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Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen / Pentatonix (side by side)

Daved Thompson
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I REAAAAAALLLLLYYYYY hope this doesn't get blocked because this is an epic mashup, an epic cover, and an epic original song.




5 kwi 2017

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Emily Clayton
Emily Clayton Rok temu
I don't hate Queen. Heck they're legends, but Mitch really looks up to Freddie and PTX was really, REALLY reluctant to cover this, because - as they've said in many interviews - "One song that we would probably never touch would be Bohemian Rhapsody because it's Queen, and that's intimidating. You don't mess with Queen." But they ended up doing it for this album because you can't have a classics album without Bohemian Rhapsody. as a Pentaholic, I have to say that I am extremely proud of Pentatonix for finally covering the song, and doing a pretty darn good job with it. As for the music video, PTX's had meaning behind it, rather than just recording a performance. The couch is a throwback to their older videos when they would record songs and make videos on Avi's couch in his old basement, and the road that they are on represents the journey that they have been on the past 6 years. Now, about Freddie blowing Mitch away, I have a great deal of respect for both of them. Mitch's range is incredible, and if you listen to other songs of PTX's, Mitch could blow any other singer away in a matter of moments. It all depends on the song, the style the music is, and the preference of the listener. This could just be me, but Freddie's voice seems a little strained and harsh, whereas it comes very natural and flows better when Mitch sings it. Mitch just has a softer, higher voice, which is so pure, yet emotional at the same time, and that is a hard skill to have. Honestly, I'm not trying to throw shade, or hate on anybody, but I want to point out that a lot of people are going out of their way to trash not only Pentatonix, but also Pentaholics in the comment sections, and that is not okay. I respect your opinions, but is the hate really necessary? I get it, you're a devoted fan, I am too, but please don't go hating on them. If Queen was to hear this, in my opinion I'm sure they wouldn't say anything like "Oh, that was terrible" or "Why did they even bother trying to do a cover? Leave good songs alone". It really upsets me to see that fandoms are fighting each other over music, when music is the one universal language that bonds us all.
LGR studio
LGR studio 28 dni temu
So true!
Milenys plaza
Milenys plaza 2 miesięcy temu
+Reynaldo Dumandan ikr
Sat Plague
Sat Plague 2 miesięcy temu
anyway, It's just a cover.
Putra Poetra
Putra Poetra 3 miesięcy temu
Agree with your point totally, Emily.
Reynaldo Dumandan
Reynaldo Dumandan 3 miesięcy temu
So longģggggg
JM Studios
JM Studios 19 dni temu
Listen to Marc Martel and then say they're the same.
TheRealJacob98 Miesiąc temu
They're in different keys at the beginning and certain parts for sure! Pentatonix sound lower.
TheRealJacob98 21 dzień temu
+Daved Thompson Yeah but I mean it's two octaves lower because that's how Pentatonix did. (Corrected myself. It's two. I have a pitch changer on Windows 10. Thought it was one lol)
Daved Thompson
Daved Thompson Miesiąc temu
Nope, didn't manipulate PTX audio at all
Rogerina Is THICC an that’s the tea
I like the original one more but Pentatonix did an awesome job in this!i saw it and i was actually really surprised
Melinda Smith
Melinda Smith Miesiąc temu
I like them both but I do like Queen better
IsThisMigz? Miesiąc temu
Pentatonix - little high Queen - little low You are legends
Kevin Yeonsu Kim
Kevin Yeonsu Kim 2 dni temu
Roger - Galileo Scott - Galileo Roger - Galileo Scott - Galileo Roger & Scott - Galileo Figaro Freddie & Mitch - Magnifico
Andrea Taino
Andrea Taino Miesiąc temu
This is what Heaven sound like
Emma R
Emma R 2 miesięcy temu
4:03 OH MY GOSH!!!
Emma R
Emma R 2 miesięcy temu
THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!❤️❤️❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ThosGaming9 NewGamer
ThosGaming9 NewGamer 2 miesięcy temu
Sat Plague
Sat Plague 2 miesięcy temu
anyway, the owner is Queen. No matters about how perfect the others covering it. It's just a cover.
Peter Valdes
Peter Valdes 2 miesięcy temu
PTXoffical is better
Art Silver Falls Art
Art Silver Falls Art 9 miesięcy temu
Best cover of this song especially using no instruments the five people in Pentatonix are the most talented group a people I've ever heard or seen it's amazing what they do it's amazing who they are it's amazing how good and excited their fans are I'm going to be seeing them live for the first time next month on my birthday . I'm not only I excited to see them I'm also excited to be in a crowd of such positive people . I can already tell the energy is going to be insane ! Thank you Freddy for writing such a beautiful timeless song for the ages We miss you so much RIP
piggy timez 35
Omg my OCD is triggered because the video is so off sync. But good job it sounds great
Equality Rok temu
This makes me want to cry. I grew with these amazing people. Freddie is a legend and Penatonix did a Legend justice which makes them amazing and forever will be remarked for that. There a little legend themselves. Amazing video
KathrynOwl Rok temu
Queen sounded different
V Reacts
V Reacts Rok temu
natalie fairchild
natalie fairchild
avi baby
pokeleo 03
pokeleo 03 Rok temu
pentatonix is really good... but i think that queen wins...
Matt Rok temu
I am a huge Queen fan. I'm also a fan of pentatonix. I agree that no one will ever touch Queens version of this song. however I'm a musician and like hearing different perspectives and interpretation of songs. I believe that Pentatonix did a great job. it'll probably be the best singing groups performance in history. Okay back to listening to it!
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha Rok temu
I like PTX's version more. Their video looks better and Mitch is a better a singer than Freddie. The backround parts sounded better by PTX, and they didn't even use instruments. Avi's voice also sounds better than a piano or any other instrument. Now, before anyone starts crying over this for whatever reason, this is my opinion. I don't care if you don't like it.
Liv Torres
Liv Torres Rok temu
Kevin did a good job at the drums and also mitch in the guitar
issa juju
issa juju Rok temu
*kubz scouts voice* horyshitu bless PTX and Queen (they freaking blend like)
Jesse Johnson
Jesse Johnson Rok temu
You know David Thompson is a PNTX fan when he distorts the original by Queen. It seems like you're trying to make pentatonix sound better...
Daved Thompson
nope, just wanna match the keys. i've done a version where pentatonix is pitched up to match queen if you'd like to hear it.
michaela Rok temu
Stanley Rok temu
Side-by-side when: /watch?v=kk-7Pd7HLnc
Fuck pentatonix for not doing it in the right key
TheOfficialCMAN 4 miesięcy temu
lol you thought,
Equality Rok temu
^ heres one Called a cover! At least they have a better career than your attitude
Daved Thompson
damn bro you're about to get a shitstorm coming your way in the replies 😂😂😂
Tamira G
Tamira G Rok temu
was I the only one that didn't realize that the video was playing both songs at the same time bc BOTH ARE AMAZING AND SO SIMILAR
Eb theDoc
Eb theDoc Rok temu
@EmilyClayton: check! This (fairly good) juxtaposition of the two shows what a magnificent tribute to Fred Bulsara's art this cover is!
V Reacts
V Reacts Rok temu
They freaking did amazing! GREAT MASHUP!!!!!!!!!!!
Noccha Rok temu
how lucky i am i can enjoy both of amazing songs. It really doesn't matter which's better because they're all giving us each pleasure.
Amanah Smile
Amanah Smile Rok temu
ada keajaiban nada bersama pentatonix cool!!!
Scarlett Faye
Scarlett Faye Rok temu
Wow! Sounds identical side by side!!! 😍😍 This was great!!
Emma Weisensel
omg! guitar grassi killing it
Casey Barry
Casey Barry Rok temu
They sound so good together :)
This dog makes me so emotional
It's so good that I can't even tell the difference without headphones lmao
Deeniee02 Rok temu
Aww you couldve used ptx video !
Jarlenne Morales
Wow if this isn't proof of their insane talent I don't know what is. PTX really out did themselves on this one
Kathryn Horvath
Damn! Kevin matched the drums beat for beat!
Farrah Schneider
I actually like this mashup it's really good 😃😄🎧🎶🎤🎸🎹😎
jorxoxo 123
jorxoxo 123 Rok temu
This just proves how great they are, like it sounds exactly the same - the different voices
Rayna Martinez
Remember this is a 5 person group who doesn't use instruments 😍😍😍
Despair Miesiąc temu
+Nietsnethceil Since when is a megaphone an instrument 😂😂😂😂😂😂
ThosGaming9 NewGamer
ThosGaming9 NewGamer 2 miesięcy temu
Ikr - pentaholics level 100
Cato Hung
Cato Hung 2 miesięcy temu
Nietsnethceil it was just a prop
Nietsnethceil Rok temu
Rayna Martinez they used a megaphone for guitar XD
Anna Gomez
Anna Gomez Rok temu
i like this song from queen and the pentatonix
Dana Terry
Dana Terry Rok temu
Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!! OMG I'm Going To Cry!!!!!!!
Poulomi Saha
Poulomi Saha Rok temu
This is the closest a group will ever get to Queen
Feisty 4 miesięcy temu
+Sasuke Uchiha i would have to respectfully diaagree.. Ptx are great, but i dont think youve listened to a whole lot of queen. I suggest watching their Live Aid performance
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 4 miesięcy temu
Feisty Imo, PTX is on a whole other level.
Feisty 4 miesięcy temu
+Sasuke Uchiha for most of these side to side videos i almost always prefer ptx. But queen and freddie(and his voice) are on a whole other level
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 4 miesięcy temu
Feisty I’ll never understand why people are so biased towards the original. It just doesn’t sound as amazing as most people say it does.
Feisty 4 miesięcy temu
+Sasuke Uchiha i get that its your opinion and all but...... No just no
Margery Curnow
OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Azriel Crame
Azriel Crame Rok temu
I'm shook
Saliesha Mohammed
bless this video plus it proves all those ppl who say ptx lip synced in the beginning can clearly hear the difference.
Lauren Elizabeth
Cal Ford
Cal Ford Rok temu
I'm purposefully listening without headphones
Victor Potter
Victor Potter Rok temu
Sorry, but Freddie sang it better, the guitar sounds WAY better than those horrible cat meowing sounds, and side by side it just doesn't compare... the Pentatonix video of a moving couch on a highway and hopping around it like monkeys just made the whole thing cringey when it's such a dramatic song. I almost want Queen to sue them for this tragic sodomization of their song.
Equality Rok temu
Jerod M I love you! You saved me for writing an essay aswell. Love you lol
jorxoxo 123
jorxoxo 123 Rok temu
Jerod Miller that was so well written, thank you!
Jerod M
Jerod M Rok temu
Victor Potter after reading your comments I can honestly state, your understanding of musicality is limited. You are a die hard fan of Queen and because of that, you have a very flawed filter that automatically sees anybody covering their songs as terrible. You claim they are off-key but anyone can see they are clearly on key and in tune with each other. as for "meowing into a megaphone," the whole point of a capella is no instruments. meaning they have to replicate the instruments both in tonality and timbre. The guitar solo was very "meowy" to begin with. The rolling couch was symbolic of their journey as a group. Not everyone can read symbolism though and clearly you are one of them. Obviously their version is different from the original. I bet if Queen did it today it would sound no where near what it did when they first recorded. even if Freddy were still here. Take off the rose colored glasses. This group actually did this song well and stayed true to the original arrangement. they are usually known for changing it up quite a bit. Out of respect for the legend, they left it untouched and made it a replica of the classic.
Cece Jeán
Cece Jeán Rok temu
Victor Potter k chill at least they have like 3 Grammys and you don't right, nothing..... at all .... soo chill
FroCentral Rok temu
Victor Potter the guitar solo ptx did was a little strange but yeah it is your opinion so ill respect that
Zoeismyhomie Rok temu
Both of them side by side on headphones made my night so peaceful
CarolinVA Rok temu
All I can say is oh my stars!!!!!!!!! Thank you Daved. Like others I can not tell who is who. It's an amazing cover of a spectacular song and you have done a heart-stopping job with this mashup. Thank you - consider me now a subscriber if it's OK!!
Fabulous mash up! Thank you! I'm in awe of such talent.
fred furgus
fred furgus Rok temu
which one did you adjust the key of ? sounds like the original one
Daved Thompson
I adjusted the key of the queen version by 2 semitones
watcher2554 Rok temu
OH MY GAWD!!!!!....And they did it with only their voices. Master Class!!!
Kurtsiecolferite S
It makes you realize how much they truly nailed the arrangement. Holy COW!
KiroShiro0 Rok temu
This just really shows how amazing Kevin was on the album. You can't tell the difference
MPTX Rok temu
Can you re-upload and use the video maybe?
Annika Nagy
Annika Nagy Rok temu
which 10 ppl downvoted this? o.o
Annika Nagy
Annika Nagy Rok temu
but....but why
Jerod M
Jerod M Rok temu
Annika Nagy one of them was Victor Cotter. He is the deluded one that thinks PTX was off key as they sang this song.
Stanley Rok temu
The Queen video looks a little out of sync with the song.
ItsCheesus Rok temu
Richard Dukard That's because the audio was adjusted to match the tempo of the cover, while the video was not
Richard Dukard
KiroShiro0 the audio wasn't really out of sync though. only the video
KiroShiro0 Rok temu
Stanley I think it's because of the tempo differences between the two songs
snowlan3777 Rok temu
Brilliant! thanks for putting this up
Mythicc Fenrir
This is masterpiece
alexadwn Rok temu
I love this!
alexadwn Rok temu
I love this!
Anastasiya Talberg
This is soooo great!
bryank47 Rok temu
This is amazing with a good set of headphones on. Pentatonix did Freddie justice
its._.maeee Rok temu
My 2 favourite things , Queen and PTX!
Machaela Stone
Sounds to me like there was a key change of the Queen version to make this fit, not a huge one, but maybe 1/2 step? 1 whole step? Anyone with perfect pitch chime in on this and tell me? Freddie's voice wasn't that low in this song. Still love it, just saying. Very well done, Daved.
ambob 19 dni temu
Machaela Stone I always wondered why Mitch would need this down a tone, his voice is higher than Freddie’s? Maybe it was for the falsetto Bb5, or for Scott in the rock verse
Daved Thompson
yup, -2 semitones.
Lily Workman
Lily Workman Rok temu
this is so cool
Ryan Deck
Ryan Deck Rok temu
Hey man, just want you to know, 7 hrs ago, Penatonix let a music video out for the Bohemian Rhapsody. You could take this video down, and put it back up with the actual music videos side by side. :)
Daved Thompson
it'll get blocked if i try to use the music video, thanks but no thanks
this seriously made me tear up, Freddie would be proud that his music STILL lives on and is such a huge inspiration
Lucas Cirne Pires
Thank you for do that for us!
Alexa Gomez
Alexa Gomez Rok temu
The majority of the time you can hardly tell them apart!!!
0/Mr. Guy Productions
0/Mr. Guy Productions 2 miesięcy temu
_ logandaa
_ logandaa Rok temu
Alexa Gomez it would be easier to tell if the real bohemian rhapsody wasn't slowed down to match the tempo more of pentatonix's version.
KiwiEats Rok temu
This is pretty fucking awesome! To see how close they are to the original!
erick hidayat
erick hidayat Rok temu
I know Pentatonix cover is so similar to the original Queen, but to listen simultaneously to the two versions is one of the live time. GREAT JOB
Chethana RS
Chethana RS Rok temu
2:40 *Screaming*
Chethana RS
Chethana RS Rok temu
kikimo57 Rok temu
What incredible job more than well done. PTX meets their musical grandparents !
fuck ME UP
Madisyn Weingartner
this is so crazy there so similar
Madisyn Weingartner
+Jerod Miller Fun I graduated from California college of music 😃
Jerod M
Jerod M Rok temu
madisyn harrison yes. Northern Arizona University. Choral Education.
Madisyn Weingartner
Jerod Miller Oh I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you I am expecting her in July I am so ready her name will be Luna or skylar I am not sure yet. Did you go to music college?
Jerod M
Jerod M Rok temu
madisyn harrison ps I am a musician as well. lol. it isn't uncommon to clash at first(with fellow musicians), but like any clashing chord, it's nice when there is a soothing resolution.
Jerod M
Jerod M Rok temu
madisyn harrison no worries. I realize I am a grammar cop. I just lost my baby boy on Valentine's day. he was full term but didn't survive the birth. I have been policing videos lately I think as a detachment from my sorrow. I didn't intend to unload a heavy thing on you, I just wanted to be real since you were. I know your child will be beautiful and so worth all of the mood swings. :)
Lela Krein
Lela Krein Rok temu
Vera Meleena
Vera Meleena Rok temu
why is queen pitched down so much?
Vera Meleena
Vera Meleena Rok temu
Daved Thompson okay, thanks for the explanation. good job anyway :)
Daved Thompson
Since they both weren't recorded in the same key, leaving them as they are raw and putting them side by side would clash
Vera Meleena
Vera Meleena Rok temu
Daved Thompson all right, thank you ! :) and leaving both as they are isn't an option? (I don't have a clue about this :D )
Daved Thompson
i chose to pitch down queen in this mashup (only two semitones) to match the ptx; i've uploaded another version where ptx is pitched up to match queen
Felix Bergbauer
Anna M
Anna M Rok temu
you should do bohemian rhapsody by ptx vs. bohemian rhapsody by panic! at the disco!!!!
not even blurryface cares what you think
pentatonix! at the twenty one pilots OMG YASS
ayaszki Rok temu
Emily Anklesaria
df pl
df pl Rok temu
pentatonix! at the twenty one pilots 😢😢😢😢 Is there such thing as tears of excitment?
Stanley Rok temu
Deepika R
Deepika R Rok temu
You're a blessing. Listening to Freddie and Mitch's voice together blew me away. You rock.
The Pentaholic ARMY NCTzen
Soooo soft and neat
The Cowardly Paladin
This just makes me appreciate Kevin's "drumming" and Mitch's "guitar" more. XD
Low-Key_Heiki Rok temu
Thank you! You did an amazig job! What an ear candy to hear both versions together! That is just incredible. I listend to both on cellphone and ipad, but The Queen was higher notes, so it sounded ... strange. BUT NOW! Mind blowing. Every single voice of PTX, every single skill and talent makes me cry. Thank you, for your great job to put both together! Lovely greetings from Germany!
You did a magnificent job of matching the sound. I had to look away from the video sometimes, in order to not be distracted, but I fully support the way you did this. The resulting music is overwhelming! The two versions don't clash at all; they actually complement each other. I'll be back to hear this again and again. Thank you.
Maia Sanz
Maia Sanz Rok temu
I almost cry in this part... 1:22
Maia Sanz
Maia Sanz Rok temu
Milenys plaza
Milenys plaza 2 miesięcy temu
Ikr 🤩🤩🤩😍😍🤩🤩🤩😍😍🤩🤩
Wowsetti Bowsetti
Marco Augusto Vallecillo Hernandez
imaginen que los dos hubieran coincidido en el tiempo y hubieran hecho una canción juntos imaginen las armonías!!!💆😱
Raymond Clark
Raymond Clark Rok temu
Watching a video I've watch in the 90s makes me uncomfortable comparing it to Pentatonix...
Hendrika Dutch
I want PTX to see this😂😍
meplus2 Rok temu
nat Rok temu
my queen mitch and my king freddie singing together is all that i need in life. thank you so, so much.
I'm In Love
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