt hein tho they'll take over the belgian economy, go aldi
Tu Vieja
Tu Vieja 4 dni temu
You missed the whole point of doing that Japanese ball thing
Ale Souza
Ale Souza 4 dni temu
Vc trapaceou cara. Não vale derreter o alumínio
Mark Liu
Mark Liu 4 dni temu
DIY gallium
joshua cemal
joshua cemal 4 dni temu
First video on the internet that isn't click bait 👍
ابو عبدالله
gabriel ratté
gabriel ratté 4 dni temu
I want one !!! How much you want ?
ScoutFor Gamer
ScoutFor Gamer 4 dni temu
Can you make a giveaway a foil ball
jeroen R
jeroen R 4 dni temu
its a egg, u cant make a round ball if u rotate it only on 1 axis
FOX Threshox
FOX Threshox 4 dni temu
We in german say just alu- folie :D (Alufolie)
magnum 13 ghetto educational
you talk like a german are u german
Dionisio Garduce
Dionisio Garduce 4 dni temu
Presstube's work: *PERFECTO* Mine: **hands melt**
Cory Nelson
Cory Nelson 4 dni temu
I know I have the wrong idea of this but on the foil boxes it says extra dik, what does that mean?
Niraja Rai
Niraja Rai 4 dni temu
How to make aluminium ball at home with home products
M A NAJEEB 4 dni temu
Awesome👌 final output was mind blowing..
Alddika Ns
Alddika Ns 4 dni temu
Mantap jiwa
섀요 4 dni temu
한국인 모여라
Cypher791 4 dni temu
Jesus... its pronounced.... Tin!
free runner
free runner 5 dni temu
In Germany we also say Aluminium
21singber 5 dni temu
Everyday Every night
What a waste of time from your life
phantom king
phantom king 5 dni temu
Aluminium is also referred to the type of material that use on airplanes.
عبودي قيمر
VfB Lu02
VfB Lu02 5 dni temu
This is from Germany not Holland
Ali Uğur
Ali Uğur 5 dni temu
bide top atışı silahın olsa buda olur mermisi :D
plc- tek
plc- tek 5 dni temu
aluminium,, the proper way to say it, :-) not like those american types :-)
Niels Verstraete
Niels Verstraete 5 dni temu
Ronny Dittrich
Ronny Dittrich 5 dni temu
For what?
victory royal
victory royal 5 dni temu
Janiek Smulders
Janiek Smulders 5 dni temu
Ik kan ook nederlands woon naast tilburg
Stylpx 5 dni temu
Face Reveal Xd
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