Breaking Up

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15 gru 2018

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Komentarze 12 627
Larry Niemann
Larry Niemann 8 minut temu
Bura Bura
Bura Bura 9 minut temu
Woah good job on #1 trending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paolo Vitrano
Paolo Vitrano 9 minut temu
Sooooo why did Karen break up with you?
RB Koha
RB Koha 9 minut temu
I'm so glad you had your explanation from Breakup Girl #4, it relieved me
Sleepy Cinnamon bun
Sleepy Cinnamon bun 10 minut temu
ZedArioX 10 minut temu
*For the 1% who sees this good luck in your future!* ❤️ #1 Trending is easy ♥ *Im subing to people that sub and like this comment.*
vidbuild 9012
vidbuild 9012 11 minut temu
BREAKING NEWS: Domics causes 1 million break ups
Rhushawn Wright
Rhushawn Wright 11 minut temu
Man you falling off my G smh
Linwood Noble
Linwood Noble 11 minut temu
Julian M-B
Julian M-B 11 minut temu
1.5k fingers slipped
Rose Stuff
Rose Stuff 11 minut temu
#1 on trending..Im proud uwu
Potato Salad
Potato Salad 12 minut temu
we're trending!!! aNd I CliCKeD FaStEr ThaN i rEad thE tiTlE
The kid no one cares about
Sub to macro plz
Andy Raman
Andy Raman 12 minut temu
My partner did break up few weeks ago
Notthereal Ninja
Notthereal Ninja 12 minut temu
Congrats on #1 on Trending, Dom!
RB Koha
RB Koha 12 minut temu
Can't relate.... Anyone can relate?
Mauricio Colmenares
Mauricio Colmenares 12 minut temu
No one here talking about the rewind?
D3CIPH3R 13 minut temu
never been in one and never will be, prefer to not deal with the stress of a relationship.
Kiara Mendez
Kiara Mendez 13 minut temu
Whoa #1 on trending! Good job! Love your videos and again congrats!!
JenTheTrashyArtist 13 minut temu
Congrats on #1 on trending!!
Savannah ooh na na
Savannah ooh na na 14 minut temu
I just broke up with my boyfriend last week 💔 we were going out for 2 years
Dr Arson
Dr Arson 14 minut temu
good thing I’ve never had a gf to worry about this
Dinesh Mahadeo
Dinesh Mahadeo 14 minut temu
Number 1 on trending boiz👍
Bay bay Pham
Bay bay Pham 14 minut temu
Riyah Tingz
Riyah Tingz 16 minut temu
OOOKKKKKAKAAAYYY #1 on trending👌
Sleepy Cinnamon bun
Sleepy Cinnamon bun 12 minut temu
Riyah Tingz #1ontrending
CraftingSimmer 16 minut temu
A perfect video for me, after a recent break up 😓😓
Brandon Spring
Brandon Spring 16 minut temu
#1 on trending. Congrats my dude
Deadbrain Truemoo
Deadbrain Truemoo 17 minut temu
Love how the beginning is super psychopathic at 58
Cole Anderson
Cole Anderson 17 minut temu
Shoot idk about anyone else but I’m about to get into a relationship this holiday season
Fredbear 17 minut temu
GamingWithBlis 17 minut temu
I'm so lucky to not have this problem. For all those people with happy relationships like me. Keep working and growing with your partner. If you did breakup recently. Never give up on the faith of love. It can happen again. It happened for me. It will happen if you believe it.
fIsh H
fIsh H 17 minut temu
Omg! Good job on #1 on trending!!
STK_ Sizzle
STK_ Sizzle 18 minut temu
A Z 18 minut temu
Oh boy domics is explaining another social scenario like every other video he does
rebeccahe4444 18 minut temu
this is so real. I had a relationship once with someone I genuinely cared about, but neither of us had the mental space to love each other FOR each other. it's what eventually led to us breaking up. you have to learn self love and peace before you love someone else, otherwise that inner turmoil will destroy you and the other person. it took me awhile to break up with the person, because they kept telling me I couldn't leave and I was keeping them alive, but you eventually realize that that kind of relationship is toxic. break up if you're unsure!!!!!! you can do this!!!!! I believe in you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kiara cabuz
kiara cabuz 19 minut temu
#1 trending (shit)
Bubble_playz 19 minut temu
Congrats on #1 trending
Sky e
Sky e 19 minut temu
Wow, I just got broken up with yesterday... lol
victor wong
victor wong 20 minut temu
Her father is racist XD
omg real tekasi 7ix8ine
Diet Coke was only invented in 1982
Star Lord
Star Lord 21 minuta temu
Single gang wya
omg real tekasi 7ix8ine
American car horns beep in the tone of F
slime king12
slime king12 21 minuta temu
if u are experiencing a break up............. just use a plus 4 fam
omg real tekasi 7ix8ine
Odontophobia is the fear of teeth
Jwahir Hunter
Jwahir Hunter 22 minut temu
Congrats on trending!!!!
omg real tekasi 7ix8ine
The elephant is the only animal with 4 knees
ice cream
ice cream 22 minut temu
Kaya Okan
Kaya Okan 23 minut temu
This is Max 🐶 He is not very good at swimming So don't let him sink to the bottom of the comment section
Monta Gez
Monta Gez 23 minut temu
0:51 Wait a second... MY NAME IS ALEX
The AudDraws
The AudDraws 23 minut temu
alden r
alden r 23 minut temu
My ex broke up with me not 3 hours before this video was posted. You spoke to me without your knowledge.
Cookie Latte
Cookie Latte 24 minut temu
I was the one who's too afraid to speak out and let the relationship faded away and "make" myself a poor guy who got broken up. Yeah I got problems for being amateur at the moment and your words go right to the point. Now I feel better and confident to move on. Thank you 😊
DenkGameZz 24 minut temu
How the fuck is this on #1 on trending
Cyber Shivs
Cyber Shivs 24 minut temu
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Gamy SHows
Gamy SHows 24 minut temu
hwy i liked the video you can get access to uno for free by clicking this link @t
Gamy SHows
Gamy SHows 25 minut temu
Cerrelle Carrette
Cerrelle Carrette 26 minut temu
The boy I had a crush on said he liked me and made me tell him that I like him back but about 3 hours later he told me it was a dare ;-; it felt like he broke up with me even though we were never together
Eric Daniel
Eric Daniel 26 minut temu
Oooo she broke up wit em cos dom got a smol pp
ShmurdaTime !
ShmurdaTime ! 27 minut temu
1. I got a dig bick 2. You that read wrong 3. You read that wrong too 4. You checked 5. You smiled 7. You are wondering why you're still this reading this 8. You saw that mistake... right? (On 7) 10. But did you see that I skipped 6? 10. You checked 11. And saw you that I doubled 10 and skipped 9 12. I said saw you, not you saw 13. I also skipped 2 14. You got tricked 15. I'm just wasting your time go back to reading the comments
Taufik Rahman
Taufik Rahman 27 minut temu
I guess being single is still the best option. Being single and introvert makes me happy and less problematic. 😆
catsak 27 minut temu
One time, my family was on a trip that we had planned to cut short because my brother was going to a concert with his girfriend. She broke up with him while we were driving home and already halfway there.
Mrs Anonymous
Mrs Anonymous 28 minut temu
1 trending? well thats shit
Maestrul Gamer
Maestrul Gamer 28 minut temu
That's why i don't want a relationship now.It wouldn't work!!!
sprite/ %fanta
sprite/ %fanta 29 minut temu
0:15 What. Was. That.
ghost Serpent
ghost Serpent 29 minut temu
Can u please make a vid about getting rejected and move on , or how to reject people softly😀
Blake Simpson
Blake Simpson 29 minut temu
Did something happen between you and Claire?
hydranoid627 30 minut temu
Had a break up 6 days before the video was published but she told me why. It was due to mental issues.
Super mario Daiman
Super mario Daiman 30 minut temu
Subscribe to me please
•SilentWhispers •
•SilentWhispers • 31 minuta temu
My ex gf though it would be a wonderful time to break up with me on Valentine’s Day....
Mochifox 32 minut temu
i was dumped a month ago... the sad thing is we both go to the same places. fml
Litsal Avenir-kelly
Litsal Avenir-kelly 32 minut temu
why did you jinx me in the end
elicorn .x
elicorn .x 33 minut temu
I was shook when I saw it on Trending!!!!
Fire Ninja Animation
Fire Ninja Animation 34 minut temu
I feel you my girlfriend cheated on me. I move on but I was heartbroken inside. But I’m fine look how I turn on • v •
Thee Smashboy
Thee Smashboy 34 minut temu
Wtf did you have to say that at the end XD Quit scaring me
zlata 35 minut temu
One time a guy broke up with me by HIS FRIEND !!!!! He asked his friend to tell me that he is going to break up with me 🤦🏼‍♀️😡
The Artist
The Artist 35 minut temu
Dood this has happened many and I mean many times. I’m a chill person when dealing with this kind of stuff but break ups has happened too many times that it has been slowly draining my self confidence but I have finally found a partner to be with and of course Domics has helped me a lot SO THANKS DOMICS
Jarel Davis
Jarel Davis 35 minut temu
Please watch this christian video
0 0
0 0 35 minut temu
Surf? How old are you 45?
Royale Raiderz
Royale Raiderz 36 minut temu
All i want before Christmas is 650 subs🎄😌❤
lamentation xd
lamentation xd 36 minut temu
Paola Daza
Paola Daza 36 minut temu
intento ver el video para comprender más el inglés y también sobre los rompimientos c:
Nathan Froster
Nathan Froster 37 minut temu
It kinda sounded like you used a different mic at the beginning and at the end
Baby Shenron
Baby Shenron 38 minut temu
I should be studying Math
Odd DC
Odd DC 38 minut temu
For real it is break-up season my friend just broke up yesterday, but its weird I think I gained feelings overtime for her because every time I’m around her I’m around her I feel like a better person and not like a huge pile of trash, but all that time she had a boyfriend when she told me they broke up I was mixed feelings and I don’t know what to do anymore. I want to tell her how I feel but at the same time don’t want to lose a friend So do any of you have some advice
Faisal Islam
Faisal Islam 38 minut temu
What if you decide to not confess your love, just because you are scared of breaking up with whoever you wanted to confess ?
Plankch 38 minut temu
Congratulations for #1 Trending Domics
Namjilmaa Dorjsuren
Namjilmaa Dorjsuren 39 minut temu
1 word mate .... 1 word H O R O S C O P E S
ApexOrbit 40 minut temu
This is ironic considering I just went through a break up😭
IMuradI 40 minut temu
I saw a comment from "wynn lawrence" saying that since you are not a comics channel, have you considered changing your PLvid name to "Domination"?
Forever Alone
Forever Alone 40 minut temu
idk y im watching this ive never dated someone or plan to anytime soon also no I am not a very young child just scared to be in a relationship
feixbix 40 minut temu
21 years of marriage.. breaking up any time soon. Not 😊
Joshua Maher
Joshua Maher 42 minut temu
3:43 Hygiene not Hygene
BigBossBob 42 minut temu
Captain erson
Captain erson 42 minut temu
hes back
Tai For Short
Tai For Short 42 minut temu
*HA YEET* also #1 on trending!
Daniel Delgado
Daniel Delgado 42 minut temu
I've never been in a relationship and I'm 32.
MilcahwithaC 43 minut temu
When Dom uploads, everyone stops what they’re doing to watch him
Pandaaboii 43 minut temu
made my day,afternoon and night. ive been in the same shoes with you when my last relationship but the difference is theres still no explanation but ive moved on so its ok now and im still enjoying my single life. no rush
Ponksy 43 minut temu
Finally the PLvid notifications worked
Subscribe To Me For No Reason
You can't break up if you don't have a relationship...
kill. bert
kill. bert 43 minut temu
Thank you listening to my psa today, SORRY if your partner breaks up with you later tonight.
Patricia Karma
Patricia Karma 44 minut temu
Roses are red, violets are blue,. I got ten fingers. And the MIDDLE ONES are soon to be X!!! Yes he Is a corward and a non factor in ny life now, A MEN.
Ashley Fabro
Ashley Fabro 45 minut temu
omg he's not dead
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