Breaking Up

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15 gru 2018

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Komentarze 15 951
gjt365 39 minut temu
Number 2 on trending, this is such a cool change to see how popular u r.
DioBrando -
DioBrando - 39 minut temu
I had to explain to my step aunt that I didn’t like her twice (one over text and one face to face) yet she still wanted a relationship so I had to pull the ass hole card and ignored her. ... that hasn’t stopped her.
Jåden Yuki
Jåden Yuki 41 minuta temu
*My waifu and I don’t relate.*
MaYamielle 43 minut temu
I just read the Valentine special of Project Loki and holy heck, what you said is what happened
The Harp Player
The Harp Player 43 minut temu
Why did I scream at 7:17 why was that so funny to me
Ира Алиева
Ира Алиева 44 minut temu
Tatianna Tensley
Tatianna Tensley 46 minut temu
It really is important to let people understand why you can’t be with them even more.. even if it seems like they aren’t listening now they will keep it in mind.
Kaif Ul Majed
Kaif Ul Majed 47 minut temu
Breakup season? All my friends around me are getting engaged/married. We live in different timelines it seems Dom...
Yumi Chocolate ASMR
Yumi Chocolate ASMR 48 minut temu
I Hate Breaks Ups..😔
daisy flores
daisy flores 53 minut temu
Fuck a hoe
Izegboya Akpasa
Izegboya Akpasa 53 minut temu
Ala Potato
Ala Potato 53 minut temu
Sora 54 minut temu
2 years, only to be able of deleting her number, but its helping
Jacob Moore
Jacob Moore 55 minut temu
Hey first time watching you're videos nice clean animations. So question its bad to be prepared for a break up? Cause generally I think of every possible thing that could happen to them leaving for no reason to their death emotionally ready so that's bad?
Monica Arora
Monica Arora 56 minut temu
i am naman
Nihgurh Zzz
Nihgurh Zzz 56 minut temu
You are on expert on break ups because no one truly wants you lol, lìbtard çuck.
Sillystringdude 21
Sillystringdude 21 58 minut temu
Never broke up before because I was never in a relationship
Thunder Goku
Thunder Goku 58 minut temu
Well I’ve been single all my life, so I can’t relate.
BtotheK Productions
BtotheK Productions Godzinę temu
Mom: Hey honey is your bf coming to the new year's eve party? Me:We broke up. Mom:THEN GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND FIND A BOYFRIEND!
TAHA Khawaja
TAHA Khawaja Godzinę temu
This guy's drawing is so cool
Xendurr Godzinę temu
I'm dying a virgin.
Carla Raina
Carla Raina Godzinę temu
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Filthy Honkey
Filthy Honkey Godzinę temu
And what if you act like a ass so they brake up with you but you own up to it and not act like a victim and tell people that's what you did I'd rather make a girl piss St me than make her cry
Kane K
Kane K Godzinę temu
Not breaking up but december has been filled with major sad hours for me
Strawberry Frosting
Strawberry Frosting Godzinę temu
Why are some of his videos are breakups? Claire might think theres something.
Filthy Honkey
Filthy Honkey Godzinę temu
You brake up because their father is racist is fkning dumb they cant control their dad. I also hate how some people won't change because they want you to love just the way they are. That's dumb I always try to be a better person and they should try too
Master0fHyrule Godzinę temu
A person never changes though. You can try to change a person but they will just do things behind your back.
Master0fHyrule Godzinę temu
I still have dreams of my ex and I've been with my current girlfriend for almost 5 years now.
Zilch Godzinę temu
Unironically fucking kill yourself.
Mohsin The Gamer
Mohsin The Gamer Godzinę temu
#2 on tending in Pakistan. Wow
Maz Jø
Maz Jø Godzinę temu
Aron Septianto
Aron Septianto Godzinę temu
And here I am not even brave enough to start one
luisa Marie vargas
luisa Marie vargas Godzinę temu
I'm currently going thru a breakup 😢 and it feels like I can't breathe 💔 after 2 yrs and 7 months my boyfriend broke up with me was so unexpected...we were talking yesterday night and things were normal nothing ...he even sent me a long txt saying how much he loved me and stuff 😔 but then he breaks up with me today 😢 I'm confused ...he just said that "we both want different things...that things weren't going to work out and that if I end up with him he'd be hurting me ". I feel like he isn't being 100% clear with me but anyways I guess the loml is still somewhere out there !
SinsCritShot Godzinę temu
I broke up with my gf on the day this video was released
Abeer Hacker
Abeer Hacker Godzinę temu
Attention to all the users watch this so funny if watch this and comment nice and subscribe me i will subscribe to you too
Kensu Godzinę temu
The hardest thing I've done was breaking up with the girl I still loved because it was for the best for both of us. It's the worst thing.
Alex Melendez
Alex Melendez Godzinę temu
Ha I'm fine I'm good because i can't even get a girlfriend
Mugdho Mithun
Mugdho Mithun Godzinę temu
#2 at treading ✌✌
RiftOnly Godzinę temu
The timing for this video was crazy
Loony Shadow
Loony Shadow Godzinę temu
well the thing is ill never go through a break up cuz...…. ill never get in a relationship to start with :')
Kween Rose
Kween Rose Godzinę temu
Wow,you're on trending now!
100000 subs with No video??
Sub to me
Munir Zaki
Munir Zaki Godzinę temu
Broke up 3 months and saw this vid. Thank you
FlutterSimZ _
FlutterSimZ _ Godzinę temu
My brain can't process relationships 'u'
Moony villaechter
Moony villaechter Godzinę temu
I like the subtle background dom got
JAMES LUNE Godzinę temu
Believe me the hatred from be8ng cheated om is a lot more painful than just being dumped, thats why i always give my partners the " dont cheat on me just dump me" talk when things start getting serious, and hey so far its worked nicely
TeEra Richards
TeEra Richards Godzinę temu
Plan: *break up from gf/bf* When: *February 13, 2019* Time: *11:59:59**pm* Where: *idk and idc you can do it over the phone for all I care* there I planned the perfect day to break up
Fariko Wishless
Fariko Wishless Godzinę temu
My story of fuckery I just lost interest in dating because my last two girlfriends had unrealistic fairytale expectations and no amount of caring and providing mattered. One did fucking nothing for me and everything was about her she never would go on any dates and broke up with me because "We weren't going anywhere" like nigga what 😂 You never left the house and wanted to take it slow so no kissing and I didn't go to your house it was super short. The other was opposite. She seemed to care at times but every conversation eventually went into stuff about her and her issues which always seemed minor. Annoying but minor and I never devalued them. Long ass calls dates the works I was trying to be a good bf thinking of them first as usual. Then no joke over fucking text she breaks up with me saying I wasn't there for her................. WHAT 😂😂😂 I never talked about my medical struggles unless I was in the hospital and everything was compliments jokes and support... But I wasn't there? Again what? I find it funny now but at the time I wasn't pissed but just felt so used. Not really like we had more than three outings non of which her idea but still. Blew my mind. She kissed felt up. No sex that early of course but she had gumdrop dreams and was trying to move lightning fast planning road trips a year later. So it was even more confusing. So after 3 girlfriends that cared more about their wants while I put my shit on the back burner I just lost interest in trying. If it happens it happens is my mindset right now. I'm chilling, not like I don't want a relationship but everyone clubbing and fucking isn't my crowd either so nobody caught my eye.
Moblox Gaming
Moblox Gaming Godzinę temu
My dream is to reach 150 subs before 2019. Can you help me reach it please?
Natalie Rozier
Natalie Rozier Godzinę temu
I'm watching this video so I can break up...with my homework and studying😂
TobalNoge Godzinę temu
Anytime I think of relation ships I feel like barfing like ew wtf cooties amirite gamers?
Beve Godzinę temu
how does one do the “dating” thing? do i need some kind of special stat or skill?
Lupa Is awesome
Lupa Is awesome Godzinę temu
Ok Dom wtf I just broke up with my boyfriend
I_Am_Ragin_Cajun Godzinę temu
Well. I knew something was going to happen when I watched the video at noon today. Rn it is 3:00 am and I just got of the phone with my now ex gf after having a 3 hour Long fight. So yea
GreenMohawk | Gaming
GreenMohawk | Gaming Godzinę temu
This is actually a really good animation, and video about breakups. The hope during a breakup is obviously for it not to end on a bad note, but most people just don't know how to do it. I hope that everybody here who recently went through one, or is going to be doing it makes it out alright.
Foosiya Axmed
Foosiya Axmed Godzinę temu
I'm good alhamdollah 😊✌
Ty Godzinę temu
What kind of illustration is this
Remi Chan Animations :3
You see the thing is you never get your heart broken if you just keep it to your self.....*ha* *ha* *hhhhaa~* **Cries in the far corner** (;_;)
Bengt Henricsson
Bengt Henricsson Godzinę temu
I dont have a relationship.. do i breakup with my self?
CHRIS99 XXX 2 godzin temu
X_Yetiman83_ X
X_Yetiman83_ X 2 godzin temu
Being alone really makes you realize all you got it is yourself.
Meh Watchugot
Meh Watchugot 2 godzin temu
I like that homophobe was on the reasons of breaking up 💙
Louis Stout
Louis Stout 2 godzin temu
I hate how relationships are such a huge part of life because I've never been in one. 19 years old and I still have the dating iq of a kindergartener. It seems like it's such a casual thing for everyone to date, yet it feels like it's so much harder for me even though I'm the same as everyone else.
Dude Lebowski
Dude Lebowski 2 godzin temu
This is a terrible advice video. Literally the best way to break up is make them break up with you. They feel justified, you the party who should be sad is secretly relieved and you can both go on with your lives looking back on the moment as though you were the one in control of the situation. I usually love your anime but this is purely bad advice.
Combat XX
Combat XX 2 godzin temu
The Graveyard
The Graveyard 2 godzin temu
Literally need to break up with my BF rn and I’ve been struggling cause I don’t wanna hurt him. This video helped, thanks.
candy pi
candy pi 2 godzin temu
break up and stand up xviè
candy pi
candy pi 2 godzin temu
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candy pi
candy pi 2 godzin temu
c 145
Jacob's Aquarium
Jacob's Aquarium 2 godzin temu
Relationships don’t and will never last for our generation. Millennials have been shaped in such a negative way by media and technology that we are unable to form lasting bonds with other human beings. Everyone I know, around my age, even couples that have had kids are getting a divorce or breaking up. I myself broke up with my ex. Not my decision but none the less it happened. 2018 messed me up emotionally to the point to where I’ll probably never experience a relationship again and I think this is common for allot of millennials. We get our heart broken so many times. We get into our late 20s and are single forever after. Not to mention, no one wants to be in a relationship anymore. No one even meets each other in public anymore. We meet people on apps. No emotions involved. Nothing. Just swipe left or right. Get a little bit of attention you feel like a god. Everyone is either looking for “nsa fun” or “fwb” or better yet. A date that leads to fun then a fwb. lol. Our generation is a lost cause when it comes to real, lasting, relationships. The days of meeting your spouse at the bar, dating, getting married, kids, growing old together are gone. We’re all just self absorbed, emotionless robots, with cell phones in our face all day waiting for the next text message and monitoring the feedback on our social media posts.
hollowcatt E
hollowcatt E 2 godzin temu
how to br8ke up with someone: "Hey, I don't think this is working out, and I don't want to hurt your feelings or anything, but maybe we could just be friends?" best case: Yall be frens worst case: She/he/they leave
FizeyGaming 2 godzin temu
Just broke up last month but still can't move on.. 😔 Anyone knows how to move on? 😔
CandyPop Diante
CandyPop Diante 2 godzin temu
#2 trending!!! You’ve done it again Domics!
the evo skid
the evo skid 2 godzin temu
Today is my birthday...
Dikki 2 godzin temu
Sophie Wilson
Sophie Wilson 2 godzin temu
My boyfriend broke up with me 3 months ago, by text. Still heartbroken knowing that he didn't give me a reason. I'm finding it hard to move on and forget what happened 😔
Captain Gamer
Captain Gamer 2 godzin temu
Well what did the (4th break up girl) reply? I'm curious, or did you already tell us?! Meh...... Anyways tell us!
TheKill3rexe 2 godzin temu
going through a break up myself right now.. fell down as hell
LaRaikaa 2 godzin temu
Now that "Super Best Friends Play" have disbanded, I feel like I'm in a breakup...
Linya ZHANG 2 godzin temu
4th on trending
rabbeseking 2 godzin temu
LTKoby 2 godzin temu
Well you see, one of my close friends told me he was going to date my ex ( after she broke up with me ) and then swooped in the same week She broke up with me because One night she messaged me said: hello. I messaged her back and said: What’s up babe? (I can’t believe I said that) and she just said: Dont call me that Me: What? Her: I dont want to talk to you. Me: wait what did I do? Her: shut up. And that was the end of it. I didn’t spam her messages or acted clingy, constantly annoy her nothing. I was chill. A couple months later my “friend” told me she’d dated many people before. (So she’s a player, oh I didn’t know that) My friend who swooped in was with her for a year and a half almost, but I want to slip in a little bit of info there that they broke up and got back together (I kid you not) 43 TIMES!! 43!!! He said to my friends and I after like the 7th break up that, he’s done with her, Fortnite is his bae now. Hahaha yes you better believe we never let that go and constantly tease him about that sentence. Any way they aren’t together anymore, my friend is still friends with me and I’m staying single. It’s really funny when I think about it.
Ted Trys To Animate
Ted Trys To Animate 2 godzin temu
Skyrim is for the VPNs... I... I mean the nords
Xoreign 2 godzin temu
Scheduling my breakup* "Oh boy 3 am!"
TIL_datboinxtdoe 2 godzin temu
Dakaari Woods
Dakaari Woods 2 godzin temu
But you are just not gonna tell us why she broke up with you 😑👍🏽
BILLA TV 2 godzin temu
Suni Schuerman
Suni Schuerman 2 godzin temu
2 on trending!!!!!
Vivian 2 godzin temu
well, here's to eating a bowl of ice cream.
Diamond arrow
Diamond arrow 2 godzin temu
simplicitylost 2 godzin temu
So… he didn't mentioned what the reason was for why the girl broke up with him, did he? Now I wanna know‼
fatsjosh 2 godzin temu
Cant even watch, still miss my girl that broke up with me over 6 months ago :( life is not easy! I still love you girl!
Brandon Wright
Brandon Wright 2 godzin temu
you either get married or you break up
Coco Squad
Coco Squad 2 godzin temu
PLvid rewind for my opinion was only good for the animators.
Glenda Nayra Salazar
Glenda Nayra Salazar 2 godzin temu
Totally get the whole closure thing. 😒
Mrs M A E
Mrs M A E 2 godzin temu
My first breakup was probably the hardest to understand. We were compatible, we did have similar interests, humors, and family ideals. We hadn’t really grown apart, there weren’t any particular red flags. I think the easiest way I described it for people was “we loved each other, but we weren’t IN love with each other.” We loved each other, we really cared about the other, and wanted the best for each of us. But we weren’t ever going to be the best for each other. We were good for each other. Really good, but we weren’t the best for each other. We both understood that we both could be better people with other people, and that the best person for us wasn’t the person we were with. It was really hard, I constantly questioned the choices we made, but now that I’m older, dated a few other people and am now married, I realized it was for the best. I’m still really good friends with his mom though!
Salman Mahyuddin
Salman Mahyuddin 2 godzin temu
wow, we actually get to know Break Ups 4 Epilogue
Midnight Sonnet
Midnight Sonnet 2 godzin temu
I feel ya on the "never getting an answer from your ex" on what the hell happened. Two of my exes cheated on me and I never got an answer as to why. Though of course I could care less now, as it was in the past. I'm on good terms with one of them. We're not friends, but not enemies, either. I'm happy with the life she's created over the years, because it was a life I could never have given her if we'd stayed together. We meet certain people for a reason. Most are not fated to be our soulmate, so they serve a short term purpose of teaching us something about ourselves that we either never knew before or needs examining. No matter how poorly the relationship or break ups ended up, I don't regret a single one of them. I learned so much and for that I'm grateful. It all led me to finding my soulmate in the end, so it was all worth it. :) I know a lot of people who subscribe or watch this channel are very young. Like in your teens or early-mid twenties. Practically everything in your life at that age is filled with so much drama, stress, and anxiety. I totally get that, as I was in your shoes, too. A break up or what led to the break up can be devastating to your heart and emotions. One piece of advice I would have given to my younger self during those turbulent times was: "it happened for the best. It may not seem that way right now, as break ups and heartache suck. But I guarantee you with 100% accuracy that you've learned a lot of positive things while in the relationship; all of which you can take with you forever and expand upon. The relationship ending is not all bad. It WILL lead to better things, I promise. There IS someone out there that will understand, respect, love, and appreciate you for simply being you. And, remember, don't ever take the song "Love Stinks" to heart, lol. It's a funny song that does ring true in many cases, but don't make it or your break up a reason to give up on love or not believe in it." My ex-girlfriend told me, years after we broke up, that she truly did love me and that our relationship wasn't a lie to her. She couldn't explain what drove her to cheat on me, but she figured she was just becoming a different person while she experienced college, which drew her further apart from me. She did change along the way. Quite a bit actually. Truth be told, I've never in my life see a person do a complete 180 in personality, demeanor, viewpoints, ethics, morals, etc so damn quickly. It was pretty crazy to witness.
kids games
kids games 2 godzin temu
Me: why I watch this video...I never break up (silent cry)
Edward J. Rapp
Edward J. Rapp 2 godzin temu
Love this.
Thunder Flash
Thunder Flash 2 godzin temu
I'm just gonna send her the link to this video to break up xD
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