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Bohemian Rhapsody is a foot-stomping celebration of Queen, their music and their extraordinary lead singer Freddie Mercury, who defied stereotypes and shattered convention to become one of the most beloved entertainers on the planet. The film traces the meteoric rise of the band through their iconic songs and revolutionary sound, their near-implosion as Mercury’s lifestyle spirals out of control, and their triumphant reunion on the eve of Live Aid, where Mercury, facing a life-threatening illness, leads the band in one of the greatest performances in the history of rock music. In the process, cementing the legacy of a band that were always more like a family, and who continue to inspire outsiders, dreamers and music lovers to this day.
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15 maj 2018

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Komentarze 8 606
Queen,why you not make a concert at guys can promo this movie too
I hope this movie come to MALAYSIA.
luis portella
luis portella Godzinę temu
it sucks, this freddie looks like pelo madueño or like lautaro acosta, couldn't they get another better one????
Vault 781
Vault 781 Godzinę temu
Huh, Mr. Robot as Freddie Mercury? It’s Actually... pretty fitting!!
Alex Miranda
Alex Miranda 2 godzin temu
Mike Myers is in the movie holy shit!
Lani Flower
Lani Flower 3 godzin temu
yesss I have been waiting forever for this movie when they first started trying to find someone to play Freddie. Eeeee I'm excited
em :D
em :D 4 godzin temu
1:11 it's never ogre...
The Phantom
The Phantom 4 godzin temu
this is going to be heavenly.
Bonkai shipper
Bonkai shipper 5 godzin temu
R4IZEROLA 5 godzin temu
the hype bro :”)
Oscar Acevedo
Oscar Acevedo 5 godzin temu
song? 0:24
Annie Areyouok
Annie Areyouok 18 minut temu
Oscar Acevedo the background music is from Another One Bites the Dust and the “oh baby” is a part of Bohemian Rhapsody
Mon-mon Mangligot
Mon-mon Mangligot 5 godzin temu
*I pity your wife if you think six minutes is forever* truly a legend😂💛
Anya Hall
Anya Hall 5 godzin temu
Why does it have to come out in November????
Perseus One
Perseus One 5 godzin temu
Was that rami malek doing the eeeo? Or was it Freddie ?
hipnhappenin 6 godzin temu
Wait. He looks crazy. Aside from the teeth (which might work for some people) Freddie Mercury was actually a good looking guy.
hipnhappenin 4 godzin temu
Antonio yeah. Didn’t I allude to that?
Antonio 4 godzin temu
hipnhappenin you know he had deformed teeth right?
Matben 7 godzin temu
The universe send us to rami malek to make this movie !!!!! It's awesome !!!!
Elisha 8 godzin temu
Top top 5 anime live action movies no lie.
Joey Juliak
Joey Juliak 8 godzin temu
Best trailer of any movie ever!
Khaleesi Mother of Drag
He looks nothing like him 😭
Wafa h
Wafa h 9 godzin temu
doesn't matter, rami is a great actor
Jullien Vigil
Jullien Vigil 9 godzin temu
This trailer is dope. 🙌🏼
Alondra Alanis
Alondra Alanis 9 godzin temu
I love this
Carlos Silva
Carlos Silva 10 godzin temu
Only one thing to say afther seeing this incredible teaser God save the Queen!
alba rodriguez
alba rodriguez 10 godzin temu
Frank Rappa
Frank Rappa 10 godzin temu
I pity your wife if she thinks 6 minutes is forever lmao
Debra Garner
Debra Garner 10 godzin temu
Freddy is the only artist, in. death, still carry an group! We love Freddy still.
Cemre ataibiş
Cemre ataibiş 11 godzin temu
why there is no turkish language option
Mia Harada
Mia Harada 11 godzin temu
Which album should I listen to if I’m new to Queen?
Annie Areyouok
Annie Areyouok 17 minut temu
Mia Harada depends on you. But what I did when I was new to Queen was that I watched all the music videos. And then moved on to the albums.
Hélobuzz L'éclair
Hélobuzz L'éclair 10 godzin temu
All of them! :)
Gabo Hammett
Gabo Hammett 12 godzin temu
A esta parte se le llama felicidad:') (Cual editado:v)
Elaine Hall
Elaine Hall 12 godzin temu
Can't win for this, a movie on my favorite band EVER!!!
Mario Kurtović
Mario Kurtović 13 godzin temu
All aboard on hype train! 😁
I'mUriel 13 godzin temu
The best rock band
Killer Queen
Killer Queen 14 godzin temu
Ох как сложно будет привыкать к знакомым актерам в образе знакомых музыкантов... У Queen оставлено овердохера материалов посему "смазать картинку" в голове просто так не получится, но нужно стараться, а то как фильм-то смотреть? Поскорей бы вышел!
Haider Naeem
Haider Naeem 14 godzin temu
that look at 0:27 though
Jane Katalane
Jane Katalane 4 godzin temu
Haider, i know. i love that part too. also, i really hope this film will do the real Freddie justice and be like a celebration to all that he gave to the world with his incredible and powerful singing and showmanship, and his legacy that still lives on. it looks like it's going to be a fantastic film. it's been a very long time since i've been this anxious and excited to see a movie, but, so far, it looks as though it will be well worth the wait...
Samantha Markle
Samantha Markle 14 godzin temu
I'd watch this just for the music!!!
Ugly God
Ugly God 15 godzin temu
THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE A TRAILER ! best trailer ever !
Dino do Acre
Dino do Acre 16 godzin temu
I can't believe it :)
Dino do Acre
Dino do Acre 16 godzin temu
Meu deus eu tô morrendo Aaaaaa
Diego Arine
Diego Arine 16 godzin temu
cade os br?
Ørangey 17 godzin temu
if rami is freddie then im fucking jesus christ
Street Food
Street Food 17 godzin temu
seperti mimpi
Aditya Padia
Aditya Padia 17 godzin temu
If this doesnt come to India. I will commit suicide
AngelPlayStar 17 godzin temu
I thought that it was going to be great ... but this is something more ... Amazing ! Can't wait !
A KA 19 godzin temu
Cant wait, i hope it contains that historical Freddy`s parties .
lolo du 12
lolo du 12 19 godzin temu
FREESTEE 19 godzin temu
It gets weird when you put the speed on 0.25
Rover Waters
Rover Waters 15 godzin temu
did you also tried to suck your own dick?
Михаель Кейл
Somebody stop my orgasms plz
2speakers 21 godzinę temu
The world is screaming and it feels good.
Shann D
Shann D 21 godzinę temu
This was a great opportunity to fold in the AIDS issue that Killed a legend, but no... what a shame.
Artie Perez
Artie Perez 21 godzinę temu
6 minutes is forever?? 6 months is forever!
DnctLion 21 godzinę temu
looks like the Fifa 18 career mode but it's awesome
Juan Carlos Díaz
Juan Carlos Díaz 22 godzin temu
Espero q hagan un buen trabajo 💻 📚 📕 c / este gran artista del q MUCHOS hablan: Porq a MI en lo personal, si q m gustan algunas d sus canciones 🎼 🎶 🎵 ¡! ... Freddie Mercury ⭐ ¡! ... A pesar d q YO nací a finales d los años 90's ¡! ...
Claudia Martinez
Claudia Martinez 23 godzin temu
Александра  Кудравец
Я, наверное, не стану смотреть этот фильм......актер не приглянулся.
Samantha Dzień temu
You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this ❤
Cover by Kat
Cover by Kat Dzień temu
Lil P5ych0
Lil P5ych0 Dzień temu
Ok cool
Denise Vasquez
Denise Vasquez Dzień temu
I’ve been watching this trailer all day
QueenPlay Dzień temu
Lo mas esperado por los fans de QUEEN 👑😍
Joselier Concepcion
Renny's Reviews
Renny's Reviews Dzień temu
Omg I love queen this will be a great movie
Todd Layo
Todd Layo Dzień temu
No joke I’ve watched this over 15 times
Annie Areyouok
Annie Areyouok 15 minut temu
Todd Layo me too . I’ve never watched a trailer this many times
Muraki Art
Muraki Art Dzień temu
Definitivamente esta será la mejor película! Killer Queen le dio un toque espectacular a esto Hahaha no puedo parar de ver este hermoso trailer😍✨🌚
Wiliam Cruz
Wiliam Cruz Dzień temu
is this movie real? is this just fantasy?
Maria Hammer
Maria Hammer Dzień temu
I shit my pants of excitement
How can we possibly wait until November?
Azmaray Aulia
Azmaray Aulia Dzień temu
So hyped for this movie.
Stéphanie de Chantraine
I love rami but as Freddy??? Idk how to feel. Brian pretty accurate though
Ruadhán Dzień temu
I really hope this is as good as the trailer makes it look. When my five-year-old self announced to my parents that I wanted to be Freddie Mercury when I grew up, back in 1984, I already had a high standard for how to treat Queen. They weren't just a band, they're an aspiration.
Rowan Amador
Rowan Amador Dzień temu
Thank you
Duncan Chambers
Duncan Chambers Dzień temu
Just can't believe the movies out in November can't wait to see it I was going to be really good it's the top Notch film give it 10 out of 10
Mia Malgarini
Mia Malgarini Dzień temu
Elliot 💪
Dileide Santana
Dileide Santana Dzień temu
Kkkk meu dus
Ivan Vukčević
Ivan Vukčević Dzień temu
Rhapsody for history
Mateo Bocchio
Mateo Bocchio Dzień temu
omg i love queen
Lamo Camo
Lamo Camo Dzień temu
Is this the real life?
floating fish
floating fish Dzień temu
Looks interesting but i hope to god the band didnt interfere too much
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury Dzień temu
Oh dear! A movie about me and my band! Can not wait darlings!
Theron Brothers
Theron Brothers Dzień temu
i thought he was dead... darnit.
Alex Kuziw
Alex Kuziw Dzień temu
1:11 Shrek, is that you?
elli fant
elli fant Dzień temu
Holy shit. When i watched stargate with my father 12 years ago i saw this guy or didnt I.
Neto Bz
Neto Bz Dzień temu
daZOMBI3KILLAH Dzień temu
1:11 roasted
Adri&Kriszti Dzień temu
Soda Dzień temu
holy shit.
Remco F. Gerritsen
Remco F. Gerritsen Dzień temu
Perfect trailer :P
luis guerra
luis guerra Dzień temu
Beelcebu have a devil for mee for mee for meeee demonios me cortaton la inspiracion
Claudia Ferreira
Claudia Ferreira Dzień temu
Por fin no puedo esperar !!!!!!😀😀😀😀☀☀☀
DexPlays Dzień temu
Sarah Arane
Sarah Arane Dzień temu
Who continue to inspire outsiders, dreamers and music lovers to this day? 🔴 *BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY |FULL~HD ☛ [ **** ]* Une chronique des années qui ont précédé l'apparition légendaire de Queen au concert de Live Aid (1985) en 1985.
CrowChiefAirsoft01 Dzień temu
Queen based on a true story
Mariatul Qiftiyah
Mariatul Qiftiyah Dzień temu
じゃんがり Dzień temu
I can't wait it…
carlosrising1 Dzień temu
I cry
Arran Jacob
Arran Jacob Dzień temu
wheres adam lambert
IBuyTacos Dzień temu
Freddie Mercury never died
Madiha Rizkiana
Madiha Rizkiana Dzień temu
Omg can't wait for the movie!!!!
Піщалюк Ілля
0:34-0:36 what song?
Annie Areyouok
Annie Areyouok 14 minut temu
Піщалюк Ілля ah, Killer Queen. My favourite
Yvette Campos
Yvette Campos 20 godzin temu
Піщалюк Ілля Killer Queen. It was Queen's first really big hit back in 1974.
Ninaa Lemos Xavier
Ninaa Lemos Xavier Dzień temu
Aiiiiiiii crl me arrepiei vendoooooooo..Lança logooooo
Valentin Mangiafave
70 years before ....THIS MOVIE IS AMAZING REALLY
9 miesięcy temu
Best of Muse
Rok temu