Casting Mirror Polished Japanese Foil Ball from Molten Aluminium

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In this video i am making a Mirror Polished Japanese Foil Ball from Molten Aluminium that i melted in my Metal Foundry.
This was requested a lot after i posted the 'normal' Japanse Foil Ball video, so here it is !
I hope you like the result, and if you do please consider to give this a thumbs up ! :)
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14 kwi 2018

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Komentarze 12 186
PressTube 9 miesięcy temu
So, there has been this trend of a mirror polished foil ball? Let's take it to the next level by melting the foil first :) Who liked this video??? :-) PressTube OuT !
Pasan De Silva
Pasan De Silva 2 dni temu
PressTube 300th Reply! Good job ma man...
Thomas Atkinson
Thomas Atkinson 10 dni temu
It's not another level. This is the very lazy and very easy way to do it. The foil ball thing became popular not because shiny balls are awesome, but because working something like that by hand for so long, and putting in all the effort to do it is satisfying to see all the careful long work evolve into a nice shiny piece of art, and it's inspires discipline and patience. Pouring molten metal into a ball has been done thousands of times and it's simple. Not new or inspiring... Its not about the ball. It's about the process.
Robert Aguilard
Robert Aguilard 16 dni temu
Why did I watch this for?
zaka ariani
zaka ariani 18 dni temu
PressTube gwn een hollader dis
Dante Coyoca
Dante Coyoca Godzinę temu
Mariano Lamenza
Mariano Lamenza 2 godzin temu
Thomas King
Thomas King 4 godzin temu
You made a huge mess in your parent's back yard for this pointless project? I hope someday your kids are so thoughtless.
PressTube 4 godzin temu
I’m 38 and i live in my own house with my g/f and 2 kids ;) And looking at the views it wasn’t so pointless;)
Andreas Scherer
Andreas Scherer 9 godzin temu
waste of time.
Juanito A Caponong
Juanito A Caponong 11 godzin temu
Would be nice if there is no hole in the ball.....
mrunconventional 17 godzin temu
You should make an aluminium ballsack.
furlvr1961 18 godzin temu
Aluminium: pronounced as: əˈlo͞omənəm Not Al-lum-MINI-um
Leo 92
Leo 92 22 godzin temu
I loved the video
Tom Hartley
Tom Hartley 23 godzin temu
Nice video, mate. Perfect pronunciation of 'aluminium'. Love it.
idealist4life Dzień temu
Use aluminum soda cans to keep them out of a landfill somewhere.
Mark Henderson
Mark Henderson Dzień temu
This is sacrilege to hank hill
Ren Fras
Ren Fras Dzień temu
I love you'r video
aslam al bedany
aslam al bedany Dzień temu
"We spell it Aluminum not aluminom like some other people do". 😹😹
john doe
john doe Dzień temu
alotta work for a piece of shit
Arav Singla
Arav Singla Dzień temu
Bro please speak in hindi
Deshra Dine
Deshra Dine Dzień temu
Sad that you have to deflect people attacking your way of speaking. Don’t let them get you down. Dialects are what make our world interesting.
franco Jr
franco Jr Dzień temu
Super cool video bro
WhyPhigh 2 dni temu
It would have been cheaper to make it out of melted soda cans ? I'm I right?
idk why I'm watching this.. I don't have a belt grinder or that much aluminum foil smh
Everything Kids English
3:00 and 2:47 i see his face a lil bit
Azim Aslam
Azim Aslam 2 dni temu
Now let's try kicking it
Felvince Dy
Felvince Dy 2 dni temu
How dare you put after first in the thumbnail
Blackguard101 2 dni temu
Did I see that ball in the film Phantasm?
Captain Chezeon
Captain Chezeon 3 dni temu
wow looks so good
Angelina Petrovic
Wow omg
DESPACTIO 31 Released
Bruh thats not the fucking Challenge thats just meltin Aluminium into a ball shape
Grrrrrene 3 dni temu
Polishing videos must be the most satisfying videos on PLvid, thanks! :)
gyoza 3 dni temu
M.C. Escher ball
Koito rob
Koito rob 3 dni temu
Still PITTED! Not mirror polished at all... YET!
QJo 3 dni temu
Amazingly fast hands. Barry Allen's secret PLvid channel? Quit playing with your balls Barry! Go save the world.
markn26 4 dni temu
What about the hole where the stick was inserted, was that sanded down and filled or just left hollow?
lVGUw cggg1
lVGUw cggg1 4 dni temu
If you are not filtered Susie's you and yourself to all our
Ronaldo Pereira da Costa
It is simpler, and safer, to buy a glass ball ready and use the chemical method to make mirrors with silver salts(AgNo) and bakesoda
Rocknlive 4 dni temu
Only retards says "aluminum"... wait, according to wikipedia, aluminum is used in the USA and Canada only... oh...
Laura Willits
Laura Willits 4 dni temu
You really know how to have a good time!
lightning lao
lightning lao 4 dni temu
your video is amazing
Slow mo & Time elapse
Here in America we say “aluminum” the middle eastern say it as “aluminium”
Joe G
Joe G 2 dni temu
Australia or Austria is the same thing in America
Tim Allsopp
Tim Allsopp 2 dni temu
In England (you know, the place where English originated) we pronounce this metal as - Al you min i yum -
e b
e b 4 dni temu
i have such weird neighbor doing weird stuff all the time. keeps make noise and is really annoying...
tectonicD Dzień temu
e b time to check out some “how to prank my neighbors” videos
daniel hendrik martinez ocampo
Eso fue trampa?
Aaron Nelson
Aaron Nelson 5 dni temu
Aluminum, there. 4 syllables and easier to say.
Ali Jafar
Ali Jafar 5 dni temu
معقولة ماكو عرب بلة خل انشوف العربي يجب لايك
The BloopNet
The BloopNet 5 dni temu
Actually only America and Canada call it aluminum
Mike Torri
Mike Torri 5 dni temu
Very nice job. I did think you could get that much Alum from boxes on Alum foil.
Claudio Bladek
Claudio Bladek 5 dni temu
Ik spreek ook nederlands
Tomer Tal
Tomer Tal 5 dni temu
2:20 asmr
Godmiljaardedju 5 dni temu
What a grown-up kid, with too many time on his hands, does as a passe-temps? Next!
Den Lig
Den Lig 5 dni temu
C'est bien beau tout ça mais où sont l'autre boule et le cochonnet ? :-P
صخب رجل
صخب رجل 5 dni temu
Sicher es ist toll
Justin Gibson
Justin Gibson 6 dni temu
Ur on american channel speak English
Jekk 6 dni temu
nice :)
Risto Rinne
Risto Rinne 6 dni temu
And we all have these tools at home. Anyway, nice. I would need to know how to melt or cast silver EASY at home with tools you can buy at stores?
Faysal el Idrissi
2hrs sanding for prep ? You must have run out of files ,but tou sure dont run out of sanding paper. And the bearings of your bf30 spindle must have loved this excorsize ,all of it.
Mike 6 dni temu
Shane Wickham
Shane Wickham 6 dni temu
Why would you bother seriously why do this?
AKO SI DOGIE 6 dni temu
7:20 he is struggling just to put the aluminum carefully 😥
가원GAWON 6 dni temu
한국인 손
andre PD3A
andre PD3A 7 dni temu
Op zich best leuk maar wat moet je er nu mee?? Waar moet het voor dienen of dient het eigenlijk nergens voor.
buddybodie 7 dni temu
How many hectoliters of water do you need to cool 1 small aluminium ball?!? :-D
Lottovind 7 dni temu
why .. just why
kk kkk
kk kkk 7 dni temu
wtf video for nothing ????
삐뽀로행성의 삐로뽀
와,ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 완전 신기해ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
wer er
wer er 7 dni temu
Knight of YouTube
did anyone else notice the unidentfied moving object 3:50
thesimulacre 7 dni temu
Aluminium is the proper spelling for the group of metals that it is a member of. But some chemist's and such argued that "Aluminum" was easier to say. I guess some areas held out.
Armoni Howard
Armoni Howard 8 dni temu
The box of aluminum foil says extra dik
Carolyn Van Hosen
Stunning!! Truly beautiful
Khethelo Zungu
Khethelo Zungu 8 dni temu
I wanted to stick my hand in there and faint. It looks so inviting.
Ethan Hamlet
Ethan Hamlet 8 dni temu
Gabito Matadero
Gabito Matadero 8 dni temu
Gabito Matadero
Gabito Matadero 8 dni temu
최은재 8 dni temu
PLZFr0sty 8 dni temu
I know it is a common thing, but to me it is still strange to see a metal act like water XD
Jordan Lumpkin
Jordan Lumpkin 8 dni temu
mann a AD came right when it got to the good part
Jordan Lumpkin
Jordan Lumpkin 8 dni temu
And the first time in forever not CLICKBAIT
Jordan Lumpkin
Jordan Lumpkin 8 dni temu
It looked like he was playing soccer 😂
Caleb Struckmann
Caleb Struckmann 8 dni temu
Click bait. He doesn't press foil, he smelts and then casts a ball.
Marcos Summers
Marcos Summers 8 dni temu
Nice! But whats the use for such balls?
Vlad VP
Vlad VP 9 dni temu
Didn't know you were Belgian. Are you from Flanders or Wallonia?
PressTube 9 dni temu
Tony Wright
Tony Wright 9 dni temu
Very relaxing just the sounds of the job
Rim Aya
Rim Aya 9 dni temu
الشخص هذا عمل جاهدا انضرو ليده حمراء جدا
joosthoi1 9 dni temu
het is zuid-nederland, niet belgië
Десу-нян же!
Stéphane LAFORÊT
Why this ball ? is it usefull ?
Tanmay Sable
Tanmay Sable 9 dni temu
Very nice ball
Gregory Parrott
Gregory Parrott 9 dni temu
Is there a specific reason for using foil other than it melting a little faster? Why not use aluminum cans or even aluminum rod or bar stock to more quickly arrive at the desired volume?
nhojyelbom 9 dni temu
has to be perfectly round 360 degrees, yours has a hole in it. FAIL
G Gregory
G Gregory 9 dni temu
Not very round...
humblegeorge 9 dni temu
my ex-wife would have loved that little stomper :>) he,he,he,he,
1Jisom 9 dni temu
Juanito A Caponong
Juanito A Caponong 11 godzin temu
whats is the red stuff ? soil ? Informative video good, we learn again. Would there a hole at the bottom of this ball ? hmm....
Jewish Royalty
Jewish Royalty 10 dni temu
What’s the point ?
Sanane La
Sanane La 10 dni temu
*I want drink aliminum*
Sanane La
Sanane La 4 dni temu
+Rocknlive delicius
Rocknlive 4 dni temu
Well just do it, less stupid comments on youtube is always a good thing.
James Thornton
James Thornton 10 dni temu
I sure hope you're not breathing aluminium fumes in!!!!
James Thornton
James Thornton 10 dni temu
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA "like some other people do"! Well-played, sir!
Ganimidis 10 dni temu
Wat'n werk zeg...Toffe kaplaarse manneke ! (just a question.. what the heck u do with a mirrorball?)
zain ilyas
zain ilyas 10 dni temu
chott ech ghen ikoon
Hasan Ahmad Hasan
Hasan Ahmad Hasan 10 dni temu
Bro you have broken the record excellent
Nick vd Veerdonk
Nick vd Veerdonk 10 dni temu
kcvous 10 dni temu
fail !
Thomas Atkinson
Thomas Atkinson 10 dni temu
It's an aluminium ball. Not Japanese, and not a foil ball.
Petty Girlfriend
Dzień temu
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