Baking My Palette into a Cake

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to live my childhood fantasy by baking a real-life FULLY EDIBLE CAKE version of the James Charles x Morphe palette!!! Happy Birthday Jack! Enjoy and don't forget get to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov




22 sty 2019

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Komentarze 90 157
Macee Vance
Macee Vance Godzinę temu
collabs with ppl!!
Jojo’s Vid’s
Jojo’s Vid’s Godzinę temu
Omg I won!
Mayca Ten Haaf
Mayca Ten Haaf Godzinę temu
Do a tutorial for people with natural red hair. Me as a red head I find it hard to find colours that fit with my hair colour and I would love to see some ideas :)
Melissa Zibs
Melissa Zibs Godzinę temu
1:41 turn captions on
Gingerest Godzinę temu
Jake From State Farm
Jake From State Farm Godzinę temu
Oh yeah yeah
Arden Leeman
Arden Leeman Godzinę temu
video idea !! dona contest and film w a fan !! :)
Don’t Read My Profile Picture
What’s better Like : *Cake* Comment : *Cupcakes* Btw don’t read my name
BEER Gaming
BEER Gaming Godzinę temu
Oh yeah yeah
Sophie Mirigliani
Sophie Mirigliani Godzinę temu
you should do a youtube on my face video where you incorporate different PLvidrs 'thing' to a different part of your makeup. its kinda a dumb idea but I think it could be interesting
Nice Bonbon
Nice Bonbon Godzinę temu
So you can destroy your pallets but other people can't I though it was your hard work
Jayline Zelaya
Jayline Zelaya Godzinę temu
3:59 This is my favorite part☠️🤣🤣
Oml alexisss
Oml alexisss Godzinę temu
Sister should take all his most viewed make up looks and recreate them all in the same look Kinda similar to his pallete launch video.
Milla Ridener
Milla Ridener Godzinę temu
Do your makeup without moving your brushes just move your face. Lol idk luv you sister james❤️
Julia Sharratt
Julia Sharratt Godzinę temu
James: *sprays oil* Also James: *is shookith*
Mallory Astrow
Mallory Astrow Godzinę temu
A child does you makeup.
Guadalupe Murillo
Guadalupe Murillo Godzinę temu
U should do a Q and A plz
APRILANDIA i am rad Godzinę temu
Shishter James Made is #1 On Trending
Basketball_ Is_Life5154
How is he talented at everything????!!!! I mean actually he is at everything😂💓 No hate but a compliment💓
Sushi Fox
Sushi Fox Godzinę temu
I need ‘advice’ ok so earlier this other account that was named the same as your account that didn’t have any content friended me and said something about thanking me for commenting on your posts and a link thingy to something what should I do???
Jasmin Panuco
Jasmin Panuco Godzinę temu
You should do more sister squad videos
Crayola Crayons
Crayola Crayons Godzinę temu
U look like a crab, oh yeah yeah
Laura Castro Guerrero
Laura Castro Guerrero Godzinę temu
who writes his captions lol
Kaylee Owen
Kaylee Owen Godzinę temu
Beauty room tour and make up collection and most use make up.
Samm spurr
Samm spurr Godzinę temu
sister martha is dead somewhere
Jordyn Oishi-Doble
Jordyn Oishi-Doble Godzinę temu
So sister sweet
Asia Neufeld
Asia Neufeld Godzinę temu
Hi James I'm new to your channel and have subscribed and I don't regret it. You are amazing and congrats on 13 mill
aaz a
aaz a Godzinę temu
Oh yeah yeah cake oh yeah yeah
Sarang kim
Sarang kim Godzinę temu
Maybe it’s just me but instead of putting water. I put milk when I make cakes 😂😅
Isabella Sivric
Isabella Sivric Godzinę temu
Do slime vids more colabs and go to more factorys and more baking vids
Lydia Ferrill
Lydia Ferrill Godzinę temu
I just wanna know why he’s using a springform pan to bake a cake..?
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah Godzinę temu
Oh yeah yeah
Aisha Vanzana
Aisha Vanzana Godzinę temu
honestly id watch anything that you make
DuncyGames Godzinę temu
Oh yeah yeah
GotMyselfLookingGreat Godzinę temu
Oh yeah yeah
Wonder Bread
Wonder Bread Godzinę temu
Oh yeah yeah
Fortnite Borger
Fortnite Borger Godzinę temu
Stop existing
Sally Kd
Sally Kd Godzinę temu
Sariah Jordan
Sariah Jordan Godzinę temu
Lazy Town was literally one of my all time favorite TV shows! I’ve had nightmares about Robbie Rotten when I was younger😂😂😂
Brinkley Bills
Brinkley Bills Godzinę temu
Call up Rosanna Pansino..... SIS
Desaray Taylor
Desaray Taylor Godzinę temu
Do a full face of makeup using only lipsticks 💄💋😂
Caroline Cousins
Caroline Cousins Godzinę temu
Hunter Larson
Hunter Larson Godzinę temu
I was baking brownies while watching this... I also forgot to preheat my oven😒
Ruby Diane
Ruby Diane Godzinę temu
sister james! you probably won’t see this buuuuut... you should make a video on you challenging yourself to make a bomb ass eye look with all of your pallet colors!! i would love to see that! by the way, i love you!❤️
Katherine Dawson
Katherine Dawson Godzinę temu
I think it would be neat if James turned his face into like a fun flower garden of some sort
Isaiah Jose
Isaiah Jose Godzinę temu
Reian Taank
Reian Taank Godzinę temu
What even is this 😂?
KK Be Like
KK Be Like Godzinę temu
video idea: putting makeup on the instagram famous egg
Clay_ 18
Clay_ 18 Godzinę temu
James: “queen of efficiency” Me: cannot relate
Alison Malton
Alison Malton Godzinę temu
James I love you but I have a little suggestion.I think you are losing your younger viewers because of you swearing.Just a little tip
Brooke Swanson
Brooke Swanson Godzinę temu
When James cooks 🤣
callme_PAPA Godzinę temu
ṡıṡṭєя զȗєєṅ ȏғ ɞѧҡıṅɢ
Just Spectacular
Just Spectacular Godzinę temu
Loves u sister
Ona Chops
Ona Chops Godzinę temu
I would like to see your nail routine like how you get them done and al,
Alyssa Fielding
Alyssa Fielding Godzinę temu
24 hours
hansraj63686 h
hansraj63686 h Godzinę temu
Sophia Hughes
Sophia Hughes Godzinę temu
i swear if he's good at baking too... i give up holy sht
Potato Lover
Potato Lover Godzinę temu
Sophia Hughes ik right
Just Spectacular
Just Spectacular Godzinę temu
James Charles gets a boyfriend would be a great video
Meleah Duran
Meleah Duran Godzinę temu
Sister you should do full face using kids makeup
Shaan Sandhu
Shaan Sandhu Godzinę temu
O yeah yeah
daysi here
daysi here Godzinę temu
i dont know if he already has a video on how to do a full cut crease but if not i wanna know how !!
Mochahontas Godzinę temu
I think you should post a video but not edit it so we could see what editing really does!
Maximum Maxes
Maximum Maxes Godzinę temu
Oh yeah yeah
Daniela Parrino
Daniela Parrino Godzinę temu
James you should mix makeup into slime!!
Erika A
Erika A Godzinę temu
His happiness makes me depressed
laynee johnson
laynee johnson Godzinę temu
Another idea is doing a makeup look on your nails
Jazmyn Covington
Jazmyn Covington Godzinę temu
Love that numero uno On Trending
kirk0respite Godzinę temu
James please help, my girlfriend went to morphe in the Roosevelt field mall on Long Island that you opened. They ripped her off out of her makeup she returned and they won’t refund the money because the manager threw out the original receipt. Could you call them and tell them to resolve the situation. It wasn’t much money but it’s the idea that such poor customer service occurred at the hands of the manager.
JANAYA JAMES Godzinę temu
but I still love him
Fuck YouTubers FTW
Fuck YouTubers FTW Godzinę temu
Oh yeah yeah
JusTheSusMan Godzinę temu
Oh Yeah Yeah Oh yeah yeah
Jhovanna Striever
Jhovanna Striever Godzinę temu
SMASH or PASS James?
Princess Martinez
Princess Martinez Godzinę temu
You need to go on America’s got talent you sing so good
Khloie Rose
Khloie Rose Godzinę temu
James , if you would like to talk more about the snapchat thing text me at 2563026746
Liv Shea
Liv Shea Godzinę temu
Omg I would buy this cake for my birthday coming up 😍
Brian Gonzalez
Brian Gonzalez Godzinę temu
lazy town is shook
Mobile letsplays
Mobile letsplays Godzinę temu
Oh yea yeah
Mallory Astrow
Mallory Astrow Godzinę temu
Collab with BOObra!!
Raymond Simonet
Raymond Simonet Godzinę temu
You can make cinderella on your face like light blue with sparkles and you know all that sister stuff.
skye high
skye high Godzinę temu
Recreate. celebrities makeup i hope it’s a good video idea
Bella N
Bella N Godzinę temu
James Charles trying nail art?
NANNET ARONI Godzinę temu
Do a collab with Sister Camila Cabello ♥️
Addison Haney
Addison Haney Godzinę temu
Wow that was good
Heather Ksiondzyna
Heather Ksiondzyna Godzinę temu
Sister Snack
Tressa Nissen
Tressa Nissen Godzinę temu
OMG! Number one on trending!!😁 You've done so well and made so much progress as a youtuber! I love your videos!
Girly gal
Girly gal Godzinę temu
You should do a makeup challenge with one of your buds
Caroline Cousins
Caroline Cousins Godzinę temu
Camila Gonzalezz
Camila Gonzalezz Godzinę temu
omg sister stephanie can get it
Liz Jones
Liz Jones Godzinę temu
Can you do a makeup look for every Disney Princess?? ❤️😍
Alyssa Harrington
Alyssa Harrington Godzinę temu
I would LOVE to see some updated special fx looks! Maybe try going out of your comfort zone with some fx 😊
Jermaine Tan
Jermaine Tan Godzinę temu
Omg Lazy Town!!! I missed that show!❤️
Tracy Giesbrecht
Tracy Giesbrecht Godzinę temu
You should do a house tour
Jennifer Cruz
Jennifer Cruz Godzinę temu
James said "Gabe" and I was confused on who he was talking to 😂😂😂
Isabella Sivric
Isabella Sivric Godzinę temu
#ff(fan forever )
theoneandonly Godzinę temu
I'd love James to make a tinder and swipe right on everyone and turn it into a series until he meets the love of his life
Zoe Avery
Zoe Avery Godzinę temu
“ they were cooking next door to each other “
leah polcyn
leah polcyn Godzinę temu
for my business project I chose to to pick two entrepreneurs and I chose James Charles for sisters apparel and I chose Jeffree Star for jeffree star cosmetics. lol
JANAYA JAMES Godzinę temu
there was eggs in the cake before he cooked and he eat some
Jamie Lynn
Jamie Lynn Godzinę temu
Do a live Q&A on Twitter for a video
Benjamin Jones
Benjamin Jones Godzinę temu
Oh yeah yeah
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