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When T'Challa (Chris Redd) travels to Djalia, he meets his great, great grandfather (Sterling K. Brown), great aunt (Leslie Jones) and Uncle M'Butu (Kenan Thompson).
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11 mar 2018

SNLSaturday Night LiveSNL Season 43Episode 1740Sterling K BrownBlack PantherChris ReddLeslie JonesKenan ThompsonT'ChallaDjalias43s43e15episode 15livenew yorkcomedysketchfunnyhilariouslate nighthostmusicguestlaughimpersonationactorimprovmusicianSterling K. BrownThe PredatorThis is UsPeople vs. OJJames Baywild lovelet it goscarshold back the riverchaos and the calm



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Komentarze 4 722
24K Info
24K Info 6 godzin temu
Seriously, what time is it? Everything is purple.
Amy 6 godzin temu
Omg!! I don't know how i feel about the song... as an african, I feel offended when people make jokes of African heritage. Anybody else feel that or it's just me??
Looking Up
Looking Up 6 godzin temu
Yassssssss! Giving us some goooood Nigga Coonery!.....probably with white writers and black actors who have been stripped of a knowledge of self and indoctrinated in this system.
Sheep Dog
Sheep Dog 9 godzin temu
Hahaha entertaining and talented people.
Dana Youngblood
Dana Youngblood 12 godzin temu
That was funny
Valencia Pickett
Valencia Pickett 12 godzin temu
Sya Meze
Sya Meze 13 godzin temu
👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿Not funny at all 😒. Shame the only time I've ever seen this many Black ppl in a scene on SNL was to spoof an important movie to Black ppl. This is the reason Black Panther was so beloved by Black ppl, there was zero clowning & fuckery shown towards Black ppl, even at the most adverse moments.
Lady Willow
Lady Willow 17 godzin temu
Not a lion burger! Bahahaha, I cannot!🤣😂🤣😂
Lady J
Lady J 18 godzin temu
5:03 Sterling and Leslie are trying hard not to laugh. 😅😅😅😅😅😅
Renzo Jones
Renzo Jones 20 godzin temu
God damn sure wasn’t funny
Libra Love
Libra Love 21 godzinę temu
Coonin for SNL smh
Alex Broggins
Alex Broggins 22 godzin temu
I’m tired of making love to MJ 😂
Assata Wells
Assata Wells 23 godzin temu
Bufooning and cooning is ALWAYS rewarded by these CAVEDWELLER DEVILS.
Jacqueline Ann Huie
Jacqueline Ann Huie 23 godzin temu
I was about to say, “a warthog? This ain’t Disney” then I remembered yes, yes it is lmao 😆
KHM 23 godzin temu
Wow this sketch is horrendous
WD Brown
WD Brown Dzień temu
I just think the Good Burger guy is the most Unfunny person in the world! He's the same person is every skit..
Osiris 64
Osiris 64 Dzień temu
Bro your dead, what you gonna need a bank account for?
Amelia Quintero
Amelia Quintero Dzień temu
pizzacupcakecat23 Dzień temu
Kenan was Hilarious
Chamika Stephens
Chamika Stephens Dzień temu
Can't sign on!
jakesteeve Dzień temu
"I'm tired of making love to Michael Jordan" classic!
Anushka Shetty
Anushka Shetty Dzień temu
T'Challa looks Indian 😄
carrin perkins
carrin perkins Dzień temu
Lol😂love this
F8ality88 Dzień temu
Love Kenan Thompson! Was Chadwick Boseman hosting that night?
Meghan Brown
Meghan Brown Dzień temu
I like that an Actual actor from Black panther is laughing his ass off at "yup still frozen"
loving life
loving life Dzień temu
Half funny, half not! Everyone has differences in opinions! Just like the actual movie itself! I personally loved the movie! But its others out there who dislike it! Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone😊
billiondollardan Dzień temu
Kenan Thompson is the best part of SNL
Lamaj Smoove
Lamaj Smoove Dzień temu
Not really funny
karaokecatlady Dzień temu
Keenan was awful!
David Dutton
David Dutton Dzień temu
Kenan Thompson has now been on SNL four years longer than James Arness was on Gunsmoke. He would have a less steady job if he worked in a bank.
Able2tell Dzień temu
I chuckled on the inside @ best #cornyAF
Marvin Travis
Marvin Travis 2 dni temu
This scene wasn't funny at all, like I didn't even chuckle, for some reason SNL ain't the same since MADTV went off the air.
Xavier Washington
Did SNL actors always read off cue cards on their live skits?
77legocreator 2 dni temu
i wish chadwick was here but Kenan made this skit for me!
Jose Jalepeno
Jose Jalepeno 2 dni temu
Wakanda Burger is that?
Tash B
Tash B 2 dni temu
2:45 yo lol kenan couldn’t even keep it together😅
ee t
ee t 2 dni temu
I miss Kenen and Kyle. Welcome to good burger, can I take your order?
Sadiah Ani
Sadiah Ani 2 dni temu
Dumbest shit I've ever seen on fake azz media. Mocking ancestors will get you shook.
Brittany Nichols
Brittany Nichols 2 dni temu
Yep. I'm the Kenan of Wakanda.
BigWoodzCBCL 2 dni temu
Malcolm Yauger
Malcolm Yauger 2 dni temu
I guess I'll be the person to say Kenan is not and never been funny. When it was the Kenan and Kel show, Kel definietly outshined him. His impressions are literally the same. His Lavar Ball sounds like his Obama, Steve Harvey, etc. He's so bad he has to say the name of the person he's impersonating. Most times he screws up on his lines, like I still can't believe this dude on there.
Jonathan Hatch
Jonathan Hatch 2 dni temu
He cant stay away from burgers
CH314 2 dni temu
Lol! This was so funny. I love Kenan
Wavey Gang
Wavey Gang 2 dni temu
( Wavey gang ) sub to wavey gang
QUEEN SHERRY 2 dni temu
ABSKL THE BEAST 2 dni temu
why do I hate this so much
ayoo_sheed 2 dni temu
Keenan Thompson just isn’t funny
Nicholas Velasquez
And now I'm here what I guess is heaven but I have one question for y'all "Wheres the weed at?"
Stealthlooper 3 dni temu
lol I love Kenan Thompson
Rochelle Dorsey
Rochelle Dorsey 3 dni temu
Sandra Nicht
Sandra Nicht 3 dni temu
surfitlive 3 dni temu
That annoying uncle at the barbecue........This is why eternity with family is not such a good idea....
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 3 dni temu
Now that Marvel has sold out to Communism and Niggerdom, I will NEVER have anything to do with them, nor will any of my family
Christian Schoff
Christian Schoff 2 dni temu
Robert Anderson Good. Nazis aren't welcome.
Michael R. Smitherman
like the girl that played Storm in X-Men Apocalypse she look good with hardly no hair..shit..
Michael R. Smitherman
theres sexy bald women but damn,,still funny
Michael R. Smitherman
I couldn't stop laughing hearing ,,damn ,,woman ,why don't you put on a wig sometime,,Im tired of making love to Michael Jordan..
DoctorPandorica 3 dni temu
The Lion King bit rofl
Peter Okoye
Peter Okoye 3 dni temu
And wait a minute, is that Keenan? Lol
Peter Okoye
Peter Okoye 3 dni temu
Tf, that’s the same guy who played N’jobu in the actual movie
Chapranica Wilson
Lol got me crying laughing😂😂
Abdul Wahid
Abdul Wahid 3 dni temu
That girl on the right is cute as ever!
MelquanKatz 3 dni temu
LOL I love sketches where the actors break character. funny!
Terrell Miller
Terrell Miller 3 dni temu
This was actually very funny 😆😄😄😄😄😆😆 do more ... just keep it funny.. without being racist. or putting Black's down . BBQ weed OK stank feet OK too.
FOOEY! 3 dni temu
We need a Black PAMPERS show instead!
RubyRim 3 dni temu
2:46 I hate Kenan 🤣🤣🤣🤣
RubyRim 2 dni temu
He was funny. I don't actually hate him.
Christian Schoff
Christian Schoff 2 dni temu
RubyRim Why?
Traphouse Gaming
Traphouse Gaming 3 dni temu
Trying to get 1k subscribers by friday help me out will be giving a way a copy of god of war on release only to subscribers
Lmao if this isnt comedic genius, I dont know what is!
Lmao if this isnt comedic genius, I dont know what is!
Jasmine Kelley
Jasmine Kelley 4 dni temu
I love when everyone laughs
Ricky Clover
Ricky Clover 4 dni temu
Funny as shit.☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
BeautyInDecay 4 dni temu
I can't tell what day it is. Everything is purple. 🤣🤣🤣
ZGaming224 4 dni temu
Obviously fake, but REALLY GOOD!!!!!!
Eric Panissidi
Eric Panissidi 4 dni temu
where the hot sauce at
Parie B
Parie B 4 dni temu
Omg I can’t stop laughing! He is the best.
Annie Schmannie
Annie Schmannie 4 dni temu
No tears for me??
Kristin Nefertiti
"I got tired of making love to Michael Jordan... That's the last thing I remember" 😂😂😂
Q L 4 dni temu
Why the dislikes
Lyndell O
Lyndell O 4 dni temu
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Desolate Hound
Desolate Hound 4 dni temu
Goody NationEnt
Goody NationEnt 4 dni temu
Saturday night live is not funny to me they come off as corny at times how they have survived so long blows my mind, it's very rare you get a good skit from them. Hit or miss with them
karaokecatlady Dzień temu
Goody NationEnt The originals were hilarious. It's awful now.
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris 4 dni temu
Remember when SNL was funny?
Chuck dessnuttz
Chuck dessnuttz 4 dni temu
lol love it! Uncle is there to stay. hahahahhahahahaha too funny
Xerxhoov Hoov
Xerxhoov Hoov 4 dni temu
"This is baby lion meat with cheese on it"
Shy The Weirdo TV
Xerxhoov Hoov that line killed me
Sherean Jones
Sherean Jones 4 dni temu
lmaoooooooo Sterling couldn't take his self seriously lmaoooooooooo, and are we just going to skip over the fact Keenan didn't even have the accent I was dead
Sherean Jones
Sherean Jones 3 dni temu
Christian Schoff omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 hilarious
Christian Schoff
Christian Schoff 3 dni temu
Sherean Jones He married into the family. xD
mightyblack1 5 dni temu
White folk think racist skits like this funny and so say fuck you honkeys too.
mightyblack1 3 dni temu
+Christian Schoff Only a racist white person and a black coon would find this shit funny.
Christian Schoff
Christian Schoff 3 dni temu
If you say so. Most people seem to disagree with you though. They find it hilarious.
mightyblack1 3 dni temu
+Christian Schoff It's racist ass fuck gone about your business white boy.
Christian Schoff
Christian Schoff 3 dni temu
mightyblack1 It's about not being able to pick your family members.
mightyblack1 5 dni temu
Any black person laughing at this shit you're a motherfucking Coon.Fuck you too SNL and this nigger joke bit aint funny.
casey leedham
casey leedham 5 dni temu
Why is Leslie Jones still on this show, her instincts and comedic timing are completely awful, its like anyone could be on SNL sorry im not being sexist or racist, i just dont think shes funny or at all good at comedy
Christian Schoff
Christian Schoff 3 dni temu
casey leedham Odd that you felt the need to say that.
A and M Dorvilus
A and M Dorvilus 5 dni temu
I’m dying 😂🤣
nerdinizer 5 dni temu
Interesting not a single white relative by marriage.
Fnasser 5 dni temu
SNL has not been watchable or funny for over 2 decades
nerdinizer 5 dni temu
I thought his Grandfathers where Azzuri and Chanda?
Christian Schoff
Christian Schoff 3 dni temu
nerdinizer They said great grandfather and great aunt.
SuperSimba6 5 dni temu
That lion king burger joke was too much for me haha i can't stop laughing!
Atreyu Tower
Atreyu Tower 5 dni temu
Not funny SNL. No try though haters
dAtBoAh 5 dni temu
Keenan is just not funny.. At all!! Like not even a little bit.. But he's gettin paid so more power to him..
Corey Goldwaves
Corey Goldwaves 5 dni temu
White people will think this is funny.
Reina Arana
Reina Arana 5 dni temu
Sweet LilDevil
Sweet LilDevil 5 dni temu
Kenan just isn't funny... I'm sorry! But, it's the truth. He bores the hell out of me.
Greg da cool one
Greg da cool one 5 dni temu
This was hilarious and Kenan is a SNL legend.